Thursday, January 12, 2023

Woke Translator Activated

 h/t Odd Job

Not so pretty when you deconstruct it.


Mike-SMO said...

A bit ambiguous. I still am not sure if the banner is "This is what we believe" or if the banner is a translation of what others actually believe, "what you mean is...." Too cute by a half, but the final line, "Hate Festers Here", suggests the latter.

Maybe, "When you say X, we hear Y".

Must be a fun neighborhood.

Aesop said...

Suggest you follow the h/t bread crumbs to clear up your confusion.

Anonymous said...

What a sad way to exist

John Wilder said...

Big Brother doesn't approve of such truth.

Paul said...

Explains why our new neighbors moved here from CA. Talking to them sounds like the whole clan moved away.

Now it they left the crazy behind we will be good.

Anonymous said...

Seems a mindset like this would sort itself out in a generation or two. Another take: woke Tourette’s on the lawn, if this wasn’t shopped.