Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Music: Queen Of Hearts


Juice Newton had to convince her producer, even after touring with this song for a year, that it was worth putting on her album in 1981. She was covering it after its original 1979 release to mediocre success. Proof that "nobody in this town knows nothing" (whether it's Hollywood or Nashville), it shot to Billboard's #2 overall slot, #14 on the Country charts, got Newton a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocalist, and being a perfect match for genre, artist, and song, was voted one of the Top 100 Country Songs of all time by Rolling Stone. It's one of our personal favorite earworms, but after listening to it looped 20 or 30 times consecutively, we can usually move on to something else.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Just The Facts

 h/t Free North Carolina

Posting these realities makes me a "domestic terrorist"?!? As if.

But if you want to try that, you're gonna need a bigger FBI.

I am Legion. There are 80,000,000 of me, and counting.

And most of them are just waiting for BananaRepublic.Gov to say "When".

Friday, January 29, 2021

Game: Stopped.


Jump, you fuckers.




Kneepads in the Lincoln Bedroom with Scalia's Pillow...

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Another Sorkin Moment

We now join the FOTUS WH press conference already in progress... 


h/t OddJob


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

False Flag. QED.

 h/t OddJob

In the Pictorial Dictionary Of The Universe, next to the phrase "false flag", we find this picture.

Registered Democommunist. Supporter of Grand Moff Fraudulous the 1st, and the Worst Order. From Dopey's home state. 

Closest that schmuck ever got to the Confederacy was probably fapping to a poster of Catherine Bach in middle school, when Dukes Of Hazzard was in rerun glory on cable. 10:1 his flag still has fold wrinkles from the package he cracked open that morning, before heading over to his assigned agent provacateur operation.

Methinks some overzealous FeebIdiot who ID'ed the above-named assclown, undermining the gaslighting narrative of half of Congress and all of the MSM, is therefore going to get himself re-assigned to investigating federal trespassing complaints in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in 3, 2,...

Point of order: Calling the buffalo jump panty raid on the capitol an "outrageous attack on America" is recockulous. It was a staged photo op, as demonstrated, orchestrated exactly like the Reichstag Fire to give political cover to the exact draconian totalitarianism advocated for the last 4 years. That happy horseshit, and the progenitors of same, should have people going back, in greater numbers, this time with machetes and torches, and doing the job right, once and for all time. They haven't got enough bullets in Fedgov to shoot everyone who'd show up if that was the actual stated agenda, and putting several hundred severed heads on the spikes of the surrounding fenceline might be a salutary example for subsequent generations of local thieves sent to headquarters and allowed to enter the halls of Congress, if only we'd do that. I'd go whole hog, and re-make the Speaker's podium and the Senate dais out of the bleached skulls afterwards, as an everyday reminder to those douchebag swamp denizens about who works for whom in perpetuity, but I'm maudlin and sentimental like that.

Then again, I was sorely disappointed in the Almighty's justicial timeliness when, at the utterance of "solemnly swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States", a couple of recent utterers didn't spontaneously combust on live national television, just to balance the cosmic scales on the spot.

I'm therefore forced to conclude that He must intend others to light the bundles of kindling, in His good time.

Ain't Gonna Be No Seceding

When you're falling off a cliff, everything you grasp at
isn't a lifeline, and wishing otherwise will not make it so.


Risible. (Common Core grads, look it up.)

Like winning the billion-dollar lottery, it's free, and fun to dream about. And just about as likely to happen, ever.

One might as well suggest we build a new Mayflower  and sail off in search of a new land to colonize.

First, the dead horse.

Now, the obligatory beating of same.

Exit is impossible, and the idea is beyond retarded.

Don't get me wrong: the rationale for wishing to do so is as sane and sensible as the day is long, but wishes are not horses.

In 1860, you had clearly defined geographical lines of fracture. And even then, VA lost 1/3 of its territory, and the rest of the border states were similarly split and hamstrung.

You have nothing - absolutely nothing - as neatly and cleanly divided now.

Texas is going to wipe out Austin. Pfft. Sh'yeah.

Georgians will exterminate Atlanta. As if.

The rest of VA will obliterate the counties bordering on DC? Yeah, okay, pull the other one, it has bells on it.

The whole country is purpling up nicely.

You simply can't have secession when it would be the family on Main St. versus the couple around the corner, or the folks in Apt. 1B fighting with the guy in 3C.

Anything like Civil War 2.0 won't be North vs. South, or even city vs. country; it's going to be Bracken's "Bosnia x Rwanda". Think Beirut times 50 cities, and Hutu vs. Tutsis in 50 states. Even so-called "blue" states like NFY and Califrutopia are, at best, 60/40 propositions, and would be every bit as bloody an urban slaughter as you'd get if it was St. louis vs. the rest of Missouri, or Chicongo vs. Illinois. So who's going to secede from whom?

Nobody, that's who.

You might maybe could get North Dakota free and clear. Enjoy their balmy winters, kids. And make friends with Canada, fast. Otherwise it'll just become a reservation for white people, and the local native Americans might take issue with that, just a bit.

Hawaii would go, for sure, but not towards you, but rather independence. Alaska too, although it'd be a toss up if the next governor was Anglo, Eskimo, Canadian, or Siberian Russian. And Hawaii would be looking hard at becoming aligned or allied with Japan or China, in about 0.2 seconds, which probably wasn't in anyone's interests beforehand, let alone afterwards, but nature abhors a vacuum.

New Mexico would become Old Mexico in a heartbeat, and so would AZ, half of Califrutopia, southern Nevada, and more of Texas than you'd wish to part with willingly.

In short, fuggedaboudit.

The last time anyone had an escape plan this bad, Cleavon Little held a gun to his head in Blazing Saddles. 

In a farce, it's funny; in real life, not so much.

You want to crack the mold, and think outside the box? Try the Free State Project, but with a brain.

Dump 6M or so hardcore conservatives into California. You'd price the illegals out of the market, flip the state, the U.S. Congress too, vote the liberal @$$holes out by the metric f**kton, and the democrats wouldn't win another presidential election this century, even if they shipped in cargo containers of ballots from China.

What've you got to lose? You're already bitching about Texas turning into California. Why not turn California into Texas instead??

Imagine the shrieking the day pampered poseurs from Hollywood were faced with paparazzi toting AR-15s to the food court. Or passing a 200% excise tax on soy lattes and vegan cheeseburgers.

Stop pining for places to run and hide, and start looking for ways to shove reality up communists' noses (or a couple of feet lower) until they cry for mama. Stop trying to build the castle walls higher on your little fantasyland fiefdoms, drop the drawbridges, and get out there and burn the weeds out of the fields instead. Stop wishing for a dreamworld you'll never get; grab the world you've got by the throat, and beat it into submission instead.

That's America.

Since 1603.

You could look it up.

Von Clauswitz wrote about "the friction of war".

Be the friction: throw sand in your enemy's gears, and monkeywrench his plans.

If you're worried about a conflict, the lesson of history is to stop worrying about a hidey hole, go forth, and f**k up some of the Bad Guy's stuff.

It's fun, satisfying, and actually accomplishes worthwhile goals.

"A good tactic is one your people enjoy." - Saul Alinsky, Rules For Radicals

Monday, January 25, 2021

For Your Notebook


BCE had some information regarding large green armored thingies, in a post with a picture, which has subsequently been put on the bulletin board at WRSA as well, today.

Look at the iconic post-Tiananmen Square Massacre picture above. Then read Big Country Expat's post. Afterwards, we simply refer you to the picture below, without further comment, other than to direct you to embiggen it, and note the object at the center of the yellow circle.

(If we had pictures this good of a newly painted M1A2, showing the opposite (right) side, or the front hull, we'd have posted those as well.)

My Sincere Thanks


Everything above about the 10th visit to this site has been a continuing source of amazement to us. For some unknown person who logged on about 1830 hours EST last night, you should know that you were the 8,000,000th visitor. For you, and all those who made the other 7,999,999 visits since we rolled this thing down the launching ramp 12+ years ago, my humble and sincere thanks.

Given that we are clinically incapable of shutting up (my mother had me tested), the only things liable to stop this blog are the end of the power grid, our untimely death, or political ill winds. We intend to repel each of those boarders to the limits of our abilities for as long as humanly possible, and are glad so many have found stopping by to be worth the mouseclicks.

My continued best wishes to you all.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday Music: Rain Songs

No points for guessing what's coming down in occasional buckets this weekend hereabouts. Despite the idiots who can't drive in it, we need it. Those idiots are good for business where I work, so there's that. And gloomy, cold, and pouring down buckets suits my mood pretty well this week anyway.

Some of these you may have seen here before; some you haven't.

There are dozens and dozens of songs about it. I just picked these 16 keepers.

They're all worth your time. Listen to one, or all of them.

But first, a little something to get you in the mood...

And if we're going to get into rainy days properly, there's one other clip that's absolutely mandatory viewing, and just as apropos today as it ever was:

Hopefully, that's enough gloom and moisture to get you through the rest of the weekend.

Oh, and I almost forgot: "Boooooger!!!"

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Two Road Maps


One runs right under your opponents' noses. The other one rubs his nose in it, right in front of him in plain sight. (Born yesterday? Google them, Baby Duck.)

Neither is the wrong choice, and like chocolate or vanilla, or blondes vs. brunettes, the correct answer is liable to be "Both, please", not either/or.

Open your mind that much.

All it takes for the former is one person: Big X.

The fewer people in your organization, however, and the more jobs you delegate right back to yourself.

Operations, training, logistics, strategic and tactical planning, security, supplies, etc.

Conversely, the more like-minded folks you have, the more you can spread the load.

Over a long enough timeline, one person can do almost anything.

For most of its build history, one man was behind Mt. Rushmore. At a certain point, the scheme caught on in the imagination, and everyone, including the government, got into the act. But it happened at all because one guy thought it'd be a good idea.

The latter idea takes, obviously, quite a lot more people. In their case, people tired of communism's boots on their necks, and willing to dare the Soviets, in front of the world, to trample them once again. 1981 in Gdansk was a different world than it had been in Prague in 1968, or Budapest in 1954, and third time proved to be the charm.

So first lesson, for Plan B, is time your moves, and leverage the optics when they favor you, and make sure you have the numbers.

Ruby Ridge had no numbers, and no optics, going in. Game over.

Waco had better numbers, but all the wrong optics. Flame on.

Malheur was thoroughly penetrated with fed CIs, their main support was getting sent a literal bag of dicks to eat, and it was studied and decapitated by TPTB. End of story.

The Capitol Caper was a dumbass idea, just like the rest of the street games, and was conversely so big, the so-called organizers had no control over those participants either salted in to turn it sideways, or those who self-directed to the stupid switch. Had any number of us pointed that out, yet again, with the fateful prognosis "buffalo jump", no one would have listened. (Stupid is like that.) Looking at things at the end of the day, they might have thought differently.

Surprised by it? No; the surprise is that it isn't a once-a-week exercise, going back decades, and that no congressweasels were actually defenestrated in the traditional meaning of that word, i.e. hung out windows by their own entrails, but we can dream. Condemn it? No. Other than that they didn't actually plan to do that the first time. But note that it didn't help anything? Can't really argue against that. It didn't help anything. In historical terms, it was the Makin Island Raid, which mainly served to make sure that the Tarawa Invasion was a bloody mess.

The trouble with small group actions is getting things done.

The trouble with large group actions is not getting them undone.

Understand that, so that if/when you or "someone" you know undertakes either of them, they know what they're biting off. And maybe they use two wandering brain cells to address those contingencies. (Just kidding; they'll never do that, until they have to, or face death. Then, maybe...)

The days of half-assing things, and plainly assing them up, have finally come to a middle. Those who learn the right lessons will have more harmonious outcomes. Those who don't are looking at domestic terrorism labels, arrests, trials, and sentences.

"We killed the stupid ones first." - OIF/OEF Iraq and Afghanistan after-action assessments

Nobody's saying don't do anything.

Nobody wants anyone going out in a blaze of glory.

Just use your heads for more than a hat rack, and stop fucking things up by the numbers because you thought you could pull a thing out of your ass, on the fly.

Ask around: JSOC Ninjas aren't that because they can do the complicated things right. They are that, because they practice so much they can't do the simple things wrong.

Break things down to simple pieces, and get those right a hundred times.

When you have all the pieces right, you can put the whole puzzle together, in any size.

True for Big X Luftstalag III types of things, true for Gdansk shipyard mass protest kinds of things, true for any kinds of things.

If, and only if, you do the headwork, the legwork, and the homework.

And start by deciding: 

How do you make that decision? You pay attention to CARVER:







It looks like this:

Everything can be evaluated with that matrix.

Pieces on a chessboard.

Your daily to-do list.

Getting your kid into college.

And every potential target in your AO. In fact, TPTB have had decades to assign people to rating everything you can think of (and a lot you've never thought of) a CARVER value, so they already know the high-value targets in every county in the country.

What they can't do is protect them all to the same degree, so obviously, they have to pick what's most important.

When you're Leviathan, size matters, and it means there's not enough armor for the whole beastie. Not enough assets to protect everything. Hell, even tanks have thick armor in the front, and thinner armor on the top and bottom, and that's why we use mines and missiles that exploit the weak spots, rather than trying to duke it out with the frontal plate.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of that would have to see where the important spots are, and how well protected (or not) they are. They would then be able to find targets that offer disproportionate value for disproportionately low risk.

You're now doing a sort of analysis you may have heard of:

It's the weekend. Do some homework: Watch The Great Escape. Watch Moneyball. Not as entertainment, but as training tools. Then do the mental work behind anything else, and do the math. 

Because you'll find all the stupid things you would
have overlooked, and then not do them, assuming
you're not a total moron.

Find the 30-pt. targets. Work backwards from what you might want them to look like, with what it would take to get them that way. And then decide if that works better with a Big X solution, or a Solidarnösc approach. Which one (if either) can you pull off? (And don't go after any 10-pointers if there are still 15- or 20-pointers on the table. Duh.)

Do. The. Math.

Be different than every failed fucktard you've ever seen, who never bothered to do that much, or that little.

And maybe, just maybe, start chalking up some wins one day, instead of going out in a flaming heap of wreckage.

If only for the novelty of the approach.

A Timely Reminder

 meme courtesy of BCE

[Notice: Sincere but amused condolences to anyone who came here because they mistakenly thought WRSA was telling me to shut up. LOL!]

"Three can keep a secret, if two are dead." - Benjamin Franklin

To the waste of skin and oxygen who attempted to suggest in comments elsewhere, "You first, agent provacateur", I point it out for the fund of bankrupt intelligence among similar limpdicks that when - not if - people anywhere do things in response to this week's banana republican travesty, they should keep those secrets as far as possible, including if necessary taking them to their graves. No brags, no reports, no after-actions, nothing. If we get a republic back someday, maybe, in 50 years, it can be discussed. It will not and ought not be blogged, except by those with single digit IQs, and life expectancies measured in minutes.

Unless you want to see a federal prison from the inside, you'll follow the laws scrupulously, and you're Johhny StraightArrow, as far as everyone in your effing life knows, or that anyone, anywhere, can ever prove.

Your feelings, even your words, are not deeds.

What's coming will be UFOs.

Unidentified Fucking Objections.

"Something happened, but nobody knows anything about it."

In the Joisy-speak of Bluebloods DA investigator Abetemarco: "Nobody saw nothing. Nobody heard nothing. Nobody's saying nothing."

Every law enforcement officer worth their salt can tell you two things:

1) "We only catch the dumb ones."

2) "Talking to the police is felony stupid."

Those who talk, don't know; those who know, don't talk.

Period. Paragraph. Thus Endeth The Lesson.

Friday, January 22, 2021

You Can Fool Some People All Of The Time


They stole two national elections, right in front of your face, and rubbed your nose in them, and still we hear people talking as if they're gonna "go get 'em next time".

Anyone doing that, anywhere, can be safely discounted, henceforth, because they're F***ING DELUSIONAL.

That includes most pointedly, Limbozo, Scammity, Glenn Dreck, and the other corporate-funded Purveyors Of Pablum, to put a needle-like point on the topic. Stop listening to bullsh*tters. The first talk show loser who dares to advocate open rebellion against the status quo as the sole remaining answer, and gets tossed off the air for it, is the only one that'll be standing after the rest have gone to ratings oblivion. Anyone trying to calm you down is a Judas Goat, and 100% controlled opposition. No other excuse is possible.

Elections are worthless, and will only be allowed to occur going forward in order to provide a simulacrum of normalcy to the Useful Idiots. When even that pretense is no longer of value, they will probably be ended as a complete waste of time. Dear God, how many times must Toto pull the curtain back before you see the Great And Powerful Oz for what he is???

When you see people getting impeached from tree branches and lightpoles, neck first, and we finally weed out all the wastes of skin and oxygen currently holding positions of responsibility, only then can you begin to think there might someday be some utility to the process.

Too Soon?


I mean, seriously, since the Lunatic Left has such a celebrated sense of humor, putting Gropey's bloody decapitated head there this time ought to be just as uproariously funny as it was in 2017, or even as funny as when she retweeted the original after the November election fraud was completed, right?

Not that we'd ever do that act, nor even threaten it, because those are illegal, and the Secret Service famously doesn't have nearly the sense of humor about actual threats that people like Kathy Griffin evidently do. But this is just free speech and great good fun. Amirite?

I offer $10 cash money to the first mainstream media outlet that does this meme better, and publishes it, just to show that turnabout is fair play, and no hard feelings. Unity, and all that. 

Contact me for that prize at #whenhellfreezesover, you hypocritical anti-America bastards.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hail To The Thief

 Still channeling Chris Muir here...

h/t for this one to OddJob , who seems to be our meme-brother-from-another-mother: