Thursday, January 26, 2023


According to Blogger's counter, that last post was #4000.


Kept me off the streets, I suppose. And it's gluten-free. So there's that.


markshere2 said...

Dan and Dick did a great show.

The flying fickle finger of fate....

Anonymous said...

Gluten free? But is it also paleo, vegan, keto and lactose free?Asking for a friend. 😁Congratulations on your milestone. Long time lurker, seldom comment. I enjoy reading your blog and agree with your verbal postulates on a number of issues, but not all. But you rock on with your badass self, you be you. Just want to say that I stumbled across your blog some many years ago, and I followed your blog list to many other worthwhile blogs. Thank you for that, my life was certainly enriched. Down the rabbit hole I went.

A fellow (female) RN that mucked in the dirty, sordid trenches of humanity.

John Wilder said...

"Golf clap?"
"Golf clap."
(golf clap)

Aesop said...

@markshere 2,

No, that's the Whoopee Award.
The FFFoF pointed to the right (their left) and had wings on the first knuckle.
I almost snagged an original one off of E-bay a coupla years back.

@Anon 9:08P,
Happy to be of service.
We're all mad here.


Justin_O_Guy said...

Gluten Free equals as sumptuous as fat free Half and Half.
Sounds like something that can't exist, but it does. Ask how I know.

Borepatch said...

I used to post 1500 times a year, now I'm lucky to get 300. Good on ya.

AC47Spooky said...

Well I would much prefer a photo of Goldie Hawn ... in body paint.

Mike Hendrix said...

You made think of checking mine: 2,603 since the Russian hack that destroyed 20 friggin' years of CF archives about, oh, two years ago, I believe it was. Rooskie bastids. Couldn't say about any gluten, but they're definitely carnivorous all the way.

Anonymous said...

"Say Goodnight, Dick." "Goodnight, Dick." :P Loved that show!


Anonymous said...

I was introduced to Laugh In upon returning stateside from an overseas posting in early '68, just prior to honorable discharge.

The guys in the barracks couldn't believe that I had never seen it. Watched every episode and reruns until the show as canceled.

Lily Tomlin and Arte Johnson were the highlights for me.

Congrats on the article count.