Monday, July 31, 2017

You Built Where...?!?

h/t WRSA

Essay link
Robert Gore has written some truly great stuff. Really, he has, and I've seen it, and said so. (But he's anything but unserious or unthoughtful, and his jeremiad deserves due diligence. My apologies for the length.)

The linked essay is not any of it.

My response:

Show me the pictures of the homeless schizophrenic veterans who came home after WWII, carpeting the streets of America. Oh, wait, that never happened. Ditto for Korea. Ditto for Vietnam.
"But waitaminute," you say, I've seen those homeless, and the documentaries, and the news stories...and Platoon and Casualties Of War...Vietnam totally f**ked up Oliver Stone, and Sean Penn flipped out on Michael J. Fox, I saw it at the movies!" No, whiz kids, pot and Hollywood fucked up Oliver Stone, the number of homeless Vietnam vets is an infinitesimal pittance. Most of those claiming any vet status are mental cases/drug addicts playing on sympathy from the low-information drones (as the folks at Stolen Valor have documented over and over), and those "documentaries" were made by the same commie-loving media types and their useful-idiot anti-war dope-smoking '60s hippies that burned their draft cards, their campuses, and tried to incite a communist revolution. Then they got haircuts, media jobs, and tried (like Peter Arnett) to sell fakenews about us using nerve gas on the North Vietnamese - and then got fact-checked and shitcanned when caught with their hand in the Bullshit Jar. These are the guys who never met a Vietnam anti-war meme they didn't like, peddled 'em by the dozen, and for whom John Kerry was a war hero, and Jim Stockdale was a sucker. Reality is the other way around. And the recent root of this killing-is-hard nonsense, Dave Grossman's "On Killing" is a pantload of crap from the get-go, once he gets into how antithetical killing is, in his imagination. Human beings have been cheerfully knocking each other off since Cain, and no end in sight.

Southrons upset about "the War Of Northern Aggression" weren't alive at the time, and are doing nothing but virtue-signaling their imaginary oppression, in no small part because of the same defective gene problem that has never-picked-any-cotton blacks demanding "reparations" for their imaginary "servitude." (And you can't argue for either one of those imaginary offenses without sticking up for the other; lunacy loves company. Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.) So let's throw that shit in the shitter, where it belongs, and pull the chain on such claptrap for good. Sauce for the goose is good for the gander. So much for Gore's Paragraph One.

Radical islam (but I repeat myself) has laid waste to large swaths of the Middle East and Northern Africa, not the War On Terror. Iran and Iraq were happily uproariously fucking each other up for a solid decade - using such beyond-the-pale methods as poison gas, dropping modern-day V-2 missiles on each others' capitals, and running children through minefields to clear paths to the enemy - without a whit of Western help or animus, long before Iraq invaded Kuwait. And lest anyone forgets, during which time Arabs destroyed Lebanon, assassinated Sadat, held Coup Of The Week in most every country from Morrocco to Indonesia, repeatedly, and oh, just for shits and giggles, hijacked airliners, oil meetings in Austria, and blew up the fucking 1972 Olympics, becoming the first people to kill all the Jews they could get their hands on in Germany since, well, Hitler and the SS. So, clearly it was the War On Terror's fault for, um...noticing?? What The Actual Blistering Fuck, baby duck? All that flashback news is news to you, maybe?

The only people we were knocking off then were black-pajama-clad Viets, who are now one of our favorite trading partners (at least going by the labels in half my clothes and actual tacticool shit). The Arabs' only beef with us was not letting them finish the job Heydrich started by driving the Jews into the sea, while concurrently pouring BILLIONS of dollars into buying their oil so they could stop living in mud huts, eating camel shit, and fucking their nephews. The buildings they like, the humus and falafel are much preferred, but we still can't seem to separate the men from the boys there without a crowbar. But they all have nice cars now.

And those "Syrian" refugees? Sh'yeah, as if.
A documented 98.something percent of the "refugees" enterring Eurostan are from everywhere BUT Syria. They're only coming for the welfare checks, and to rape the kaffir women, which is why they like the welfare and blondes in Sweden and Germany, and the low-payout and flowing-armpit Italian women not so much. Chaostan is now Europe; the Middle East (apart from Israel, and the low-population high-petrodollar Gulf emirates) was always pretty much a continuous war-torn shithole. So much for Gore's second paragraph.

The terrorism we see now is because we stopped killing them in the Middle East  by the fuckton, and kept letting them out of Gitmo to kill some more of our guys (hey, thanks Barack!). We have a problem because we stopped blasting the fuck out of them, and we and Europe started importing them by the jihadi battalion (literally).
Maybe it slipped everyone's mind, but 9/11 started before we went to Afghanistan and Baghdad at the head of armored columns of good old American BFYTW. After several hundred violations of the GW I armistice, and after a few hundred terrorist incidents going back to the 1960s, FFS. (Pop quiz: Which Arab terrorist assassinated the practical Democrat nominee for President in 1968, what was his last name, and in what American city? Beuller? Beuller...? Ferris Bueller...?)
The terrorism we've seen since is the exact same that we've seen in the Moro uprising in the Philippines in 1899, and from the Barbary pirates in 1800: the same grasping bunch of barely-literate savages, begging the eternal question of Why the FUCK don't we simply nuke their every goddam city, push the survivors into a volcano as an offering to the gods, kill their goats, salt their fields, leave no two stones one atop another, import some buffalo, and let nature try again there in a hundred years ? So much for Gore's third paragraph.

Macbeth was a work of fiction. And launching drones is the American way of war since we had a choice: why risk a man, when you can just send a suitable application of high explosives?

Guilt factor: Zero fucks given.
Doubt me? Look up the world's thinnest books: Regrets About Wiping Out Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.
Col. Tibbetts' thoughts on the middle one are almost as illuminating as Ground Zero was, 77 years ago on Wednesday after next. You could look it up.
Team America BFYTW, 1945 Edition: Pearl Harbor ring any bells, Tojo?
And the whole crew slept like babies, ever after.
So much for Gore's fourth paragraph.

"Odds are there will be no peace during Trump's tenure either."
When they love their children more than they hate us, there'll be peace. Their call. If that means a bull market on cluster bombs and napalm again, I'll take 100 shares of Fuck All Y'all, and an option on another hundred of Gitmo Was Fantasy Island Compared To What's Next.
So much for Paragraph Five.

Now we move to the Non-Sequitr long jump.
"They will not hesitate to push Enemies of the State, Mass Detention, Concentration Camp, and Execution buttons when the time is right."
Wait, so all that other horseshit was just to set up this punchline?
I saw this show on CNN...repeated endlessly...for the last 25 years.
So just for the helluvit, how about making sure the time for A to become Z is never.
"Rotten government, like rotten fruit, gets more rotten, until it's finally tossed in the trash."
So you already knew the answer when you set up the False Dilemma?? Thanks, Bob. Thanks a lot. Por nada.
So much for Paragraph Six.

Medicare and Social Security conflated with defense spending is like horse-and-chicken soup, at the ratio of 1:1. One horse to one chicken.
Defense spending is the chicken in that dish. We could fight nine more WWIIs on what we owe on Social Security, and cannot pay (ever).
So make up your mind, Robert: are you anti-war, or anti-debt?
They're not in any slight way conjoined at the hip, either.
So much for Paragraph Seven.

The world's peoples are second-rate, envious, and generally not worth a bucket of warm spit, though we've made their lives better in uncountable ways. There's a precedent for this, in both directions.

"...the world's peoples would little mourn the overthrow of the US government by an enraged citizenry.

But that's not going to happen anytime soon."

I'll just leave this here.

(Do they get TV news where you live, Mr. Gore? Just saying.)
So much for paragraph Eight, plus the bonus sentence.

And the conclusion, built on this foundation of steaming guano, slides off the mound of slime and lands where it belongs, toppled, broken, and covered in tailpipe-splatter.

No sale.

There might be a case to make for some point, or points, within this attempted appeal, but not founded on a mound of dung.
Give it to the scarab beetles, and let them make something useful out of it.

And maybe, look at the actual data, and see where it leads, instead of picking a conclusion and trying to cobble facts all cattywampus to try and make them lead you there. It doesn't work out well.

And if I wanted that sort of nonsense, I'd just turn on ABCNNBCBS.

(Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of what RG puts out. But this better be explained by alien body snatchers, or a really good, empty bottle of 50-year-old single malt. Otherwise...

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Everybody Talks About The Weather

...but nobody does anything about it.

But some people do one helluva job documenting it.

Sometimes, you want to slow something down to understand it.
With weather, you want to do just the opposite.
Proof of that is seen in some magnificent videos on Vimeo and YouTube by Mike Olbinski.
He's a stormchaser who lives in AZ, and shot it from Texas to Montana across the Great Plains for three months this spring.

So far, I've watched Pulse, Vorticity , and his newest, the truly breathtaking Pursuit:

If I were in AMPAS, that last would get an Oscar short film nomination; it's incredible.

They're fascinating to watch, whether you see it as the finger of God, or the incredibly complex workings of the weather machine as a cog in our tiny corner of an infinite universe.
They are almost (if not quite, for purists), a substitute for church on Sunday.

The technical skills and behind-the-scenes mechanics would be no less fascinating, as he had to find vantage points where one could see the storms coming and going for miles (hence the plains state preponderance) while simultaneously avoiding getting blown away, lightning-struck, or sucked up in documenting the majesty and raw power of something as otherwise mundane as a springtime rainstorm.

One summer night, watching the border for crossings from a mountaintop roost one midnight, I got to see a thunderstorm several miles away through NVGs. You and I are used to seeing the lightning every several seconds, when it strikes. I'm here to tell you that the time-lapse view in these videos is how it looks for real, in real time, when you can see the machinegun staccato of lightning going on inside a storm every second, when seen with thousands of times your eyes' normal light sensitivity. But Olbinski's videos, mostly in color and with appropriate soundtrack, are the virtuoso exposition of the concept, and much better than a grainy green goggle-view.

Watching these workings of varied temperatures of warm and cold air interact should be a must-view for meteorologists and students of same, aircraft pilots, and anybody in the vast open spaces featured in them and living under the whims of the winds.

I'd open classes and lectures with these videos; they're that good.

They're better on Vimeo than YouTube, but either way, choose max res, and go fullscreen.
I may contact this guy and throw him a bone by buying some of his work on archival media. If I were a gazillionaire, I'd pay him to do it full-time forever, because he's making true art, and he excels at it. The Weather Channel or NatGeo should have long since put this guy on a long-term contract, if they had a lick of sense. He's also got a lot more than the three I've mentioned, so this is the guy's life for several months every spring, going back years.

And a h/t to the Feral Irishman for leading me to this beautiful internet black hole in the first place.

A Magnificent Rant

If anyone out there isn't dropping by Mike's Cold Fury website, you're truly missing out.

For those of you who haven't been by, here's the conclusion of a truly artistic, thundering masterpiece essay on The Usual Suspects:

Detroit. Detroit is their model, their ideal; Detroit is what they hope to turn the entire country into. It’s all they can do; it’s all they have.
And THAT is where we take hope; that is our ultimate salvation. These halfwits have nothing whatsoever to offer except more of the same. They have already failed; they have failed again and again and again. Anybody who has searched in vain for a job in recent years, or dropped out of the workforce in despair; been victimized by a domestic Muslim terrorist attack that never would have happened without the Left’s wet-brained insistence on importing hordes of unvetted, unassimilable troglodytes; been forced into an unaffordable Obamacare plan that provides them with no real coverage in exchange for an exorbitant monthly charge; or risked their life savings trying to start a business only to see their dream drown in a Sargasso of idiotic regulation, taxation, and government obstruction, knows exactly where their bullshit leads.
How many of you believe that what those desperate victims of Progressivist perfidy need most is another lecture on how deplorable they are from the likes of this pinheaded, pissant prick? How many of you think that this sort of condescension is going to win a single vote for the agents of American ruin, the Democrat Socialist Party? 
They destroy a nation. They scold the people who built it, and claim underserved credit for building it themselves. They blame others for their own manifest failure. They decry true patriots while risibly claiming the mantle of patriotism for themselves. They despise, insult, and spit on the military that provides the blanket of freedom under which they cravenly cower. They arrogantly insist that only they can resolve and repair the damage they themselves so wantonly wrought. They undermine the very foundations of the American republic by refusing to accept an electoral defeat. 
They lecture, they hector, they harangue. They dismiss, they denigrate. They condescend and insult. They mislead, misdirect, conceal, and lie outright. But the ultimate takeaway is this: THEY FAIL. Always. Each and every time. 
They’re done, people. They. Got. NOTHING. Unless they suddenly and miraculously discover a smidgen of humility, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes legal to actually start openly hunting them, and bringing their stinking pelts down to the bank to exchange for a new toaster oven, a gift certificate, or some other premium. 
And then, we can truly begin to Make America Great Again.
That's just a small sample. Please, do go and RTWT.
Just put your beverages down, and don't visit for at least a half-hour after eating.

As a post-doctoral-degreed expert in polemics, I doff my cap at this masterpiece.Cold Fury

Friday, July 28, 2017

Duelling Circuits

A few months back, the monkeys in the Ninth Circus court decided against Peruta, and upheld several CA counties' (in this case, San Diego's) nonsensical "may issue" policies, which include as part of their rationale, a requirement that anyone in those counties show a "good cause" to get a CCW. Then SCOTUS, less the late Justice Scalia, denied the case cert to proceed to be heard by the Supremes.

Having outlawed all open carry a couple of years back in CA (because the Open Carry AK-47s at Starbucks fucktards), the contention in Peruta was that in order to exercise one's 2nd amendment rights in line with Heller, and McDonald, CCW in CA had to be essentially "must issue".

True to their communist statist lunatic form, the robed monkeys of the Ninth Circus Court disagreed, making CA a patchwork, by counties, with the rural inland county sheriffs issuing permits to damn near anybody not crazy nor a felon, and the coastal statist enclaves from San Diego to Marin County (where the likelihood of anyone being criminally victimized without the ability to get a CCW is mostly pegged in the danger zone) denying them to anybody, period. The transplanted chief of police of Los Angeles some years back required very nearly an act of Congress, God, or both to be allowed to carry a gun concealed or off duty, he not being a CA POST-certified peace officer, and thus not one of the "special ones" with special rights.

Enter the DC Circuit Court's third slapdown of the District of Columbia's ceaseless attempts to deny firearms rights to residents, delivered this past week in the decision of Wrenn v. D.C. (with Grace v. D.C. included and decided concurrently, both being essentially the same issue at law).

In the decision, the head of the Circuit and Judge Griffith yet again slapped down using "good cause" requirements as a blatant and wholesale attempt to deny the very right to "keep and bear" firearms expressly decided in both Heller I and Heller II.

It's notable that the Ninth Circus is so far to the left of reality that even the DC District Court is regularly schooling them on the Second Amendment. But at least now, with dueling Circuit decisions, and Justice Gorsuch seated on SCOTUS, and the requirement for "equal protection",  Peruta or any similar case will virtually have be granted cert, advance to SCOTUS, and lame attempts like "good cause" requirements - designed expressly to deny the right being exercised - will hopefully be kicked out once and for all.

The day all the states are either "must issue" or constitutional carry with no permit required, is the day the Leftist statists in those bastions of jackassery - like Sacramento, NYFC, Chicongo, etc. - lose any hope of ever controlling the populace of this country, and it might even put the police in those precincts on notice that being an "only one" Special Snowflake @$$hole is going to get them fired - quite possibly in the face, at contact range.

The media is already an open joke; the government, especially state and local, is wobbling far away from the Leftards; so that only leaves the collapse of the education bubble and the death of Hollywood as the last things propping up the whole lunatard socialist cultural utopia fantasies.

Which means some of you reading this may yet live to see you get your country back.
Be still, my beating heart.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

More Adulting Going On

In another shocking display of common sense, President Trump announced the lunatic policies of HopeyDopey and SecDef Ass Carter will be set on fire and watched while they die a screaming, writhing death:
President Trump messaged Wednesday that he has decided to bar transgender individuals from serving “in any capacity” in the U.S. armed forces, a policy that could affect thousands of Americans now in uniform and others hoping to serve.
In a decision he disclosed on Twitter, Trump said the military would not “allow or accept” transgender service members, reversing a policy begun by the Obama administration last year.
It wasn't immediately clear what would happen to transgender service members now serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Estimates vary from about 6,000 to 16,000 members of the armed services are transgender.
Reaction from the Usual Treasonous Leftist Suspects was immediate, and wholly predictable:

Freed from the specter of dealing with a potential General Fairy Poppins, SecDef Mattis probably needed a truckload of lemons to suck on to get the smile off of his face.

We've heard tell that fairies and such used to be pressed into books.

President Trump has evidently elected to used a tank.

Seriously, if you want to be a drag queen, or have serous mental stability issues, there's plenty of room in America for you. Starting with Hollywood, or the chorus of any Broadway show.

Just not here:
And this kind of sorry shit is gone:

Don't like it?
The Pentagon called.
They said "Tough shit."

For those of you serving now, or considering it: the nightmare is ending. Hang in there.

And you, Private Pink Ballet Slippers?
The RuPaul platoon and the Dennis Rodman Regiment are hereby disbanded.
Pack your trannie gear and GTFO.
Reality called; they want their military back.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Now You Know

Raconteur Report news cameras were present at Senate majority leader Bitch McConjob's practice for that next repeal of Obozocare:

This is why we can't have nice things.
Never send a pussy to do a lion's work.

You Win The Internetz For Today

h/t Feral Irishman

Apparently some civic-minded folks took it upon themselves to warn people passing through, by posting appropriate signage. Which has gone viral. (Note to self...)
Pity (Not!) about their @$$clown police chiefette resigning, but that's too late to bring back from the dead the people her incompetent badged thugs have already capped this year.
Give a holler when they start booking the murderers criminally, instead of just shafting taxpayers with the tab for payments of hush money to the nexts-of-kin.
I'll wait.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Spoiler alert: this film is spoiled.

In case you were waiting for someone to tell you to go see this film, here you are:

Keep waiting.

I wanted to like this film. I'd been anticipating its release for days. And director Christopher Nolan probably wanted to deliver an epic masterwork for the ages. He couldn't pull off delivering even a decent flick. The cinematography was visually riveting, as are most train wrecks. In service of a film in search of a reason for existing at all. At two hours' running time, it's exactly one hour and fifty-seven minutes too long. Watch any of the trailers, then save yourself two hours of your life you'll never get back. There are no solid heroes to root for: the movie opens with two men conniving any dodge they can to get off the doomed beach. By turns, it displays how harrowing the experience was, but the most suffering is done by the audience, having to sit through long expositions of the horrors of war with no payoff for the journey. In Gravity, by ten minutes in, I was rooting for the debris to kill the entire cast; in this flick, you'll almost want to root for the Nazis to do the same thing.

Normally, an epic war movie would have a hero, or even multiple heroes; a villain; some suspense and plot twists; and hopefully, some sort of triumphant conclusion. You'd think a movie about Nazis pounding the French army and sending the British Expeditionary Force fleeing for their lives as they ransack western Europe wouldn't have any trouble coming up with a villain, but you don't see the face of so much as one single German in a movie about a defeat handed out by them. They're less visible than the shark in the first half of Jaws, except through the entire flick.

Any suspense is beaten out of every scene and shot by dragging the audience over the same ground over and over and over, which fills time in what could have been a 20 minute documentary, and makes any hope of suspense and payoff as forlorn as the hopes of the soldiers on Dunkirk beach in the spring of 1940. The conclusion is anything but triumphant, to the point that the writers of this piece of garbage should be lecturing at Lockheed on stealth technology, for how to hide a climax in a war movie so well that the audience can't find it. The most fitting scene is the pointless waste of one of the cinematic heroes, who inexplicably lands his intact plane in German territory, after passing up the chance to ditch in front of the true heroes of Dunkirk, the fleet of Small Boats, and hitch a ride back to England, and instead ends up captured as his Spitfire, like the movie itself, goes up in flames.

This movie owes a lot to other war movies: mainly to the baker's dozen of shitastic anti-war tripe vomited on American troops during the first dozen years of this century, for instance. It's as rousingly bad and malformed as Hurt Locker. It sucks the drama out of an epic tale better than Memphis Belle. It makes the would-be heroes of the movie less likeable than the cretins in Three Kings. It's what Zulu would have looked like if it had been directed by Robert Altman or Roman Polanski. It's what The Alamo would have been like if it had starred Billy Bob Thornton instead of John Wayne. It's what you get when you take a grade school play and try to film it like it's opera. It's Hamburger Helper hash masquerading as haute cuisine. And it makes the first half of M*A*S*H* and the second half of Full Metal Jacket seem coherent by contrast.

If it weren't for the talents of award-winning actors like Kenneth Branagh starring as the Exposition Fairy, and Mark Rylance (who managed to steal every single scene he was in with Tom Hanks in 2015's Bridge Of Spies to win the Supporting Actor Oscar) plugging away beginning to end, this thing wouldn't even be fit for the fin bin at WallyMart. Hans Zimmer's ominously atonal cacophonous score is annoying and aptly bad for such a horrendously confused, disjointed, and ultimately pointless film.

And all those clueless SJWs whinging and caterwauling about white male casting in a movie about...white males, should get down on their knees and thank a merciful heaven there aren't more women and minorities in this craptastic stinker: so women and minorities get off scot-free and blameless for not ruining an already ruined movie. Nobody's been so happy in Hollywood to miss appearing in something since Denholm Elliot died to get out of making IJ4: Indiana Jones and the Temple of What The Fuck.

The real villain of this piece is director Christopher Nolan (who should have gone with crediting it to Alan Smithee), having proved with the Dark Knight trilogy that he can make movies with a purpose, let alone style and meaning. Just not this one. The hero is the audience, for sitting through this awful bore. The comedy was any of them thinking it was going to be worth the trouble. And the triumphant conclusion is when the credits roll, announcing you, like those helpless hopeless Tommies in 1940, finally get off that horrid beach, and survive to hope for better days.

Warner Brother shelled out $150M to produce this p.o.s., which means they probably threw away another $150M to promote it. It "won" the box office this weekend, but the second and third weekends will crater when word of mouth kills it (or at least, ought to), so after they split the $50M weekend gross with theatres and distributors, they'll only have to recoup the other $275M they wasted in foreign tickets and DVD sales. BLUF: short Time Warner stock.

My rating: Drowned on the beach. Torpedoed. Burned alive. Half buried.
And still shining and stinking like a dead mackerel in the moonlight.

Wait for it to come out on free TV.
Then watch reruns of Robot Chicken and Doctor Who, or infomercials, instead.
And if anyone ever meets the @$$hole(s) who green-lighted this sorry pork chop, please, take them deep sea fishing: as bait.

dun: What one deposits in a dunny.
dunny: Australian slang for shitter.
kirk: church.

Dunkirk: Church of Shit. Making this the best film title in decades.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Core Problem

h/t WRSA

Essayist "Baron Bodissey", writing regularly at Gates of Vienna:
I used to think that the biggest problem was the lack of any credible alternative offered to the voters. But the Dutch general election last March proved me wrong — on March 15 the voters had a clear alternative. Everyone in the Netherlands knew who Geert Wilders was, and exactly what he stood for. They’d heard him say the same things for many years. The awful future that he had predicted was being realized before their very eyes.
Yet they didn’t vote for him. Not enough of them. Eventually, after a protracted minuet of negotiations, they will get a coalition government of More of the Same. Because that’s what they voted for.
The core problem is not even the New World Order, although all the politicians and apparatchiks who are pouring the fire ants over our heads are disciples or paid servants of the NWO. But we, the electorate of the nations west of the Iron Curtain, keep voting in these same loathsome snoids, over and over again.And that is the core problem.

My response:

1) What have the voters in Netherlands, Germany, France, or the UK ever done, to lead you to believe any sort of electoral common sense was likely, let alone possible? (Nota bene "normative" common sense as voting policy isn't even suggested as an option.)
2) When and where can one point to any such sensible outcome(s)? 15, 20,  30 years ago? More? Anytime since the Second World War? Earlier?

The pool was polluted long since, generations since, and the sort of behavior one might hope for has variously emigrated elsewhere, died off, been bred and "educated" out of entire generations, for generations, and what little that remains is the truest miracle.
It's not incredible that Wilders, for your example, didn't get enough votes; the miracle is that he even existed as an option, and got any votes at all.

The elites, financial, educational, media, entertainment, and governmental, have been amalgamating feces and sawdust with steak for so long, most of the peoples in question can't recognize the taste of actual meat anymore, and actually prefer what they have been born to, raised on, and died under, for going on decades and decades.

Once in a miraculously great while, penicillin and mold may grow on the same piece of bread. But mainly, the mold that overtakes the bread is all malignant.
We're living in societies where they haven't even been growing the mold in bread, but on a cultural stew of the vilest sort, with the foulest strains pre-selected and nurtured, then foisted upon people before they're old enough to know good from bad.

Under those conditions, the outcomes noted aren't surprising, they are in fact exactly what one should expect, and exactly the outcome planned for and worked for by those mixing up batch after batch of such foetid horrors.

The true miracle is the recessive genomes that manage to thrive despite such a malignant incubation, and manage to allow a remnant to mature and recognize that both the agar they've been handed, and the social scientists who planted them in it, are exactly the core problem you seek.

Amidst that thesis, ponder the allegorical choice by someone like J. K. Rowling, of the malign servants of the Dark Lord of her fictional universe being named "Death Eaters".
Every once in awhile, when and where least expected, the masks slip off, just a bit.


Apparently, the CHP's mills grind slowly, but exceedingly small.
Remember this malignant dwarf from the Sacramento capitol brawls last June?
Aside from noting the worthless coptards who just watched the assault in question until it escalated to full-contact three-on-one beatdown, you can see the shrill harpy egging the entire confrontation on was the star of that little piece of street theatre.

That little twat is Yvette Felarca, head of the leftwing fascist terrorist organization BAMN: By Any Means Necessary.

You can find her gleefully expressing her foul little screeds and incitements to violence on any number of archived news reports, YouTube videos, etc.
But after weeks of careful investigation, the CHP (which has jurisdiction over state property, like the capitol grounds) came down on Felarca Tuesday, after taking a mere two months to discover what any casual observer could figure out in about 20 seconds:

"Yvette Felarca was arrested on Tuesday night on charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot and inciting a riot."

           Thanks guys. Took you long enough.

She's due for arraignment and bail hearing on Friday, then trial, and in all likelihood, a nice stay as a guest of the State of CA, which will also hopefully cost the rabid pugnacious bitch her teaching credential, or any other position of trust, if convicted of all charges. Especially if they charge the assault as a felony, rather than a misdemeanor (such choice in CA known as being a "wobbler"). I didn't see the actual filing, but given the grounds on which she performed the acts (the state capitol), a felony filing is likelier than another misdemeanor. The rioting charges are both misdemeanors.

But she should get her wish for a world without white males (except for some of her guards), and she's likely to make some ferocious bulldyke in prison a nice wife for the next year or three. Unless she hangs herself in custody, which is the definition of dulce et decorum.

Either way, it couldn't happen to a more deserving little orc-lette.

Coming on the heels of news of Sen. McCain's brain tumor, I can hardly wait to see what the third wondrous thing will be to complete the Hat Trick Of Fate.

Just to be safe, I'm buying a powerball ticket.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Oozing Towards The Abyss

h/t WRSA

Victor Davis Hanson: The Fifth American War

"The country is coming apart, and the advocates of radical egalitarianism are winning."
VDH is a national treasure, and ought to be the president of Stanford or Harvard U.
But my response to this essay, and its premise:

We’ve been here for going on nine months.
And eight years before that.
And eight years before that.
And eight years before that.

 VDH is right in his summary of where we are, but whether it will amount to anything imminently, maybe not so much. Things are not as bleak as his worst fears, and Trump isn’t doing anything like anyone’s best hopes. (Which is the problem, along with how much he could realistically accomplish in the first place.) He’s just gotten the elephants pulling us towards the cliff to trudge more slowly.

But no one can say precisely where the cliff is. And there’s no single swinging Richard, from Hell to breakfast, who can tell you any different, no matter how many try. Until the wagon goes ass over teakettle over its edge.

So what is it, exactly, that can’t continue?
No one can point to a thing, or an actual demarcation of how far is too far.
How much debt, how much corruption, how much lawlessness, how much lying? Anyone? Beuller? Ferris Beuller…?
You can list any number of things all day long that are bad, very bad, and horribly bad, and have my wholehearted agreement.
But no one knows where the balance point is where beyond equals certain disaster.

Even the Titanic launched lifeboats, because someone noticed seawater was supposed to be outside the hull.

What we’re headed for is more like the Hindenburg. Nobody inside or out had a clue there was really a problem until it exploded around or on top of them.

The smartest people in both cases were somewhere else, and not along for the ride. And the farther from it they were, the less it mattered.

I suspect there’s a greater lesson there, if anywhere.

The reason this country worked as much as it did, when it did, was because it depended on most people, if not all of them, to want it to work; almost everyone depended on everyone else. So you can’t have the guy running the bank doing lines of cocaine, the airline pilots can’t be sound asleep, the folks running nuclear plants can’t be shooting up heroin, and the people passing laws or teaching K-PhD can’t be doing all of that too, plus raving batshit lunatics and child molesters.

Now we have all that, except exponentially bigger, times decades. Is it any wonder that every day we slide closer to being the country of Trashcanistan?

And nobody’s stringing them up when they fail.

No one went to jail when banks crashed. The feds spent more time on Martha Stewart’s Case About Nothing than they did going after the people that looted and destroyed your 401k. The captain of the Exxon Valdez, drunk off his ass when he crashed the ship, paid a $50K fine – thirteen years later. He still has his master’s ticket. (Thankfully, no one wants to hand him the keys to their ship anymore, but he still never did a days’ time behind bars.)

Now one can grasp why John Adams would state something like this:
Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Every bit of your existence that depends on other people to be clean, sober, sane, and diligent, is now just another point of failure when they live up to reality, rather than your expectations.

The only answer I can see is to do as much of everything you depend on to live and function, yourself. Even if you think you have tribe, every person you’re depending on is another point of failure between you and getting by. (Ask anybody that’s ever been served divorce papers.) You’re going to have to “go Galt” in every sense you can think of – and you’d better think of all of them — or you’re going to pay the consequences of having one foot under the Hindenburg, and being there in the first place, when it explodes and lands in flames on top of you. And you’re going to have to be far enough away from it that the crash doesn’t affect you.

Historically, that sort of existence has been accurately described as solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

So knowing that, ask yourself why people will claw tooth and nail to uphold what they have right now, even a dysfunctional corrupt broke-dick system, rather than face that.

Murder -- By Criminal Stupidity

Apparently that's the angle investigators are seeing in the murder of a woman who called them for help by Officer Fuckstick of the Minneapolis PD, in the Saturday night shooting by one of them, executing an unarmed middle-aged woman in her pajamas.

MN DPS BCA Press release:
ST. PAUL — The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) today confirmed identity of the two Minneapolis Police Department officers involved in an officer involved shooting incident on Saturday, July 15. The BCA is conducting the investigation at the request of the Minneapolis Police Department.
  • Officer Matthew Harrity has been an officer with the Minneapolis Police Department for one year.
  • Officer Mohamed Noor has been an officer with the Minneapolis Police Department for 21 months.
The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office on Monday evening confirmed the identity of the deceased as Justine Maia Ruszczyk, 40, of 5024 Washburn Avenue South in Minneapolis. Ruszczyk died of a single gunshot wound to the abdomen.
BCA agents interviewed Officer Harrity earlier today. Officer Noor has declined to be interviewed by BCA agents at this time. Officer Noor’s attorney did not provide clarification on when, if ever, an interview would be possible.
According to the BCA’s preliminary investigation, officers Harrity and Noor responded to a 911 call from a woman now identified as Ruszczyk of a possible assault near her residence just after 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Officer Harrity was driving. Officer Noor was in the passenger seat.
The officers drove south through the alley between Washburn and Xerxes avenues toward West 51st Street in search of a suspect. All squad lights were off.
As they reached West 51st Street, Officer Harrity indicated that he was startled by a loud sound near the squad. Immediately afterward Ruszczyk approached the driver’s side window of the squad. Harrity indicated that Officer Noor discharged his weapon, striking Ruszczyk through the open driver’s side window.
The officers immediately exited the squad and provided medical attention until medical personnel arrived. Ruszczyk was pronounced dead at the scene. Both officers have been placed on standard administrative leave.
Officer Harrity told investigators that the officers saw an 18-25 year old white male who was bicycling eastbound on West 51st Street immediately before the shooting. This individual stopped at the scene and watched as the officers provided medical assistance to Ruszczyk. BCA agents would like to speak with this person, and anyone else who may have witnessed the incident. These individuals are asked to contact the BCA at 651-793-7000.
Crime scene personnel recovered a cell phone near the victim. No weapons were recovered.
Body cameras were not turned on until after the shooting incident. The squad camera was not turned on. Investigators are aware of no video or audio of the shooting. The BCA’s investigation does not determine whether a law enforcement agency policy was violated. That would be reviewed through the agency’s internal affairs process.

Of course, Officer Fuckstick immediately lawyered up, and refuses to provide any statement to investigators. Fair enough: exercise your constitutional rights, impede the investigation, forfeit your job for being a total knob. Back to the civilian world - after 25 years to life in the slammer for murder. (And if he's not a full citizen, deport his ass back to Skinnyland after he's served the full nut.)

All MPD needs do now is suspend him without pay pending trial, arrest and charge him with the homicide, and shitcan the @$$hole once a jury takes the obligatory time to find him guilty. Like the DA there would have done to a civilian under such circumstances in 0.02 seconds.

Otherwise, it should be open season on MPD officers, with gusto. @$$holes should have consequences. Especially if the rule now is open fire without warning on anything that moves. Challenge accepted, you incompetent badged dipshits.

No news release on why MPD had two officers barely beyond rookie status in the same car, rather than, say, pairing each of these two ding-a-lings with separate experienced officers as adult supervision. Sounds like a few people above Fuckstick (supervising sergeant, watch commander, etc.) need to be suspended without pay and sent back to non-supervisory status for that bit of shitheadedness too. But clearly Fuckstick failed the ability to use mature judgment test, by shooting the first person he saw after hearing a "loud noise". No word on whether the loud noise was actually his weapon going off, because he's not talking to anyone. And cleverly, all three sound/video recording devices in the vehicle, which would exonerate (or prove the lies) of this tale, including both officers' bodycams, were turned off. So it's still he said/she's dead.

Which should merit firing both of them for cause just for that cock-up, even before Fuckstick turned his weapon on a citizen seeking help from her murderer.

Eighty years out, and this is still more fact than fiction:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

No S--t, Sherlock!

Stunned by people's senatorial representatives' refusal to sign on to ObamaCare Lite, or ObamaCare Plus, the latest attempt to foist socialism on the American medical industry went down in flames.

Now, our governmental betters (just ask them) have miraculously lit upon the obvious solution: shitcan the entire damned ObamaCare abortion.
This is what happens when you vote for retarded people, and why we can't have a nice country.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for the full, clean repeal of Obamacare in late-night statements Monday.
Kudos to Bitch McConjob for recognizing the obvious after only being hit with a cluebat two or three times, and proving Churchill right, yet again:
The Americans can always be counted upon to do the right thing...after exhausting all other options.
One can only wonder how long it will take them to suss out that we weren't kidding about locking up Shrillary, or building a border wall either.

Subtle hint, congressional fucktards: the 2018 midterms are right around the corner.
If you find the job too tough, we can find a replacement for any or all of you.
Read up on the Whigs, and get back to us.


Monday, July 17, 2017

WTFBlisteringF...??? Case # 10,421


Somali-born Minneapolis cop shoots unarmed 40-year old white woman through the police vehicle door, from the passenger side, while she was talking to his partner. She was in her pajamas, and was talking to the driver-side officer through the window about the 911 home intruder report she'd made earlier by telephone, when she was shot dead by the cop in the passenger seat, who fired across his partner, without a whit of explanation! No, really.

Victim and murderer:

"No explanation" by Minnie cops. Both cops' bodycams were conveniently turned off when the shooting occurred. Color me shocked. (After all, you can only fit 16+ hours of non-stop 1080p video and sound on a chip the size of a nickel nowadays, so why let it run continuously for an 8-12 hour shift, every day, right?) So it's all down to he-said/she's dead.
Oh, and no points for guessing the shooter's first name.


Apparently, all interactions with police now require that you be armed, weapon drawn, and wearing body armor. Ideally, from behind cover.
Challenge accepted.

And despite any number of "good" officers out there, the "one rotten apple" defense cuts no more ice with anyone any more; it's all played out after the first 10,000 deployments. If the chief doesn't get way out ahead of this in short order, he's just retired, whether he knows it or not. I sincerely hope MPD loses a few dozen officers to this by way of payback, unless they hang this badged @$$hole out to dry, and he goes down for murder two, in about 48 hours. In fact, if they don't do that, they should all either quit, or just kill themselves, and save time.

Apparently, Team Blue thought Dallas was just an aberration.
Hope ain't a plan, boys and girls. There will be an accounting, and "just following orders" as a defense, expired about 71 years ago.

As to motive...?

Just more random "workplace violence," obviously.
What with cops being taken out by unarmed middle-aged women in their pajamas every day, I can totally see how this is just pure coincidence.

Whether this was another case of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, or Murder Under Color Of Authority, or a little bit of both, the best cure is a tree, a rope, and a suitably motivated mob.
Within hours, if they can't book the guy and arraign him by noon today.
(TPTB have jack and shit by way of explanation for shooting the person reporting the crime on the street, in her pajamas, whilst completely defenseless. That's an execution, and justice merits one in response.)

This stuff isn't going to stay tamped down, and the backsplatter's going to get ugly, fast.
When Whitey throws a riot, continents get burned down.

$#!^ Happens. And You Brought...?

Summer in SoCal is everything you've heard about. Really.
I'm off for the weekend. Cruising down the street listening to my own song mix. The birds are singing. Not a cloud in the sky. And over there is a white haired woman face down in the street. Not a care in...

WTF? Why is grandma doing the dead fish impression off the edge of the curb?

So I pull over smartly, hop out with my first aid kit from behind the seat, and step over to where she lies.
She is, happily for both of us, conscious and breathing, so we chat.

Turns out moments ago (Why in front of me? Just lucky like that...) she negotiated a tall curb badly coming out of the jewelry store, tripped, with both feet on the curb, and fell to the street. As she's telling me this, and giving the okay for help, I tenderly pull her out of the traffic lane in which she was laying, noting her bilateral ankle pain and tenderness.

(And nota bene, total number of helpful bystanders who come over to assist, in front of three open, start to finish. Plan on that and you'll never be disappointed.)

I'm in town, and can call 9-1-1 while simultaneously cracking a couple of ice packs, after assuring myself that her feet have good pulses, are warm, and she can wiggle her toes. While also noticing she's probably broken both her ankles, at the tender age of 70-something.

So rather than having to splint both of her lower legs, I can wait the 110 seconds it takes for the city's red-engine pride to arrive, while I gather a quick history and baseline vitals, less BP, because I can hear the truck coming before I could deploy the cuff.

She is gently loaded on a gurney, to be whisked to the local ER, in little more than the time it took to write this, and other than handing the lead paramedic all the meat and potatoes of his run report, I'm done, and ready to depart. It also helps that he and the captain both recognize me from multiple contacts in that same ER, even though I'm not in scrubs at the moment.

The point, gentle reader, is that $#!^ happens anywhere. Are you prepared for that? You'll use a first aid kit in your lifetime one helluva lot more often than a gun, so whether or not you have a CCW and a weapon, where's your aid kits?
D'ya know what to do after you grab it?
Note I said kits, not kit. If you have a weapon, you should have an IFAK/blow-out kit on your body, as well as a mini-kit, and a disasterpiece theatre SHTF kit in the car, 24/7/365.
Mayhem doesn't send warning notices. He just shows up.

Can you quickly assess, evaluate, and treat someone you come across who needs medical attention? How about when you go shooting? (Of course, we know you'll never have an accident, because infallibility, but what about all those other jackasses waving guns around? Haven't you seen the bullet holes everywhere but downrange??)

Everybody carries one of these:
Okay, nice, provided you've got contact bars.
Some of you carry one of these:
Cool. Now, use it to stop bleeding. Can't do that?
Maybe it's time for one of these:
And one of these is even better.
For some problems, there's no other work around. You simply must have the proper tool, or you can't do the job. And waving your gun, or your arms, (or some other worthless anatomy) at the problem won't fix things.

Please, don't be that guy.
Naked and Afraid isn't even much good as a reality show, but it's orders of magnitude worse as a plan for coping with emergencies.

As a wiser man teaching field medical care once pithily explained,
"If you ain't got a kit, you ain't got $#!^."

Not the happiest ending in this case, but better than it could have ended.
Life happens. Tag, you're it...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beating The Stupid Out With A Slide Rule

Apparently the latest "thing", if you are calculationally retarded, is to claim some hogwash to the effect that "The US could have avoided the entire Civil War by simply buying the slaves for market prices, ergo no war."

This from the Underpants Gnome School Of Economics.

Item One: The black population of the US in 1860 included 3,953,761 slaves.
Item Two: The average US budget from 1789-1860 was $19,000,000 per year.
Item Three: The price of the average slave ca. 1860 was $1400 to $2000 (and those are pre-CW 1860 dollars).
For the quibblers and nit-pickers, I'm inclined to grant that half the slaves would be women and children, and worth half the market rate for a prime healthy male. We'll ignore the fact that women could and did make more slaves, as their children were not considered free-born, which in a closed slavery market makes them more valuable, not less.

3,953,761 slaves x 0.5 = 1,976,880.5
So, we'll call it 1,976,880 males, and 1,976,880 women and children (and I'll drop the fraction).
Simple math follows (too hard for the die-hard moron):
So the market price for the male slaves only would be $2,767,632,000 - $3,953,760,000.
The women and children would fetch  $1,383,816,000 - $1,976,880,000.

Bringing the total cost to purchase all slaves to between $4.2 and $5.8B dollars (yes, following the rule, I rounded up, but if there was such a plan, the prices would have risen as well.) And at a price 2-3x the cost of the actual Civil War, in inflated wartime dollars.
(Oh, and nota bene that post-Civil War inflation jacked the federal budget up 800-1600%, for the half-century afterwards, which means inflation bit the hell out of everyone: there's your "slavery reparations", on top of the lives and blood shed for your freedom, and you're welcome, entitled race-baiting @$$holes from the other side.) 

At any rate, yes, the US could have bought all the slaves up in 1861:
By simply spending 218-312 years worth of federal budgets (which would have taken us to somewhere around 2007-2100) in 1860 dollars, provided they spent not one single penny on anything else.

During which time - two to three centuries, mind you - no other federal outlays would exist, and taxation would have been at exorbitant levels to pay off the interest on that $4-5 billion dollar note. (Yeah, that would totally fly in a country that had a revolution over a half penny tea if).

No government whatsoever; no Louisiana Purchase - cancel the entire plains states expansion; no Mexican War, so no Texas, no California, no Arizona, no New Mexico; no army for frontier settlement or Indian Wars; no Gadsden Purchase, so no AZ or New Mexico scrap, no intercontinental railroad, no Mississippi River trade, no navy, no patent office, no Alaskan purchase, no nothing, whatsoever, to this day, if not beyond. Except maybe hordes of tariff and tax collectors, sussing out every stray nickel from north to south, east to west, 24/7/365/forever.
America The Miniscule, in living stupidity.
If you think total actual anarchy was the way to save the union facing those facts, show your work.

For an asset that would have been, at best, shipped back to Africa, or at worst, pawned off on Northern cities in droves, and with worse bloodshed than the last century and a half on the same issue.

In fact, in all likelihood, the entire US, an Atlantic power, is re-absorbed following their defeat by the British in 1812.
God Save The King!
Or, God save us from innumerate @$$holes who can't even do chalkboard math.

So no, no way in hell was there an economic possibility of the United States simply buying our way out of slavery. (Though clearly, reconstruction of some morons was and continues to be an abject failure. And a testimony to the waste of billions in compulsory public schooling in the last century that would have been better spent on video games and porn.)

If you're one of those coulda-shoulda-woulda mathematically-challenged fucktards, please, I beseech you:
Go back to the third grade, take your diplomas and report cards, and demand a refund.
Or else pull up a chair and re-do math for grades 1-6, inclusive.
But spare me this sophomoric argument, doubly so if you can't look things up and do the equivalent of a sixth-grade essay on the subject.