Friday, June 16, 2017

Color Me Shocked

Entitled racist bitch Democratic Chairwench of the Nebraska Black Caucus (fatass above, right) thinks it's funny Republican congressmen were shot, and shot at:

How tolerant and diverse.

Not a peep from the party of Black Criminal's Lives Matter about firing her ass or toning down the rhetoric that fueled Wednesday's baseball field shooting gallery, and in fact she's doubled down (probably taking her cue from Nancy Botox trying to blame the shooting on Trump and Republicans, instead of one of her own monkeys) so let me just cut to the chase, and add that when I heard Trayvon and a few thousand other perps of color were shot, it gave me the giggles too.

Still does.

Back at ya, lardass. Gonna be even funnier when folks in your locale put your party-size carcass on the to-do list, esp. since Kevlar vests don't come in XXXXXXXL. 

And then I find this little bit of litterbox turd-nuggetry from the Lunatard Left, noted over on Solomon's SNAFU! site.

Either the Left reins this crap in, or it's time to declare the Democrat Party a terrorist organization, and set some people to work on solving that problem kinetically.

Libtard PSA: Your circus, your monkeys*. You might want to walk run this thing back, now that the experiment's gotten out of the lab, because if it turns into a two-way range, your side is long on targets and short on marksmanship, ammo, and weapons.
cf. "ethnic cleansing", and start to ponder what making America a Leftist-Free Zone is going to mean for your side.

Hint: It's not going to go like you think.

*(Anyone even slightly racially offended by the use of the term "monkey" in describing both the geriatric white wingnut who did the shooting, and the 400 pound shitbag responsible for cheering the affair on after the fact as noted above, is gently enjoined to get a grappling hook, and yank their own head - and underpants - out of their own tailpipe. This is the part where I remind you I have zero fucks to give over your pseudo-sanctimonious virtue-signaling rage. If that wasn't clear enough, let me leave my card:


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is so replete with double standard-based nonsense, only a retarded troll (or a liberal) would be able to ignore it. I suspect things will need to get kinetic before this situation will improve. It seems nothing else will do.
Thanks for your insights.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't understand that by monkey you mean "primitive minded humanoid without higher level thought functions" is an idiot and so pay them no mind. The term can be applied to anyone of any background if they're just THAT damn stupid. Anyone taking offense is, thus, a monkey. Problem solved.

norwood said...

I'm not offended in the least. I enjoy your writing and admire your wit and spirit. I usually refer to knuckleheads as 'Homo Erectus' from the great book "March Of The Titans", where the author has a chapter title that is: "Home Erectus Walks Among Us".

What a world we live in here in the West. Up is down, left is right and we are the enemy of all who aren't us.

norwood said...

I just read the post you referenced at The fellow writing this mentioned how 'organized resistance' or, as he put it 'civil war' is a term used to safely say 'race war' in public discourse.

You know why the rank and file of White Leftists want a race war? It's because of a number of reasons, not least of which is they hate themselves, they hate us and (most importantly) they are absolutely terrified of Homo Erectus. To a Lefty, H.E.'s are unstoppably savage killing machines which will overwhelm us evil racists and wipe us out.

The Lefties live in their cultured academia with their gated communities and have built up in their minds that the H.E. are animals capable of the vilest of atrocities (in that they are correct), and apparently think that it will no contest when they let H.E.'s off their chain and the festivities begin. This overconfidence has spilled over to the H.E.'s.

The Lefties and the H.E.'s are both in for a big surprise.