Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Any Day Now™, Day 817

We hesitate to bring this up, because it only goads the low-information monkeys to dig around their cages for some feces to fling to fend off Reality, but we cannot help but kick them in the crotch again by pointing out that nearly another month has passed since Ukraine was totally defeated. Which foregone outcome we were assured of, most earnestly, by people who were sure that Any Day Now™, it would inevitably be so.

At the beginning of the month, faithful Putinophiles, like Chicago Cubs fans for over a century, thought "This will finally be our season". Because Vlad said so. For only the 111th time.

Sh'yeah, right. What could possibly go wrong?

Double bummer for the faithful Putinophiles: The Telegraph is Britistan's conservative daily, not one of the Useful Idiot-run reliably commie-tard house organs.

Three weeks later, in week 115 of "Just Two Weeks To Flatten Kiev", unlike countless promises, the only thing Putin has filled with relentless persistence are more Russian body bags (when they even bother to collect their dead).

Pretty much like every day since 2/26/22.

The lines shift a few yards each way back and forth, as they have for over 18 months, like a profoundly retarded refighting of the Somme, except less capably. History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes occasionally.

Bean-counters on both sides in 1915 thought they could win, if only they could throw enough men into the machineguns. Europe lost an entire generation disproving that monumental, and monumentally idiotic, military policy. Putin evidently hasn't played enough tic-tac-toe to learn the lesson yet.

The Usual Retards won't read this deep, but that doesn't mean "Ukraine Is Winning", unless you consider France or Belgium in 1919 what "winning" looks like. Common Core grads should probably look that one up before continuing.

It also doesn't mean we should be giving Ukraine an endless unlimited commitment, and it sure as hell means that we shouldn't send anyone there to fight their war for them*. But as we pointed out two years ago, the minute this shifted from them doing what they could with what they had, to doing what they could with what the West would supply, it meant the end of Western aid would also mean the end of Ukraine. So, before anyone advocates cutting them off, they need to answer how the tactic of pulling out down the road worked out for the U.S. in South Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They should show all work for that answer.

It does mean that Putin hasn't run out of toes on his feet to keep shooting yet, and that no one in his inner circle has worked up enough guts to hold a Makarov Retirement Party for the Russian Captain Ahab. Yet.

But even if Putin survives long enough to see his press-ganged mob of sad sacks somehow stumble and bumble their way into Kiev tomorrow, one has to wonder who in their right mind thinks the surviving Ukrainians would just roll over and forgive, and settle back into Russia's yoke. Let alone forecast that the rest of Eurostan and most of the world not getting cheap Russian oil would ever end sanctions or forget Russian aggression. Russia is going to be a pariah state for the next century. Enjoy that whole sh*t sandwich, and swallow every bite. Sweden and Finland have already given their answer, anchoring themselves firmly to NATO. Vlad's adventurism has managed to do more to revive NATO in two years than Reagan and the Bush family managed to do in twenty.

Salesman Of The Century props to Vlad for that, alone. 
One invasion speaks more eloquently than a thousand harangues.

The Usual Suspects will root around, and find someone like The Saker or some other tired old KGB mouthpiece to cheer them up with more bedtime fairytales about inevitable Russian invincibility, but millions of people who live in the real world, from retired shipyard workers in Gdansk to aging Tajik, Uzbek, and Pashtun tribesmen in the Kindu Kush know better. 

Maybe next year, Moscow Cubs fans. Maybe next year.

*(If anyone thinks we haven't had SF teams and military attachés there in harm's way since Day Two, and should not, you're really too naïve to be on the internet without adult supervision. The not-too-difficult trick is to remember that doesn't mean they should be covered by the 82d Airborne and TacAir. We tried that after the Gulf Of Tonkin, and it didn't work out too well. One thing does not require the other.)


Dan said...

The whole Ukrainian shit show has been a classic example of a no win situation...for anyone. And it could get out of hand leading to the introduction of canned sunshine...which means eventually the whole world loses. Once the first mushroom pops it will spread, rapidly.

maruadventurer said...

The observation about 1918 fits pretty well with the situation in this conflict. Its more akin to trench warfare. That and for some situations drones are replacing artillery for destroying targets. Dear Vlad has already signaled that their Kharkiv offensive has faltered --

LSWCHP said...

Right back at the start of all this I predicted that it would turn into a replay of the Hurtgenwald slugfest, vast numbers would be killed on both sides and the Russians would eventually creep forward under massive artillery barrages until the Ukes gave up due to loss of men and equipment.

That seems pretty much like how it's gone so far. Unless the Europeans decide to get involved I think the meat grinder will keep on grinding for a long while to come.

Anonymous said...

A meat grinder for white men. Hmm.

Michael said...

Military times SNIP: Since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, the United States has sent more than $30 billion worth of gear to Ukraine. This is the 33rd time the Biden administration has invoked the drawdown authority for Ukraine.

In this package, the United States will provide additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, additional 105 mm and 155 mm artillery rounds, and additional 25 mm ammunition.

So far, we've sent plenty of money to Raytheon and such for replacement munitions sometime in 2026+ as we've fired off munitions defending Israel and shipping from the 4th rate Hothi's. Even the Pacific fleet has sent the bulk of its anti-aircraft-missile missiles to the Med for Israel's needs. Ukraine sucking up everything NATO and company can BUY from anywhere including South Korea and even Japan worked itself beyond its own constitution to sell armaments at US demands.

NATO production monthly of 155 shells INCLUDING America and South Korea is less than Ukraine fires off in a week, despite the comedians' complaints. Thus, why we've been digging out old obsolete cluster munitions to the bonfire.

Barrons SNIP: The government of the world’s most prosperous nation - the US - cannot pay its own way; it finances nearly a third of its spending - on credit. And the public bought everything from autos to cheeseburgers on credit. Now, who’s going to pay its $65 trillion in debt? Tomorrow’s public? With what? More credit?

Please continue to tell us how well we're doing friend. Russia despite the terroristic missile strikes using American weaponry, sanctions and such has a lower debt to GDP ratio than any of NATO, let alone broke as *uck America.

Enjoying the call by call Wargames reports, please carry on.

Aesop said...



US ordnance stocks of all munitions in inventory have been well below par continuously only every day since 1 October 1945. This situation has been an open national scandal since 2 October 1945. The lack of both American and Western production capacity, and total dearth of ability to expand same at will has been detailed and discussed at length, without ever being fixed, only for the last 70 years or so. This has been shouted from the rooftops for literally the entire lifetime of anyone reading the internet. When dredging it up as some sort of objection to gifting items to Ukraine, Bruce Willis' initial benediction to Officer Powell in Die Hard comes to mind:

At least with the munitions currently, the fact that they're blowing up Putin's minions instead of simply going on the scrap heap of obsolescence year after year is a net plus. Much like Ollie North's characterization of selling about-to-expire TOW missiles to Iran at above-retail rates to blow up Iraqis, and using the resulting funds to fund the anti-communist Contras was "kinda neat".

Russia has less debt than anyone else because no one in their right mind in the entire world would lend Putin even a literal thin dime. China has notably given Putin the stiff arm, financially.

Putin is selling Russian oil and NG to China and India at fire sale prices, and getting far less than they need from that, while everyone within Russia is working for fiatrubles, which are currently worth less on the open market than Mexican pesos.

For reference, explain to the class the meaning of the old Soviet joke :"We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us." Then tell everyone too young to recall why the former Soviet Union collapsed.

For further reference, herein is a listing of all the wars ever fought to a successful conclusion by anyone, on the cheap:

Anonymous said...

This is the best comment. Demographic destruction is the reason for the US support of Ukraine. Demographic destruction is a viable and proven means of taking a global power player off the board. France after WW1, for example. We are trying to do it to Russia, at the cost of half a million Ukrainian men. After Russia suffered great losses to her men in WW2 with the resultant economic impact (impact greatly aggravated by communism. Of course).

If you go to 30,000 feet, the (globalist?) (Chinese?) US goal here is clearly the demographic destruction of Russia: "no home for white men".

Aesop said...

China angling under the table to butt-rape Russia?
Who knew...?

Putin's always been an idiot, and China's giving him just enough rope to make taking Siberia, and metric fucktons of resources, cheap and easy.

Probing Fire said...

So why is the US helping China destroy Europe and the rest of Western munitions stockpiles while jaw-jacking about Formosa?

For the mentally challenged, one may need to look up that name, why it changed, who supplied the weapons, and who were the chief advisors to the adversaries of a supposedly democratic partner.

Pat H. said...

Aesop, your lack of knowledge about Europe is becoming legendary.

It's NATO that's most like Napoleon.

This is a link to one of the earliest known graphic illustrations of Napoleon's march to and from Moscow.

Learn from it.

Aesop said...


The post has nothing to do with European history.

It's Putin who's a megalomaniacal dictator whose entire focus since taking power is the reformation and restoration of the Soviet Empire, minus only the communist part, and hegemony over the entire European continent.

He's the rapist who really believes all the girls want him.
And he's proving to be even less adept at going west than Napoleon was at going east.

Russia has had nothing but czars since 1547. The only thing that's changed is the title.
NATO, on the other hand, is a herd of howling cats eight days out of seven, but Putin's done more to invigorate and unite that dying alliance than even Stalin and Krushchev combined were able to do. Even Hitler and the Nazi conquest of most of Europe couldn't push Sweden out of 200 years of strident neutrality, but Putin did it inside of 12 months.

Aesop said...

@Probing Fire,

The US isn't doing any such thing.
Biden, however, has been known as Peking Joe since way back.
There's a reason why every meme I make of him has a Chicom flag pin in his lapel.

Pat H. said...

"It's Putin who's a megalomaniacal dictator whose entire focus since taking power is the reformation and restoration of the Soviet Empire, minus only the communist part, and hegemony over the entire European continent."


The talmud run government of Kiev, funded by the west, "Vicky Nuland" and the Rothschilds, it's what's happening.

Are you really supporting Khrushchev and other Bolshevik thugs? I hope not. It was Khrushchev that "gave" Crimea to Ukraine, other communists consolidated Ukraine, which ones do YOU support?

Tucanae Services said...

Pat H.,

Your simile that NATO is Napoleon has a critical missing component -- technically we are not engaged in the conflict (yet). Napoleon marched to Moscow, got his a$$ whooped, marched back. The only thing we are marching to Moscow is USD which is bad enough.

The one thing RU has in their favor is manpower compared to UA, and they waste it like this was the Great Patriotic War of old. But it may well be the last time that they can be so cavalier with personnel. Anon @4:34 touched on the demographics, but the outcome is sealed even without the RU-UA conflict. Russia will not be Russia in less than 50 years. Between emigration and low birthrates its destiny is foretold.

John Wilder said...

Russia, fighting like Russia.

Tucanae Services said...

To Mod: No need to post this but thought you would find it interesting none the less.

"US ordnance stocks of all munitions in inventory have been well below par continuously only every day since 1 October 1945. This situation has been an open national scandal since 2 October 1945. ..."

The US had that same problem in 1917 when we declared war on Germany. Precision tools require precision tools and that takes time. Then this dude Lucien Yeoman shows up to tell us how to make them out of essentially dirt. This site details some of the specifics --

We have long since passed the 'throw and blow' days of artillery but still you need a casing to make the shell.

Aesop said...

@Pat H.,

Your narrative is running into a little conundrum.

Is it a talmud-run regime, or a neo-nazi regime?
Please pick one. You can't have it both ways.

Or are these Jewish Nazis, just like George Zimmerman was a white hispanic?

tevildo said...

@Anon May 23 4:34 AM
>US goal here is clearly demographic destruction of Russia

The US did not force Vlad to drive his tanks over the border. He did that all by himself like a big boy.

Take all the money that Russia has spent on this and redirect it to family support, job security for young fathers, and some TV sitcoms on the "Family Ties" level, and that would have done orders of magnitude more to fix Russian demographics.

No, this is willful national suicide by the Russians.

Pat H. said...

Rump Ukraine is all that's left. I have no doubt that the Rothschild appointee will have set up constant bombardment ot Russian territories, though with 90% of their electrical power generation now history Rump Ukraine will still try to kill civilians in the Russian territories like they've been doing since 2014.

Aesop said...

Which begs the question of why Russia continues to throw men into a woodchipper like they grew on trees.

If Ukraine is so over, why does Putin bother to keep shooting himself in both feet, and then keep reloading?

This continues to be the biggest strategic lose-lose for Russia since Genghis Khan and the Golden Horde invaded.