Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Anatomy Of A Problem


Consider the shark.
See that mouth? Not your friend.

But the solution isn't to knock the teeth out. If you've ever seen or handled even a small shark, or set of jaws from same, you know why. It simply cannot be done. There are dozens to hundreds of them, in serried rows of razor-sharp badness, with three or four or more rows ready to spring forward if/when one or more become dislodged or break off under use.
This is the sort of thing to make the poet who conjured up the Medusa have nightmares.

If you break one, or even all of them off, tomorrow there'll be new ones right in the same place, and the shark will do what it does best. Just like yesterday.

The solution is to blow its effing head off.

                             "Smile, you sonofabitch!"

I bring this up, because Antifa, and the other components of the notional Leftist Tard Army engaging in street theatre are nothing but a few random shark's teeth. Annoying, hazardous, but not the central problem.

And frequently, they beclown themselves in ways we couldn't even begin to imitate:
(Seriously, this is PRICELESS. I can't even begin to describe it.
Most guys would have to pay big money to get some paid BDSM queen to emasculate them so effortlessly (I've heard), and the pussymen of Antifa are evidently getting this stuff for FREE. Professional  dominatrixes {dominatrixi?} are going to start getting testy about Antifa cutting into their profits. But it's comforting to see the "men" of Antifa have ready access to lipstick, skirts and lingerie in their own sizes. Pretty much like we've figured since long before now.
This is either a Jedi Master troll, or they've gone full goose bozo, and they just don't realize how absolutely batshit crazy they are and appear. Pretty much like every actual batshit crazy person off their meds for too long. I can't believe this is legit, but either way, it's hilarious!)

If these jacktards persist and expand their daily operations, particularly by adding weaponry beyond the usual cudgels and brickbats, they will undoubtedly do little but push more people from the middle, or even the slightly Left, over to the Right, and provide certain numbers of the more freedom-loving variety of folks hereabouts with a burgeoning number of confidence-building soft targets.
{Cf: Viet Cong}

What they aren't going to do is usher in a Glorious People's Republic of Leftism.
To even attempt it would be to green-light their rapid extermination, in a matter of days to weeks, at the outside.

Doing that is liable to be or become the trigger for a clampdown of a most unhealthy and unwelcome variety.

The problem is Leviathan. As ever was, since Hobbes first titled his signature work.
If liberty and freedom is what you care about, the street troupe of @$$clowns du juor is not the worst case scenario, nor has ever been.

Leviathan has to be gutted, and whatever remains afterwards has to be leash-broken with a vengeance.
This is non-optional.

Otherwise the varsity games are going to be biblical bloodbaths.
Got tribe? Got intel? Got training? Got logistics?
Which, shockingly, is called S-1, S-2, S-3, and S-4.
Think of them as the alphanumerics of victory.

Ignore this lesson at your peril.


Anonymous said...

Well, that's three minutes and change of my life I'll never get back. Comedy gold, to be sure, but.... Loved the little Asian (I think) girl beating up on the guy, with no repercussions because he was apparently raised to be a gentleman and not hit girls, especially little ones (and wound up getting curb stomped for his efforts). I wonder if that little Asian girl is in jail for assault (hahahahaha, I slay me).

I think those of us who live or work in places where street theater is likely need to determine, beforehand, where are line in the sand is with regards to self-defense. I've got mine: Call me anything you want, the truth about me is FAR worse than your feeble imagination could come up with. Make with the insults, by all means. Insult Mom and my wife too if you like, they can take it. Once it turns physical (and you don't have to actually HIT me, just convince me you're about to) I'll knock you on your ass, I don't care if you're a teenage girl or an 85 year old woman. Anyone who thinks they're gonna use me for a punching bag has to re-evaluate their life choices, and they'll have plenty of time to do so either in jail or in a hospital bed (preferably handcuffed to said bed). Assuming of course they survive the experience, but then they'll be too busy in Hell saying hi to their friends to worry about it. Yeah, their friends might gang up on me, and I may ultimately lose, but I'll take as many of them with me as I can.

Back to the guy in the video who got curb stomped, they were emboldened to do so by his non-reaction to getting hit and pulled on by the girl. Had he knocked her on her ass they'd likely have reconsidered and gone after a softer target. Here endeth the lesson.

Mark D

Aesop said...

The "little "Asian" girl was in fact Yvette Felarca (Google her; but not immediately after a meal), the organizer of the original anti-Milo Berkeley March/Riot.
The saddest thing about her is that she hasn't been taken to Gitmo, waterboarded for sport and entertainment, and then stood up against a wall and shot for terrorism and treason. Preferably with pistol-caliber rounds, walked up slowly from her ankles.
Anything less than 50 rounds would be rushing things.
Ideally, with the douchenozzle Berkeley cops who watched her serial counts of battery while doing precisely nothing flanking her right and left.

Perhaps when I'm emperor for a day...

Anonymous said...

I dunno, seems like a good time to bring back hanging in irons....

Mark D

Aesop said...

Well...okay. But only if they're heated red hot before application.

Miles said...

Just me, but personally, I tend to agree with the Vlad Tepesh method.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a girl, so I get really crabby when either sex thinks that they are gonna beat on me. I am not going to stop trying to kill you, regardless of whether you're a "Little Asian Girl", a copy of a 7 foot black dude who thinks he is undeniable, or a nice looking version of Grandma Nancy Pelosi. You all are bat shit crazy, and I will not be sorry when you are bleeding. I think people in Antifa are fair game and the "men" who dress up like orphan annie deserve special treatment. Afterwards? I will probably be on the run but real women are emotional and there is that. I try to stay away from crowds and mind my own business. But screw with me and you will find out why the Germanic tribes were feared by the Romans.
-Stealth Spaniel

Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna drop this here, do with it what you will, I'll make popcorn.


Mark D

Paul said...

it gets better. I know a tranny girl who met the love of his live and it is a tranny boy.

Think on that one for a while.