Saturday, August 27, 2022

Rules For Life

 h/t Porretto

Check in briefly once in awhile to confirm the Sh*tshow? Okay. Briefly. Once. In awhile.

But 24/7/365?? Hell no.

The only animal that compulsive is a hamster on its wheel.

Resign from hamsterism, take off your track shoes, get off the wheel. And go live your life.

A traffic snarl right up the road is news. One time.

A plane crash or flood or earthquake in Trashcanistan every hour, every day, forever, is irrelevant. Unless your relatives live right there, or you're a CIA analyst.


You'll add years to your life, and you won't spend most of them in abject fear and dread.

Which drops MSM ratings into the toilet, then pulls the handle, and pisses off TPTB to unimaginable depths of panic, because you can think for yourself.

You should be doing all that 24/7/365.


libertyman said...

On vacation in the Cayman Islands two years ago, and no news, no TV and no internet. That was just fine with me. The only news was obtained at the hotel bar, and that was we were getting kicked off the island in a few days because a cruise ship passenger had Covid. Oh well.

RandyGC said...

Took me years to get out of the habit of following everything after leaving the Air Force as an Intel officer. I was used to reading 100+ hard copy reports first thing every morning (which is why I laugh when someone complains about e-mails in their inbox. The number is usually well under 100).

Then I got hired by the local Emergency Management Agency which meant keeping up on real time local activity, and, in my capacity as an "intel officer" additional duty, tracking terrorism etc. Which started the cycle again.

Now, 3+ years after going out on disability, I am slowly decompressing down to checking a news site or 2 once a day or so. I stopped taking the newspaper over a decade ago (primarily after I found that most of the comics section was available online)

I don't count the daily read through sites such as this as news sites, (although they may que me towards items to follow up) but as entertainment

pyrrhus said...

Amen brother...

RSR said...

Economic and medical burnout and hospital admin salary bloat:

Curious on your take on the med front.

RSR said...

Here's another similar:

Anonymous said...


Your weekly internet usage is -14% from the previous week (which was down -28% from that previous week).
You spent a total of 4 hrs, 27 minutes on the internet last week.
And the bulk of that was WORK!

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Fido said...

It's not our burden.

For some of us, it is our duty to stay fully informed and aware. Steering the ship of your family, you must know where the obsticles and pitfalls are, to avoid them. So we don't tune out the news. It's just information, and mosty lies at that. Our response to it should be as to a puzzle, trying to work out what's so. Emotions are of little use here. Even when the truth is that they are *evil*, it's still just what's so and should be accepted as what we have to work within. Do not be stressed. Do not be angry. Stay calm. Be alert. Be resolved. Be intentional. Be aware of what may come, and have plans for your response. It's just reality. Dance with it. ... and win.

TommyG said...

Several years ago my father in law who was a barber was experiencing severe depression. His doctor sent him to a psychiatrist and after several visits was told to change the channel on his shops tv, that no one could watch CNN 8 to 10 hours a day and remain sane.

Nicus said...

When my dad was in his mid-70s he told me, "I'm no longer responsible for worrying about everything on the planet. You're on your own." I'm now in my mid-70s and I'm starting to feel the same way.