Monday, September 7, 2020

I Toldja So, Pt. 2,487

Color me shocked: U. of Iowa re-opened, as did universities in many states, including in North and South Dakota. 

No points for guessing where the three highest per-capita Kung Flu infection rates in the U.S. are, as of right this minute. 

In Week One, U. of I. had a student body infection rate of 13+%. (That's worse than the documented infection rate for the entire state of CA after 9 months of this crap, FTR. FWIW, we're seeing a COVID case every 2 weeks or so, rather than 10-a-night, currently, here in my part of SoCal. L.A. is another story.) This week, Week Two, it's now north of 28% at U. of I. Well-played. I can hardly wait to see how long before they get to full goose bozo 100% infected. 

The really fun part is that somewhere around 50% will be totally asymptomatic. When those unharmed students start passing it on to their parents, professors, and ancillary staff, and so on, it won't be so bitchin' for the previous low infection rates in those three states. Or their hospitals. 

How fun is that? Flash back to food production earlier this year when national epicenters of beef, chicken, and pork production had sudden clusters of 10, 20, or 50 packing workers taken out with Kung Flu, and guess the price of bacon and chicken going forward a few weeks after that happens again. Remember: if you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic, and this is how you do that: trust the biggest jackasses to be responsible participants in society. In this case, that group being university students. And their moron administrators. Go, Team Gilligan! 

The only small silver lining in that clouded hurricane sky is the prospect that they might ass-idently wipe out an entire generation of aging hippie leftoid fruitcakes in academia, which will be an unexpected own-goal for the ChiComs who bungled containment, and the Leftards and NeverTrumpers cheering on the pandemic. If they can repeat the success from Iowa at places like Harvard, Berzerkely, et al, color me properly amused. 

But as expected, and right on track, the next COVID-wave spike now looks to be late September-October-ish, due to school re-openings from K-PhD. Followed by the inevitable one after that, likely from Thanksgiving to New Years', inclusive, secondary to large family holiday gatherings. Almost like Pasteur's Germ Theory and 150 years of epidemiology research was true or something. 

But for those not addicted to low double-digit IQs, and utilizing face masks, handwashing, 6' social distancing, and copious use of hand santizers, events tease the prospect of the smallest annual flu numbers in decades hereabouts. 

Whether society can survive the low-IQ pandemic, and the election held amidst it, is the open question of the year. So much for imaginary pandemics, and "It's Just The Flu, Bro." Hopeium is now trading in Zimbabwean Trillion-dollar treasury note ranges. 

Keep up the PT, and stocking your deep larders. 

You're only in the middle innings of this.