Sunday, June 30, 2024


Potted Plant Of The United States - Mr. Potatohead

I See A Bad Moon Risin'


 Aaron Sorkin, from 25 years ago on The West Wing

Also the Biden White House every day since 1/20/2020.

Sunday Music: They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha! Ha!

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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Two Worlds

There's one world we shall call "Reality".

In Reality, after the shameful elder abuse on display last Thursday night, Democrat leadership from Hell to breakfast realizes that the scam and sham of Biden as competent, run since before the 2020 Selection, has just been told that Emperor Poopypants has no clothes.

They can't dissemble, hide and slide, nor bluff, bluster, and bullshit all the way to Election Day 2024 pretending Biden isn't a profoundly impaired cognitive retard who can't be left unsupervised with anything as little as pointy items or matches. He can't have the nuclear codes, he can't manage the Executive Branch, he can't even manage everyday Executive Branch decisions, and he simply must be removed, if he won't go peaceably.

The Congress may begin blanket-vetoing or halting movement on all bills in perpetuity until he's removed, on the perfectly reasonable grounds they can't send legislation for signature to a mental cripple. The Speaker should announce that policy NLT 0800 EDT Monday, as a matter of fact and policy UFN.

They cannot ratify his choices for federal bench vacancies, he cannot sign legislation, and we can't have eight other nuclear powers in the world wondering whether we have handed the nuclear hand grenade to a functional toddler with concentration issues.

And knowing that if anything happens while they've dawdled over removing him, their entire party will own it in perpetuity. And worse, not only people on the street, but Republican government oversight committees will begin asking "How fucked in the head is Biden, when did you know that, and who told you to cover it up?"

And those hearings will start no later than Labor Day, and run 16 hours a day on every channel, fully televised, non-stop, coast to coast, seven days a week until Election Day.

They'll know that if the cabinet doesn't invoke the 25th Amendment, and declare Biden mentally unfit to hold the office, the impeachment hearings of every single cabinet member will be handed down after that, and then the trials will start in the Senate, and looking at down-ticket races, we won't have a cabinet in about a month, until finally even the dumbest shithead in federal service in every cabinet level agency can see it's time to send Joe off to the funny farm. 

Not for nothing, but if they act in time (i.e. before her impeachment for high treason and conspiracy) they'll rightfully be able to swear in the first black female as Acting President, which is nothing to sneeze at in the long run. (And never has the word "Acting" been so pregnant with meaning and precision as it will be when it's bestowed on Sen. Kneepads).

They'll have to do this knowing that in about 5 minutes, the hearings into how long Biden's total mental incompetence has been lied about, and by whom, will begin as well. Then the investigations and referrals for treason begin for the rest of the cabinet and the entire White House senior staff. Followed by criminal trials for treason for the lot of them. Republicans have been waiting for that moment since 1974, and it's one helluva long institutional memory for the Elephant Party.

And then the Acting President will be the Republican Speaker Of The House. Who then fires the heads of the FBI and CIA, and appoints the most frothingly partisan pitbulls at FBI, CIA, and Attorney General, and we start seeing about 100 Biden apparatchiks tried in batches, in about 15 minutes, for a laundry list of crimes going back to 2009.

If the country is very lucky, that all starts maybe five whole minutes before every crackpot dick-tatership on the planet starts to challenge the US "because you've got an addle-headed Alzheimer's patient sitting in the Oval Office."

And the American people, across the board, are going to start laying full blame for the past four years' charade on the Dumbocrats, who will find themselves hard-pressed to poll above whale shit for the next decade, for perpetrating this monstrous five-years-long fraud on the entire country, and by a huge majority refuse to trust anybody in that party for the next decade or two, for being part of the fraud they've orchestrated.

Not least of which blowback will include ABCNNBCBS having ratings in the single digits, and being about as economically viable as Sears & Roebuck, with no small number of networks going completely bankrupt and ceasing to exist. The lucky ones won't be firebombed twice a week until their senior members flee the country and seek asylum in Cuba or Venezuela.

The Joint Chiefs are going to have to remove the nuclear launch codes, and substitute crayons and coloring books, until Biden is removed completely from any form of power. And the general and admiral ranks are going to have mass retirements, possibly even down to the ranks of colonels and majors, in a military housecleaning not witnessed by a major power since Stalin in the 1930s.

And if you think Jill Biden and a cast of dozens in the current administration isn't going to be put on criminal trial for elder abuse, you've got another think coming.

That's what every day starts looking like, any day now, in Reality.


Then there's the other world.

In that world, the Cabinet becomes astronomers, gazing at the ceiling every time Biden's profound senile dementia is mentioned, or there's any suggestion of removing him under the 25th Amendment.

The Congressweasel senior leadership, and the entire media, starts spinning like a top to explain last Thursday....wait, what?...was just an aberration (at first), and by next weekend, it will have never happened, having been memory-holed indefinitely.

They'll gaslight the entire country, lie and deny, and spew bullshit like 100 snowblowers driving through Bandini Mountain, scattering their bovine effluvia to the four corners of the country, and the globe, thinking that if they can just ride things out long enough to steal another election, they can swear in Harris, put some sock-puppet in as new Veep, then get rid of Sen. Kneepads for any one of 200 crimes in their payback folder, and successfully stage another coup, just like the one they perpetrated in 2020 on the nation, and the entire world, while the entire country lies still under drifts of bullshit 10'-20' deep.

They think seeing Dementia Joe on rerun 2,000,000 times a day can be overcome with clever polling machine algorithms, and the subterfuge that went unanswered in 2020 will similarly go without any meaningful response in 2024, while the whole country watches it, gobsmacked and inert.

And that there won't be a full-on shooting civil war when they try it, starting about an hour after they call the election for Biden, with 69% of the registered votes, compared to Trump, who only gets 48%.

Or worse, some black-robed @$$hole in NYFC thinks he can sentence Trump to 267 years in prison for no discernible crime, and that gunfire with a purpose won't trigger off by the end of July, in earnest.

And then, they imagine, business as usual. ¡Voila!

We call that second world Clown World.

Watch and see which one you live in starting Monday morning. Place your bets.
And stock up on canned goods. Both #10 type, and the kind that comes in olive drab cans.

That's the fire-juggling in a wading pool full of high octane gasoline you're witnessing, yet again, in real time.

Friday, June 28, 2024

DNC Unveils New Campaign Theme

After last night's explosion of the Hindenberg as it crashed onto the Titanic just before it ran aground beneath the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius, and was then subsumed by a tsunami of biblical proportions, we are in some quandary about where, in this Clowncarnucopia of Fail, we ought to begin.

But begin we shall.

First, the obvious. We've said since the (S)Election, if not the nomination, that the DNC would have two great paralyzing fears about Emperor Poopypants in the White House, backed up by Senator Kneepads:

1) What if he doesn't make it to 2024?

2) What if he does?

Both calamities have now come crashing down around their heads, in one single 90 minute debate.

Let's look at the tape:

And that's all that needs to be said about that. Trump crushed Biden with one line:

"I have no idea what he just said. Neither does he."

Just to be sure we weren't dreaming, we checked half a dozen hard core DNC websites. We found the following picture from the debate on all six sites.

The Washington Post noted today that they hadn't
seen anything like this debate since Abraham Lincoln
 caught a play at Ford's Theater in 1865.

No small number of Dumbocrat leaders, not least of whom the Cabinet, are suddenly mulling the necessity of invoking Article XXV of the Constitution, and removing Biden from office for mental incapacity.

The trouble they face there is the immediate 200 congressional hearings that will follow like day follows night, asking "What did you know about Biden's profound senile dementia, and when did you know it?"

Because they can't pretend it only kicked in Wednesday night. We, along with any 500 other blogs, have regularly noted that Poopypants was gravely mentally decrepit even before the election, and he wasn't even in full possession of his marbles before 2020, nor even as Vice President, where the merest chance of his accession to power served to quell any thought of removing his predecessor, Hopey Dopey the Ist, by any means. Biden was, on his best day in middle age 40 years ago, nothing more than a lying midwit, and the decline has been even less kind to him.

And in light of last night's performance, even though they are loathe to discuss national security measures, Biden's obvious incapacity has forced the Pentagon to reveal the hitherto secret contents of the supposed "nuclear football" a rotating stable of military aides carry one step behind POTUS for the last 50-60 years:

Not to be outdone, the White House Communications Office has rushed out press kits assuring the nation, and hurriedly assuring at least eight other nuclear powers that Emperor Poopypants' finger is nowhere near any nuclear trigger, by showing off the only hotline on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office:

Unfortunately, and in deadly seriousness, Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Abu Sayyf, and 50 other terrorist heavy hitters just got a great look at how fucktardedly senile Poopypants is, and that only leads to Interesting Times, in a Chinese curse sort of way.

And the second most obvious question set now is, how long has Biden been a potted plant with legs, how long have they known this, and WhoTF has been running the country in fact for the last 4 years?

Which discussion, at long last, rubs the noses of 70,000,000 idiot Dumbocrat voters into the following:

And after foisting an obvious halfwit on us for years and years, knowing full well that he was incapable of decisions regarding any number of important things, nobody's going to give them a mulligan the second time, no matter with Sen. Kneepads lying in wait, and two dozen assorted wingnuts in the Evil Party pining for the days to come, and thinking this is now their big break.

This is going to lead to a DNC cage match, followed by a Full Monty Python finish line ending.

Pass the popcorn. Even if it's just rigged pro wrestling theater, it's still fun to watch. This is going to be great good fun. 

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Debate Summary, In Advance

UPDATE 6/2824 0001PDT:


We nailed the hell out of that one.

Latest reports have ABCNNBCBS, and most of the DNC, on suicide precautions, and the Secret Service has orders to keep Kamala Harris no closer than within 50 yards of Biden at all times from now until January 20th.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Land Of Bad

Somehow, Hollyweird burped this one out just this past February, and it's already out on BD/DVD, after about 15 minutes in theaters, and no PR campaign. Which is how we found it amongst the straight-to-video junk at one of the local big box establishments.

"Somehow" isn't hard to figure out here, not because it sucks (just the opposite, in fact, which with movies these days is rare enough to be noteworthy) but because it features exactly no blue-haired lesbians, no PC woketarded crapola, no white guilt or globull warmist climastrology, no brave and strong women endowed automagically with awesome powers of mightiness by way of a vagina, and only one female anywhere within 5 spots of top billing (and BTW, she quietly kicks ass, as you'll see when her moment arrives). IOW, it shits on every Hollyweird predilection for everything bassackwards to real life, screwball, and stupidly bent that's kept audiences away from movie theaters for the last 5 years or more, with a very few exceptions.

Semi-spoiler Alert: JSOC mini-team is sent into the Philippine jungle to rescue a three-letter agency asset held hostage. The lead is Liam Hemsworth as the fish-out-of-water JTAC newbie plopped amidst the Tier One operators. His contact at the other end of the satellite uplink is Russell Crowe, as the oldest and most portly captain in the US Air Farce's drone pilot corps. Imagine Maximus, after partying with John Candy and Chris Farley at a Vegas buffet for a decade, then add 50 pounds, and you're on the right track.

Nonetheless, the flick marches, hey-diddle-diddle, straight up the middle, and things on the mission go to total sh*t, as they often do IRL. See the flick.

You want an epic like Gladiator or Master And Commander? Fuggedaboudit. You want comic book schlock like Commando , Battleship, or any of The Expendables? Not happening either.

You want a tight yarn about good guys being badasses, like Tears Of The Sun or Act Of Valor? Stock up on popcorn and beverages, and get comfortable.

Hollywood orphaned this movie, because it's everything they dislike, rolled into one flick.

Do yourself a favor: Give Hollyweird and their twisted sensibilities the middle finger, and buy, rent, or stream this flick.

You won't be disappointed.

Our rating: ★★★★ Danger close. Cleared in hot.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Here Comes Joe Pedo!

Sunday Music: Gustav Holst - Mars, Bringer Of War

Opening piece (of his seven-part opus The Planets) consisting of Holst's musical impression of the entire solar system at the time (minus Earth itself), according to the traditional cosmology of each planet's significance and role.

And a piece far too often audible just under the news of the day, ever since it was first set down on paper over 100 years ago.

(BTW, if this piece, and Jupiter remind you of the soundtrack for Star Wars, it's because Lucas used The Planets music as a placeholder, and liked them so much, he asked John Williams to write something in a similar vein, which he subsequently did. For bonus source material, refer to the theme from the old TV series Lost In Space, scored musically at the time for Irwin Allen by a young composer named Johnny Williams, ten years and more ahead of his work on the original Skywalker tale. You can hear the seeds of multiple movie scores for the Star Wars saga in that work as well.)

Friday, June 21, 2024

Legalized Pot Is The Gateway Stupidity


Drug Legalization is a disaster: this is my shocked face.

"The Triads are not just in the illegal marijuana business, they traffic in everything from heroin to fentanyl. Legalizing marijuana however provided them with a profitable and semi-legal market that gives them a base to expand their efforts trafficking in even more lethal drugs.
Drug legalization has failed on every level. The legal drug business is collapsing. MedMen, which once promised to be the Apple of weed, fell from a $3 billion valuation to a bankruptcy with $411 million in liabilities. Despite the green crosses and online apps, 80% of Californian’s pot is still the old-fashioned illegal kind. Politicians may be boasting about hundreds of millions in revenue, but the cartels are making tens of billions and they’re taking over entire forests.
The future isn’t pot shops, weed apps or MedMen: it’s Mexican and Chinese organized crime compounds that are spreading across the West and parts of New England like a plague.
Legalization advocates still argue that if the government lowered the high taxes on legal pot, the business model could turn around again, but even without a single penny in taxes, no amount of legal labor is going to be able to compete with illegal aliens smuggled across the border and forced to work for free by gunmen. Legal businesses can’t compete with organized crime.
Drug legalization increased homelessness and drug abuse. It boosted illegal migration and organized crime. It made life worse in every state and city where it’s been tried without delivering tangible benefits to anyone (including weed users who still get theirs the old-fashioned way) except for a few politicians who temporarily have a few million more to pass around to special interests, donors and lobbyists.
And all they had to do was hand over half the country to organized crime."

Gee, almost like The Enemy Gets A Vote, and drug cartels were happy to drop their prices to $0 if necessary to put legal pot shops out of business, then take over the whole industry, and use the revenue once they cornered the market to expand their drug business to every other illegal drug in existence.

In other news, the sun rises in the east every morning, and water is wet.

Only the potheads and f**king retards didn't know this beforehand, yet here we are.


Thursday, June 20, 2024

From America To Yugoslavia In Two Generations

 h/t CW

R.I.P. Donald Sutherland

Aged 88, in Miami, after a long illness, and a 60-year career in motion pictures, notably in roles in The Dirty Dozen, Kelly's Heroes, M*A*S*H*, The Eagle Has Landed, Animal HouseOrdinary People (as virtually the only cast member in that movie stupidly not nominated for an Oscar), Backdraft, and Space Cowboys, just among the DVDs sitting on the nearby shelves.

Besides working constantly, in his acting career he racked up an Emmy, two Gloden Globes, and an honorary Oscar in 2017 to correct a 50-year oversight by the Academy.

Baby Brother, one of Big Green's tank commanders during the Cold War, could do this bit of dialogue of one of our favorite scenes of Sutherland calling from Chez Leon from memory. It's how we'll always remember Sutherland, fondly.

"You don't want in this thing, you don't get in this thing. I cut you out of everything; I don't need you. 60 feet of bridge I can pick up almost anywhere. Schmuck!"

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sunday Music: Operator

Top Twenty story-song hit for Jim Croce in 1972, from his third album (of five), about a year before his sad and untimely death.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

A Geopolitics Primer For The Pre-Pubescent

Admiral Nimitz would like a chat with you, Ensign BabyDuck.

Some folks ought to bear well in mind that the people telling you to shit your pants over everything have been shitting their own pants every day since they were born, and they probably still wear plastic pull-ups.

Adjust your alarm settings accordingly.

FIFY: Cartography Edition

h/t WRSA 

There are more actual living, breathing Trump voters in New York F**king City than there are soldiers in the entire U.S. Army: that's active duty, reserves, and national guard, combined.
You could look it up.

There are more Trump supporters in Los Angeles and Chicongo than there are total people in any one of 36 entire U.S. states.

If those facts are news to you, you're an innumerate retard, and not tall enough to participate in discussions on the Internet without adult supervision.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Demographics Is Destiny

This is why the "We'll Just Kill The Cities" Posse isn't your friend, they're the guys whacking the dragon on the snout with an axe handle.

It's from the same mentality that came up with "We'll Just Shoot The Wounded".

Their "solutions" aren't simple, they're simplistic.
Which is what you get with simpletons.
They know just enough to be dangerous (mostly to anyone standing close to them), but not quite enough to be really bright.

So, you're going to bottle up the cities?
Let's try that with just one example.

The population of the metro area of Kansas City MO is 2.3M.
The population of the metro area of St. Louis MO is 2.8M.
That's 5.1M people, right there.

The entire population of the state of Missouri is only 6.2M.

Which means the population of just the two largest cities in the state, the ones you're going to "bottle up" (on flat land, mind you!) is the exact 82:18 ratio we mentioned.
Those two cities outnumber every swinging Richard in the entire rest of the state by over 4:1.

I think they might have something to say about being "bottled up".
I think they might even be inclined to say it with guns. (And ropes. And so on.)

Let's be generous, and spot you the farcically optimistic killing ratio of 2:1.

So a week later, there are only 2.9M of them.
And there are exactly 0 of YOU. 

You've been removed from the gene pool forever, down to your grandkids, to the last toddler.
Long before they're even getting hungry, let alone starving.

Well played, Checker Champions.
40% of the population now has 100% of the resources. Including what used to be yours.

But you won't care, because you're all dead.

Recruiting converts to your cause is going to be quite the uphill slog there.

So perhaps you might consider ways to get potential allies onboard with a brighter campaign strategy (which would be Any One But Your Plan A), instead of becoming The Assholes That Everyone Else Wants To Kill Off By Day Two.

Just a suggestion, mind you.

Word To Your Mother: As we just pointed out in Comments to the prior post, there are more Trump supporters in the L.A. metro area than the population of any one of 36 entire states.

There are more actual Trump voters in NYFC than the total number of troops in the U.S. Army: active, reserve, and Nasty Guard, combined.

So there aren't any "blue hives."
That nonsense is for idiots who think the maps made by your enemies are the actual terrain.
The reality is that the entire country is different shades of purple.

Uh huh.

And the greatest trick the Leftards ever pulled was to make you think our side doesn't exist.
Using maps that wipe out the existence of 25-49% of entire cities and states.
The Truth is, there are one helluva lot more people out there who think like you do than they're comfortable with. If it weren't true, they wouldn't be so pants-wettingly obsessed with trying to derail another election.

Don't be the thousands of morons obediently getting on the train boxcars under the watchful eyes of a paltry half-dozen armed troops.

Do. The. Math.

Can You Dig It?!?

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Swamp Gas Keeps Bubbling Up

 h/t JW

We thought we had thoroughly shat upon the notion of a national breakup into nifty sub-countries hard enough to highlight the perpetual unlikelihood of the prospect - at least beyond the initial 15 minutes.

But it seems there are always those who cling to the notion that they will get to keep their little patch intact, while the rest of the world burns, because someone shook Tinkerbell and sprinkled Magic Pixie Dust and therefore, it will be so, because they think happy thoughts, and God loves them best of all.

Not just "No", but "FUCK NO!"

JW threw this idea out as a trial balloon at the end of a post, but there's no shortage of earnest monkeys who will latch onto such a thing and begin humping it with all their might.

So for those Baby Ducks:

The idea of "balkanization" after a civil war/national divorce/banana is pure codswallop.

The why isn't difficult to suss out.

Let's start this small, and go bigger.

Everyone knows it takes two people to go to the courthouse to get married. But it only takes one to get divorced.

(This is why, with all due respect to JW and the Mrs., marriage is exactly like a hand grenade: anything that requires a ring to keep it together is not your friend.)

War and peace have exactly the same calculus:

It takes two nations to maintain the peace.

It only takes one of them  to say "F**k that!", and suddenly you have a war on your hands.

So, you're going to balkanize into separate territories.

How has that idea worked out with the two-state Israel/Palestine plan?

How about with the two Koreas?

North and South Vietnam?

East and West Pakistan?

Two Irelands?

How's the "two Chinas" policy looking these days?

So, knowing that track record, you're going to split America That Is into separate Leftard and Liberty pieces, and you figure the Leftards, who can't help finger-banging anything they see because they think they know better than you, are going to merrily leave other people in peace, rather than jam their fingers into other guys' pies up to the armpits?

Srsly? Anybody thinks that??

Riiiiiiiight. that'll totally happen. When monkeys fly outta my butt.

You may have no desire for D.C. 

Rest assured D.C. has designs upon you, along with the cheerful support of vast hordes of dependent minions in every metropolis in America - you know, the urban locii where 82% of Americans currently live - who will cheerfully and gleefully come to get you and what you think is yours, simply because they can.

People have lived so long under the protection of a republic that safeguards the minority, and the smallest minority, the individual, they've completely forgotten what happens when might becomes right.

People in Alsace, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland should be consulted before anyone proposes to build castles in the air based on the allure of "balkanization". What looked like a great plan in 1919 didn't work out so well by 1939.

Suggestions to the contrary are merely normalcy bias writ large.

And you don't even notice that any hope - including your own - for any piece of the puzzle living happy and peaceful afterwards depends on the good wishes and honest intentions of the exact folks you despise the most right now. If you're going to gamble like that, the Powerball grand prize has better odds. Just saying.

The same thing happened in Korea. And Vietnam. And the Middle East. And on and on.

In the rest of the world, that time is known as the Overture.

Idiots claiming balkanization as the permanent end state, rather than the prep phase, are going to have one helluva shocked face when the curtain goes up on Act One.

Pray, don't be one of them. 

So, inevitably, even a semi-peaceful "divorce" quickly becomes an existential hot shooting war. 

(Side note: How did Ukraine trusting Russian promises to guarantee their original borders work out?)

So this, as always, becomes a cage match, where two sides enter, and only one leaves.

There will be one America with one people when it's done.

Not 2, or 4, or 9, or eleventy.

And anyone who thinks the Canuckistanis or the Mexican'ts, or any other country is going to take advantage of the situation should best look to the response when the cops show up to a domestic violence call: both parties attack the cops more often than not.

Now imagine the US with Blue Helmets or any other silliness. Everyone living here would exterminate the interlopers before we returned to knocking off the native-born enemies.

This will be rivers of blood, mountains of skulls, and oceans of tears before it's over.

One side is going to be smaller when it's over.

One side is going to be extinct.

Which is which will be determined by who wants it more. Period. Full stop.

You think the two (three/four/seven/eleventy) sides will live and let live?

Show your work.

Change my mind.

Start by sharing with the class how the same excremental fucktards who made anyone want a divorce, are going to respect it afterwards, and let you live in peace.

Even if you never wanted a communist paradise, and never voted one in, you're going to have to shoot your way out of one, and back to the republic you miss. And I've yet to see anyone, anywhere come up with a better template than the one instituted in 1776, but there have been dozens and dozens before and since that example all done far, far worse. You will garner enthusiasm for those lesser attempts in the single digits, on your best day. Wrap your head around that reality good and tight before you think to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Which is why I'm also far beyond sick of the asinine city/country wrangling. The people who can add without taking off their shoes already know the vast majority of the country are city folks. (That would be 82% urban, for Common Core grads.) Some of you Baby Ducks new to that bit of intel had best step up your efforts to befriend your ideological allies in Cities you Don't Like (which, word to your mother, they don't like either), instead of shit-talking them for not living in Bumfuck, Bugtussle, or Hooterville. They will be the exact people who'll monkey-wrench Leviathan when the time comes, from inside the citadel walls.

Or, not.

Your job, and as exactly what all insurgencies require to succeed, is to be the place they can recruit, relax, re-arm, refit, recover, and recuperate. America is the one nation that can be its own "foreign power". No one else is coming.

But if you keep pissing off and pissing on your city cousins to where they sit things out, like far too many of the dim-witted seem to pine for fondly, there a bare 18% of you sit, out there in flyover country.

Your move, bumpkins. But don't take my word for it. Call a seance, and discuss with the spirits of Bobby Lee and Stonewall Jackson what a martial contest looks like at 82:18 odds, when you're the 18. The brighter lights out there should be (and are) already looking for ways to make friends, not enemies. You can get to a peer war if you learn to make friends, or simply content yourselves with being the baby Harp seals in the upcoming hunt.

I imagine the hardest thing to do was to teach the caterpillar that in order to become a butterfly, he just had to die first.

Slaughter your delusions, instead of yourselves. Stop hanging your hopes, dreams, and plans on fairytales and fond wishes, and start doing some hard work. Starting with some hard thinking, and hard thoughts. We're running out of time to make enough like-minded friends. 3AM friends. And FFS, quit taking leadership lessons from a herd of cats. Learn to work and play well with others. If only from an enlightened sense of self-preservation.

In closing, I cannot help but observe the number of witch doctors out there, and the dearth of medical common sense. Anyone with a lick of medical acumen knows that amputation is the last option, not the first choice. And that when there's a cancer, you don't give it a sacrificial piece of the body in hopes that will satiate it. You kill it, all of it, down to the last molecule. With fire.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday Music: Uptight

Stevie Wonder was 13 when he wrote this, 14 when he recorded, released, and hit #3 with it, and 15 when he got his first two Grammy nominations for it. Next year it turns 60, Stevie will be 75, and this is still one of the most energetic R&B tracks of all time.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Original Michael, Not Plop-And-Run Michael. Allegedly.

Lookie here: French Maquis, holding an intersection with
no US or Allied troops visible, and armed with German
weapons. Must've bought them on Amazon, huh?

Different guy, same Straw Man gas.


Divemedic recently posted a quote of an "X" take on what The Coming Unpleasantness would look like.

Part of the comment stream follows:


joe · June 5, 2024 at 5:41 pm

yes, because once it kicks off, you won’t be able to order any ammo over the internet, they will close down the gun stores, and it won’t be a fun time at all…

    Aesop · June 5, 2024 at 10:59 pm


    Ain’t nobody gonna be “buying” ammo.
    They’re going to get it the same way the French resistance got grenades and machineguns: off the bodies of the guys they whacked.

    All that po-po militarization we’ve had since the 1970s?
    That’s your supply points.

    The cops are rapidly going to learn to travel in full fire teams and squads, or there aren’t going to be any of them after the first month.

    Either way, they’re going to be fewer and farther between.
    Which makes score-settling a target-rich environment.

    The military isn’t going to fare too much better, and they’ll be outnumbered by all sides about 99:1.

    Think Beirut, Sarajevo, and Chicongo, simultaneously.

      Michael · June 6, 2024 at 5:13 am

      Aesop, please.. French Resistance? Aside from Hollywood and WW2 Propaganda films the Germans when asked about the French Resistance said, “WHAT French Resistance”.

      Please give dates and links of their “successes” before Allied Troops were already marching through Paris. Most was shooting up “Collaborators” with the Germans, I.E. those that simply did business at the coffee shops and such.

      Odd how the shooters ended up owning the dead folks’ shops.

      Sort of like all the keyboard warriors bragging about long ranged snipers doing this and that. AH, Snipers need INTELLIGENCE of who, what, where and when the target is available. Otherwise, you’re a random shooter.

      IRA DIDN’T have nearly 24-07 Electronic Surveillance. HUMIT was all they had to deal with, and the British over reactions pissed off most Irish enough they did not say anything. WE have “SEE Something, SAY something and get a Reward”.

      It’s not hollywierd Aesop. It’s a far more than 3 way purge situation.

It's DM's house, and his rules, so he chose not to append the reply I delivered to that (and I don't blame him for nipping it the bud at his site), so I'll re-create it to the best of my recollection, from memory [addenda now are added in brackets, but didn't appear in the original reply, AFAIK - none of which ever saw the light of day online in any event]:


In your haste to reply to what I didn't say, you've wet yourself again.

It escaped your notice, but kindly excerpt for me where in my reply I touted any "successes" of the French Resistance. I'll wait over here while you look for what isn't there.

Now go look up the resistance in the rest of Europe [Reinhard Heydrich would be a good source for you to consult], and the Philippines. Then look up where both Mao and the KMT got their weapons in China. Castro in Cuba. And on and on, throughout history.

The fact is that resistance movements quickly shift to taking away the arms of TPTB, because they can, and it's what's readily available.

Policing under such situations devolves rather quickly to large teams, or not at all. 

[BTW, those Germans who can't recollect the French Resistance are the same Germans who couldn't recall what happened to the Jews throughout Europe from 1933-1945 either; and who were so vexxed by the Resistance situation in Occupied Europe they issued the Commandobefehl in 1942, so their historical testimony on anything is rather suspect, and universally self-servingly delusional.Read more widely.

Oh, and snipers don't "need" intelligence, they gather it. You could look it up. They're almost never sent out as guided missiles with a hit list. They go out with a few boxes of ammo and a pair of binoculars, addressed "to whom it may concern", to hit Targets Of Opportunity. And they take a radio so that they can let artillery and air strikes join in the fun. If this is all news to you, you're woefully uninformed.

We saw firsthand in this country what two @$$clown "snipers" could do with just a .22 from a car trunk hide in D.C. [Their longest shot was from 100 yards. People shooting 500 yards? It's Sarajevo, and everyone's on the menu.]

And One Shot Paddy and just a few hundred of his friends tied down an entire  regiment in Northern Ireland for 30 years time, and the Brits were no closer to getting rid of them at the end than they were at the beginning. And all that with a surveillance state that Orwell warned of, and checkpoints every mile on every main road.

They had "See something, Say Something" in Belfast too.

It fell out of favor after the first kneecapping. After that, "nobody saw nothing", for an entire generation.

So if you're going to sharpshoot me, you're going to have to do a lot more boning up."

Or words largely to that effect. 

Michael's unfortunate obsession, as I've told him online times and blogs without number, is his knee-jerk itch to fact-check and "correct" everything I write on any other board. Unfortunately, rarely with the chops to pull it off.

I have literally pleaded with him to explore the course of action wherein he self-restrains, and confines his remarks to the given topic under discussion, ignoring what I write, unless of course I address him directly, which I avoid like the plague on general principles. I'm never hurting for content, so you can take a wild guess how little I wanted to post this, but here we are, yet again, because someone has a decided lack of self-control.

I bring this up again, here, because he'll see it, to a metaphysical certainty, and to underline that kicking him around rhetorically like a red-headed stepchild all over the internet is neither my intent, nor the best use of my time or his, let alone other people's bandwidth.

He refuses to start his own blog, prefering evidently to hijack other people's work to his own ends, but he nonetheless has my sincerest best wishes in blurting out all the things he thinks he knows that aren't so. Yet if only to spare himself further embarrassment at how he always comes off in these exchanges, and to stop hijacking other people's blogs and comment streams for his personal compulsion, I really wish he'd figure out a way to address a given topic on the merits, without involving me in any way, nor taking it upon himself to be nothing but an unlooked-for hemorrhoid in every comment stream in the blogosphere. If only for the sheer novelty of that approach.

It would be a refreshing change from his unfortunate current obsession, and perhaps move a new tenant into his head than myself, because living there rent free 24/7 has to be one of the least appealing things of which I can conceive.

And I can't miss him if he won't go away.

Probably not the kind of attention he was hoping for.

"O Hell No!!!

That's a 6/6 on the Iglesias Scale

It's unclear if the contestant was confused, and thought the contest was "Miss As Big As Alabama"; was looking for the circus sideshow hiring office; or just wandered into the contest by mistake while looking for the buffet.

But American Miss Pageant officials: Your pageant is broken, and your Alabama judges are blind, drunk, high as fuck, or all of the above. Apparently, they didn't learn a lesson from the bankruptcy of Sports Illustrated after they lost their collective minds last year. Possibly because their editorial staff all moved to Alabama to judge pageants.

I don't care if she "has a great personality". If the only place you fit in a crew cab pickup truck is inside the bed, you don't belong in a beauty pageant, you belong on a weight loss fat farm pulling a wagon loaded with hay bales around a field, while the teamster dangles a cupcake in front of you hung from the end of a pole, until you can sit on a folding chair without turning it into a yoga mat.

It's not all bad for her, though. Hormel and Jimmy Dean are said to be in a bidding war to make Miss Land Whale the spokesmodel for their pork products, Dubuque is rumored to be coming out with their new Canned Ham On A Popsicle Stick in her honor, and the American Heart Association is basing next year's "How To Have A Heart Attack By 30" campaign on her.

Unfortunately, she'll have to travel to the national pageant by train, since no passenger aircraft are currently rated for her, while cargo airliners would have to use tie down straps to secure her to a cargo pallet to get anywhere by air. National pageant officials are already calling engineering firms to get an upgrade on the stage construction requirements.

This is what happens when you embrace psychotic delusion as "the new normal", instead of slapping the sh*t out of total morons spewing fluent nonsense.

Apparently The Theme Is Diversity Friday at the MSM. Challenge Accepted.


Nobody Touched Nothin'

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Harsh Truths

At least when Eve sold out, she got an apple out of the deal.

Enjoy the box wine and cats. Mind the Wall.

Look Deeper

h/t Divemedic

First post-conviction poll.
Trump still leading by about 1%.

Some people look at this and think:
a) They're gonna (have to/be sorely tempted to) whack Trump, and
b) This makes another margin-of-cheat election steal a slam-dunk cinch.


I look at it and think:
a) If they whack Trump, they get a shooting civil war in about 72 hours.
b) If they whack Kennedy, they get a hat trick, everybody yawns, they don't need to cheat, and Poopypants wins a walkaway landslide without breaking a sweat.

If Kennedy doesn't have food tasters, and isn't wearing Level IV armor under his suit every single day, he'd better start.

BTW: whenever the opportunity presents itself, always lie to pollsters. The less elections go the way everyone expects, the harder they have to work to cheat. Fooling people to keep them honest is as American as the Hidden Ball Trick in baseball.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

And Now, For Something Completely Different

Michael? Back so soon?

Now, rid of the latest attention-whore idiot illustrative of the mouth-breathing class of internet troll, we can assemble the two or three pearls we promised to dig out of the metric buttload of diaper spackle from the previous exercise, and string them together to make some use of them.

Learn the difference between strong sentiment, and Incitement

Thomas Jefferson mused that the Tree of Liberty needs watering from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots. No one batted an eye, even with early 1800's sensibilities. That, friends, is "Just saying...".

Spewing that "I'd really like to strangle Federal Judge Shitforbrains!", OTOH, is liable to get you an earnest chat with federal marshals, at the very least.

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball.

The J6 protesters will not be participating in anything going forward, owing to a prior engagement.
Don't be those guys, for at least two reasons.

1) Incitement is illegal. And you've seen, in only the last week, how far the law will be stretched to go after perceived enemies of the state.

2) Nobody is telling anybody to start shooting anybody else. When it is time, you'll be able to figure it out for yourself with little outside input.

Until #1 becomes #2, you ought to heed some wise advice from a seasoned Doctor of Law. Ignoring the magnificence of the cinematic effort, you really should watch that clip, and take it to heart, until you could recite it from memory, and bear it well in mind - until this clip ascends to pre-eminence.

A Civil War Would Be A Disaster - But not the worst disaster, the last disaster, nor the only disaster

Bumbling around in the recesses of poor Michael's mind, along with incoherent psychosis, was the genesis of an actual coherent thought or three, had he the wit to nurture and tend them until they were ripe enough to pluck.

To wit: he confused and conflated Civil War with TEOTWAWKI. If you think they're the same thing, share with the rest of us how, in April of 1861, everyone fled to the countryside, and abandoned all the cities. Go ahead; I'll wait over here at the bar while you work that out.
Then tell us how the same thing happened in England during their Glorious Revolution. How about Paris, circa the Reign Of Terror? Or anywhere else, ever. Spain, 1930s? Cuba, 1950s? Vietnam, 1946-1975? Indonesia? Yemen? Congo? Rhodesia? SAfrica? Korea? Japan? China? Look in vain, because that's not what happens. Life goes on. One or both sides may experience tough times. Some places or all places may see such. But nobody says, "Holy shit! Civil War! Run for the woods, quick!"

I outlined the difference between city and rural in a civil war.

The problem, when (not if, to about 4 decimal places) we have another one, it isn't going to be state versus state, nor city versus country. It's going to be street to street, house to house, and in some people's homes, room to room.

And some people will get careless, or stupid, and a civil war will become the second- or third-most dangerous problem.

The currency could collapse. In fact, probably will. Could happen even if we don't get to a civil war in time. If this is news to you, yet another cinematic benediction comes to mind.

In fact, worst of all, we could have a civil war, and our side could even win that war, and we could still become Weimar/Zimbabwe/Venezuela. 

But wait! There's more!

Someone in any Unpleasantness could get careless with matches, and next thing you know, the power grid goes POOF! Like fog on a July morning. In Death Valley. The cheeriest predictions for a grid-down "problem" are 90% casualties. But what's a paltry 300M dead, between friends, right?

A civil war, in either case, would become the lesser problem in about one pantry. So even if you have both, war isn't the biggest threat to you and yours, and even giving Uncle Government a snappy raised arm salute, and a daily tongue bath, is no guarantee things will be rosy even for the sycophantic Useful Idiots.

Planning For Almost Any Disaster Looks Pretty Much Like Planning For Only One Disaster- Get your Priorities in Order

In all foreseeable problems, some things will be more important than others, but most things will be important Every. Single. Time.

Water. Food. Shelter. Warmth. Medicine. Weapons. Power. Communications. Intelligence. Allies. Trade Goods.

Without them, you can't do anything. In fact, without most of them, you will not be able to do anything, including survive.
With them, you can likely do as much as your means will allow.

Which leads to another brilliant bit of cinematic exposition. (Clever readers may detect a trend here.)

Planning Is Useless; But The Planning Process is Invaluable

That is a direct quote from General of the Armies and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, but all he ever pulled off was D-Day, ending two wars, and the greatest peacetime boom in history, so what does he know?

Because as we noted earlier, plans go to $#!^. And the more elaborate the plan, the greater the number of points of failure, and the higher the odds that it will fail.

But failure to plan is planning to fail. Because the planning process shows you where all those places are where things could suddenly go pear-shaped.

So the important thing isn't to have any plan, let alone a perfect one, it's to have a perfect planning process, so you exhaustively expose ever single point of failure, and come up with - at the least minimum - Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency Courses Of Action.

Peace Is A Nice State To Live In - But It's Rarer Than Hen's Teeth

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

You need People.
You need Priorities.
You need Preparations.
You need a Planning Process.

Do those things, and you have a fighting chance with whatever comes.

Do them not, and other people will be splitting your gear after you're gone.

With 10 or 20 more IQ points, and better social skills, Michael might have dug all that out on his own, instead of wanting someone to hold his hand for him, lead him to it, and then cut it up into chewable bite-sized baby food so he could swallow it.

But some people would rather dig in their diapers than break a sweat, and do hard things.
Either way, you get the rewards you deserve.