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Still Hits Minute-Of-City, Da?


Word to your mother: Video Guy nails it out of the park.

Back in the day, I owned (on behalf of the Bn CO) not one, but two howitzers.

A 155mm M198 (the far heavier Army p.o.s hand-me-down, and exact predecessor of the much lighter and handier M777), and a literally ancient 105mm M101A1. Minted in 1940. (The Marines never throw anything away. They still have Civil War bayonets and Spanish-American War mess kits in pallet boxes at MCLB Barstow, to a metaphysical certainty, because "This stuff might come in handy some day!" I Sh*t Thee Not, my first issued helmet - in the Fleet -was a WWII steel pot with VN-era camo leaf pattern cover, my flak vest was a Korean War-era turtle-plate hand-me-down, and I carried an M-16A1. In 1984. Yes, really.)

Which light howitzer two - yes two - guys could pick up, and run down the road with like a Chinaman's rickshaw, place wherever it was needed, and send such packets of pure hatred as beehive AP rounds, which its bigger brothers could not do.

More to the point, it could be picked up by anything in the air wing helo inventory, including a decent UH-1, as long as it wasn't at 120°F. and 8,000 ft. altitude, etc.

It was also less manpower intensive, needing just 5-6 guys, instead of 10-11, and could be pulled around by anything down to and including the venerable M151 Jeep.

It could also shoot shorter ranges, unlike the M198, which was literally useless on the Grenada Adventure by the 22nd MAU, so they left them on the ships, and turned Hotel Battery 3/10 into Provisional Rifle Company Hotel for that invasion.

"Domine, Domine!: You are now grunts again. Get out of your racks and grab your packs." - H 3/10 1st sergeant.

And my personal bucket list fave, I got to use mine to play Special Percussion for a July 3rd concert including full orchestra, in a performance of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, and then use it the next day for the 21-gun salute to the nation at noon the following day.

So I liked my little toy a lot more than the bigger one.

But I digress.

What that has to do with howitzer barrel life is this:

Up on Ye Solid Steel Breechblock of said nifty little howitzer, between the brass leveling points for the gunner's quadrant, were the manufacturing marks, serial number, and the dates my particular toy, the one I signed for ownership and responsibility of, had been rebarrelled.

In the case of mine, it was, IIRC, November of 1943, January of 1951, and October of 1969.

Which means my predecessors had shot the barrel of it out first on Guadalcanal, then again at the Frozen Chosin, and yet again during Tet '68 in Vietnam, before it was pulled out of storage and re-issued to me in the early 1980s, now and still sporting barrel #4. 

Because as Good Marines, they had dutifully sent it back for depot maintenance and rebarrelling at their earliest convenience. (And yes, I would have killed to see the logbooks and unit diaries of the military actions to which that old warhorse had been invited. Alas, I never did. But clearly, it didn't get shot out in practice at 29 Palms.)

Point being, howitzer barrels have a service life, like anything else in the military.

So is the video guy correct? Beyond all doubt.

Does that matter for Russia?

Probably not so much. (Somebody re-read those last two lines - slowly, he's not very bright -to The Canuskistani Never-Served Except As A Busboy World's Foremost Expert, who always misses that stuff, because he can't read, and he'll probably just make something up. Again.) They're already only shooting minute of city anyways, so it's academic if they even give a flying f**k, but it may become problematic for a few privates if they ever need something like real accuracy in a danger-close mission near their own troops. But if this means Vlad's monkeys won't hit what they're aiming at, but might own-goal grease a few more Ivans from sloppiness, I say, let 'em go at it.

Maybe, with any luck, they'll skip the barrel stress-test inspections too, and do some destructive testing, to include a few Russian gun bunnies who'll suddenly become pink mist when a breech blows out during a fire mission.

It would matter to the Ukes, and make the sting of their fire missions all the harsher, as they keep achieving one-hit kills on APCs and tanks with GPS- and laser-guided munitions, while Vlad's guys will have trouble hitting the right city block, even after expending an entire day's basic load.

Which is why that 10:1 disparity in who's shooting what matters less in reality than it does to certain keyboard commandos.

War is all Hell.

SCOTUS to Lower Courts Re: 30,000 2A-Infringing Gun Laws: Re-think, and Unf*ck Yourselves

 h/t Herschel

When a volcano, pent up since 1934 and earlier, finally blows, the volcanic sh*tstorm blows flaming hunks of rocks and lava for miles, and frequently for days.

Thus with the landmark decision last week in NYSRPA v. NYFSDouchebags.

Multiple Circus Court rulings, particularly from the long-rogue Ninth Circus, have been vacated by SCOTUS and remanded back for a re-think in light of the Court's recent ruling.

IOW, "Nice try. But NO. Fix this crap ASAP, or pull your pants down for a harsher lesson involving welts."

Which means multiple parties suing against multiple carry, magazine cap, and AWB bans are going to spread federal Judge Benitez' favorable rulings on a kaiser roll, and hand them back to the Ninth Circus, to let them enjoy the sh*t sandwich of choking them down, after finding them consistent with Thomas' SCOTUS dicta in every respect.

And thus mag and AWB bans will go the way of the dodo and the passenger pigeon, and the rights of citizens in 9 western states will return to the hoplophilic equilibrium enjoyed by most of the rest of the country.


Click over to The Captain's Journal for the particulars and linkies.


Oh, and FTR, we've (and I'm not speaking editorially, either) kept careful note hereabouts of companies who were our hard-times friends during the rough patch, from 1989 to last Thursday, and also those who instead left skidmarks, cock-a-doodle-dooed, and shat on us from a great height, when they didn't have to do so. Trust me when I tell you the marketplace retribution against the fucktards responsible is going to be biblical, from the 10% of the gun owners in America just in Califrutopia. More than a couple of companies are going to be Zumbo'ed here, in perpetuity. ZFG, and no excuses accepted.

RELATED: Deninger on SCOTUS handing the EPA a serving of their own @$$es off the same menu, for gross legislative overreach. This could be bigger than Dobbs overturning Roe. 

Divemedic shares that opinion.

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Killer App

 h/t John Wilder

Go read today's post.

I'm Sure It's Just A Wild Coincidence...


Another two of my "fully" vaxxed and boosted colleagues are home with the 'VID. For the second time, each.

Poor little wholly unvaxxed me: haven't been sick a single day since before this started, and confirmed COVID-free via twice weekly mandated testing for the unvaxxed.

Almost like the Not-A-Vaxx is not a vaxx. Hmm. How...curious.

For those of you who sadly chose the Jab, my sincere condolences. You did it from the best of motives in most cases, with poor information and good intentions, but based on all extant information, your life to come is looking less than fabulous by the day.

And when I pointed out to other fully (so far) vaxxed colleagues that "At least COVID has mutated to a less virulent form", the knee jerk answer was "because of the vaxx". I shit you not. And that was from a supervisor.

I should have given Polly a cracker for being a good parrot.

This is the average mentality among people who should know better, FFS.

Which means the average science-illiterate is 10 IQ points below that.

I'm still waiting for the inevitable, when one of the vaxxed employees hereabouts drops dead at a young and healthy 30-50 from "suddenly", and the light bulbs maybe begin popping on. But based on yesterday's response, that'll be no time soon, and I wouldn't be holding my breath for common sense to break out.

War Is Peace.

Freedom Is Slavery.

Ignorance Is Strength.


AMSOC is here. O'Brien would be proud.

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Official Theme Song Of COVID Not-A-Vaxx

Dedicated to all those folks who have (and will) drop dead otherwise healthy, from Sudden Death COVID Vaxx Death Syndrome.

Ain't no Iron Man coming to save you from Thanos this time. You're being erased.

Ruralista Welcome Wagon Awaits


Monday, June 27, 2022

Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Polite Society

 Seems Antifatards think the rural countryside will be easier pickings...

Word to your mother:

Stay in the blue hives, soy boys. Or FAFO.

Sunday Music: Feel A Whole Lot Better/Rock and Roll Star


One of the worst-kept secrets of Tom Petty's impressive career was how much he idolized Roger McGuinn and the Byrds. As to who did this song better, my answer is "Yes." Which is why you get both today.

But wait! There's more! McGuinn played with Petty several times on tours. I think the reason Petty loved the Byrds' timeless guitar-heavy rock and roll sound was because he always wanted to be a rock and roll star.

And the Byrds had already BTDT. Plus ça change...

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Today In Libtardia, From Coast To Coast


Lessons In Practical Physics


Surrounding a vehicle during a protest meets the legal definition of rioting, criminal conspiracy, and kidnapping, and if the fedbots and local cops were anything but rent-seeking douchebadges, they'd be arresting the lot of those assholes for the above, and charging them in federal court for it.

Abortion by bumper is just as allowable as using the Second Amendment, IMHO. The pity here is the driver apparently only scared them. They needed to be recycled, not frightened. And these are just the Iowa crop of moonbats. People in L.A. and Seattle, where abortion is not only legal, but a holy sacrament, are losing their entire sh*t over something that hasn't changed, and won't for any foreseeable future span.

Keep a close eye on Wilder's Civil War Report Indicator indexes next time he posts it. Violence and agitation for insurrection is headed for the moon.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Just Chanelling


The only reason he didn't actually say it yet, is because I'm not on his writing staff.

But I'm available, if they're interested...

Roe v. Wade Aborted


Bummer, bitchez. Might want to consider using twenty other
 forms of birth control, including closing your legs,
rather than turning to infanticide to solve your poor life choices.


Mirabile dictu!

And boo frickin' hoo.

Half a century of liberal angst and propaganda gets a long-overdue coat-hanger to the head, and it's gone like a fart in a hurricane.

It's like Christmas in June.

One of the all-time worst and most unsupportable cases of judicial legislation is now justifiably relegated to the shitcan of history. Bad cases make bad law, and the generally awful Burger court's abortion decision was itself an abortion, with justices pulling "trimesters", found nowhere in the Constitution, right out of their underpants, and diaper-spackling their opinion with such shit-made-legal-dicta. This was a long overdue case, and ranks in perfidy and onerosity with Dred Scott, in finding that unborn children, like owned Negro slaves in the 1850s, are not legal persons.

Now the government's out of your bedroom. So maybe now a certain demographic will be forced to take some personal responsibility for who they let into that inner sanctum.

And contrary to LIEberal talking points, Democommunists just got their oft-lied wish. Abortion is not illegal, it is merely about to become what they lied they always wanted it to be: safe, legal, and rare. As in soon to be severely restricted in the majority of states. Because now, the decision goes back to the individual states' legislatures. In places like Califrutopia, New York f**king State, Massholechusetts, and Illinois, abortion on demand will be made a holy sacrament. In a swath from Idaho to Florida, not so much. And the Leftards are about to get bitch-slapped with how out of touch NFY, L.A., Chicongo, and D.C. are with everyday dinner table sensibilities in most of the rest of the country.

Amendment II: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Amendment X: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

In just two short days, the Supreme Court has restored the Second and Tenth Amendments - some 20% of the Bill of Rights - and re-incorporated them back into the Constitution for the whole country.

Not a bad session's work.

Now if next year they could have a look at restoring the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, we'd have something to stand up and cheer about.

BTW, for the Trump-haters, his two appointments to the court provided 22% of the votes, and 33% of the winning majorities in each decision) to return the Constitution to primacy.

And those justices have a long time left to serve. Breyer, OTOH, is also getting long in the tooth, and feeble in mind and body. And while voting harder won't solve things in the short- or long-term, it still has YUUUUGE consequences beyond the individual office-holders. It's worth repeating that with but two more strict constitutionalist appointments to the Ninth Circus, Trump could have flipped that entire circuit, and returned nine western states, and nearly 20% of the citizenry of the republic, back to the rule of law in Free America for some decades to come.

So looking at the end of Roe, tell us, Leftards: Who's playing the Long Game now?

Point To Ponder for the inhabitants of Libtardia, planning violent resistance in response to these decisions:

The Rest Of The Story

h/t BCE

Big Country Expat had an interesting graphic. But it was cropped. We sent the image to our forensic experts, and they were able to restore the missing section, which we offer for your perusal here. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022





Mr. Justice Thomas for the Court, with concurrent opinions by Alito, Kavanagh, and Barrett.

Dissent by Breyer

Takeaway quote, Thomas' summation:

"The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self defense is not “a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees.” McDonald, 561 U. S., at 780 (plurality opinion). We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need. That is not how the First Amendment works when it comes to unpopular speech or the free exercise of religion. It is not how the Sixth Amendment works when it comes to a defendant’s right to confront the witnesses against him. And it is not how the Second Amendment works when it comes to public carry for self defense. 

New York’s proper-cause requirement violates the Fourteenth Amendment in that it prevents law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their right to keep and bear arms. We therefore reverse the judgment of the Court of Appeals and remand the case for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. 

It is so ordered."

Stock tip: Go long on Depends™. At least 9 state legislatures will now be sh*tting their pants. 

Update: I didn't have time to gloss over Alito's concurrent opinion, but Mike at Cold Fury did. Alito delivered the Mother of All Spankings on Breyer's headless chicken pearl-clutching case of the vapors.

For the TL;DR version, I leave this video, as the most succinct summary of Alito's remarks: 

We also join Mike in wishing Mr. Justice Thomas a Happy Birthday the very day this opinion was released:

Look At The Whole Board


Seems I've been wrong about Ukraine. Just ask a legion of Brave Anonymous Keyboard Commandos.

Except, when I do, they've got nothing.

So let's be clear:

1) Every day Ukraine is free and independent of Sovie Russian control, they win. Period. We're at four months, and they're stronger than ever. Russia's entire focus is on just trying to take the part of Ukraine that everybody thought was already on their side. And they're doing that by burning it to the ground, and making the rubble bounce. "We had to totally destroy Donbas and Luhansk to save it.Where have we heard that "logic" before?

2) Russia isn't in control of Ukraine. They don't even have air supremacy. They have occasional bouts of local superiority, but no co-ordination with the most inept ground forces ever seen since the Marx Brothers and the Keystone Kops were making movies.

3) Their presumed military might is now a worldwide laughingstock. Everyone - everyone - can now see them for the buffoons they are. If you're going to tell me how worthless western weapons are, you're going to have to stop and explain hundreds of abandoned tanks now fighting for Ukraine, and why Russia had to retreat, lick their wounds, and settle for a fraction of their original goals, facing such worthless weapons. You're in the same boat as the archaeological genius who "explained' that the biblical account of the Jews escaping from pharaoh was no miracle, because the Reed Sea was only a few inches deep. Right until some bright young student asked him how pharaoh's pursuing army had drowned in a few inches of water. So Russia's new plight has Finland and Sweden itching to get in on the NATO party, and Lithuania thumbing their noses, knowing what Russia has left (aside from MAD-triggering nukes) couldn't fight its way out of a Moscow brothel.

3) They've wasted about a dozen generals and 40 or so colonels in this fight. That's about 1500 years of combined front-line military experience, from the only guys in their army old enough to have served during the Soviet glory days of the late Cold War, when they were regarded as semi-competent. You don't push past that. They get worse from here, not better. And now they've burned up so many missiles, those strikes have dwindled, and out of rust heaps and mothballs they've pulled 60-year old T-62s - and the 60-year-olds who remember how to run them - to put them back in the fight, to replace the losses of T-80s and even T-90s. They still, for the moment, have a shit-ton of old dumb artillery shells, but all they're hitting is the rubble from yesterday. They're not blowing gaping holes and sweeping through Ukraine like Patton. They're just blowing the shit out of the territory they claimed to be so enamored of.

4) They've been shut off from the only Black Sea exit, and anything beyond, in or out, since February. Now they're shut out of the Baltic. That leaves them frozen-half-the-year Murmansk, and Siberian Vladivostok, half a world away, as their premier sea access for any trade. 90% of the world won't trade with them. It's China, India, and no one else. So it's overland, or nothing, with their blood enemies since the 10th century, and the Himalayas, as what they have to deal with to pull that off.

5) There's no way for them to "win" this. As we've stated since about Day One, even if they conquer Kyiv and put Zelenskyy up against a wall tomorrow, they just buy a partisan insurgency that will make their debacle in Afghanistan look like a church social pie fight. Even a total conventional military victory is a total strategic failure for them.

You'd think, in this country, after Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, one wouldn't have to explain the obvious limitations of military power to effect lasting solutions, but people are historically ignorant boobs in this country, and it's getting worse, not better, with every passing day, despite having the entire internet in their grubby little mitts every waking moment. Play Candy Crush: yes. Learn History: no.

That doesn't mean, unlike the endless and pointless Fucktard Army commentary, that I expect Ukraine to restore their entire country, or march into Moscow triumphant. Low-IQ idiots always need fallacious straw man arguments and false dilemmas to move the goalposts, but Homie don't play that.

Moscow is merely a lion trying to eat a porcupine. Swallowing it is their choice, but it stops hurting the minute they just walk away. There is no "win" anywhere in that scenario, they merely have a range of options of shit sandwich. The winning move is to leave the table.

Look At The Whole Board

People want to run around with their hair on fire about "The Joooos!", the Illuminati, Bigfoot, and whatever other silly shit black helicopter chemtrail boogeymen they can concoct.

So follow your own logic for a minute. It isn't all hogwash (most of it, yes, but I've seen no examples of global elite competency to concern me. They're more ham-fistedly inept than Russia, for the most part, just bigger and stronger).

So why go after Russia?

It isn't just Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants' kickbacks. It's because of Russia itself.

They were ecstatic, happy as a pig in shit, in fact, when Russia was fractured, chaotic, and screwed six ways from Sunday 24/7/365. Chaos brings opportunity. Putin is a thug, an evil dick-tater, and a tactical moron who believed his own military's press releases (and every swinging Richard out there knows that, if they're honest with themselves for 2 seconds), but after a generation of nation-wide crapulence, he has undeniably managed to cobble together some coherence and technological advances despite the handicaps of the entire collapse of his beloved Soviet State. Just like Mussolini made the trains run on time.

And powerful elites simply cannot have that.

It's that simple.

Russia cannot - must not - rise from the ashes.

That's what this has all been about, at the root.

So who wins? And Why?

Not Russia, for a certainty. And they cannot.

Ukraine? Sh'yeah, As If. They'll be eating shit rebuilding for the next generation, minimum, best case, even if Vlad left tomorrow morning. We never told you any differently. Their only win is staying free, but it always comes at a stiff cost.

America? Are you freaking kidding me?? Look around. The societal bore worms are rampaging through whatever cultural bedrock they didn't manage to destroy or rot before 2020, with a will and a vengeance.

Europe? They're even worse off. A Frenchman can't wander Paris in safety, an Englishman's kids are getting groomed and butt-sexed in school, and anyone in Scandinavia has moved from being largely benign and culturally homogenous underpopulated state-socialist "paradise" to outright rape capitols of the entire world.

Asia? Africa? S. America? Give a holler after next year's famines hit the Turd World there (which is most of it), and get back to me.

So. Show of hands: Who here thinks this is all just wild coincidence?

Every single nation is getting pounded down, because of globalist extra-national interests.

Ukraine vs. Russia is just the latest pretext. Exactly like COVID, like unmitigated borderless mass immigration infestation before that, the worldwide destruction of the value of anyone's money before that, and the utter pollution and inversion of every cultural institution: church, school, family, basic morality, and everything else, because some people in position to push a lever here, or point a rudder there, are leaning on those switches with all their might.

Because they're quite simply Evil incarnate.

Morality, liberty, decency, virtue, dignity, independent thought and word and deed, frighten the living Hell out of them, because it takes away their power. They are Shitlords, and those things wash away the dung they thrive in: Chaos, panic, disorder, death, and destruction.

Anything that throws a monkey-wrench in those plans is your ally. 

Anything that furthers it is your enemy.

Liberty, prosperity, and happiness are human exceptions, in all of recorded history, and sedimentary mountains of unrecorded time-space history before that.

Stop sportsball rooting for things that will never be, and pay attention to the whole board being played. While you can still have some effect on the outcome.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A Little Systemic Mini-Seizure


For reference only. Not my actual cart.

Relatively small potatoes, but SoCal is not Georgia, so we get severe summer thunderstorms hereabouts so infrequently I can count the remembered ones in the last decade on my thumbs.

Including today.

First rain, then hard rain, then a little hail, followed by crack-BOOM, with lightning inside the 5-second (one mile) zone, followed by power out. Half hour later, same thing at Big Box store.

Which took them out for 45 minutes while their system rebooted. Several hundred of us stood patiently wondering when they'd get their digital sh*t together. No ATM or credit processing, and even if you'd had cash, they couldn't ring anything up, because computerized single-point-of-failure PLUs.

Folks were well-behaved, except for a couple of opportunists trying to create lines rather than waiting in the ones already there, which didn't work out well for them, and store management handed out water to those waiting. And waiting.

Weather was southerly, thus it was Hawaii-hot-and humid, but not Florida/Africa-hot-and-humid, but both worse than California dry, and after about 45 minutes, they rejoined the 21st century.

Silver lining: after a 30-month absence, they had canned roast beast, so those supplies got a long-overdue topping up.

But come harder days next fall or winter, woe betide anyone trying to get up to speed on preps they should have had well in hand by mid-summer.

My personal timeline goals are measured in years, but adding another 6 months' worth of calories today is always a good feeling, and it isn't like the price nor availability of canned meat (or anything else) is going to get better any time in the next year.

I don't own the roof under which I sleep, so solar panels there are right out, but plans are afoot for at least a few that can be placed in south-facing windows, to keep a couple of needful things running indefinitely.

The best time to get ready for hard times is always five minutes ago.

Today's minimal incident was a gentle reminder.

You'll Never Clear That Shark, Fonzie


Don't be this meme.

On June 14th, awa posted the following article on Gun Free Zone:

What about the little puppies? 

In a nutshell, some whackdoodle outside L.A. decided not to adopt pets to anyone who owns guns, and doesn't kiss Gun Control's pustulent suppurating ass.

By all means, RTWT.

It's an obviously outrageous insertion of woketard politics into a pet adoption process where it has absolutely no business whatsoever.

Being up and about shortly after it appeared, I posted the first response to the post:

1) Aesop  

And they ascertain this information from people…how, exactly?

So this is simply wholesale cost-free virtue-signalling.

BTW, Thousand Oaks is in Ventura County. It’s a very pricey L.A. County-adjacent suburban neighborhood, plus consistently one of the Top Ten “Safest Cities In America” for as long as anyone has kept track.
I’m guessing that pet shop would like to change that.

You have to wonder how long before they experience a totally random BLM attack on their establishment, with no witnesses.
Might drive ’em right out of business there, and scuttling back to almost-no-gun-shops-within-city-limits Los Angeles.
Boo frickin’ hoo.

To which fellow commenter Divemedic helpfully replied later that AM:

Reading their website, they insist on an hour long interview where you will be grilled on your beliefs about gun control and other liberal talking points. They also insist on inspecting your home to ensure that it is suitable, and if you rent, they will also interview your landlord. If you lie to them about your stance on guns and they find out, they claim that they will sue you for fraud. They are meddling, nosy cunts. I wouldn’t want to buy a dog collar from their store.

They are a 503(c) tax exempt organization. It is illegal under IRS regulations to engage in or advocate for a political cause as a tax exempt. Not that the IRS ever enforces the law against liberals. They are also getting killed on yelp.

My response to him, which is what evidently triggered the subsequent hyperventilation - and probably one of the most innocuous things I've ever posted - was as follows:


I suspect their monthly fire insurance premiums are about to exceed their annual income.

Whereupon blog admin awa evidently lost his grip on reality:

This is not a discussion. This is not an argument. This is a statement from one of the blog admins.

This sort of comment is not acceptable. The implication that part of this community would commit arson is not acceptable.

Don’t do it. We don’t allow physical threats, we don’t allow implied threats, we don’t bad mouth the community as a whole.

Then circled the wagons, and doubled down.  (I.e. "Let's form a circular firing squad, and call Aesop a dick, and see how that works out.")

Uh huh. Not getting enough attention, are you?

Part of this community???

Where in blistering Hell are you pulling that "inference" from?

I neither said that outright, nor implied that, unless you're ascertaining that inference by seance.

If you're butthurt by the reality that there are people out in the big wide world (which is what I did say) who will likely do something illegal or immoral, that's entirely your free choice.

Considering random incident-of-violence videos demonstrating exactly that phenomenon are routinely posted [at GFZ] (I passed at least two such between today and this old post [I was wrong, there are at least two more I forgot about. -A.]), that seems a little silly, but it's your choice, and it's a free country. You can be as silly as you'd like.

Saying what I said is not "being a dick". It's breathing oxygen, and having open eyes.

Why post the story at all, if you think everyone in Creation is just going to yawn and say "Tsk. Tsk."?

Criminal and/or crazy people are absolutely going to make ridiculous threats, sure as the sun rises every morning.

That's how we know they're criminals and crazies.

Insurance agents and companies are going to note those realities when assessing policy premiums.

It's what they do.

That is exactly what I said: no more, and no less.

So now noting the obvious, that 2+2=4 is "unacceptable"?

Noted, Mr. O'Brien. Big Brother is watching.

(George Orwell would like you to call his office.)

I'm not advocating for any such illegal response.

I'm certainly not going to do it myself, nor would I advise nor incite anyone else to do so.

(And unlike 98% of the nonsense covered here, that shop is actually well within a tank of gas from where I'm sitting. Just like it is for about 25,000,000 other people.)

Saying "X is likely to happen, because human nature" is a simple statement of reality.

To suggest that observing the facts of actual human nature in the real world, and stating those realities is "unacceptable", is quite simply asinine.

Do what you like with this comment, and the original one.

But don't put words in my mouth nor impute motives to me based on someone's wildest imagination, and absolutely nothing I said nor implied.

That's what ABCNNBCBS are for.

But if you - or anyone else - seriously think no one is going to do any such thing as what I suggested will happen, I'd love to hear an exposition of the thinking behind that opinion.

No, really.

I don't think anyone who reads Gun Free Zone is going to run right out and burn down some asshole's pet shop. I'm not going to do it. And I would counsel anyone from doing it as well. Nor did I say that. Nor, in even a fever-brained analysis beyond the bounds of sanity, could it be inferred. Not even with a dowsing rod and a ouija board.

Word to your mother, yo.

But I get paid fabulous sums of money to babysit the exact lunatics in question who will do exactly that, and more. And their real-world actions have real-world consequences. Including higher insurance premiums.

So when you go waving a rhetorical lightning rod around in a thunderstorm, like the pet shop owner in the OP, it's going to bite you in your ass. That's all - and exactly what - I said, and awa and anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature in a igloo knew that before they went shark-surfing on this topic.

Hyperventilate all you want.

But get a grip on reality. And stop pulling recockulous inferences from out of your underpants, and trying to pin them on other people. If noting that Some Asshole's going to receive karmic payback for their idiotic actions is imputing the motive to do so to the gun community, then posting articles like "Get a CCW, and keep your head on a swivel" is telling people to go hunting and killing people

That's the exact argument being made about my post response(s), and exactly how fucktardedly recockulous it is to say you can psychically "infer" I was suggesting any community (other than crooks and crazies) are going to do something illegal and heinous.

(If you're defending that "community", you're on your own.)

The word for that in the trade is projection, and when last I looked, the DSM-5 identifies it as a symptom of delusional thinking.

Don't imagine you can read my mind based on things not said, and I won't do the same thing to you either.

That would seem to be the sort of common sense most of us learned in our formative years, but some people may have been sick that day in school.

Don't be that guy. Please.

ZFG regarding any butthurt this, or the original responses, caused. Wield your banhammer with glee, if that's how you want to get off. But life's gonna be hard if you don't pull up your Big Boy pants, and deal with Reality as it is, instead of wetting your pants because you imagined someone said something that offends your tender sensibilities, purely from the depths of your own tortured illogic. I hold no brief to catering to delusional behavior. Neither should anyone else. Start doing that, and the next thing you know, people will be criminally charged for using the wrong pronouns, which even courts in Califrutopia threw out as a First Amendment violation. So don't be crazier than that.

If you're blogging for psychotherapy, there are people trained for that, but they charge by the hour.

What isn't so, isn't so.

And BTW, and not for nothing: Standards  are a fine thing. Except the Double kind. I mention that because calling someone out for "being a dick" in two separate posts violates your own Rule Three. Oops.

I own what I write.

Own what you write.

I didn't take any pot-shots at you or anyone on GFZ when I posted, and I don't think it's beyond reasonable to expect no less courtesy in return.

Maybe even have a chat with a Vietnam-era vet about the origin of the radio call "Receiving friendly fire, returning same with a smile..."

There are a lot of decaffeinated brands out there that are just as tasty as the real thing...

So, did you really want to talk about the weather, or...?

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Warning: Nukes May Drop


Nope. Nothing to do with Ukraine, Russia, et al.

Two SCOTUS decisions are pending: one re: abortion, and the other re: NYFS's jackassical gun laws.

They'll apparently have to be released Thursday, since they didn't drop today. So the best guess is all the justices are trying to get to min. safe distance before detonation.

Plan your life accordingly, knowing that there's a better than even chance one or both decisions will lead inevitably to all three things Conan the Barbarian declared are best in life.

We'll soon see whether they acted like actual justices, or whether they crawfish on the Constitution.

Imagine SCOTUS declaring the obvious: Abortion isn't in the Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment is. 

At the very least, grab some earplugs, if you don't have any handy. If this goes wrong for the Leftards, it will break windows on the International Space Station, and dogs in the other hemisphere will be howling from the mere echoes of anguished screams emanating from Greater Leftardia.

If the leaked abortion opinion is anything close to reality, it may turn out that Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh all went in on an order for 10,000 marbles.


Roe v. Wade Aborted

Dungball Review: Without Remorse

h/t Pergelator

Pergelator liked this flick. Well, it's a free country. And we hate to harsh anyone's mellow, but...

Equal time for an opposing view: 

Au contraire.

Based on a Tom Clancy story, which isn't the same thing at all.

It's Hollywood-speak for "fornicated the original story up past 11, and all the way to FUBAR." Which, as is tediously predictable, they did.

Anyone who read the original book probably shot their TV screen to pieces by 10 minutes into this craptastic bastardization of Clancy's story.

The flick wasn't shot before a live audience, but the writers, producers, and director - oh, and even Jeff Bezos, CEO of flick-producer Amazon - of this steaming pile of feces definitely should be.

Garbage reworking of his stuff was why, after the third horrible re-write out of four movies, Clancy vowed they'd never get another one of his books to ruin, unless it was over his dead body.

Well, he died in 2013.

So, here's what you get.

If one never read the source novel, from which they lifted the main character's name, and the title, before they burned everything else in a fire, take Clancy's name off this, as should be done, and try to sell it otherwise, and it's nothing but a D- piece of straight to low-budget cable and Albanian distribution dungball movie. It's Cheeze Whiz on a cracker pretending to be caviar.

Without Remorse mainly refers to the way the authors of this cinematic pantload took a crap on Clancy's work and legacy.

At that, it succeeds beyond their wildest expectations.

If somebody gives this to you for free, give it back. You'll be happier, and it's 20 bucks (had you bought it), and 109 minutes of your life you won't have wasted. If you can't turn it down, take it to the skeet range, and glue it to a clay pigeon. Best use of it I can think of.

Our Rating: Watching this movie is like licking your dog's butt. Just less fun for your dog.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sunday Music: Start Me Up


Top cut from the fifth of eight consecutive Number 1 albums in the U.S., the rocking single from the Rolling Stones peaked at #2 in 1981, and stayed there for three weeks.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Stumblefuck Poopypants I, Imperator -The Big Crash


At least double-bagging his Depends© worked this time.

This is a metaphor for this entire misbegotten Chiquitastan fraudulency.

Thinking he can still function, while actually landing on his ass.

And if he was brain-damaged by the could anyone tell???

Fake Elections have consequences.

The Democrats' two greatest fears are

1) Stumblefuck doesn't survive to run in 2024;

2) Or worse than that, he does.

Both thoughts keep them awake at night.

My money is still here:

Friday, June 17, 2022

Heavy Metal


Oberst Reisner of the OB just uploaded another briefing, this time in English.

Not much up-to-the-minute info, but two takeaway factoids worthy of note:

1) Original briefings by US DoD people stated we would be sending a whole 18 M777 howitzers to Ukraine. That's three batteries, which is one bare battalion. Which ain't a helluva lot in a 100,000-man 600-mi. long frontline. Color me unimpressed at the time.

Obst. Reisner's briefing reveals that, from all NATO sources, Ukraine has actually received 114  M777 howitzers.

For reference, that's 19 complete artillery batteries, and more artillery tubes than you would find in a USMC division. That's comparatively yuuuuge. It is, however, not enough to support anything like the entire front line.

2) Also notably absent from Reisner's latest briefing:

Any wild headless-chicken nonsense about the Ukrainians in headlong retreat, collapsing, or in any serious difficulty. Unlike, say, multiple online Putin junk-garglers who have declared Ukraine lost, and the war already over. Pretty much like that 90-day long victory in Mariupol (where after three months of waiting hopelessly for Russia to actually win, the Ukrainian military command ordered the regiment+ of troops still fighting there to go ahead and surrender).

So, you can believe the non-NATO disinterested third-party expert analysis of a certified military genius with full access to real-time military intelligence about that, or you can go with the uninformed bloviations from the least thoughtful gasbags on the internet.

That's a pretty easy call for me to make; you're on your own.

Comedy Relief: Russia never invaded Ukraine, there is no war there, and a free and independent country like Ukraine cannot be allowed to decide its own destiny or alliances.

And Yet They Keep Jumping On The Landmine