Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Just Kidding

Here's your jack o'lanterns:


You were going to get carved jack-o-lanterns, but it wasn't scary enough, so I went with witches instead.

Sorry about your lunch, but a little baking soda and seltzer water should get most of that out without needing dry cleaning.

"The horror. The horror..."
Because in fall, the dead arise and prank the living, and frightful undead creatures shriek at and torment innocent bystanders.

For Republicans, that's called Halloween.
For Democrats, it's called Election Day.

Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Target: Leftards In The Open; Round: Sabo?

According to Gateway Pundit, these signs have popped up all over L.A.
They said "street artists" were responsible.

If this isn't Sabo, it's his spiritual minions.

Whoever is responsible: Excellent work, folks.

Sauce For The Goose

What's that, you say? Obozo had a phone and a pen??
As some wiseass once said, "Elections have consequences."

Monday, October 29, 2018

NYT Shocked: Rural Means Not Big City

h/t Borepatch

Apparently the NYTimes has discovered that small-town means Small. Town.  And not Big City.

And that this has implications for medical care in Podunk.

"Hospitals are often thought of as the hubs of our health care system. But hospital closings are rising, particularly in some communities.
“Options are dwindling for many rural families, and remote communities are hardest hit,” said Katy Kozhimannil, an associate professor and health researcher at the University of Minnesota."

1) There is nothing wrong with the NYT story, per se.

2) They hit all the reasons.
 a) One-horse hospitals are being closed by ruinous malpractice premiums. Tort reform is long overdue.
 b) Indigent/uninsured care hits small potatoes hospitals a lot harder than conglomerates with multiple hospitals, because they have no way to spread that financial load.
 c) Care at small rural hospitals, compared to larger suburban and urban medical centers, is minimally adequate to borderline sub-standard. If anything "serious" needs Lifeflight to the city anyways, you aren't running a hospital, you're running a clinic, whether anyone told you or not.
 d) Expanding the Medicaid mandate costs states huge sums of money, which inevitably drives up taxes for everyone. If you kill jobs and tax people out of their homes, you won't just lose the hospitals, you'll lose the residents themselves.

What the NYT didn't tell you was that all of this was factored into ObozoCare, as it was intended to, in order to chain everyone to Big Daddy government, and push more people into cities, and out of more rural (and self-sufficient) living and lifestyles. That was known when they did it, but most of "flyover land" isn't having any, thankyouverymuch.

Good for them.

What you need in rural areas is primary care, not a mini-mart trying (poorly) to do Big City Care.
Trauma is even worse in rural areas because you never had trauma care there, and never will. One major case could break the hospital.

That's what medical evacuation is for.

Critical care (heart attacks & strokes) is essentially the same story: you can't have an ICU in Podunk, because it'll either be empty, or overflowing, and so even if you have it on paper, you don't in reality. So people will need transfer to Big City Hospital anyways. That's just how it goes.

More hospitals close than open because doing one right can no longer be done on a shoestring budget in Hooterville. Or even Pixley. You need the population of a city of a minimum of 100K people to do a small hospital, and 500K or more to do an actual decent primary facility that can offer everything.

By a strange coincidence, you don't have 97 dining choices in Ruraltopia either, or 3 mega-malls, or 5 multiplexes, and a professional sports team or 3.

But you also don't have multi-racial ghettoes, a gang problem, a crime problem, a homeless problem, and a host of other pestilential problems of the Big City.

Most folks who live there see that as a feature, not a bug.

So at the end of their pointless story, after paragraphs of pointless Chicken Little running around in circles, the lede is uncovered:
Not all closures are problematic. Some are in areas with sufficient hospital capacity. Moreover, in many cases hospitals that close offer relatively poorer quality care than nearby ones that remain open. This forces patients into higher-quality facilities and may offset negative effects associated with the additional distance they must travel. 
Perhaps for these reasons, one study published in Health Affairs found no effect of hospital closures on mortality for Medicare patients. Because it focused on older patients, the study may have missed adverse effects on those younger than 65. Nevertheless, the study found that hospital closings were associated with reduced readmission rates, which is regarded as a sign of increased quality. So it seems consolidating services at larger hospitals can sometimes help, not harm, patients.

No screaming eagle shirt, Cochise: Teeny Weeny Hospital is not your best choice for care, for the same reason Mr. Drucker's General Store is probably not the same retail experience that Mega-Mall or Amazon is going to be.

You want to b.s. over the stove about what's going on in Hooterville, hit up Mr. Drucker.
You want the Gee Whiz 2100, you go to MegaMall, or you have UPS or FedEx drop it off from Amazon.

In short, this is shocking to the NYTimes, but folks in the hinterboonies have been doing it for, oh, about 100 years.

They don't regard it as shocking.

But it does make me wonder something:

Do those ignorant boobs in NYFC get reruns of Green Acres and Petticoat Junction?
It would probably help to explain the facts of life to hipster yuppie millenials who think anything out of walking distance is Outer Mongolia.

Kind Of Undoes That Narrative

h/t American Thinker

Some have pooped on the idea that Patsy Sayoc might have had some help in his supposed faux-bomb campaign, or that he could be anything but a dedicated but hapless moron.

Cheerfully edited out of the narrative is this nugget of exact quotation, from the lawyer that's represented Sayoc in the past on other criminal charges:
"He never seems sophisticated enough to do something like he's accused of.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there were others others [sic] who helped prod or encouraged him to do this, or that the bombs in fact were so crudely made, they never could have worked.  He didn't seem to have the intellectual capacity to plan a conspiracy like this in my opinion."
Nota bene, all you clever unravellers of Truth, that his lawyer isn't saying he wasn't smart enough to do this right, he's point-blank said he wasn't bright enough to start doing it at all.

Yet another data point that explains why, exactly like Vegas, nothing about this narrative seems to fit, nor sounds right.

And most of you in that camp need to remember that two years ago, you were sure Trump's allegation that he was being wiretapped by the FBI was lunacy, too.

So, tell me again, in light of what we know now about Obama, Clinton, Comey, Meuller, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Ohr, et al :
Exactly how far will the Deep State go to bring down this administration, and how far is TOO FAR, beyond which point they will not go?

I put it to you, based on mountains of obvious facts in evidence, the idea that anything whatsoever is "TOO FAR" is risible.

And a danger to the republic.

It's not Idyllic Fairytale Land here. We're in a fight for the culture and the society, and the other side's oft-expressed motto is BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

If anyone cannot process that reality, either wake the fuck up, or STFU.

UPDATE: From Comments:
Denninger's take on this. Worth reading.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


h/t Theo Spark

Stop, please, I can hardly breathe and my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

I feel like the hamster with the electrode wired to the brain's pleasure center.
I want to make a gif of this and set it on an endless loop, once I sandbag my desk with sodas and chips, and watch it until my eyeballs can't stay open any longer.

And to those from whom it may apply, I'll be accepting apologies from anyone who told me what hard m*****f*****s Antifa was.

Well, That's A Problem...

Sorry about sharing this:

Since our last 21-day Ebola checkup, things have gone rather sh*t-sandwichy.
Recall then that things were basically flat-lined: no growth, just maintenance of the outbreak.
It's now started growing again.

Cases: 252
Deaths: 159
Contacts: 5,723!

IOW, the kill rate is still running 82% over three weeks time, and the number of people exposed and being tracked doubled in the last two weeks. 15 more people have survived and been discharged, and false alarms of possible EVD were reported in five neighboring countries.

Oh, and those numbers are a few days old.

The only good news is they managed to vaccinate another 3300 people last week. Over 22,000 total. But in a region with 1M people, mostly refugees, that's nothing much to be proud about.

So this has officially gone around the bend, and violence in the region has made that worse.

This is now probably going to skyrocket presently, because it's going to keep spreading exposure faster than they can contain it and vaccinate around it, not least of which because they had over 40 burials that were not done properly, which exposes family members to the virus from contaminated corpses.

That's how you get an outbreak that won't taper off.


h/t Dianny

Well said. Quote of the Week.

CNN should try that, if only for the sheer novelty.

Sure, they'd have to fire about 110% of their on-air "talent" to do that, but that's the breaks, kids, and it isn't like there aren't 10,000 douchecanoes waiting in the wings to slide into those seats who could do even a marginally better job.

The Rules

Freedom starts between your ears. If you can’t get free there, the rest is widow dressing.

You’re not “off-grid” until you’re as off the government vote plantation as you can possibly get. Water, food, power, education, and any other cord that can be cut, ought to be. That’s the goal. Yes, the Minions of Stupidity will come after you anyways. Stop making it easy for them. As old-hand PIRA members said of their overlords “We give them nothing.”

The only legitimate purpose of any government, in any amount, is to protect the rights of the individual, not to enforce the rule of the mob. (Which is why labeling anything that happens hereabouts “democracy”, or portraying such a political abomination as any sort of good, is such a vicious slander on reality. Words matter. Stop defining deviancy downwards.)

Laws exist to protect your freedom best, mainly by hindering the exercise of government, not by making demands on your thoughts, words, deeds, and industry. The former is liberty; the latter is slavery.

The greatest common good for the greatest number, is to leave most folks the fuck alone 24/7/365.

Government’s concerns should overwhelmingly be directed at the fucktards over on the left end of the bell curve, at least 50% of whom by any measure are its own minions, and the rest the drones who see you as a resupply point for their stupidity or simple evil, with government existing mainly as the facilitator of the transfer.

In case no one told you before now, that last paragraph is about 99% of your local accountability list, and always has been.

And the only reasons to vote are to either emplace fellow rebels to make the above a reality, and/or to stick both thumbs into the eyes of TPTB, as hard as you can, and as often as possible.

Nice Shooting, Tex...

h/t Kenny

Foreign Policy Via Twitter

And the unspoken Other Shoe in that Tweet:
"Dear Mexico: You're next on my sh*t list!"

The standard responses I've seen are best summed up by Kenny's post titled
"F**k that, bomb 'em"".

Au contraire, that would be the worst thing to do, for a host of reasons.
And that's the wrong hammer, for a problem that's not a nail. Yet.

Let's don't get recockulous.

You don't fly 1000 miles away to bomb a refugee column, even if it's 98% military-aged male invaders. If we ever do that, it gets done when they're 20 miles away, not 1000 (and after the mid-term elections, if ever). This nonsense is just a sideshow to bigger things.

But if we decided to seize a one-mile-wide buffer 2000 miles long on their side, and invest it with troops while we build the wall, that would be reasonable.

Seizing all remittances to those countries automatically, as the fruit of illegal activity, and contributing to terrorism, would also stop this nonsense in about a heartbeat, fund the military action, and hit those countries where they live. In Mexico alone, it's some good fraction of their yearly GDP, and if it were gone, they'd be in open revolution in about a week.

It would also cost $0 to implement Monday morning.
Demanding Congress permanently outlaw the practice to those countries would similarly be reasonable.

Telling Mexico if they want that brand new trade treaty to stand they'd better end this nonsense is also correct.
If they want to see their food prices quadruple, all they need to do is ignore us.
Once again, that'd be the cue for open revolution in Mexico.

Which would make a military buffer both prudent and necessary.
It means we could then start rounding up illegals as enemy aliens, and deport them permanently over that wall, once and for all.

27 problems solved, by Friday next, at that point, and without bombing anyone or mostly without firing a single shot.

You play ball with the U.S., or you get the bat shoved up your tailpipe.

Mexico is about to learn that lesson, yet again.

But if they want a permanent DMZ-style border, forever, pushing them permanently into Central America, or else taking this as the last warning to fix Shitholia once and for all, and join North America, this idiocy is the right way to go about either outcome.

Which also ought to give ex-pat whiners like Fred Reed reason enough to go deep on tanning spray and tequila and get fluent in Spanish, or slink back to the country he currently lampoons from the safety of Rancho Gringo in Baja Turdistan.



Saturday, October 27, 2018

Life Imitates Art

"You finger-printed a quarter in the parking meter...?! Shyeah, right."
This passed the Rubicon of Ian Fleming's "happenstance-coincidence-enemy action" Rule about 7 steps ago. That doesn't make this a code-word access CIA plot; I'm simply saying this is a [D] dirty trick, not just the random actions of a lone nutbag. This is not a nothing-everything false dilemma, it's a continuum, and he's way over towards the "everything" side, without necessarily requiring a whole black hat ops team. For the Baby Ducks out there, we had CIA goofs caught running guns in Central America in the '80s, and they were idiots too, and just as certainly, working for Christians In Action to do things best left unexposed. It's possible to be a nominal asset for them, and a jackhole retard, so this isn't wildly out of character for them in any way, shape, nor form. And the CIs the FBI employs are worse than that, and they're the high-functioning morons of the federal CI goat-rope. If this is news to anyone, they need to get out of their dungeon more often.

So now that the thumbprint on James Barr's quarter allowed the FBI to track down serial hoax-bomber Cesar Sayoc in time for the credits on CSI:Miami, let's note a couple more details. 

1) Tom Marvolo Riddle = I am Lord Voldemort
     Cesar Sayoc = accessory

2) Guy identifies online with two opposing political parties.
Only is a Republican now, when he's mailing bombs.

3) Trump meme stickers are unfaded in FL sunlight. After 10 months.
And he prints them up...on the printer in his van??
Conspicuous Trump-van isn't torched, despite being in (D)-majority county.

4) Guy lives in a van, because he can't afford an apartment.
But he's got the money to make 10 faux prop-bombs.
And pay for courier delivery.
Then blows more money on unnecessary postage.
Like you do when you're so poor you're living in your van in a parking lot.
And has internet access and a cellphone.
Like you do when you're so poor you're living in a van in a parking lot.

5) But can find obscure non-published addresses for his targets.
5a) Which are recockulously stupid choices.
5b) Who never open their own mail, since ever.

6) Guy can't spell Florida - where he lives - right on the return address label.

7) Is Filipino, but "identifies" as Seminole.

Pop quiz: One of these things is not like the other. Spot the outlier:

Elizabeth Warren (D) - MA identifies as Cherokee
Rachel Dolezal (D) - WA identifies as black
Bob O'Rourke (D) - TX identifies as Hispanic
Cesar Sayoc ("R?") - FL identifies as Seminole

Which one doesn't fit the profile?

Sudoku Bonus: Solve the puzzle above, and make it fit.

Elizabeth Warren (D) - MA white, identifies as Cherokee
Rachel Dolezal (D) - WA white, identifies as black
Bob O'Rourke (D) - TX white, identifies as hispanic
Cesar Sayoc (D) - FL Asian, identifies as Seminole

8) Sending out bombs that you know won't explode, ever, does what, and for which party, two weeks before election day?

Rich old Arab sheik is dying, calls his two princely heirs to his bedside, and tells them, "You must race each other around the boundaries of my lands. The one whose horse crosses the finish line last shall inherit my lands and fortune."
They stand there, immobile.

The sheik's wise old advisor whispers two words to them, and suddenly they both jump on their horses, and tear like hell across the desert.

What were the two words whispered?

"Trade horses."

9) Left wing bomb throwers include, literally, everyone. Sacco & Vanzetti, the L.A. Times bombers, the IRA, the PLO, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the SDS, and on and on.
Name five right wing bombers, since ever.

10) I'm still waiting.

11) Why go batshit nuts now? Not two years ago, not a year ago, not even last month amidst the Kavanaugh Kaos. But right now, two weeks ahead of elections.
Cui bono?

12) How long after this narrative of "Batcrap crazy right-wing Trump Supporter mailing bombs to Democrats" went right into the shitter, because no one was buying it, before we suddenly had the obligatory pre-election mass shooting, of a Dem interest group, in a gun-free zone? (Not to worry, this one will be memory-holed in seconds, because it turns out he's a Trump-hating anti-Jew neo-Nazi, which doesn't advance the Liberal Narrative. Just like rabid Bernie supporters gunning down Republican congressmen, it'll be like it never happened. So on to Plan G. Or H. Or I. Or J. "We'll get Trump this time!")

"Don't mind us burning codebooks in the Japanese embassy on Sunday morning, President Roosevelt. We're doing it on a Sunday morning so we don't bother the staff on a work day."

So yeah, looking at all that, it's perfectly logical to assume that all this just happened.
Because Patsy Sayoc is a clueless misguided moron. Which explains everything.

(Including explaining, as noted by several commenters, how the FBI could take 18 years to find the Unabomber, who sent actual bombs and killed people, but grabbed this guy in a timeframe that would put Domino's Pizza Delivery drivers to shame.)

Which moron totally coincidentally decided to pull a massive PR stunt hoax-bomb campaign, right after the serial failures of the Mueller investigation, Kavanaugh sliming, the collapse of the Blue Wave myth, the exposure and backfiring of the Democratic Mob Rule tactics, and the meltdown of the criminal/terrorist caravan from Shitholia, and feeds the narrative that Republicans are the real terrorists, right before the elections. 

Like we always pull when three formerly Democrat slam-dunk senatorial campaigns are now either dead heats, or favor the Republican, in a massive shift in the last two weeks. 

After the President has held yuuuuuuuuuuge rallies, promising unbelievable turnout of a fed-up conservative electorate, calling for not so much as disturbing a single hair on any crazy Democrats' heads, instead grabbing their cat-lady ranters metaphorically right in the pussy, and kicking their imaginary Blue Wave SJW soi-boys right in their tucked-in crotch.

Pull the other leg; it's got bells on it.

Inspector Columbo: "Just a couple of more questions..."

And getting back to Lunabomber for one last minute this morning...

Comments here and elsewhere have riffed on the old Freudian "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" line.

I.E., this @$$clown could just be that stupid, and is exactly what the MSM is portraying: A rabid right-wing bomb-mailing wannabe murderer, like all the Deplorables are.

I could see one or two things lining up.

But this is the crime scene in Jack Reacher:

Guy leaves one latent print.

They walk right up to his homeless guy molester van in a metropolis of several million people, and arrest him the next day, like he had a fucking address that said “Trump MAGA sticker-covered van, third row, fourth palm tree from the middle, at 3765 W 207th St” on his vehicle registration, and was wearing a GPS ankle bracelet.

Makes the bombs look cartoonish, yet impossible to detonate, ensuring the FBI has fucktons of surviving evidence.

Does everything but write “Please Open: Bomb Inside” on envelopes.

They get to 12 locations without ever being mailed, but he’s supposed to have sent them via courier. With postage. Like you do.

None of them go to people who open their own mail.

None of them go off, nor could go off.

The media gets invited in by way of getting a couple of their own examples.

Supposedly Republican, waits until we’re liable to have a red wave, then sends devices two weeks before elections, because reasons.

Lights every light on the “not a Republican” list:
living in his van

Lives in such Republican hotbed states as NY, NJ, MN.

Looks like the exact mouth-breathing goober DiFi and Pelosi would hire for the role.

The press conference and talking points are ready to be rolled out in 0.2 seconds after the first one is found.

Brennan calls “GOP”, gets his own bomb the next day.

Soros-spawn gets NYTimes knee-jerk editorial while the final bombs are still en route.
Now come on, anybody could get one or two, but eleventy-nineteen and counting, and this is looking like powerball odds of him being the Democrat Wet Dream Fantasy Football Republican Whacktard Pick Of The Year.

This is like someone panhandling and asking for a sandwich when you’re hungry, and instantly an entire 11-course Thanksgiving Dinner is catered to you on the spot, in 5 seconds, including whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, a personal waiter pouring champagne, and a guy playing violin music while bikini-clad models hand feed you peeled grapes as the appetizer.
While carrying the rifle that’s a ballistic match to the JFK bullets on his shoulder, and holding a postcard of himself on the Grassy Knoll in 1963, holding a rifle.

So yeah, FTR, this could have “just happened”.
And been wrapped up and solved faster than cases on TV on CSI.
Exactly two weeks before the election.


Dear Angus

When you meet the occasional @$$hole, that's life.
When everyone you meet is an @$$hole, you're the @$$hole.
                                                - fortune cookie wisdom

Dear Angus:

You and Tam blogged on the same topic on the same day.
I plucked both posts out, as people whose blogs I read regularly, read both sides, and selected them both for further commentary.
That was the entire extent of your participation.

IMO, she's right, you're wrong.
End of story.

You're not the official spokesperson of anything, AFAIK.
You're taking this far too personal.

There were multiple comments on several posts, and on multiple blogs, none of them by you, which I responded to.
Not to you.
Nor to any one quote by you.

Simply to address the entire retarded idea.
Which has been tried and failed before too, all over the place, not just FL.

Get over yourself.
It ain't about you, and never was.
Stupid is as stupid does.

I'm demanding nothing.
I'm suggesting that crapping your pants in public is dumb, and not in anyone's best interest.
And then you and twenty other people all lost your minds, because someone (actually, several of them, from coast to coast, including right there in FL) dared to suggest FL Open Carry was doing something that won't work, and never has.

Stop pissing on people's heads and telling them it's raining.

If some group seven states away wants to act stupid, it's a free country, with free speech.
But it's not consequence-free speech.
Expect people, especially me, to point and laugh.

But if David Hogg is your gold standard for intelligent commentary on any topic, let alone this one, well, by all means use that as the intelligence meter that works for you.
And if the cops stayed polite, and continue to do so, tell me how you couldn't have "won" without egregious stupidity in public.

I suggested even more in the first or second post on the topic:
If about the only place you can open carry in FL is while fishing, why do those events only once a month?
If your goal is to "normalize" the sight of weapons legally and openly carried, why not do them once a week?
Or, hell, seven days a week, morning, noon, and night, except in the exact low-key, handguns-only manner that does not describe Stupid Carry Day?
Shocker: I "hate" Open Carry so much I think you should do it all the time.
Just leave the jackassical long guns and eleventy-nine guns at home.
Not because you have to, but because it looks better, which sways more uncommitted people, including in a bunch of other states far beyond FL Open carry's tiny-minded perspective.
How bastardly of me to suggest this might be an issue that affects more than Floridians, I know.

Wouldn't that have made your point far better all around, demonstrated the exact common sense and circumspect behavior that is true of the vast majority of CCW holders in any state, including yours every time they publish the stats, and without having a bunch of Ramboneheads providing fodder that'll be whipped out forever from coast to coast, every time this topic is discussed, including far beyond the precincts of your little peninsula? Why in hell do you want the biggest jackwagons to be in the limelight, and hand them a megaphone?

You want people far and wide to knee-jerk support you, but you're more than happy to tell them to go and screw themselves, and accuse them of Zumboism and worse at the merest drop of a hat in suggesting you might maybe have stepped on your own dicks, and hosed it up for ten other states worse off than you, far beyond your little squabbles.

That's some pretty big balls, man.
With your cleat marks in them.

Maybe open your horizon a bit beyond the borders of the Sunshine State, if you expect anyone else to give a crap, and back you up, even rhetorically. Or get used to being the butt of jokes.

All I suggested was that it's possible to do good things in smart ways, and vastly preferable to doing them in stupid ways.

You and a small gaggle of folks are wanting to defend doing things stupid ways too.

That's not "living in my head."
It's hitting yourselves in the face with a 2x4, and then putting it on YouTube.
Hell yes I'm going to blog that.

You do what you think is best.
Just like FL Open Carry does.
I ain't your dad or mom, just a guy like Mel Brooks, who thinks me stubbing my toe is tragedy, and someone else jumping off a cliff is comedy. Like everybody since Adam.
But if all you can do when it gets noticed is name-call the people that laughed at your antics, maybe taking off the floppy shoes and clown nose might be in order.
Or just growing a thicker skin.

Or best choice, stop dressing up with a bunch of your closest friends, piling into the Volkswagen, and shooting seltzer in each other's faces and down their pants, unless you were going for the laugh.

And FTR, besides you, and Tam, and myself, the topic was addressed shortly afterwards by Borepatch, and Miguel, and even Sal the Agorist.
Suffice it to say, it wasn't a good week for Team LARPer.
We'll grant your premise, and forget me, because I'm stupid, m'kay?
But those others are all some pretty Zumbo freedom-hating anti-gunners there. Not.
And that's just the handful I read all the time.

When your friends and allies can't disagree with your tactics without being railed as secret commie gun grabbers, you don't have any friends or allies.

Maybe rethink that approach, too.

Scorched Earth seems like a lonely place to live.

And FYI, I posted this first at Angus' site, and he promptly deleted it:
Two comment from Aesop deleted.

You wanna comment here, you be polite. You be nice. You don't insult.

Try again, or not.

I do have a comments policy and I do enforce it.

You can keep your football, Lucy. After leaving this little butt-nugget here last night, which I left up:
Angus McThag said...
If you're anti-openly stupid, you should probably shut up.

Just sayin'.

Just so we're transparent about the whole polite/nice/not insulting thing.
It's nice to know that the polite commentary policy there is strictly one-way "laws for thee, but not for me" way.

You keep your policies, Angus.
I have principles, and mine aren't situational.
Best wishes with your approach.

Reasonable and intelligent people can disagree.
Those who are neither cannot tolerate any other opinions.
My apologies for expecting better from you.

If you ever decide to come in off the ledge, I'll still be here.
If not, best wishes.

Democrat Desperation: Go Big, Or Go Home

Ten thousand "coincidences". Seems legit.
This isn't a suspect. He's a villain hired from Central Casting.

Operation Meuller: Fail.
Operation Blue Wave: Fail
Operation Smear Kavanaugh: Fail
Operation Criminal Caravan: Fail
Operation Luna-Bomber: Fail

We haven't seen so much fail since...the Obama administration.

Can't wait to see what they pull out of their @$$#$ now that this has gone pear-shaped on them in 0.2 seconds.

Flying midget porn?
Gay Unicorns break-dancing?
Aliens in UFOs on the South Lawn of the White House?
The Pope coming out as a transsexual hitman?
Talking dinosaurs?
Sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads?

Anything is possible, and everything is in play.

Friday, October 26, 2018


h/t Chateau Heartiste

Another Own Goal from the same Deep State geniuses that brought you Christine Brassy Fraud, and her Fakerape accusations, now we have long-time DEMOCRAT and recent "Republican" Cesar Sayoc, a Filipino from NYFS trying the Warren dodge of claiming Native American status in FL as a Seminole (we're guessing he's really only a member of the Semen-Hole Tribe from New Yawk), whose molester van was window-papered with obviously two-day old unfaded Trump and anti-media meme stickers, which somehow escaped getting it torched by understanding libtards in Dade County because they were just stuck on the windows in the last two days (including blocking the passenger front window, a violation in all 57 states, yet never ticketed).

And as a multi-strike felon, he can't vote for ANYONE.

And, as you can see above, the perpetration team forgot to scrub all his social media, because the Internet is forever. Well-played, douchetards, but too slow.

This dork is a Central Casting custom-ordered Fakebomber, to go with the fakebombs and the fakenews, and the only thing missing from his mug shot was green skin and neck bolts.

Bullshit flag thrown: 15 yard penalty, and loss of possession.

And From The Sports Pages...

A pole, a suitable dangling cable, and of course, the "ball", and you're ready to go.


Wasn't paying attention last week, blog turned 10.
Which about sums up my enthusiasm for birthdays since about age 21, other than them being better to have than not to have.
Suppose I ought to go buy the blog a present.
I think it needs another gun, unless I can find a good price on a working flamethrower.

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Speech Is Free. But Not Consequence-Free.

I'm given to understand that calling them fucktards may have hurt their feeeeeewings.

That pretty well covers that.

It's a truism that if you don't act in jackassical ways, you're a lot less likely to be pointed out as a jackass.

If this is news to anyone, they should stock up on butthurt crème and ice packs.
And go deep.

UPDATE: Speaking of butthurt creme and ice packs, GFZ makes the point, hilariously.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Live From Bomb Central:

Dear Leftards:

You'll know when the Right sends bombs: they'll go off.

Love and kisses,

- the basket of Deplorables

Reality check:

It's the LEFT that's been almost every bomber, for over a century.
It's one of their favorite things.

Nominal right-wing bombers in the same era, you could pretty much count on your thumbs.

Spot The Flaw In Your Response

Common sense is bouncing off the adamantine armor of some people's bulletproof heads, so I'll try pictures instead:

Watch how a Leftard responds to the rational objection that she's speaking fluent lunacy:

See how that works?

At least a couple of guys above ("Yes") could get open carry right, and make the point, without being fucktards.

And the fucktards' responses are eerily identical to the response of the deranged leftard moonbats.

So stand up and snag a clue, rather than letting one waft over your heads.

Because guess what, guys, I've been fishing too, even when it was hot and humid, and there are exactly zero cases when I ever thought, "Gee, what would really make sense here would be a bolt-action rifle, an AR, or a nice bullpup carbine, being so much lighter, smarter, and easier to manage while casting over yonder, because I really need that extra 6-8 pounds of long arm hanging on my ass when it's this hot and humid, and it'll come in extra handy if I somehow end up in the water."

In fact, no one sane ever said that, so if you selected that choice, fly your Fucktard Flag proudly, freak.

See if you can guess why you're simply pulling your pants down, and slapping your asses every time you try a response in opposition to reality.

If you chose instead, "I see the obvious point: we can make our case for open carry without being egregious public fucktards, and still exercise the right to open carry", you are a "Go" at this station and may proceed.

Stupid Is Not The New Black

"I think you should be more explicit here in Step Two..."

The Florida Open Carry Argument, in a nutshell:

                                                1) Team Fucktard
                                                2) Then A Miracle Occurs
                                                3) Gun Rights!

"Floridians have tried every single thing that all y'all keep telling us works.

None of it does.

But I guess none of you can see that from out of state.

Because all of you do seem to miss that the monthly OC fishing events are dress-code and very understated things. THIS event was because Miami PD went in guns drawn like it was an active shooting when it was just a handful of people with holstered handguns.

As Weer'd says, it was retaliation.

We've been trying stuff that doesn't work, this is, at least something we haven't tried yet.

Something I keep seeing repeated is that the idiots hurt the case, but so very often the idiots are getting what they want.

I will ask again: OK, we're doing it wrong. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EXPAND GUN RIGHTS IN FLORIDA?

Nothing? Thought so."
You're missing the point, and at this point, deliberately:

Clearly, the events are not "dress code and very understated things" if people are toting slung ARs to fucking catch fish.
Game Over.

Is it legal, under FL law?
Hell yes.
Is it dumber than juggling lit road flares in a wading pool full of racing gasoline?
Pretty much.

If you just want to prove something is legal, put on a pair of orange hospital scrubs, have a buddy drop you off on the curb, and sprint away from the Dade County Jail at shift change at your best speed. Videotape it for the class.
Fuck yeah!
Liable to get your ass shot to doll rags, or beaten into the asphalt?
Fuck yeah!
But legal trumps stupid, so go ahead on.

Carry on, and suture self.

Go after the fucktard Miami PD for the prior harassment in court, with IA complaints, and any other means at your disposal; you've got grounds for multiple lawsuits.
But "I got my ass kicked, so I'm going to dare them to kick my ass harder" isn't "retaliation", it's doubling down on stupid.
It's wearing a "Fuck the Pigs!" t-shirt into the cop bar, open-carry toting a shotgun and an AR.
YouTube that one too; comedy gold is where you find it.

Go watch Chris Rock's "How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police", and get back to me when the penny drops.

Just because you haven't tried something doesn't mean you ought to.
Maybe learn a lesson from common sense, and from the example of the 5000 other Open Carry fucktards from coast to coast who've BTDT.

So, in answer to WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO EXPAND GUN RIGHTS IN FLORIDA?, the answer isn't "Nothing", it's "Reminding the OC Crusaders that acting like fucktards is acting like fucktards, and harms gun rights for everyone, everywhere."
So they might wanna put some ice on that before it swells up.

But hey, I could be all wrong, just flipping this kind of shitheadedness off because I secretly hate gun rights, and not because it's simply egregious stupidity in public to no good end whatsoever, so all y'all go ahead and be smarter than everybody else simply suggesting you might want to try doing things that are both legal and smart, instead of legal but horrifically stupid.

And then ask yourself why it is no one's going to give two shits when your fucktards are the next Lavoy Finicum.

Because I'm here to tell you, I'll point and laugh when - not if - it happens.

Not because I'm some kind of Fudd, but because I'm sick of seeing fucktards shit in the pool and ruin the party for everyone.

Now, if after that, you can argue the merits of doing grossly jackassical things because you've exhausted all other possibilities, go on ahead.
I'll wait.

And nobody's telling you what to do, nor pretending one size fits all.
In fact, entirely the opposite.
Do whatever you can that's legal and smart that will effect the change you're hoping for.
I italicized and bolded the "and smart" part because that's the entire issue.

So you can argue that dressing up as Rambonehead toting his Open Carry AR everyfuckingwhere is smart. (Best wishes with that, and I'll spot you the first three concrete faceplants before we start keeping score, just to be sporting.)
Or you can admit that jackassery is all you've got left to work with.

If you can't or won't do either of those things, all we're left with is blood on your cleats, and holes in your dick from your cleats.

And what kind of friend wouldn't tell you not to do that?

No one's telling Floridians "You MUST Do A!"
Heaven knows there's more than one way to skin a cat, and to miscast what you're being told as that is somewhere between disingenuous, and outright falsification.
We're telling you "Doing Z is Jackassical." (And no, we don't give a wet fart about you doing A through Y. Do whatever turns you on.")
That's the difference between saying "Throw yourself in the cactus patch!" versus saying "FFS, Don't jump in the cactus patch!"

I'm cheering the fact that you turned a may issue state into a shall issue state.
But you didn't get there by acting like public @$$holes.

So by all means, have Open Carry Events.
If fishing is the only kind where that's legal, why not do them 365 days a year?
Morning, noon, and night?
If you organized your people into shifts, and make the piers the safest places in the state, from sunup to sundown, every damned last day, wouldn't that actually normalize open carry, and without looking like a bunch of Airsoft LARPers?

But FFS, leave the long arms at home, and stop looking like a bunch of tacticoolio lunatics.

And if the optics of the event don't matter, you're not advocates.
You're just idiots throwing M-80s in the outhouse just to see the shit fly.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Here You Are

Popp's funnier than I am, on a topic that's not funny at all:

Here's how your culture went down in flames, in 10 easy steps.
Which was enabled by Socialism Lite from 1932-1980. 
What started that was Progressivism, just after the Turn Of The Century, 1900-1920.
Particularly Amendments XVI-XIX, inclusive.

And what enabled them was the serial nonsense espoused by Darwin, Marx, Dewey, et al.

Brought to you by the leading lights of materialist and anti-theistic philosophy circa the French Revolution. IOW we were on a collision course with disaster almost from our founding, and the chickens have come home to roost.

So the Baby Ducks of revisionism trying as hard as they can to blame this on Baby Boomers have another thing coming. Starting with the fact that history didn't begin five minutes before you started paying attention.

You want civilization, you've got to burn an awful lot of nonsense down.
Almost nothing dominant currently is anything you want.

And nobody alive now has much experience with the way things oughta be, because they never were, for your entire life.

Just something for you to ponder in your idle moments.

Duelling Blogs: Cage Match


"i'M nOrmaLiziNg gUns!"
"No, you're making gun owners look abnormal."

Topic: Open Carry

Exhibit A: McThag

"Open Carry Events Are Helpful"

Exhibit B: Tam

"It's Possible To Take Things Beyond Stupid"

Winner: Sorry Angus, but Tam, by a country mile.

The Open Carry activists (as opposed to people who simply open-carry, minus fanfare and TV cameras, or YouTube selfies) are, by and large, overqualified morons, with a mere 1000 or so events to document that appraisal. Stupid People Doing Stupid Things By Stupid Ways In Stupid Places are not, ipso facto , my brothers from another mother. They are in general and in detail, mostly fucktards of the worst sort, i.e. the type who take their crazy out in public, for a walk. Like people walking their human pet in head-to-toe leather on a leash at the mall.

If anyone is that batcrap nutso, please have the decency to wear a Hillary t-shirt when you do it.

I can be against oppressive metastatic government without dressing in camo down to my underpants, taking along 50 FBI CIs, and taking over an unoccupied wildlife refuge office until someone gets killed, because a fucktard is a fucktard is a fucktard, and I'm not morally or logically obligated to support Team Stupid, no matter the cause, under any rational philosophy.

As Tam notes, it's all well and good if guys who fish anyways strap on a Glock in a hip holster and head for the pier like they do every Saturday, to inoculate the normies to the sight of guns, and obviate public freakouts by both them and asshat douchebadges taught that they're Only Ones. That's moving the ball up the field.

But exactly as could be predicted from 3000 miles away in a basement, what shows up is Junior Birdbrain with his Cosplay Commando Airsoft Loadout #5, and eleventy-seven rifles in a Tactical Wheelbarrow, 300 pounds of ammo cans, dummy grenades on his chest harness, and a rusty Zebco 33 he last used in 1967. This is not Open Carry, it's attempted jihad in a public place, and egregious public dipshittery. Every time one of those assholes goes full retard, and then gets a chestful of protect and serve in a Darwin Award-winning manner from some undereducated beat cop, the collective IQ of surviving gun owners goes up 10%.

It's possible to do a good idea smartly, or stupidly.

Choose wisely.

Open carry is legal many places, and generally neutral.

But being a jackass is always stupid, no matter the cause you're trying to represent.
If you're not smart enough to know that, you're not on my team.
You're on Team Fucktard.
They are over-subscribed; please rethink your choices.
(Or far more likely, think about them for the first time in your entire life before ratcheting to Stupid position in a spring-loaded manner.)

Either stay home, or else put on an Antifa t-shirt.
You're doing as much for gun rights as the KKK did for freedom of speech by marching through Skokie:

*Proving its existence,
*informing people of your massive overweening stupidity, and
*making them regret the governmental and liberty choices of the Founding Fathers.

Last I looked, scoring a 33% on any exam was still a solid F.
So is a 66%.

Either get it all right, or stay home.

Government, Being Itself

h/t IOTW Report

IOW, being fascist fucktards who can't read the US Constitution.

If you plan to attend the Boo Bash in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park on Halloween, you can be a ghost, goblin, zombie, vampire or any other character that you wish, but you can’t be a clown.
City officials have banned clown costumes because they are too scary.
The annual Boo Bash is held at the city’s community center. The city’s public invitation invites people to “enjoy cider and donuts” at the trick-or-treating event. Kids are invited to wear their favorite costume, but the invitation says “clown costumes are not allowed.”
Newsflash, jackholes: If you're holding a public event, to which costumes are allowed for adults, you don't get to specify the ones you allow, any more than you can dictate what other forms of expression you'll allow at a public meeting. Shocking as it may seem to the D- student h.s. grads who tend to occupy government jobs coast to coast, even in MI, the First Amendment still applies, as it does in the other 57 states, courtesy of incorporation to the states under the Fourteenth Amendment. This means that when they f**k with someone who shows up as a clown, they will get a curb-stomping in court, and the taxpayers will get anally raped, if necessary all the way to SCOTUS, for the ensuing legal bills and civil damage award. Freedom of speech is like that. Welcome to America.

If I lived 2000 miles closer, I'd go dressed as Bozo, with the mayor's name across my shoulders, and sit back and wait for the scholarship and retirement fund to be fully funded, courtesy of both the ACLU and the city government. If 200 such individuals respond thusly, they have my full blessing. They're going to win a legal windfall over this.

Well played, sh*t-for-brains city government minions.

Happy Fake Ancestry Day

In Honor of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's 1/1024th mestizo DNA, today being 10/24.
Note: This post will grow as the day goes on.

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