Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Certain People Are A Joke

Fake News.
Black Lives Matter.
My body, my choice.
Legalize drugs.

The media claimed for decades, despite decades of evidence to the contrary, that they were unbiased reporters of fact. (Wow, I typed that without bursting into laughter.)
They ignored things like covering for the Soviet forced famines that killed more people than the Holocaust, and that in poll after poll presently, over 96% of them all voted to the left of Stalin.
When Wikileaks finally blew up the dam and a torrent of current reality gushed out, they've at last been undeniably revealed as the biased shills for the Left they are and ever have been.

When some people, of whatsoever race, march behind the banner "Black Lives Matter", they ignore that the biggest killer of black lives is other black criminals. If black lives mattered to them, they'd drop dimes on their homies, and come out slightly to the right of Archie Bunker on law and order.
But it turns out they don't do that, so it's clear that to them, it's mainly only Black Criminal Lives that matter, thus beclowning themselves.

Feminists claim they want government out of their wombs, yet they want the government right there when it comes time to buy them contraceptives, pay for their abortions, and support their spawn on welfare.
If they really wanted government out of their bodies, they'd get their hands out of everyone else's pockets, but they don't do that, and everyone sees their duplicity.

And large "L" Libertarians claim that their mantra is "That government governs best which governs least", yet they do not thence attack the behemoth of the Welfare State, but instead focus like a laser beam on drug laws.
Which is why everyone rightfully concludes that they're simply drug addicts seeking political cover.

What you say is nice, but intelligent people watch what you do.

So their own karma runs over their dogma.
You can believe what they tell you, or simply trust your own lying eyes.

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