Friday, August 31, 2018

Well-Identified Flying Object In The Skies Over America

It's bad enough that you get molested by the government every time you fly.
But apparently some of those skies are getting horribly beyond friendly.

Look, we already knew that United Breaks Guitars.
(And if you haven't seen that 18M view viral video, go watch it, right now. We'll wait. Then Google the full story.)

But this going quite a bit too far.

(MUNCHKIN PUNCHER AIRLINES) Mikaela Dixon, 21, was traveling with her boyfriend on August 11 when she noticed the man inappropriately touching himself.
“My bf was asleep in the window seat, I’m in the middle, and the man is in the aisle. I had no idea what to do, I couldn’t get up bc I didn’t want to go anywhere near him,” she tweeted about the incident that gave her the “worst panic attack of [her] life.”
Dixon went on to say she couldn’t alert the attendant without the man finding out, so she had to wait until he left his seat. “I sat there shaking until he got up to go to the bathroom as we landed,” she wrote.
After being alerted of the incident, a United flight attendant moved Dixon to another row and reportedly told her the airline had contacted local law enforcement.
When the man “bolted” to get off the plane, Dixon claims he was detained and escorted into the airport. When she inquired about what would happen to him, Dixon said the airline refused to tell her and instead gave her $75 of “hush money.”
Dixon later learned the passenger had been released and when she called the Chicago Police Department, they told her they hadn’t been alerted to the incident.
So UAL lied to the passenger, then tried to buy her off with $75?!?  Srsly??
If the guy had told a fat cankled snotty-mouthed stewardess to get stuffed, or refused to be ejected because they fraudulently double-booked his seat, they'd have had the guy tasered, beaten with truncheons, and dragged off the plane by the hair.

But after several hours' lewd conduct in public, they not only provide him a getaway, but then cover up his escape!
IANAL, but I think that's grounds for civil and criminal charges as accessories after the fact and criminal conspiracy.

And then they try to cover with an offer to the passenger victimized by the douchecanoe for less than she could have made doing lap dances in first class.

And I'm not blaming the victim, but...: not telling the BF?
I'm betting if she'd woken him up with an elbow to the ribs, the perp would have been met at O'Hare by paramedics and rescue ambulance, and they'd have had to decon the plane after all that blood soaked into the upholstery.

I (and most guys between 18-80) would have cheerfully beaten the guy mostly to death, with the fold-down meal tray and a rolled up magazine, until the new game in coach class would be a new in-flight entertainment program called "find all the missing teeth and testicles". And then fastened his lap belt so securely that doctors would still be trying to find his giblets three weeks after he was removed from the flight. He could also probably have looked forward to being the only guy in Chicongo whose fingers could point in ten directions at once, permanently, too.

This sort of thing would've just been the warm-up act.

I'm not using hyperbole, either. When some nutbag tried to open a door mid-flight at altitude shortly after 9/11, the passengers on board dog-piled him and literally squashed him to death under the pile, and the death was ruled completely justified at inquest. As it ought to have been.

So for United to lie about the incident and expedite his escape is grounds for something class-action around mid-eight figures, and seeking a criminal indictment from a grand jury for every participant from the airline in this sordid incident.

But being that it's United, I'm really mainly surprised they didn't try to bill the victim a premium for extra in-flight entertainment.

Those black-light investigations they do at hotels, to show how poorly they clean, by revealing what appears under UV? Probably something that needs to be done on all United Airlines aircraft in service.

Eek! Something besides passengers has been flying through the air in that cabin!

If the FAA were to ground their whole fleet for a month or two to do that, I think it would help drive the point well home with those @$$clowns.

And if I were the victim, I'd be raising unholy hell with the FAA, my congressweasel and senators, and news stations at both ends of that flight until that investigation was begun in earnest.

Why, Whatever Do You Meme By That...?

h/t Irish

Yesterday, Irish passed the above along to folks on his page. 
(It's not mine, or his, but I fixed the typos from the originator.
It's a sloppy patch job, not Rembrandt, but better than misspelled.YW.
Meme hint: Just like 4th grade grammar, spelling counts, kids.)
But I still like it a lot.

So here's my response to that:

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Baby Duck Syndrome...Redux

h/t Weasel Zippers

Because everything in life is as new to them as it is to brand new baby duck, and they have a memory shorter than the amount of time Kevin Spacey's last movie was in wide release, the Leftards forget obvious lessons:
(EXCREMENTO, CA)The California Democratic Party chairman is calling for a boycott of In-N-Out Burger after it was revealed this week that the fast food chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. 
Eric Bauman, Califrutopia Democrat  Communist Party Chairman, tweeted "Tens of thousands of dollars donated to the California Republican Party... it’s time to #BoycottInNOut — let Trump and his cronies support these creeps... perhaps animal style!"

Genius on parade, right there.

Challenge accepted, @$$hole.

Somebody over at Moonbat Central should call over to Chick-Fil-A, and ask how about how that boycott turned out, when the moonbat collective decided that a Christian CEO couldn't have an opinion on how wrong gay marriage is. 

In-N-Out Burger, a family-owned private concern since it opened in 1948, and now operating in six states all the way to Texas, won't have to worry about stock splits and beating share earnings reports as a result of the certain windfall the boycott will bring, but the family shareholders can look forward to fatter piggy banks as a result of this asinine attempt to hijack a dining decision into a political question.

Personally, as a former employee (for three whole days) of the chain in my youf, and a fan of their absolutely fabulous everything-McDonalds'-burgers- aren't big fat fatty thick double cheesburgers (Animal Style, of course), and shakes you need a spoon to drink, I'll be eating there every time I do the drive-thru thing UFN. There's a reason the line outside their locations is always a block long: their food is fantastic. Knowing I'm sticking it to the Leftards is just a free dessert.

If you live in an area where their fare is available, and you've eaten there, you know what I'm talking about. If not, you've spent your life eating second-rate burgers.

And if you're a certain age, you've seen, or had on your own car, one of their bumper stickers, carefully trimmed to double-entendre perfection. Growing up in SoCal, there was one on just about every other car.

I think the CA Dumbocrat Party is about to feel the Bern.

UPDATE: The backlash is already smacking the hell out of the Dems.
(The Twitter twaddle storm is furiously against the boycott, and James Woods delivered a one-tweet smackdown himself.) Not least of which because it turns out, In-N-Out dumps a ton of money into local charities, and also sends identical sums to both political parties!

It'd be doubly funny if next time around, they decide to skip that check to the DNC, and double down on the one to the GOP.

Go, Team Moron! Boycott yourselves right into insanity.

They're Starting To Catch On

h/t Kenny at Knuckledraggin' My Life Away

The above was presented as a gag post for his friend with the fascination with breasts, but the existence of this machine underlines an important point: the Usual F**kwits over at A.H.A. finally stumbled upon a good idea:

If you make something like this into a video game, you can teach people without them catching on that they're learning.

They also just made 95% of basic CPR instructors at AHA obsolete.
McDonald's burger flippers, take note.
They can now put any number of these in their offices, and offer training one at a time, to anyone who wants it, anytime they're open for business.

Swipe a card, have a vending machine next to this drop a shrink-wrapped textbook, pass the skills on the video trainer, and your card pops out the bottom slot.
So much for killing half to a full day for a skill that can be mastered in 20 minutes, for the most part, by anyone in middle school or older.

Put half a dozen of these in a trailer, and you can take the class to businesses and schools, like they should, and run through dozens to hundreds of people in a given day, with zero instructors, just someone to drive and park the trailer.

Or hit two-four smaller locations in a day. Or put just one or two in a cube van, and make housecalls for onesie-twosie instant classes.

Kudos, guys, really. Someone pulled their head out and yanked out a plum.

The sad part: this level of tech was available by the late 1980s, so they're now only 30 years behind the curve.

Hint: technology is a thing, and it's catching on.
In case some people thought fire and the wheel were just fads.


h/t Gateway Pundit

Item One: Hillary Clinton deliberately ran an illegal server and e-mail account while serving as Secretary of State, in direct violation of numerous federal laws.
During her entire tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dodged Freedom of Information Act requirements by using a private email server to conduct official government business, as well as sent and received classified information that was Top Secret over an unsecured system—an “extremely reckless” (and obviously illegal) act.”

Item Two: The server was breached, facts known to fired FBI counterintelligence head Peter Strzok, then-Director of FBI Mueller (through 2013), his successor Comey, and had to be known to the heads of the CIA (Panetta, Petraeus, Brennan), NSA (Gen. Mike Alexander, Adm. Rogers), etc., the White House National Security Advisors (Tom Donilon, Susan Rice), and the leadership of the team investigating the server and breach in 2016 at FBI and DoJ, including DepAG Rod Rosenstein.
The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found that virtually all of Clinton’s emails were sent to a “foreign entity.”
Two officials with the ICIG, investigator Frank Rucker and attorney Janette McMillan, met repeatedly with FBI officials to warn them of the Chinese intrusion, according to a former intelligence officer with expertise in cybersecurity issues, who was briefed on the matter. He spoke anonymously, as he was not authorized to publicly address the Chinese’s role with Clinton’s server.
Among those FBI officials was Peter Strzok, who was then the bureau’s top counterintelligence official. Strzok didn’t act on the information the ICIG provided him.

Item Three: During the exact time Shrillary was SecState, China was uncovering our long-established intelligence assets there with uncanny precision, and executing them, day after day after day.
China killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA sources from 2010 to 2012, hobbling U.S. spying operations in a massive intelligence breach whose origin has not been identified, the New York Times reported on Saturday.
Investigators remain divided over whether there was a spy within the Central Intelligence Agency who betrayed the sources or whether the Chinese hacked the CIA’s covert communications system, the newspaper reported, citing current and former U.S. officials.
The Chinese killed at least a dozen people providing information to the CIA from 2010 through 2012, dismantling a network that was years in the making, the newspaper reported.
One was shot and killed in front of a government building in China, three officials told the Times, saying that was designed as a message to others about working with Washington.
The breach was considered particularly damaging, with the number of assets lost rivaling those in the Soviet Union and Russia who perished after information passed to Moscow by spies Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen, the report said. Ames was active as a spy in the 1980s and Hanssen from 1979 to 2001.

This isn't "just" lying about the deaths of a couple of brave and dedicated former SOF guys serving as security in Benghazi, criminally reprehensible as that is by itself. This is materially harming the national security of the United States of America, with reckless disregard (or malign neglect, if not outright collusion), and directly responsible for the deaths of 20 people.

Add that to the 27 39 58 193 now well over 250 people who've died since she and Fat Bill breezed into town in 1993 on the crest of a monstrous wave of scum, lies, corruption deceit, greed, and outright villainy. This is the modern American example of the Borgia Family times the Corleone family, and it has to end against a wall, or at the end of a noose.

For the last goddam time, Shrillary Clinton needs to be indicted, arrested, prosecuted, thrown in prison, and then that prison thrown away into a deep dark hole. For. EVER.

Some of our deeper coal mines would seem to be an obvious choice.

Failing that, put her against the wall, and shoot her for espionage.
When your gross deliberate negligence and wanton disregard for safety and security of protocols regarding classified information directly and materially contribute to the dismantling of an entire spy network inside a foreign power, that's treason, and national security violations invoking the death penalty apply.

Full stop.

And BTW, @$$clowns Comey, Meuller, Brennan, Clapper, et al knew all of the material facts related to this both at the time she was SecState, and later on, when they acted to clear her of any criminal culpability ahead of the election - twice, let alone during every step of the entire effort to go after Trump, and whitewash Shrillary's literal hundreds of thousands of federal felonies.

Indict them all too, and visit the same justice upon them, as conspirators before, during, and after the fact. This is nothing less than open sedition and treason, under color of authority.

And hey, guess who else had to know all of this, YEARS ago:

The answer to this kind of treason has to be the noose at the end of a rope.
File the indictments, open the trials, and build the scaffolds.

Ideally, in Lafayette Park in front of the White House, or else on the West Lawn in front of Capitol Hill.

This isn't some cheesey partisan campaign slogan anymore (and likely, never was), or mere red meat for the base in a tawdry political contest.

It's a matter of national security, and the survival of the nation, as such.
People need to be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced, and executed, or else sent to prison until they die there, as dried up husks.

This is Watergate times every allegation of communists inside the US government from 1940-1990, all of which have been proven, in broad strokes, and detail, over time.

It has to be answered by justice, and justified retribution.

Otherwise, this ain't a country anymore.
Just a failed racket.

Mad Dog Mode: Activated

h/t Political Clown Parade

Welcome to reality, Norkistan.
Your new Dear Leader's name is now Kim Jong STFU.

And for those of you I the .MIL, here's the poster-sized wall locker version:

NFO Two-fer

h/t to Old NFO

Item One:
I'm assuming everyone is aware of the constant goalpost-moving at Nabisco, trying to appease the SJW animal rights whackjobs WRT updating the circus animals out of their century-old cages on those boxes, and now clamoring to make all the crackers round once they achieved that opening dangeld.

NFO's suggested reality-based picture for Nabisco, since the SJWs haven't finished um, "monkeying" with them, and making the dumbasses at Nabisco Corporate HQ look like a bunch of baboons.

Nicely done. Should liven up nature discussions in pre-schools from coast to coast.

Then he follows up with the proposal for Chicongo vending machines amongst the Diversity.
Which was begging for a meme, like a pass under the basket needs a lay-up. So I helped the pic out a bit:

Kudos! Two thumbs up.

This is turning into a good day.

Booming Economy, Local Edition UPDATE: Or, Not

Apparently, not so much. So I don't have to go to Ghetto General.
New gig today. Posting will be light. Because I like to eat regularly.

And given the reputation of where I'm going, the amusing anecdote factor afterwards should be off the charts, whether it's true or not. Anyone can work. But to really relish the experience, you have to commit to the comedy.

Scariest part: working in the daytime.
When all the clipboard commandos, labcoat leaders, and Good Idea Fairies are out in droves. And at the end of the month, when all the homeless dopers (that would be 99.9999% of them, who give all the rest of the homeless a bad name) are out of drugs, money, and ideas, so they come to the ER to try and score until their EBT cards recharge. Ye suffering cats, what a horrid turn of events...

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

When It Walks like A Duck, And Quacks Like A Duck...

First, local authorities moved in on a compound in NM where jihadis were planning on attacking an Atlanta hospital, and training children to commit terror attacks. The remains of a child were found on-site, and later ID'ed as a missing 3-yr old.

Then, the initial raid missed some weapons on the site, and authorities had to go back at the property owner's request to collect them.

Then, within a day or two, the compound was bulldozed into oblivion, despite the entire site being the notional scene of multiple state and federal crimes.

Next, a federal judge dismissed most of the child abuse charges immediately.

Today, he threw out all remaining charges except those related to the missing 3-year-old, which leaves them free to disappear on bond. 

Much like the still nebulous Las Vegas shooting case, where it turns out nearly a year later that the missing girlfriend of the shooter patsy found dead at the scene (with no rationale, no coherent story, no motive for the attack, an airplane now owned by CIA Front Company Inc., and no source of income for millions of dollars) was, in fact, an FBI employee (which material fact the FBI must have known within minutes of the story breaking), there's really only one rational conclusion in either case:

This was an intelligence op that got pooch-screwed.

The only time the government moves this fast, and things turn around so conveniently for such red-handedly-guilty jihadis caught mid-plot, is because these @$$clowns are government assets of some sort, and the locals jumping into the parade when they stumbled into the child jihad program screwed the pooch for some big thing the feds (FBI, CIA, NSA, BATFE, take your pick) were planning on springing, for whatever purpose, whether it was another Fast & Furious clown show, another OKC bombing, another WTC like event, or God alone knows what else. So the word has been passed from on high to make this whole affair go away, quickly, and that's exactly what's happening.


Strolling Through The Headlines

From Drudge today...

"24 sickened by unknown substance at Ohio prison..."
Um, that would be the food.

"Restaurants Increasingly Banning Diners For Using Cell Phones..."
About damned time. They should have the cooks come out and beat them with rolling pins. I'd eat at that place 5 nights/week.

"Jolt: 4.4 mag quake shakes SoCal..."
"Extremely violent..."
Only if you're a chihuahhua. It was more like a fat kid falling down upstairs.

"U.S. Open labeled 'sexist' after female golfer penalized for taking off shirt..."
Ratings soar. Invitations go out to Playboy Bunnies for the Pro-Am.
And BTW, she actually broke the rules, if that matters. And since the U.S. Open in question is Tennis, we're guessing it was a tennis player that was penalized. Just spitballing there.

"Dick's blames new gun policy for weak sales..."
When your name is your attitude, you're exactly right. Adam Smith FTW.

"Whooping cough making comeback..."
Totally unrelated to rampant illegal immigration; nothing to see here.

"Monthly cost of child care for one child in San Fran: $1,955..."
Unless that one child's last name is Hearst or Rockefeller, we're calling b.s on that.
Otherwise, we're moving to Frisco, and opening a day care center.
Looking forward to handing out rubber poop markers for hopscotch, to help the tykes deal with the real world.

Bonus Round, from around the blogs:

Muhammad Cartoon Contest In Netherlands Sparks Pakistan Protest
Amsterdam braces for nuclear attack.

Trudeau Government Moving On Total Handgun And Assault Weapon Ban In Canada
Commies gonna commie. If your lobsterback Limey bastard great-great-great grandparents hadn't fought so well and sent Benedict Arnold  packing, you could have prevented him turning traitor, had the Second Amendment as your birthright too, and sent the French Quebecois back to France instead. Lost opportunities, eh? As a consolation prize, maybe we can ship you all our butthurt gun-ban loving Leftards in the future gun-free zone above the border. If you feed them to polar bears after that, it's none of my business...

Fifteen Seconds

h/t Gun Free Zone

"Don't mess with people!
Good people have guns, and they will shoot you graveyard dead!"

Miguel, who posts a lot of good stuff every day (hint), posted a great video from YouTube, which we're stealing shamelessly.

Set Up: Fatal shooting. Polk County, FL.

Back story: rage-head ex-BF thinks his ex-GF is in an Uber driver's car (she's not, it's a totally unrelated and very drunk third party female). Jealous a-hole decides he's going to find GF in Uber car, and vows to "f**k up the Uber driver".

Which he attempts, first tailgating, then driving aggressively alongside, then cutting the guy off and forcing him to stop.

Rage Monster jumps out, with a dark object in his right hand, raises it at the Uber driver, yelling, "I've got a pistol, you want me to shoot you?!"

And catches one round in the 10-ring, stops, drops, and dies, on the spot. DRT.
(Cheers, balloons, and streamers. Civilian Marksmanship Award - First Class, and complimentary coupon for discount ammo.)

Uber driver has a valid FL CCW, the gun to make the paper worth the trouble, and oh BTW, just passed the police academy, and is waiting to be hired.

Scratch one oxygen-thieving waste-of-skin @$$hole from planet Earth. He's a good Democrat voter now.

Watch the whole video; the shooting vid starts at 9:00, and is replayed at the 10:00 mark.
Entire incident takes 15 seconds, and reax time for the Uber driver from guy getting out, to jumping up in his face making the last threats he'd ever issue in his meat suit, about 5 seconds.

Not very long to make life-and-death decisions, which is the whole point.

Nice shooting, Tex.

And the presentation, like the presenter, is four stars.
Dear Polk County FL: in Sheriff Grady Judd, who looks and sounds like anyone would want their sheriff to, all y'all have yourselves one damned fine example of law enforcement in your county, if this press briefing is indicative of the man. If there were a hundred thousand more like that, America would look a lot more like Mayberry than Mayhem, 24/7/365.

You get the feeling if he could issue commendations for citizens whacking perps, he'd hand one to the Uber driver in this case. And fast-track hiring the guy for his own organization.

Take the 12 minutes, and watch the whole thing.
It's a great story, with a familiar plot, and a very happy ending.

Great find, Miguel!

Not In The Mood For Hypocritical Lecturing

h/t Bayou Renaissance Man

Dear Fred: Janus, Greek god of two-faced lying hypocrisy,
called to say "J'accuse! Stop stealing my gig!"

Peter at BRM today has commended to all and sundry the latest essay by the perennially dyspeptic (and coming from me, that's saying something) King of Hypocritical Ex-patriatism (that's not a typo), Fred Reed, from his Rancho del Self-Righteousness in Shitholia-on-the-Baja (a wording we would not and did not utter at Peter's blog out of respect for his sensibilities and decorum).

To the contrary, despite peter's earnest entreaties, we will not read, quote, nor even link to the offending piece, except for the most offensive line previously excerpted at BRM:
"We are racing out of control toward some as yet dimly limned catastrophe."??


Does Mr. Reed have a mouse in his pocket?

Has he returned from his self-imposed exile to Trashcanistan*-on-the-Baja (*this being the kinder and more printable of two names I use to describe Turd-world #&!!holes, the one that I would have chosen being one that rhymes with Spitholia)?

The one from whence he regularly lambastes us poor, ignorant boobs about how we're doing it wrong, whereas his chosen, um, Spithole having vastly better manners, healthcare, and all-around good sense than the land of his birth, (provided we leave out mentioning the endemic corruption, impending descent into Venezuelan levels of socialism, the lamprey-like relation it enjoys with us gabacho gringos, the utter dependence upon our sufferance of those pilfering predations, the hypocritical stance it takes about its own immigrants as opposed to the ones it regularly lobbies for with regard to its own native under-educated criminal thieving murdering export to America's lands, and the random appearance of bodies hanging from overpasses and heads in duffel bags or randomly scattered alongside the odd ditch down there in Paradise)?

Has Fred returned to the United States from Rancho del Self-Righteousness to breathe our air, drink our water, vote in our elections, and share in our plight as someone with skin in the game, rather than make mere occasional condescending forays up north, just long enough to tell us poor provincial boobs everything wrong with us, especially in contrast to the glories of institutionalized corruption and socialism there that makes the worst predations of Washington DC pale in comparison? And notice of which flaws in his chosen domicile by him out loud would occasion his arrest and expulsion under draconian statutes, by a kleptocracy which would regard his gibes and jaundiced eye in their direction as an invitation to expel him, or toss him in jail for a decade or so to contemplate the multitude of his political sins as foreign dissident agitator?

No? None of that has happened?
This is my shocked face.

So, it's just more "See here, you ignorant norteamericano boobs, I, wise anti-Trumper Fred, so much smarter than you, know what you should do...", i.e. The Usual Tripe, served as warmed-up leftovers?

He could invent the cure for cancer, and post the recipe on his page, and I'd sooner read the cartoon pages in the local bird-cage liner and fishwrap than waste any time on his mewling. Until he deigns to live among us, rather than extol the virtues of the Marxist utopia he's chosen, he's made his bed, let him lie in it.
And from it.

Or at least, stop the pretense that he's an American in any manner whatsoever except his passport cover, when it's convenient for him, and drop that "We" malarkey.

But let's be fair, and try out his list of grievances and usurpation, only substituting his chosen paradise and it's pecadillos, and see how much more it applies:
Overall, Mexico remains in the Third World. The one percent own most of the country while the middle class is virtually non-existent. Gringos like myself live  lives of relative luxury, compared to the peones whom we live amongst. Retirement plans and health insurance are non-existant for the natives outside that 1%. The police, crooked as a dog's hind leg since...ever, become more brutal and less accountable. Censorship intensifies. Impunity grows: Nobody went to jail for the corruption scam. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. Etc, etc. Politicians pose in front of The Flag, trumpet democracy but do not practice it.  Surveillance quietly grows alongside duplicity, corruption, and hypocrisy: Drugs and Corrupton has been the national anthem here for forty years, and counting. It used to be just Corruption, for 150 years before that, but America's War On Drugs added a second verse, when native Mexican greed and the Latinate culture of corruption rampant from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego are too powerful for one tiny kleptocracy to bother trying to overcome, when the profits of poisoning the parasite's host species to the north feels so much better, and pays so well. Crooked Federales, rurales, and local police, internal spying, social media recording everything we do, and now Alexa and voice-controlled televisions constantly listen in our homes, while the teeming poor just watch bonfires of burning shit chips, in their cardboard hovels in the local dump slum barrios. Civil unrest grows, with street gangs of rival cartels fighting both peons just trying to just get by without getting carved into butcher-sized hunks, corrupting every office from dog-catcher to the president, and everyone in between, and defying and murdering the two honest policemen. And now El Presidente here thinks Maduro, Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro got it right, which bodes poorly for this country's long-term prospects of anything but eating their pets and zoo animals, and eventually, each other, and plans to export another wave of criminals to Los Estados Unidos, as the coup de grace wherein the ticks finally suck the last drop of blood from the hound they ride on, claiming to represent illegal aliens in America as displaced citizens, while inflicting draconian punishment on anyone fleeing from points farther south.
Yeah, Freddie, write that little exercise in honesty, and see how long before you get tossed in a Mexican prison which makes San Quentin or Alcatraz seem like a pleasant Sunday picnic in the park by comparison, followed by appropriating your assets, and perhaps eventually, some years later, booting your ignorant ass and burping what's left of you back up here.
Like we need you, or would want you.
It'll never happen, of course, because you're a hypocrite, but not a stupid hypocrite, right?
You want to stand on foreign soil and tell us what's wrong with the United States?
Take a number and get in line, buddy.

You'll have a lot in common with the hypocrisy you find, there in line behind every citizen of other foreign shitholes (yet all clamoring and conniving to get here, legally or no, by any means possible), as well as such duplicitous whores as Madonna, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and the thousands of whinging SJW libtard bullshitters here who promised to leave America if Trump won, yet reneged on those lies and never left, more's the pity.
You're number 7,000,000,003, and we're currently serving #2.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Strolling Through The Headlines

Skipping along through Drudge today, this is what we find, and then what we think...

"SAfrica land expropriation bill withdrawn for further reconsideration..."
South African government puts plans for genocidal bloodbath on hold, after seeing well-armed Boer farmers ready to contest land grabs.

"Tourists shocked as migrants unload on beach..."
In Frisco, they usually just unload right on the sidewalk.
"TROUBLES: BUZZFEED asks audience for donations..."
Tech firm discovers backlash of deplatforming the side with all the money.

"Pittsburgh becomes largest city without daily print newspaper..."
City's mean IQ projected to rise 30 points in next 12 months.

"Deaths from drugs, alcohol, suicide now outpace diabetes..."
And that's just within the Clinton Foundation.

"Alec Baldwin to play BATMAN father as 'Trump-like figure'..."
Hollywood braces for impact when BATMAN franchise craters.

"Massive fish die-off creates smelly mess in Malibu..."
Kathy Griffin and the coven from TheSpew caught skinny-dipping off Cali coast.

Bad Idea File

We see where some h.s. chicklette is starting varsity football in TX this week.

(SeeBS DFW) Despite some initial surprise over her interest in joining the varsity team, he said her talent was clear. “Regardless of if she’s a boy or girl, she’s a great player,” he said.
Madi Martin sensed some resistance at first from her teammates.
“Some people were like, ‘Why is this happening? Why does she want to do this?’” she said. “Now they’re my bros, and we’re good now.”
The team has had to make some adjustments.
“Locker rooms, obviously,” said Madi. She gets dressed and ready on her own.
“For away games, I’ll just show up dressed,” she said.
Madi’s father also shared the story of when Coach Dodge first addressed the team as a whole.
“He said, ‘We’re going take care of our boys,’” Bret Martin said. “And, about half way through his speech, he goes ‘guys and girls’ and I could tell for one second he thought of Madi.
Martin insists he doesn’t care about ‘political correctness’ for the sake of his daughter.
“She can hold her own in any situation,” he said.
Madi plans to prove that with the football season beginning next week.
While she doesn’t want the extra attention to distract her, she does hope other girls who see her realize they can join the game, too.
“I think it’ll plant a seed,” she said.
What'll get planted, is helmets and cleats, in her chest.

On the plus side, she made the team like anyone else.
Unlike the way the Pentagon put women through combat arms and special forces training pipelines, that approach, at least, is the right way to do it. So 1 point for Texas h.s. football, in that respect.

The problem with that is that she's about to find out what happens when opposing teams decide to use her for stomping practice. I predict she lasts about a month, max, before she gets literally pounded off the field with an injury.

Conspicuous by its absence is any mention of her height or weight.
I went to a small school, in a 1A league.
And we had some pretty small kids who made varsity, and it showed.
Our team, which in some years had made all-state, went 0-13 my senior year.
We were undefeatless. We didn't win anything varsity until halfway through basketball season.

But it's not the W-L record that's going to pay the price here, nor matter. It's a physics thing.
When "boys" of 16-17-18, over 6 feet tall, and weighing 200-250 pounds or more pile into Cornerback Barbie, who's probably not over 5'7" or 140, her bones are going to get broken. She won't be able to run as fast, or for as long, and has maybe 2/3rds the raw strength of even the most average boy who didn't make the team. (Most high school and every college cross country team has guys who can beat the women's Olympic world record in track and field anything.) She's probably about the physical equivalent of an average-sized boy - in middle school. And some running back or wide receiver isn't going to juke around her, but will instead deliberately go right over her. Every play, every game. And unless she's a moron, or a masochist, she's not going to like getting trampled, and she's not going to thrive. She's going to get busted up.

And her teammates are going to have to suck it up when it happens.

If she was just a kicker, and damned good, she might be able to pull it off with little difference from her squirrely male counterparts in such a protected position. Barely.
At least, until the first time her line doesn't hold, and she gets dog-piled.

And frankly, her making the team at all says more about the dreadful state of masculinity when there wasn't a better candidate without looking very hard, so I'm guessing they were pretty hard up in the talent department. Unless she's an aberrational prodigy, and can kick 80-yard field goals. Which I doubt. That kind of thing only happens in Disney sports movies.

But for any times when she plays as a defensive back, she's going to be the point every play is called to, and every sweep run to, until they send her off the field in a stretcher. After running up the score, using her jersey to clean their cleats.

Somebody in one of the science classes she probably daydreamed through should have pointed that out to her, but she's about to learn, at about the speed opposing backs run a 40-yeard split, that she isn't one of the boys, no matter how hard she wants it.

Hopefully daddy's got her a good medical plan. She's going to need it.
And if this plants seeds in other girls' heads, it's going to get them broken up too.
And this will end in tears. Or, just get football so pussified, guys will stop playing completely.
But hey, anything to advance the feminut narrative, right?

Nothing (Good) To See Here

UPDATE: Today's Ebola box score (with figures from WHO 8/24 report):
117 Ebola cases  
73 dead
3,421 contacts.
So the metric to watch is to see what that looks like in 21 days.
I.e., From 8/3-8/24, they went from 33 deaths to 72, so it's doubling a bit faster than expected. Not good.
On or about 9/14, if they have 144 deaths, they're on track for no control on the outbreak.
The first batch were the people infected largely before the outbreak was detected, because you're always behind the curve with this disease.
The 40 or so who've died since 8/3 are the second wave.
The 72 probable between now and 9/14 are the next wave.
If the dead count is less than 144 then - assuming the counting is accurate (because Africa) - that means vaccinations and so on are slowing the spread. That would be hopeful news.
If it's 144 or more, that's very, very bad.
That the contacts they need to trace have already quadrupled in three weeks is the reason epidemics become pandemics.
One other note on the panel on Wikipedia:
IGNORE their published CFR.
They're doing it wrong.
Allow me to explain:
The death rate isn't the number dead now vs. the number infected now.
Ebola isn't a lightning bolt.
In 2014, Duncan, with first-world ICU care, took 10 days to die.
He'd been sick several days before that.
In Africa, a week, or two, or more between obvious infection, and death, is not uncommon.
So if you're going to be honest, look at how many cases they had 21 days ago (that time span being the rough average of 5-42 days between contraction and appearance of Ebola) and how many dead people they have now.
21 days ago, there were 76 cases. Today, there are 72 dead.
That's a CFR of 95%.
So unless they're going to publish survivor numbers, this thing is doing what you'd expect it to do in Africa: it's killing 95% of the people who catch it.
It's like scoring bowling. With strikes and spares, you know you have to go a frame or three back, to get the correct current score.
You can shorten the time frame to the average number of days an infected person lives in a Congolese Ebola clinic, or you can tell us how many of the people infected  two weeks ago are dead now, and how many have recovered; those are both statistically honest options. Anything else is with numbers, and purely dishonest.
And whatever mook at Wikipedia is skewing the percentage should know that (and either isn't savvy enough to grasp this simple epidemiological concept, or someone there is holding their thumb on the scale). It's a coin-toss there; you can guess which option, stupid or evil, is more likely. Neither one makes them look very good. If they plead "we're just re-posting the numbers from WHO", which are the numbers from DRCongo, that's fine, but it simply underlines the biggest problem with Ebola: Africa wins again. (h/t KDT)
UPDATE (8/30): Going to the WHO source document as of 8/28, there have been 75 deaths, 25 are in hospital, and 18 people have recovered (Three are apparently in limbo...). Which gives a CFR back in reality, at 80.6%, IOW the exact death rate in nearly every Ebola outbreak since it first appeared. Which means of the 25 hospitalized in clinic, 20 more will die.
Unless this either
a) crosses an international border,
b) appears in a major (pop. > 1M) city, or
c) some modern Thomas Duncan gets through an airport and brings it outside DRCongo,
d) something really major happens, internationally
we're still keeping an eye on this, but won't be talking about it much, if at all, for the next three weeks. Anything other than that, grim as it may be, will just be Africa being Africa.
Which it does just fine whether we watch, or not.
I brought it up at all, because it's moved into being a thing, and mainly - since neither you nor I can affect what's happening 6000 miles away - as a reminder to make sure (or start making sure) you could ride things out at home if this goes as sideways as - or, God forbid, worse than - it did in 2014. Which is well within the possible likely course of action.
This is not the all-Ebola blog, never was, nor ever will be. There is too much comedy, serendipity, and general mockable fuckery, both professional and amateur, going on in the world besides just this, to focus so narrowly. If all Hell breaks loose, and this turns into a 2014 do-over clown show, complete with TPTB importing the disease to the US, we can talk about that then. I covered it pretty intensely, to the limit of available sources in fact, in 2014, but mainly because the hubris and outright stupidity was breathtaking in its scope and depth; it was like coming across an ocean looking for the Spice Islands, and instead discovering a new continent.
Between now, and then (or, hopefully, not), just get your crap together, literally, and check your plans. Get informed, lock down the preparations for SHTF just in case, and then move along. If there are any questions, ask them, even in comments to other posts, but it ain't going to be my 24/7/365 focus, ever, unless I'm hunkered down behind barbed wire, and you are too.
And one other thing:
Think happy thoughts.
And be sure and take some Tylenol and drink a lot of water after your celebrations on the passing of our newest ex-senator. It'll make the post-celebratory hangovers a bit less uncomfortable.

Monday, August 27, 2018

60 IQ = Leftist, Every Time

h/t Gun Free Zone

Keyboard Alert!

Rob Clewley @ProudLiberal11 really is dumber than a bag of hammers.

But he has successfully been trolled by someone who posted a picture of a tripod, two camera bodies, three zoom lenses, a remote shutter release, a microphone, a battery pack, and a camera neck strap.

To which dangerous assault camera equipment no civilian needs access, apprently.
At least according to Rob. 

And to Rob Clewley, you magnificent bastard, way to represent. Keep going man. Your prize is waiting.

When your houseplants can kick your ass at checkers, you probably shouldn't be posting stuff on Twitter.
Even if you're a world class twit.

To Miguel at GFZ: You made my day, man. Well done!

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

This is not the story, or topic, I wanted to open the week with. I was going to put off even looking at the topic until the end of the week, for just a cursory check-in, like last week.
I would have been happy not to speak of this story again. Ever.
That's how "alarmist" I am.

Well, so much for fond hopes.

Y'all do as you like.
For me, this news moves the currently-small outbreak in DRC from an occasional glance, to a regular visit, with both eyes on:

(WSJ) “This outbreak is still in the escalation phase,” said Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has staff working to stem the outbreak in Congo, neighboring countries and the Geneva headquarters of the World Health Organization. “The key is identifying (patients’) contacts and getting people vaccinated.”  
On Friday, the WHO said a doctor in the town of Oicha in Ituri province had become ill with Ebola and may have infected his wife. The cases are the first in “an area of high insecurity,” said Peter Salama, the WHO’s emergency response chief. “It really was the problem we were anticipating, and the problem at the same time that we were dreading,” he said.
Officials have identified 97 people in the town who may have been exposed and need to be vaccinated, but haven’t been able to reach them all due to security concerns, Dr. Salama said.
While Oicha itself isn’t under rebel control, it is surrounded almost entirely by territory controlled by the Allied Democratic Forces, Uganda’s Islamic dissidents that are one of the dozens of foreign and local armed groups operating in Congo’s gold and tin mining heartlands.
Large numbers of civilians have been killed around Oicha and aid workers, priests and government officials are being held hostage, Dr. Salama said. Health teams from the U.N. and Congo’s government managed to reach the town accompanied by military escorts, but staff from nongovernmental groups have been locked out. 
Dr. Salama said the WHO expects at least one more wave of cases.
That all is concerning, but they bury the real money quotes at the bottom of the article:
The 1.3 million people, including thousands of refugees, who live in the region have endured violent insurgencies dating back to the 1990s. But it is their first time experiencing an Ebola outbreak, stunning a rural population where many believe the virus is sent by evil spirits, aid officials say. 
“Many can’t comprehend the idea of not being able to bury dead loved ones according to tradition,” said Hassan Coulibaly, a field director in eastern Congo for the International Rescue Committee. “We are trying to educate them, but the environment is hostile”
Last week, locals angered by health officials’ insisting they forego traditional burial practices, including washing bodies to avoid infection, burned down a health center in Mangina, the epicenter of the outbreak, pushing out medical personnel, according to the WHO. A local team administering vaccinations was also beaten up in Manbangu village, some 10 kilometers west of Mangina, while the IRC was forced to close down its health facility in the village of Mabalako following an attack from locals. 
So, just like with the ignorant tribal jackholes in West African nations in 2014, this is going to take months to try and get a handle on, not days nor even weeks, by which time it will multiply by several orders of magnitude, like it does, to hundreds and thousands of cases, even with a vaccine, and cross one or two international borders, and so on, and so on, and so on. And it's already off to the races now.

Grab your hats; here we go again.

And for comedy gold, the outbreak began in "Mangina".
You can't make this stuff up.

Next, we're going to see if international and national leadership has learned any effing thing at all from 2014, and if so, how much. Last I heard, Japan and ROK were pledging support to try and stamp this out ASAP; they get it. But this is going to take far more than that, including quite probably, a military mission to wade in and finally pacify the region, and squash the rebel militias holding sway five feet outside all the villages.

That won't be the French Foreign Legion, the Bundeswehr, the Paras, or the Dutch Marines, boys and girls. Everybody's going to look in one direction, seeing whether we dive in, or back away.

You heard it here first.

I leave it for the clever tier of thinkers to ponder what happens if we don't go;
then, what happens if we do;
and finally, if we decide we have to go in, what happens when an American military person contracts Ebola, whether it's a medical relief mission, or some grunt or Combat Barbie, trying to push guerrillas out of the afflicted area.
BONUS: And/or, brings it home with them. Because Murphy hates the military since ever.

There's always the common sense approach that will never happen.

Oh, and for double bonus points, it's an overwhelmingly Islamic guerrilla force.

Because, apparently, you can't just have a $#!^ sandwich, you have to order it with the delicious e. coli and c. dif. Special Sauce.

Because what we really need in this country is another jungle war, and a fresh war with Islam, on a continent that eats outsiders and spits them out, combined with an Ebola outbreak.

"Hey, Bernie, I've got this great script, it's Contagion meets Tears Of The Sun and Blackhawk Down. Brad, George, and Matt are already down to do it, Denzel is interested too, and Steven and Ridley are fighting over who gets to direct. It's gonna be yuuuuuuuuuge!!!!
What?? No, HELL no, we're gonna shoot it in Hawaii. I smell half a billion bucks net, baby!"

And some people think the universe doesn't have a sense of humor...?!

Happy Monday.
I totally feel ya, man. I do.