Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hey, @$$hole, Your 15 Minutes Were Up...30 Minutes Ago!

So...lemme see if I got this straight...

James "Comey The Clown" Comey, the FBI director so fired his ass didn't even hit the steps between the door of the Hoover Building and the asphalt on Pennsylvania Avenue; the one whose head most Democrats were screaming for when they thought Shrillary was going to win, and he had stepped on his dick (or hers); the one who broke into government service as a long-time shill for the Clinton Machine since 2000/2001; who excused the corrupt Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich; then funneled Lockheed corporate payoffs to the Clinton Foundation; then moved to HSBC to cover up that scandal after they'd funneled drug and oil money to the Clinton Foundation; whose brother "audited" (for some values of the word "whitewash") the corruption of the Clinton Foundation slush fund in return for a $700K loan from FBI Director Comey; and who "couldn't see any reason to prosecute" Hillary Clinton for anything despite acknowledging publicly and in detail that she'd committed metric fucktons of federal felonies worth something upwards of 660,000 years in federal prison, and $33,000,000 in fines under the provisions of 44 USC 310118 USC 1519, and 18 USC 2071, before even addressing the hundreds of egregious and felonious failures and exposure of the most closely held classified-above-Top-Secret material the U.S. government possesses, including the Holy Grail of revealing intelligence sources and methods...
that guy has, without any corroboration whatsoever nor even possible, now suddenly remembered that President Trump improperly suggested that Comey terminate an investigation that, to date, has yet to uncover any actual suspect, of any actual crime, whatsoever, despite hundreds of FBI agents investing man-years and millions of dollars of investigatorial time looking for imaginary actions in a witch-hunt of biblical proportions designed solely to prop up the media's toothless factless narrative that Trump stole the election he won in an electoral landslide, by doing something somehow with somebody and Russians, because...reasons?

The same guy who had no curiosity whatsoever about why former President Clinton travelled all the way to Phoenix AZ in order to conveniently "bump into" AG Lynch, just before Comey cleared Shrillary of any wrongdoing in violating every precept of security and handling of classified material, such that an ordinary citizen doing same would be in a pit in SuperMax Federal Prison with air and daylight pumped in to them in some subterranean penal abyss down hundreds of feet beneath the ground?

The only thing Congress should be doing is hiring a conga line of guys to throw cream pies in Comey's face, every 5 seconds, from dawn to dusk, for a week, just to approach the level of respect his testimony on anything should be accorded.

One can only imagine the fear this pathetic wastrel must hold of the Clinton Machine that after receiving the world's record worst federal firing notice of all time
he would still rather pull his pants down and spank himself in front of the entire Congress than retire quietly to the ignominy he so richly deserves, and await that one-way Tahoe fishing trip into oblivion with one of Clinton minions driving the boat.
You'd think he'd summon a spine, and strike back at those who ruined his life, and career, and who've held his chain for going on twenty years.
But you'd be wrong. He's going to see this thing through right to the end.
Well played, sir.
You're an inspiration to thousands of people who thought this guy couldn't be topped:
Unfortunately, we already know how the story ends.


Elaine said...

Amen, Amen!! Good rant. Now somebody get Hillary, Obama and Mooshell to just shut up and go away!

LSWCHP said...

An excellent summary. Comey's bullshit has been discernible even from the other side of the planet!

Aesop said...

The fishy smell has been there all along, but I was initially taken in by the "honest guy" media line. I didn't know until a couple of months ago, when someone connected the dots in print, that the guy has been a paid operative of the Clinton Machine, doing their legal dirty work, and helping put their skeletons back in the closet, going back as early as 2000. It's the missing piece of the puzzle that suddenly explained all his actions in 2016.

If there was a shred of integrity anywhere in media or Washington, he never would've been considered, let alone Senate-confirmable, for the FBI post or anything in the Justice Department, ever, in any universe.
He is quite simply a crook, trying to simulate an honest man, and he can't quite make the turn to get it right.

MMinAR said...

That was excellent

James said...

A excellent summary of this man(?).That said,I hope he does not keep returning like the canine Acme products spoke person(I like him).