Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Behold, Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants, At His Most Articulate

In any Emergency Department in the country, he wouldn't be deemed competent to make basic medical decisions for himself, and would be detained for a psychiatric evaluation as gravely disabled. He doesn't have sufficient orientation to be allowed to wander freely in society, and would be locked up for his own good.

Not even twenty months into his fraudulent regime, and his functional incompetence and senility is far too big to hide or ignore, and is plainly visible 8000 miles away. And if they're seeing it this clearly in Sydney, it's long since been noted in Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, and Teheran.

The far scarier question that follows:

What cabal of unelected behind-the-curtains coup-masters are actually running the United States' executive branch, including the DoJ and the armed farces?

This pants-shitting fucktard can't even run a lawnmower, and any federal agency that refused to do anything he said would be on firm legal grounds due to his basic mental incompetence.

And clearly, his minions and their house-organ media buddies have decided that since they pulled off one coup with the 2020 fake election, another ongoing one now is simply child's play.

This is the point in world affairs where DefCon levels take on an algorithm of their own, as sphincters pucker up in nearly a dozen important places.

You're about to see what happens when the cabinet invokes the 25th amendment, because if they don't do it soon, come January 1st, a republican Congress is going to impeach him, and then prosecute the rest of this administration for an ongoing coup d'etat, and they're going to be absolutely correct to do so.

Which means the next Speaker of the House is overwhelmingly likely to be the next President of the United States, after the sitting veep is disqualified for conspiracy and complicity in the ongoing shitshow of elder abuse in this administration.

And after that, the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! level nationwide will shatter the polar icecap on Mars, and 10:1 the range goes hot in both directions. Compared to this building tsunami, Watergate was a fart in the bathtub.

Plan accordingly.

Really, butthurt Goolag censors? Noticing Poopypants' obvious senile dementia, which Stevie Wonder can see from space, is what finally caused you to strangle this blog, and erase visits in real time???

All you're doing is confirming the truth of the assessment, and telling me where your open nerves are.

Expect Biden dementia stories to become daily from here on out.


libertyman said...

Is it just my perception, but Biden seems to be listening to someone, maybe through a bone mic in his ear or somehow before he speaks? He has the look of someone whispering in his ear as he speaks, and of course doesn't get it right anyway. Does any one else notice this, or am I starting my own conspiracy theory here?

Anonymous said...

The likelihood of the RINO-eunuch soggypants surrender mafia impeaching the emperor-select is quite low, sadly. If enough of them are not removed soon, we’ll have an even harder time on account of the mediocre centrists getting in the way.

Anonymous said...

I am still convinced that the only reason McTurtle is still breathing is that he arranged to elect a D governor to use the threat of appointing a D to the Senate as a protection for him.

Plague Monk said...

Two comments: Anon at 5:58: consider changing "centrists" to "leftists". I'm afraid that I can't see Mitchy allowing an impeachment vote in the Senate. I doubt the Repubs will pick up that many seats, and too many of the candidates are trash such as Ozzie and Soros bootlicker Vance...
Second: talking with a PE turned recruiter this AM; really sharp in his field, has walked the walk professionally for a few decades. He thinks that the Pedo is correct on the firearms' issue, and that he's going to be very reluctant to bring any pro 2nd Amendment types onboard. (He was asking me for a reference for another designer that I haven't worked with since 2007).
The engineering community that I swim in is still probably 90% Pro-Pedo; a lot of my peers are actually getting rid of their firearms to keep the high paying jobs(most of them submitted to the killshots as well). Giving up those 6 figure annual incomes is hard and for a lot of people, impossible(I miss the roadwork and the checks, but...)

Rollory said...

"You're about to see what happens when the cabinet invokes the 25th amendment, because if they don't do it soon, come January 1st, a republican Congress is going to impeach him, and then prosecute the rest of this administration for an ongoing coup d'etat,"

I do not believe that for a second.

SmallDeadAnimals had a post asking for predictions as to when Biden would end his term and how back in early spring 2021. My prediction, in the comments there, was that he would serve out the full four-year term. No resignation, no impeachment, no untimely death, no otherwise unexpected events. I stand by that prediction. They did it with Wilson and FDR and Darth Vader'd Rehnquist, they can do it with him. And Congress will not lift a finger to mess with this. A Congress that was serious about taking control of leadership of the country and steering it in some particular direction might, but the only ones with strong convictions in that regard are quite satisfied with him as a figurehead. Therefore Congress will do nothing.

The obscurity might actually help in the foreign entanglement side of it. It is, as you say, impossible to understand who is making what decisions - and therefore what decisions will be made. Higher uncertainty prompts greater caution. DoD is clearly in an activist phase right now, giving Ukraine whatever it wants (and taking careful notes on how the expensive toys work in practice). Russia has its hands more than full and doesn't want to expand its problems; China wants to avoid being similarly reckless (which means they'll be overcautious) and obscurity in USG decision making processes will magnify that.

And as for risk of civil insurrection I think it's been masterfully handled (in an evil-mastermind way) and that we're actually past the point of highest risk for that. Enough of the hotheads keep getting bled off, and there's enough grifters, incompetents (Mr. Trump, I'm looking at you) and possible enemy agents shouting counterproductive things, that no leadership emerges and no coherent action ever is taken, and this will continue until the current ruling class finishes self-destructing. I could be wrong about that. I'm not going to lay any big bets on it one way or the other. But this is my expectation, based on the trends I see.

Anonymous said...

as regards Joey being impeached and convicted ( Senate would have to be majority R ... and find a pair ), I ain't holding my breath. We have the Glorious Campaigns of Rooster Gowdy and Inepticon Issa as evidence that RINOs rule. TINVOWOOT, IYKWIMAIKYD

A boy can dream though ... right ?

elysianfield said...

Those google censors and the fibbies and the new hires in the IRS are a great bunch of gals, guys, and...whatever. I'd like to buy them all a beer....

Trumpeter said...

You can't possibly expect cucks to stand up to anything.

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous said @ 5:58 AM.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Susan Rice,the Chicago Iranian Nanny, and Obama (Sotero) are running the show, with dozens of handlers in the wings. The US of A is a laughingstock from the shores of GicheeGooma to the shores Triple-Play. Got preps?

Wayne said...

Even if the House votes well-deserved articles of impeachment, there is no way that 2/3 of "The World's Greatest Deliberative Body" will vote to remove the Pedophile in Chief. Dream on, Aesop.

Michael said...

As long as the Uniparty gets there grift there will be No Impeachment.

Unless they need a sacrificial goat to appease the madness of the mobs.

Anonymous said...

You said "... come January 1st, a republican Congress ...".

They stole the Presidency - why won't they steal the Congress?

Aesop said...

It's harder to steal 57 tight elections than one.
That's the problem for them.

Anonymous said...

When the clot-shots *really* start to thin out the herd, you'll be in demand... and be able to command a much higher remuneration. 😉

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's harder to steal (I'll go with your number) 57, but once you've done it you can see what you got wrong and get it right next time. They've proven the infrastructure, tested the logistics, and got away without having to hide it.

If it had to be done in secret - without detection - I'd agree with you, but the Presidential steal was done in plain sight.

Again, why won't they steal the Congress?

Aesop said...

They will if they can, but I'm not convinced the logistics are scalable.
Stealing enough votes to hold the Congress isn't 57x harder, it's 57²x harder.

The obvious fuckery with Palin in AK doesn't bode well for things, however.

The odds that an Eskimo Future Squad member Democommunist beat a Republican former governor in that state are about 3000:1 against.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not convinced the logistics are scalable"

The Dominion machines are connected to the Internet. The Internet scales as a direct function of money, and they have an infinite supply of that.

"it's 57²x harder"

If there had to be any kind of deniability, any concealment, yes, but they've proven there's no need for that. They don't even need to cover the windows this time, or fake a "water leak". They don't need to hide what they're doing. It doesn't matter how obvious it is. They could put the whole vote printing process on TV and call it "correcting the ballot" - it worked for temperature data, why not votes?

Rollory said...

What obvous fuckery? Serious question, I've not been watching the details there. I'm not an Alaskan. I was pretty much done with Palin quite a while back after she let her family implode in multiple ways and tried to cash in (badly) on her temporary popularity. Good example of rising past one's level of competence.

Aesop said...

If you believe a 60% Republican state that hasn't gone blue since 1964 suddenly decided, this year, with all the Democrats are doing and have done, to go for an untried Democrat eskimo over a previous R governor, and in a year they allowed massive unverified voting and other assorted shenanigans, and can't see fuckery there, I have a bridge for sale, cheap.

Rollory said...

"a previous R governor" is generic. "Sarah Palin" is not generic. I know nothing about the D candidate but I'd totally be willing to vote for a Joe Manchin over her, after everything she's screwed up. She made ONE good speech. One. The rest of that campaign was half-assed, and everything since has been pure trailer trash.

And Alaska thinks Lisa Murkowski is a Republican. Your claim remains unproven and indeed lacking any evidence at all. I was hoping for specific incidents to point at, like the six specific cities in 2020, rather than "the results aren't what I want therefore WAAAAH" which is more usually a Democrat thing.

Aesop said...

I'm not calling the Wahmbulance, I don't live there and don't have a dog in that fight.
But when an entire state flips that hard, and they've gone to no-verification mail-in ballots, I can smell the fish from here.
Palin's only notable screw-up to date was running with RINO McCain. She should have told him to pound sand. She was the only speck of hope in his feckless and doomed campaign, and frankly, the only reason the final tally wasn't 85:15.

Aesop said...


Told ya so:

Palin got 60% of the vote, and lost.