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Happy Thanksgiving


We will be working as a lifeguard in the shallow end of the gene pool most of the weekend, so posting is expected to be light, and hopefully light-hearted.

In which vein we offer our annual favorite TV moment ever, which still cracks us up as much as the night we saw it, when first broadcast. Enjoy.

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New DNC Fundraiser

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Saw the original at the link this morning. It was almost perfect for a meme, but like the main subject, it needed to be punched up. So to speak. So I fixed it.

Natzsofast, Dipsh*t

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Just because neither some drooling crayon merchant at the Hartford Courant, nor any of his woketard editors, know anything about how every tribe in the Americas got here from somewhere else, it doesn't change history. FTR, there's no one on either continent of the Americas who qualifies as "indigenous peoples", since ever. Everybody here, from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, came here from somewhere else, or descended from those who did. You could look it up. History here didn't start in 1492, nor 1620. Only idiots make that mistake. And they keep doing it, over and over. We're not a nation of immigrants. We're two continents of immigrants. Anyone who doesn't like it is welcome to go back where they came from, and nobody has first claim on anything here, except by current possession.

No Regrets

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Parry. Riposte.

Tam seems utterly convinced, due to "insider experts", that Twatter is imminently in danger of crashing and burning.

Alongside the minor malfunctions, the Twitter engineer believes that there’ll be significant outages on the horizon, thanks in part to Musk’s drive to reduce Twitter’s cloud computing server load in an attempt to claw back up to $3 million a day in infrastructure costs. Reuters reports that this project, which came from Musk’s war room, is called the “Deep Cuts Plan.” One of Reuters’s sources called the idea “delusional,” while Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity professor at the University of Surrey, says that “unless they’ve massively overengineered the current system, the risk of poorer capacity and availability seems a logical conclusion.” 
Meanwhile, when things do go kaput, there’s no longer the institutional knowledge to quickly fix issues as they arise. “A lot of the people I saw who were leaving after Friday have been there nine, 10, 11 years, which is just ridiculous for a tech company,” says the Twitter engineer. As those individuals walked out of Twitter offices, decades of knowledge about how its systems worked disappeared with them. (Those within Twitter, and those watching from the sidelines, have previously argued that Twitter’s knowledge base is overly concentrated in the minds of a handful of programmers, some of whom have been fired.)

Followed by patented world-class Tam-snark. Fair enough.

We repeat for emphasis:

1) How much excess capacity does Musk and Twatter require, once he whittles back the unwanted and unnecessary input of the 90%-of-Twatter-posting Wokebots?? Get rid of 90% of the traffic, and you can function until Hell Freezes Over on 10% of capacity, and hire talent long before it ignites.

But let's say he does run it into the ground. That begs the bigger question:

2) Who Cares??

Since Twatter was nothing but a wokebot fool's paradise, if all Musk accomplished was to buy the ginormous P.O.S., just to run it into the Lakehurst Naval Air Station and dock it exactly like the Graf Zeppelin Hindenburg: gloriously aflame, with the survivors tuck-and-rolling to safety while the smoking hulk of the superstructure crumbles into a memory, the response of about 60% of America would be "Hallelujah! There IS a God!".

3) What makes anyone think that the programming "institutional memory" provided by the hordes of fired SJWs is irreplaceable except by other programming SJWs???

I'm pretty sure that writing code is writing code, and if he outsources the whole silly enterprise to Bangladesh, and Silicon Valley starves to death this winter, the cries of delight from most of the country would remain "Hallelujah! There IS a God!".

Heads he wins, tails they lose. 

He either saves this P.O.S. on his terms, or runs it into the wall at 200 M.P.H., leaving poor Elon with only Tesla, unquestioned dominance of space transport for the next decade, and a spare hundred billion dollars or so to fall back on. This is not the catastrophe portended.

Pick on Fedora Jesus all you like. You're missing the point, and the only ones getting themselves into a tizzy over the fate of Twatter are the people who ran the bots, the fired woketard deadweight staff (but we repeat ourselves), and you.

Most people in America wouldn't have given two sh*ts if Musk simply dropped a Falcon Heavy module onto Twatter corporate HQ "by accident" the day after he bought it, because they rightly regard most social media as both unconscionable revelation/intrusion into one's private life and/or a colossal NSA Trojan Horse, plus a waste of bandwidth to begin with.

It's Musk's toy to play with now. If he succeeds, the naysayers look foolish. If he slams into the ground and leaves a smoking hole, the people who hate the naysayers cheer. And at that point, the people carrying water for the woketards' jeering are hard to distinguish from the whiny woketards themselves. Just saying.

Let him play with his toy. Even if he smashes it. It's what his toy means, i'n't it?

Inflation? What Inflation?

 h/t Peter

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You're Doing It Wrong

Someone did some back-of-of-the-envelope calculations and figured that to replace half of their multi-billion dollar advertising revenue with $8/month subscription fees, Twitter would need TWENTY MILLION paid up annual subscribers.

 Maybe true, but largely irrelevant.

Anyone interested in understanding things should be looking at things from the other end the situation, and doing some entirely different napkin math.

1) How much of this pull-out is whiny woketard virtue-signaling chickens coming home to roost, when it turns out they were squandering hundreds of millions of their company dollars on a venue that's 90% Lunatard bots auto-spewing Green Deal talking points, rather than reaching actual, y'know, breathing spending CUSTOMERS? I don't see this as anything but butthurt 20-something cubicle warriors getting out one step ahead of corporate finding out they sold real cows for magic beans, and trying to save their own hashtag ricebowls, before they get bounced onto unemployment. Musk is doing for fake social media what FTX did for crypto. With a flammenwerfer, and a smile.

2) If Twatter was always a vaporware venue of mostly non-existent Leftard troll accounts, why would anyone advertise there?

3) How much ad revenue does Musk need to generate to keep the lights on, after cutting employee deadweight overhead by 75%, overnight?

If Musk purges the bot accounts and fake like checks from Twatter, and transparently shows his users are 100% real, then puts them on an untouchable worldwide Starlink service that can't be censored by any government, and simultaneously purges all the Lefatrded wokeholes and useless eaters from his own payroll, he gains a commodity that no one else has (ask around about how full of b.s. Arbitron and Nielsen ratings are, if you ever want to push over two other houses-of-cards): a transparently legit and unblockable way to reach real people all over the world.

The dumpster fire in question was the Twatterverse before Musk started throwing the deadwood into the dumpster. Now the dumpster fire is the woketarded  minions suddenly aflame themselves, on unemployment, with future career prospects largely centered on either the retail food service or custodial maintenance fields.

Boo frickin' hoo.

Counting Musk out to lunch so soon is largely on par with telling people Trump could never get elected president in 2015. Elon may be a little off in many ways, but he didn't inherit his wealth, or bumble into it. I'd cut him a bit of slack.

Just Another Day


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Sunday Music: Skating


Cartoonist Charles Schulz' choice of virtuoso Vince Guaraldi for the musical background for the Peanuts gang on TV, and the incarnation of Schroeder, for generations of kids and parents watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, was simply inspired. Every year, long before the networks start beating us to death with Christmas TV specials, really the first day the air turns that perfect fall crisp temperature, I want to hear this piece. In fact, on my bucket list, because it lends itself to it so well, is to loop this, head to tail, for an hour or two's worth of Guaraldi's keyboard magic. It makes your day better just to hear it.