Monday, January 23, 2023

Natzsofast, Guido

h/t WRSA

"...will not accept defeat, no matter the cost."
Oh really, Professor?

I didn't realize we were posting comedy as explanation these days.

Conference call for you: Tokyo 1905 on Line 1, and Kabul 1989 on Line 2.

Beware of analysis where the "anal" part means "pulled out of somebody's @$$."

[Pro Tip: When your pronouncement crashes and burns on the rocks of actual history, it isn't history that got it wrong.] 

And the Samson Option? Samson committed suicide, for those who went to Common Core Sunday school. That means the end of the existence of the Russian nation and people, pretty much forever.

Russia has accepted military defeat over and over in its history. It's nothing remarkable, and nothing new for them. And unless Russia's drunken buffoons pull their heads out of their back ends soon, Kiev is liable to be phoning in on Line 3.

When and if that happens, in the words of Bill Engvall,

So maybe instead of wishcasting, it would be more helpful to wait and see how things turn out.


Joe in PNG said...

The real fun will come next month, when all the excuses, whattabouts, and just plain denial of reality happens on the one year anniversary of Two Weeks to Flatten Kiev.

Michael said...

Aesop, I would agree. Less Wish casting.

Time will tell

Mike-SMO said...

Russia should remember that they defeated Hitler with food, munitions and weapons sent from the New World. That source of material is now supporting the Ukraine which is putting up a pretty good fight. Poland, the Baltics and the Hill Billies of the South remember the last time they were visited by the servants of the Mongols. Plus, everyone in the game knows that the Muscovites have a hungry Dragon at their back. There are a few innings left to play, but ex-KGB Major Putin has put the Federation in a bad place. Russia found out in Syria that the Americans and their weapons are sneaky and capable. The Major isn't putting anti-aircraft systems on Moscow rooftops and around his patio just for chuckles. Interesting game!

Anonymous said...

Their "victory" in 1945 was brought by Dodge, General Motors, North American, Bell, Winchester and a whole host of others; much of it hauled past U-boats in American shops at cost.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Dont forget 1917. You know when they did basically the same thing (got their a&& handed to them) against the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany. While having way more people, against a force using every lever to multiply its effectiveness.
The Russo-Japanese war and WW1 were so bad they shot their leaders. Makes one think that the next historical rhyme might not be taking over Ukraine.

Dan said...

Ukraine cannot defeat Russia. It's too small and Russia is too large.
As long as the west helps Ukraine Russia isn't going to be able to win.
Classic standoff. The real question is how long will this go on. Who
blinks first. I suspect the Russian people will get tired of the costs
and do something to end this....the Ukrainians are fighting to exist. The
Russians...not so much. Different motivations make a difference.

As for the "Samson option". Unlikely. But not impossible. And once that
Rubicon has been crossed all bets are off....and odds of civilization surviving
are slim.

Allen said...

we've gone past twice the number of casualties on the russian side as america had in the entire 19 1/2 years of the Vietnam war...

and we're only 335 days in....

for the record..according to the DoD total casualties of the Veitnam war of american military was 58,220

current russian death toll estimate is 121,480

how long until russia is mobilizing their version of the boy scouts and sending them to the front lines with BB guns to be slaughtered?

Anonymous said...

He also seems to not realize how heavily-dependent Russia was upon Lend-Lease to defeat Germany. America sent more trucks in 1942 than the Soviets built themselves in the entire war. Without trucks, they wouldn’t have encircled entire German armies in 1943-5 and would have instead kept trading casualties for minimal gain.

Glen Filthie said...

Excellent work, Aesop! You’ve finally admitted the obvious: Russia is fighting NATO, not the Ukraine…which it handily defeated months ago. You’re only a year behind the regular kids now.😊👍

Of course, now the scope of conflict changes. Ordinarily I’d be inclined to predict a NATO win too… but consider: the NATO countries and the EU are on the verge of economic ruin. Their militaries were already dangerously neglected and depleted before the war. Most of the populations are against this war with the possible exception of Poland. Politically all the NATO countries are in turmoil. Britain changes leaders regularly. It’s current leader is some pajeet and nobody remembers his name. Macrone is hated by his own people as is Joe Biden. You mock the drunken Russian establishment? Welp… most of Eurpe’s defence ministers and senior statesmen are chicken headed women who are more concerned about the state of their hair and makeup than they are about their militaries and strategy. Further, they infested your armies with furries, bronies, trannies, queers, affirmative action flunkies, and empowered females that can’t pass PT requirements. Further: Russia is now moving to assemble a standing military of 1.5 million. America can’t recruit at all, and their most experienced and valuable servicemen are bailing out in droves.

If we’re lucky we’ll get a stalemate. Given the idiots involved on our side…a win is possible but by no means assured. I can see China getting dragged into this and if THAT happens… the American Globohomo empire is done…and that could be a good thing too, maybe.

Plague Monk said...

With regard to Putin, the comic book magnate had a link this morning that discussed in part the Russian capture of Soledar, and how the end for Ukraine is near:
Real experts, such as those over at ISW, don't seem to think this is a big deal:
Granted that Russia "won" the Battle of Soledar, what keeps coming to my mind is that the shade of King Pyrrhus needs to visit Moscow for a heartfelt conversation with Putin. The good king kept winning against Rome, yet each victory was a disaster for him and his people.

ricker62 said...


Thanks Aesop for this commentary.

I read that original note earlier someplace else (WRSA) and am SO glad you posted a retort.

Of COURSE the Russo-Japanese War is a perfect example of Russia getting their behinds wiped.

They actually weren't that great in the Crimean war and WW1 either.

Constantly poorly led, poorly equipped, poorly transported, and poorly trained. Forever.

Aesop said...


You keep trying to lie your way to a correct answer. Russia invaded Ukraine. NATO isn't fighting Russia. Ukraine is. You can tell NATO isn't because there isn't a dull red glow where the embers of where Moscow used to be lie smoldering.

Russia is, in fact, fighting most of the world. That was their own choice. Even their fair-weather friends in India and China have urged them to knock that shit off, and even the Belarus toadie has declined to participate. He likes his cities not in flames too.

If NATO entered the war, the Russians would be behind the Urals inside a week if it stayed conventional, and forced to exercise exactly the Samson Option, taking out the world in their Ahabic quest for the unattainable.
Not only Poland is all in, but so is all of Eastern Europe and the Baltics (next on Vlad's conquest list). Even Finland and Sweden have abandoned neutrality, and Switzerland and Austria are thinking that over as well. Europe has decided to remain western and free, rather than subjugated under the Slavic losers of all history, Russia. It didn't even require them a second's thought, even for libtard leftie governments all over that continent. Russia has set itself back on the world stage by a century or more, if not even longer, going forward. The longer they persist in this pointless and completely optional war, the worse it gets for them heading into posterity.

And as the conflict isn't - and won't ever be - NATO vs. Russia, the salient part is that the Ukrainians, barely a tenth the size of Russia, are pushing Russia's best available troops back daily, and have been for months. If Russia pulls anything left to them from the East, well, Xi rubs his hands in anticipation, and a dozen troublesome non-ethnic -stans await the withdrawal of Moscow's military minions to take another shot at independence. Which would put them in the same position the US would be in, if the Dakotas and the states of the Yellowstone Basin decided to go their own way: stripped of a host of strategic nuclear assets rather definitively.

There are only two questions open at this point where Russia is concerned: how long before they throw in the towel and abandon this idiotic unwinnable war; and when Vlad gets his Makarov retirement party. They'll probably fall on the same day, in either order. The only wonder is when that day will come. But rest assured, Vlad will be the last one in Moscow to know.

Joe in PNG said...

Machiavelli has an interesting observation regarding this situation in "Livy Book 3 Ch XI: "That one who has to contend with
many, though he be weaker than they, will prevail if he can withstand their first onset."

(snip)"Wherefore we may always assume when we see a war set on foot by many against
one, that this one, if he have strength to withstand the first shock, and can temporize
and wait his opportunity, is certain to prevail."

Now, as with anytime the Fortunes of War are gambled upon, there's no guarantee of victory for either side.

Glen Filthie said...

Moi? Lying?!?! How DARE you!!! 😂👍

You say NATO isn’t involved in one breath, and that Russia is at war with the world in the next? So…which is it? Last time I looked, China, India, Saudi Arabia and others were giving America and Europe the finger on this? I see NATO furnishing weapons and tanks and money to the Kraine, with the only net results being more dead Ukes, and more demands for more money and weapons. I see Americans are now training Ukes (on American soil) on how to use the Patriot missile systems. Presumably American personnel are in country and running other existing advanced NATO air defence systems…? Germany has just agreed to hand over Leopard tanks to replace the ones destroyed by Russia. I think we all know who the liar is here.

I’m confused by the rest of it. You obviously get your info from the mass media… yet it is a matter of public record that American military experts are advising the Kraine to withdraw from Bakmeht and surrounding areas or they will lose as they did at Soledar and the other small towns along the front. The Wagner group is giving General Milley nightmares and kiniptions. Other Globohomo finks in the US establishment are already trying distance themselves from the debacle in the Kraine and point the finger at their adversaries. Have you missed all that…or are you giving in to your emotions?

Aesop said...

Have someone brighter read this to you, Glen:
NATO is not at war with Russia.
Russia is at war with most of the world.

I know it's hard for you to grasp, but the two statements are not mutually exclusive.

You keep missing the vids of all the dead Russians too.
Tell the class, Glen:Which way have the front lines been moving inexorably since August? Toward Kiev, or towards the Russian borders ante bellum?
It's not a hard question, but feel free to use all your lifelines to puzzle it out.

Then, name your "American military experts". Are they the same "experts" who told Ukraine to capitulate going back to Day One, and suggested that Zelensky take the air evac on Feb. 27th?
The same "experts" who supervised the debacle pulling the U.S. out of Afghanistan?
Or just the usual shit-canned incompetents and retards bloviating on sketchy websites and lamestream news outlets?

I'm getting my info from every source out there, not the MSM. Most of them have an axe to grind, as you do, but the interpolation between one side's bullshit and that of their opponents' fan-bois usually yields the territory where truth is found.

Ukraine is getting better and newer tanks. Okay. So?
Russia is pulling 60-year-old museum-piece T-62 p.o.s.s out of rust parks, and in only three years or so, they'll be ready for prime time. They're begging for artillery rounds from the Norks and Syrians, and buying garage-built hand-me-down not-so-smart drones from Iran. This looks like "winning" to you?!? What color is the sky in that universe?

The Wagner group has been largely wiped out once already, and they're digging deep to recruit and re-equip, having lost the majority of their initial batch of clowns and toys, after feeding their own guys and nearly all of Putin's 250K-batch of untrained and ill-equipped convicts, drunks, and cripples they could cobble together into machinegun and artillery fire trying - and failing - to have any material effect on retaking Bakhmut, despite trying daily since before Christmas.

And yet you keep waving the "Any Day Now" flag, rootin' for Putin.
This was a failed effort by Day Three.
It's Day 330, man. Wake up and smell the propaganda, then sit back and enjoy the show.

Sentenza said...

@4:43 Anon...

It wasn't just trucks. It was pretty much anything except Mosin-Nagants that the USSR needed to fight the war.

Food, trains, raw materials, supplies to make high octane cetera.

IIRC, Lend Lease didn't really start to have a noticeable effect until the summer of 1942.

In the 1941-1942 winter, the Soviets...were not having much success against the Germans.

John Wilder said...

Popcorn popped.

Anonymous said...

Assad's in best position in years and Turks are playing nice.
Russians helped thwart that color revolution.

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting that KIA count?
EU's von der 'Lying' blurted out 100,000 Ukrainian casualties just a month or so ago, remember? I do.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Nature abhors a vacuum. With the rats fleeing the ship for Israel and now everyone sending tanks over there you may get your bright light Aesop.

Question, if they had hundreds of tanks and were winning why are all the tanks now being shipped over there now?

Aesop said...

Re: Syria
Since Brandon took over, we haven't needed to wipe out another Russian air wing, or blow another regiment of Russian mercenaries into doll rags. We abdicated, like he did in A-stan.
So now Vlad needs some of his toys and munitions back. Countries that are winning don't call in markers like that.
Re: Casualties
Countries whose half-assed mobilization worked also don't start rumblings about a general mobilization. They burned through the cannon fodder, and the maw of war demands a greater sacrifice. Ergo, MOAR mobilization.
@Bear Claw,
It won't be my bright light, but the 27 threats Vlad made about unleashing that eventuality not coming to fruition leads me to believe someone tipped him off that any attempt to do so would trigger his Makarov-Induced Permanent Retirement. So instead, he's dragging museum-piece tanks out of rust heaps, to try and cobble up fresh meat for the Javelins and MLAWs. How sporting of him. If Vlad had hundreds of tanks and was winning, why would he need them?

Felix Dzerzhinsky said...

Delusions die hard. All the people who have been chanting "Vlad! Vlad!" seem to have quietly gone dark on the topic, the closer to defeat Russia's conscript leftover army gets in the field.

Tucanae Services said...

Something else to consider. West European command would consider retreat in depth a strategic failure. Compared to several other countries Europe is small indeed. Russia treats deep retreat as strategic maneuver so long as it degrades opposing forces. Their country is vast in comparison. They have used the trick time and again.

"We have them on the run!"