Friday, July 28, 2017

Duelling Circuits

A few months back, the monkeys in the Ninth Circus court decided against Peruta, and upheld several CA counties' (in this case, San Diego's) nonsensical "may issue" policies, which include as part of their rationale, a requirement that anyone in those counties show a "good cause" to get a CCW. Then SCOTUS, less the late Justice Scalia, denied the case cert to proceed to be heard by the Supremes.

Having outlawed all open carry a couple of years back in CA (because the Open Carry AK-47s at Starbucks fucktards), the contention in Peruta was that in order to exercise one's 2nd amendment rights in line with Heller, and McDonald, CCW in CA had to be essentially "must issue".

True to their communist statist lunatic form, the robed monkeys of the Ninth Circus Court disagreed, making CA a patchwork, by counties, with the rural inland county sheriffs issuing permits to damn near anybody not crazy nor a felon, and the coastal statist enclaves from San Diego to Marin County (where the likelihood of anyone being criminally victimized without the ability to get a CCW is mostly pegged in the danger zone) denying them to anybody, period. The transplanted chief of police of Los Angeles some years back required very nearly an act of Congress, God, or both to be allowed to carry a gun concealed or off duty, he not being a CA POST-certified peace officer, and thus not one of the "special ones" with special rights.

Enter the DC Circuit Court's third slapdown of the District of Columbia's ceaseless attempts to deny firearms rights to residents, delivered this past week in the decision of Wrenn v. D.C. (with Grace v. D.C. included and decided concurrently, both being essentially the same issue at law).

In the decision, the head of the Circuit and Judge Griffith yet again slapped down using "good cause" requirements as a blatant and wholesale attempt to deny the very right to "keep and bear" firearms expressly decided in both Heller I and Heller II.

It's notable that the Ninth Circus is so far to the left of reality that even the DC District Court is regularly schooling them on the Second Amendment. But at least now, with dueling Circuit decisions, and Justice Gorsuch seated on SCOTUS, and the requirement for "equal protection",  Peruta or any similar case will virtually have be granted cert, advance to SCOTUS, and lame attempts like "good cause" requirements - designed expressly to deny the right being exercised - will hopefully be kicked out once and for all.

The day all the states are either "must issue" or constitutional carry with no permit required, is the day the Leftist statists in those bastions of jackassery - like Sacramento, NYFC, Chicongo, etc. - lose any hope of ever controlling the populace of this country, and it might even put the police in those precincts on notice that being an "only one" Special Snowflake @$$hole is going to get them fired - quite possibly in the face, at contact range.

The media is already an open joke; the government, especially state and local, is wobbling far away from the Leftards; so that only leaves the collapse of the education bubble and the death of Hollywood as the last things propping up the whole lunatard socialist cultural utopia fantasies.

Which means some of you reading this may yet live to see you get your country back.
Be still, my beating heart.


MarshFox said...

We shall see young man, we shall see. I am much of the mind frame of Benjamin Martin, that I wish not to have war on my doorstep, I have seen it up close and personal too many times in the last 30 years and too many fools these days seem to crave it on both sides, but as with you I will remain prayerful and optimistic that our country rights itself once more.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of California open carry, you need to look up the Mulford Act.


Anonymous said...

When/if National Reciprocity passes &/if the Sacred Shysters strike down crap like "justifiable need" I will once again visit places I avoid now. The incident of a troop of Ghetto Chimps taking over a BART train re-convinced me that the DPRK has lost its collective mind. _revjen45

Aesop said...


I'm well aware of the Mulford Act, and what led to it.
Gun control has always been about people control.

But the Open Carry fucktards got open carry everywhere banned, even in BFEgypt on public lands far from any town, because the Open Carry fucktards kept insisting on carrying their unloaded black rifles into the malls, coffee shops, etc.

A fucktard is a fucktard, and they own that bit of fucktardery, lock, stock, and barrel. As it were.

Even if they left-handedly force the courts to decide that CA require permitting under "must issue" rules. You don't get a mulligan when your own-goal bounces off the post and rolls all the way downfield and into the other team's net.