Friday, March 31, 2017


From commenter Mark D, the following offering:
I'm just gonna drop this here, do with it what you will, I'll make popcorn.

Set beverages down. Fasten seat belts. Embiggen this. Nota bene the orange muzzle plug in evidence.
Bloghost is not responsible for your choking, spewing drinks onto your hardware, or laughing so hard you fall out of your chairs onto your asses if you fail to follow these instructions.

I still don't believe this is a real and legit post.
Judge for yourself.
Much more likely someone trolling at the Sacha Baron Cohen level of game.

But if it is legit, we can probably write off any hope of holding control of the gun section at Toys-R-Us, unless we send a rabid six-year-old girl to kick this fat f***er's ass.
The only thing this sorry shitstain could drop from 500 yards would be a jelly donut, if he leapt on it out of a plane at 1500' AGL.

And I think beyond a reasonable doubt we now have a picture of the actual C.O. of the Phoenix John Brown Redneck Posse.

Apparently, the Revolution will be arriving on a short bus, and this guy could tell you what the windows taste like.

Now pardon me while I go change my shorts from laughing so hard I had an accident.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I just KNEW you'd appreciate that.....

What can I say, I'm a bad person.

Mark D.

Aesop said...

Such goodness! So much win!

That Reddit retard pic needs to be bootlegged into a new Shut up, Carl! poster immediately as well.

Anonymous said...

This is a legit character, they've made other posts about being the vanguard of the revolution in the past. The face of communism in the US, to be sure.

RandyGC said...

I like the uniform.

Red star for head shot aim point

Brass Soviet-era belt buckle for gut shot aim point

Both providing positive IFF as a legitimate target.

Sort of like the cross on a KKK bed sheet

Anonymous said...

Apparently being a communist that can 'drop a man at 500 yards' (ooh, so badass) doesn't involve emptying his fucking trash can once in awhile.