Sunday, May 26, 2024

Permanent Solutions To Temporary Problems

Qwitcherbitchin. You know when you heard a
PGA winner committed suicide, this is the first thing
that came to your mind too.

If you're depressed enough to think about suicide, unless you're a pedophile or a Leftard, please seek professional help. The quick "solution" only ends your pain, which just passes it along to all your friends and relatives.


Skyler the Weird said...

My first thought was Suddenly! But the Vaxx doesn't leave a big hole.

Rick said...

Three times verifiably I was the last person to see a friend alive. Possibly a 4th since I have thought of it, working backwards the timeline.
Made me feel like shit for not correctly deciphering the signs. Oh yes, there were a multitude of signs.

Suicide is the ultimate cowardly act. I'll stop here before I really get going.

Rhea said...

I was suicidal at one time. I thought I could do nothing right and that the world would be better off without me. If you're reading this, and you feel that way, reach out to someone, a friend, a religious leader, a family member, someone.

I know it feels like nothing will ever get better, and you're going to be stuck where you are forever, but your feelings are lying to you. Don't give up. It gets better.

Be here to see it.


John Wilder said...

What gives us strength? It's not money or fame.

Anonymous said...


Original Grandpa said...

yes, faith. Amen

incompetently suicidal said...

Having been suicidal for several decades of adult life (yes, I was diagnosed by professionals; after a while I learned how to lie to them to get them to think everything was better so they'd go away and leave me alone, and no, the underlying mental patterns haven't changed, I've just endured them, with semi-deliberately negligent close calls every few years) this kind of talk does not help in the least. Nor does sugary-sweet assurances that "oh it DOES get better people DO care bla bla bla". That in fact tends to make it worse because it's so infuriatingly disconnected. Nor does the bullshit about faith help in the least - that again is more harmful than not when the more you look into it the more empty you find it and the more you find that what you were promised was a secure foothold was in fact rotten cardboard over the abyss.

The one thing that I think would help on a durable basis would be having some sort of achievable purpose for which I could earn a sort of quiet respect from people around me. From what I've heard from others, I think this could apply fairly widely as a mitigation to whatever's going on in our heads. You might think that means "stable job", but having done a fairly wide range of things from retail to managing IT departments, so far it hasn't.

And shove the guilt trip and berating right up your butt. That just makes the weight that much worse, and makes it harder to break the dark patterns, even temporarily.

If you want to say "well you're just mentally broken", yes. That's my point. Stop trying to claim it's fixable and then yelling at the people who can't fix themselves.

Anonymous said...


The counter-argument to this sort of whining is all the people who decide to get help, and as a result, do not kill themselves.

The rest are indeed broken, and they should stop their desperate cries for attention, and their maudlin and histrionic attempts to shift the blame to others for failing them, and simply get on with it.

The cause of suicide is emotional pain the bearer doesn't know any better way to end, or in which they've feel the better ways are "too hard". Boo hoo.
Suicide is the ultimate act of cowardice for the latter group.
The answer to suicide is a simple choice: "Don't do it."
Everything else is just frilly window dressing.
The world isn't going to suck anyone's dick to get them to come in off the ledge. Nor should it.
If life is so terrible, and you think you know better than everyone else, own your opinion, and move along to see what comes next.
Own your agency, as we all do: Stay. Or go.