Thursday, August 18, 2022

Elections Matter...Sometimes


Always remember that you came within a red whisker of having this douchewagon as a SCOTUS justice instead of Kavanaugh, which difference may well have been the only bright shining moment of Bitch McConjob's entire sordid Senate career.


McChuck said...

There is no law, only Zuul.
The will to power is everything. Words on paper are nothing.
Rights are what you can enforce.
Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.

The sooner people understand these simple truths, hold them in their hearts, the sooner we can start fixing what's really wrong with our country.

Reltney McFee said...

It appears that, despite Mr. McConnell's multiple shortcomings, his management of DJT's judicial appointments was helpful in forestalling The End Times.

John Wilder said...

It's even better when people's votes are actually counted.

Anonymous said...

'Elections Matter...Sometimes'

Anonymous said...

That motherfucker needs to choke to death.