Sunday, January 8, 2023

Sunday Music: Suddenly

Beautiful Top 20 hit love song duet from Xanadu, sung in 1980 by the now recently and sadly departed Olivia Newton-John, and Cliff Richard. Also the chorus that pops unbidden into my head every time I hear about another person dropping, dead or crippled, of Suddenly™, which Not-A-Vaxx is probably going to kill many multiples of persons more than the original strain of virus ever did, and cripple or sterilize even more. In the dictionary under Kill Shot. Today's Sunday Music is dedicated to the tens of thousands of Suddenly™ victims so far, and the millions more yet to come. What a brave new world.


Anonymous said...

Have that on vinyl. Need to take it out for a spin.

John Wilder said...

An amazing voice.

Grandpa said...

Olivia Neutron-Bomb is like Karen Carpenter... so we know what angels sound like when they sing. Plus, she was foxy as hell.

Tucanae Services said...


Query if I may. Since you are in the belly of the medical establishment have the lightbulbs gone off yet that 'they have F Uped' vis a vis the Vaxx?

Aesop said...

The Pure bloods are comparing notes, and saying, "Damn! Glad I stuck to my guns! I hope half my co-workers aren't dead in five years."

The Vaxxholes are going "Thank God I was vaccinated and boostered and boostered on the booster, otherwise the last five times I got COVID would have been much worse."

Hand to God, this is exactly what I'm hearing, over and over.
I figure the penny won't drop for most of them until some of them start catching a case of Suddenly™.

But deep down, I think they're starting to realize they might have royally f**ked up, because they're not nearly so keen to talk about it any more.