Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Primer On Vehicle Ramming Attacks (VRAs)

by Chris Hernandez


And one caveat to Chris' piece:

Be aware that the VRA may only be the first stage of the attack, but that shooting or stabbing bystanders afterwards may not always be the second.

If everyone starts running after and swarming vehicles, it will be a nasty surprise when the truck bomber, having a large mob surrounding and attacking his vehicle, lets go of the VBIED deadman switch; or steps out with a suicide vest on, for the same deal.

If you're already in the blast radius when the vehicle stops or slows, you have nothing to lose by responding closer.

But if it goes by you and on down the road a ways, taking cover for a bit may be a better way to deal with it than running towards Stage Two and becoming part of the crater.

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Anonymous said...

Sobering stuff.