Thursday, August 25, 2022

Not Just No, But F&%# No!


From the Fluent Bullshit section of American Stinker today:

Actions that patriotic, freedom-loving Americans can take in this 21st-century civil war:

1) Use the tools provided by Act for America that allow citizens to easily contact their state and federal representatives about pending legislation that is being promoted by far-left Democrats.  Various legislators have indicated that it takes hearing from only 40–50 of their constituents to make a difference in critical votes on pending legislation.

Interviews with legislators indicate that many consider a note or call from a single constituent to be representative of 1,000 people.  Thus, a single citizen indeed is potent.

2) Form small groups of military veterans (and other citizen groups) to become active, vocal supporters of bona fide conservative political candidates.  Provide this same support for strong conservative candidates for local school boards and other education positions.  An example of a highly successful, activist veterans organization is American Veterans Vote in Virginia.

3) Parents and all citizens concerned about the education of America's youth need to insist on viewing the curricula that K–12 teachers are using to instruct students.  Challenge any race-based materials, sexual orientation and transgender indoctrination, and anti-American books and other materials being used.  Continue to appear at school board meetings to demand the end of any Critical Race Theory or derivative instruction being given to students.  If necessary, contact the No Left Turn in Education organization for potential advice/legal assistance.

Maybe you could make cupcakes for the "End Communism" bake sale,
 or fill some water balloons.


Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College.  He is hopeful that the information presented in this article will help motivate an army of heretofore uninvolved Americans to become actively involved in the current multi-front civil war against the American constitutional republic.  The freedoms and inalienable rights of all Americans must be preserved!

This sort of Pollyanna drivel and half-assed "let's don't really fight for anything" horsesh*t is why we lost the Vietnam War. Either Gardiner should know better, or he wants to lose like that again.

If you're going to fight this "civil war" the way you fought the War On Poverty, the War On Drugs, and the War On Communism, you're going to get the exact same results:

Rolled the fuck up, and shitcanned by Reality.

So either this wingnut doesn't want to win, or doesn't think it's an actual civil war. Thus, he's either evil, or stupid. There's no third option to choose there.

I'm surprised he didn't suggest writing a sternly-worded letter to the editor, holding a sit-in, or organizing a protest rally. Or maybe just shitting in your pants and hoping the smell will make the bad people go away.

If it's really a civil war, and you really want to win, half-stepping half-assed half-measures aren't going to get it done.

Half-hearted half-witted half-efforts won't succeed. Never have, never will.

It's going to take shooting m-----f-----s in the face. 

It may even be too late for that, but just like falling back and nuking the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure. Stop grasping at straws, and casting about for anything but cold hard realities of what an existential struggle means for those involved in the contest.

How did partition and coexistence work in Korea? Vietnam? The United States Of America??
Tell the class how the Leftards have let you alone, to go about your lives peacefully, rather than trying to ram their agenda down your throat and up your tailpipe at every opportunity, and only move the needle in one direction, ceaselessly, relentlessly, and ruthlessly. Then tell me there's any other app for dealing with that.

They're taking away your prosperity, on purpose. They're taking away your very privacy, on purpose. They want to take away your livelihood, your independence, your ability to move freely, speak freely, and think freely. They're trying to destroy your family, seize your kids, and turn your own blood relatives against you. They want to starve you into submission, throw you into a deep, dank prison cell, and then, even if you submit, they want you dead, Dead, DEAD. They're not even shy about saying it, openly, repeatedly, out loud, in public, time after time after time.

The only thing that stops that is shooting enough of them in the face - maybe even every single, last one of them - until they stop doing that.

You're going to need hard-hearted, pipe-cracking sonsofbitches on your side. And George isn't going to do it. You're going to need to be Those Guys. And you're going to need someplace to do it from, and money, and food, and money, and water, and money, and secure, redundant comms, and money, and medical training and supplies, and money, and a laser-like focus, and money, and commitment like a kamikaze ninja, and money, and all the help you can get - both physical, and financial.

And you're going to need money.

Not fiatbux, or cryptofairytales, or digital imaginary currency that can be seized, frozen, or disappeared on a whim with a keystroke, but cold, hard cash you can get to at 3AM anywhere. How are you doing at that?

And then, you're going to need to start balancing the ledger until it tips. You're going to have to wade through rivers of blood, make mountains of skulls, and shed oceans of tears. You're going to have to go to the breaking point, and push past it. And then keep on doing it anyways, until you get your own life back, your country back, your way of life back.

Because if you don't do that, you're going to fail.
If you aren't willing to march the prisoners to the nooses in batches, you'll fail.
If you aren't willing to hack the last spark of Totalitarianism out of the body public, burn it with fire, kill its offspring at birth, and salt the earth from whence it sprang forth, it's just going to keep coming back.

People are bastards like that. But if you kill enough of them, they stop doing that. 
"Enough" may mean all of them. 

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of the costs. And it may be even worse than that. You may have to fight knowing the cause is lost, but fighting on anyways, with the only alternative being getting on your knees, lined up at a trench, and being killed for it. 

So please, let's stop dickering over the half-assed and half-witted half-measures, and let's stop giving any credence to those who do. They're either too stupid to talk about the coming fight, or angling to lose it by back-stabbing you for their own benefit, in the forlorn hope the crocodiles will eat them last.

Because it's really bad now. And things are only going to get worse, no matter what senile figurehead banana republic puppet they prop up to get there.

So, still piddling around with irrelevant bullsh*t? Thinking that's going to help?
Or are you steeling your hearts and minds to the inevitable, and making prudent preparations for that battle when it's joined?

This is the way:


DavidS said...

Sounds like you're the man for the job.

Aesop said...

The point is, everybody had better be.
No free riders.

Plague Monk said...

Either evil or stupid? Uh, no offense, but I'll take evil AND stupid for 500 Zimbabwe bucks, Alex/Aesop. Not that I need to tell you that...
Also, the attitude that I see and hear too many Christians have, that we don't need to do anything but pray for the Rapture and for Jesus to return and clean up all our messes. No prepping, no violence, no using bad language to describe our enemies.
Nearly all of the pastors I've encountered over the years tell me to obey the State; "Render unto Caesar..." Sigh. It is to despair, it really is.
I fully expect to see the Dems win every seat in the House, every open seat in the Senate, and every gubernatorial contest this November. And still, the usual suspects will be saying that we need to vote harder in 2024.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly when I read this drivel this morning. Click bait from AM.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I guess you did not read Welch's comment posted there, but yes it's over till the shooting/hangin/guillotining/fireanthillstaking begins

ps He probably is the ray epps of this group

Plague Monk said...

The one reason for "some" optimism is that before the Kansas death camps open their doors, they have to disarm us, and I think that will take some serious doing. I have serious questions as to whether they can pull it off, especially in the red states or even in the red areas of blue states.
I've been selling a lot of my other toys and such; a 60 year collection of books, almost 50 years of toy soldiers, and investing in precious metals such as brass and lead, along with cordless hole punchers. I'm seeing a lot of company at the places selling these hole punchers, and people are buying. The smarter dealers are lowering at least some of their prices in order to get more sales, unlike some other businesses I can name, but won't. It took an hour for my NICS transaction today to be processed because of volume, so I'm not alone on this.

Anonymous said...

Yessir, 3 generations, root and branch.

Contrarian View said...

It isn't that I disagree with you, but until I see Commies dropping suddenly from unexplained causes in your AO of California, I can't believe that you're up for more than words.

Skyler the Weird said...

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still Dead but his Soul goes marching on!

Phelps said...

Vietnam veteran

OK boomer

Anonymous said...

Epps needs front-of-the-line privileges at the gallows.
Boat Guy

Nautigal said...

Thank GOD you finally reverted to the writing that gets me dripping again. You should start a dating site.
Yeah - the school board illegally took my kid from me for a year. Literally the installed bitch President of the board. Commie operatives with the admin co-opted and then some. Hired a cop to attend the board meeting for lil ol me - before the VID! Threatened to have me physically removed by the cops twice from my kids’ school. Where I substitute taught.
I’m female, veteran, church-goer, no criminal (or otherwise!) record, ACE daughters - team captains, etc. Simply took advantage of the age of angst after a fuck-job divorce (yeah - it happens to chics too) and exploited the shit out of it. There’s community for ya.
I have NO move. School board pres has crack-baby fosters in her home - one paraplegic.
There is nothing left. I’m living it. A bake sale is right.
I pray even a fraction of real men are as pissed as I am.
I have warrior white daughters I would kill for. Count on it.

Aesop said...

@Contrarian View,

Fair enough.
1) What makes you think they aren't?
2) What makes you think it is or would be reported or remarked upon honestly if they are?
Google Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect. State your assumptions. Show all work.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Love it when you are straight up firing on all available targets. These folks missed their calling, not being dressed in British Red uniforms and following gentlemenly rules; exposing weakness, lacking in force, potency, or efficacy; and that changes nothing. At least I am honest-I pray everyday that Vlad the Russian Wolf sets the District of Criminals on fire. At least it's a start.
Newsome the Nusiance has decreed that all of his subjects shall drive electric. Can't wait to see the bicycle driven whambulance that pulls up for a heart attack. I expect, in a nod to efficiency, that a coroner will be on every one. There is no voting in the world that will stop the crazy......
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition I say.

John Wilder said...

Wow - that linked article shows why conservatives have conserved . . . nothing.

Aesop said...


What evidence, anywhere on God's green earth, leads you or anyone to assume the quoted twatwaffle is "conservative", as opposed to "RINO"?

BLM rioters aren't the only ones who can masquerade as Reagan or Trump Republicans.

Gruelie said...

It will take the killing of the protecters families in their homes, which you absolutely refuse to do, so nothing will happen....ever

Termite said...

One of issues with going all "John Ross" is target selection. Pick targets carefully.

A lot of collateral casualties isn't going to gain any support from the Americans who detest what is happening, but who won't do anything overt. However, those same persons might support the effort, if the risk to them is low and only the "Problem persons" taken out. But those same persons can't deal with the sight of dead kids, like what happened with OKC.
Had McVeigh blown-up the IRS offices at 0300, he would have been thought of entirely differently.

McChuck said...

I used to worry that Iran would get the bomb and nuke DC, NYC and LA.
Now I worry that they won't.

elysianfield said...

"Nearly all of the pastors I've encountered over the years tell me to obey the State; "Render unto Caesar."

Well, and then there's this;

"...Sell your shit and buy a Glock..."~ Jesus (Paraphrased)

Aesop said...


We firebombed Dresden 78 years ago. If you think a civil war will be more gentle, you're in for quite the surprise.

Marquis of Queensbury Rules died years back.
This will be an all-out and all-in cage match. With machetes and bale hooks.

Phelps said...

"Nearly all of the pastors I've encountered over the years tell me to obey the State; "Render unto Caesar."

Then they are ignoring the paired phrase, "render unto God what is God's." God established America as a republic, which holds the citizens as sovereign, not any particular state actor.

Sean said...

Out over the left field fence, and it's.....outta here. Keep on flaming them boss, I like your style and savvy. I wince at times from your candor, but can't deny the truth when you speak it. And don't worry about all them Christians, wailing in the narthex about what they believe to be the Will of G*d. I'm a Christian, and I've never believed that it was G*ds Will to lay down and die for evil men. When the time comes, I'm going to do my best for my family and freedom, and G*d will be my Judge, as He always has been.

Dan said...

There is only one action that will make any difference in our predicament. Fnd a Demonrat...or a commie...the terms are synonymous, and kill it. aren't killing a human as commies are PROPERTY OF THE STATE. Nothing else will work. They are IN CHARGE and will never relinquish power peacefully or voluntarily. They have only one rule.....WIN, by whatever means necessary. You should have only one rule.... exterminate them. Anything less results in the collapse of America and the death or enslavement of everyone. And it may be too late to prevent collapse already.

Jonathan H said...

It will be fought with anything and everything at hand - and parts of it will be horrific.
I suspect conditions will be worst at the border if blue and red areas, but I could certainly be wrong.
I doubt anywhere will be unaffected.