Monday, June 26, 2017

SCOTUS To Ninth Circus Court - STFU, bitchez

So, it seems Pres. Trump's travel ban is constitutional after all, and SCOTUS stayed all the nonsense preventing it, pending a full hearing on the issues in October.

The case was heard before Gorsuch joined the court, so the ruling was 7-1 in President Trump's favor, and keeping the Ninth Circus' record as the most overturned federal circuit in the nation intact.

Which means all but one of the four solid Leftards piled on in smacking down judicial overreach.

The ruling is a clear sign they want this overtaken and made moot by events, hoping by the time it comes to a full hearing, the government has reviewed and fine-tuned their vetting of potential terrorists from the affected countries. But with this ruling, the multiple asstardian attempts to commit a judicial coup in federal courts have been slapped silly, and ended.


Anonymous said...

However, they didn't grant cert for the Peruta case, meaning the 9th Circuit's abysmal ruling on the 'good cause' requirement for CA CCW stands. Because reasons.

Aesop said...

True, but the way that's going to go is another circuit will issue the opposite ruling against the same sort of overreach, and once you have dueling circuits, SCOTUS has to visit the issue. That's if another case doesn't arise in CA challenging the unequal application of law under the 14th amendment.

And they denied cert primarily because Scalia is dead.

SCOTUS, as a rule, would rather avoid an issue than address it.
That's what happens when nomination devolves to a series of middle-of-the-road non-entities.