Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Useful and The Useless

If you want to make sense of 2016, and understand 2017, right up through the schism that launches God-Knows-What upon us, you should read the brilliant, insightful, and precise essay of this title by Robert Gore at his blog, Straight Line Logic.

Key graf:
Take away the undeserved from the undeserving and you get a tantrum. Steal the earned from those who earned it and you get righteous rage. One’s a firecracker, the other a volcano. The game has been to impress upon the useful a moral obligation to support the useless, but the volcano’s about to blow, burying that obscene morality in lava and ash. Given the staggering levels of accumulated debt and promises, the useful know their talents, skills, hard work, productivity and futures have been mortgaged for the useless. This is the salient and intractable social division. No reconciliation is possible between the useful and those who believe themselves entitled to their enslavement.

Do, by all means, RTWT.

And continue your efforts at readiness for a future unpleasantness.

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