Thursday, July 13, 2017

Military Justice In The Post-HopeyDopey Return To Sanity DoD

Criminal deserter Bergdahl's legal defense team is now on suicide watch:
Last week, the military judge overseeing the trial rendered two adverse decisions. First, he decided that Bergdahl will stand trial on all charges. Most damaging, though, was his decision that if Bergdahl is convicted that the jury would be allowed to hear about the injuries suffered by an Navy SEAL and an Army NCO while specifically searching for Bergdahl.
Serious wounds to a soldier and a Navy SEAL who searched for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl can be used at the sentencing phase of his upcoming trial, a judge ruled Friday, giving prosecutors significant leverage to pursue stiff punishment against the soldier.
The judge, Col. Jeffery Nance, ruled that the service members wouldn’t have wound up in the firefights that left them wounded if they hadn’t been searching for Bergdahl, so their injuries would be relevant to his sentencing if he’s convicted of misbehavior before the enemy at trial in October.
I suspect we are heading for a guilty plea and Bergdahl taking his chances with a military judge. Any court-martial panel Bergdahl draws will be composed of officers with combat tours. Bergdahl can demand that a third of his jury be composed of noncommissioned officers senior in rank to him–but he’d have to have a profoundly incompetent defense team for them to think that senior NCOs are going to be very sympathetic to his case.
                   SecDef to Bergdahl: "Time for your final promotion. Any last words, punk?"

It was also announced that volunteers for Bergdahl's firing squad will be selected by marksmanship scores. So far, out of 1,081,291 members of the US Army active duty, Reserve, and National Guard components, only about 8,000,000 have expressed interest in shooting the traitorous yellow sumbitch. (The discrepancy was when it was announced that recruit poolees and honorably discharged veterans would also be eligible for the shoot.) 

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