Monday, August 8, 2022

Captain Obvious Makes Another Appearance


Tyler Durden: Real world example of  why legalizing drugs is a bad idea. RTWT.

O, if only someone had told them so.

Dear Holland: Rudyard Kipling's estate called. You owe them a nickel. Each and every one of you.


C said...

Back during my younger years I was in support of legalization. Not so much more. Lost all of my friends growing up to drugs. All of them are still alive, but all of them are complete fuck ups now. They're just somebody I use to know. All of them came from good middle class homes. Plenty of opportunity given. Threw it all away just for that high.

Tried to help them. Tell them that there are much better ways to feel wonderful and not feel lost. Building and growing things has kept me away from the bottle. Last thing I told them is if life is so fucking miserable and pointless they can go find a bridge to jump off. Make the escape permanent instead of dragging everybody else down trying to make it temporary.

1chota said...

una idea mala, pero aqui in los EEUU tenemos varios estados que permiten drogas.

Termite said...

I would be OK with making marijuana legal and controlled like alcohol... IF.........

...It was the same shit we smoked back in 1980 or so. BUT IT ISN'T.

Anonymous said...

From the article, it seems that it’s illegal drug operations that are the problem. It’s likely that the Netherlands, with its major ports, is a hub for feeding the illegal markets around Europe, so I don’t see that this says much is about drug legalization either way.

I do understand both side of the legalization argument, but it seems as though there is no lack of drugs in countries where they are criminalized, like the US.

T-Rav said...

As a bonus, it would appear that the drug syndicates are being run by people who...well, who are from countries where "Mohammed" and "Ibrahim" tend to be more common names than "Jan" or "Pieter."

All that needs to happen is for this to cause an economic crisis, and Holland will have achieved the hat trick of leftist suckage.

Anonymous said...

American Emergency Rooms will be filled with Fentanyl Drug OD's tonight. 100,000 Americans will die of fentanyl drug overdoses this year, next year, and the year after.

Our dear friends, the Communist Chinese make the highest quality Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analogues in Chinese State Licensed Chemical Factories and ship it directly to the US and also to the wonderful Mexican Drug Cartels who smuggle it across our Southern Border.

100,000 American Dead in one year. Twice the number that died in the Vietnam War. Three times the number that died in battle in the Korean War. What would the bodycount be without Narcan?

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I read that yesterday. I think the comments explain the truth better than the story. It's another distraction from the true desires of TPTB.

Anonymous said...

Drugs aren't legal in Holland, try again. Unless you're trying to claim that not prosecuting people for 5 grams of marijuana is the same as legalizing drugs? No dice.
I did like the Kipling reference.

Aesop said...

Check your dope.
Weed, hashish, and 'shrooms are all fully tolerated.
Which has opened Pandora's box to all the drug cartels to establish a foothold, and expand their market.

Like it does, in 100% of cases where it's ever been tried.

California, Oregon, and Colorado ask you to call your office, then get back to us when the penny drops.

Tucanae Services said...


I agree drugs are a bad thing and something needs to be done. Problem is of late I sometimes consider that the 'cure' as we try to approach the problem is worse than the 'disease'.

Aesop said...

No one is trying to "cure" the problem.
What they're doing is designed purely to infringe on basic rights and liberties, and drugs are merely a pretext.
Much as they used COVID, for the same purpose.

If they wanted to interdict drugs, they'd simply and actually do exactly that.

The Overgrown Hobbit said...


I may eventually forgive you for going all in on the cosplay PPE face muzzles, because you get so much else right.

And I screwed the pool on Dubya *and* Clinton. So.