Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thoughts On Garland

No word on when Texas will be training the French police on how to respond to these sorts of incidents, but the difference in outcomes there vs. here argues for such a program to be instituted among them and our nominal EU allies, in haste.

My take is that this latest event is so full of Fail for both the perpetually offended adherents of the Religion Of Peace (tm) and for the hoplophobic would-be Overlords of Progressivism, and so chock-full of chocolatey frosted win for Those Of Us Who Like Guns, that this event will disappear from the mainstream news pages in about seven seconds, even if Bloombozo has to sponsor, at his own expense, two psychotic whackjobs to shoot up separate busloads of pre-schoolers to accomplish the feat.

Someone elsewhere called the recent incident wherein the final tally was Beat Cop 2, Jihadis 0, a "childish First Amendment stunt", and opined that they didn't much like it.

O, how I beg to differ.
And I put some extra Eloquence Wax in my morning coffee:

It's a free country, and you don't have to like it. ROWYBS.

And yes, it had a happy ending, and the cop is in fact a bona fide hero.
Except for us not subsequently JDAMing the Phoenix mosque wherein they festered, and that at sunset on a Friday, pour encourager les autres.

But it was also subsequently alleged that enticing lunatics to commit acts of violence and hoping someone else intervenes on your behalf is jackassical.

If one so believes, this is where the wheels depart one's Logic Wagon in haste.
1) Definitionally, lunatics' opinions are suspect, especially when those opinions are coupled with the utter lack of an impulse control filter leading them to commit violence, because they're gorram lunatics. This is why and for whom such helpful asylums as Guantanamo and Alcatraz were originally constructed.
2) Free speech and the First Amendment doesn't include the helpful phrase "unless it upsets anybody". You could look this point up if there's any doubt.
3) No one was "hoping someone else intervenes on" their behalf; the organizers laid on extra security, as did the authorities once their intel networks picked up the increased jihadi twitter chatter. And it's Texas: extra security is included in every CCW bite, at no charge to anyone. So that point goes away wholesale as well. The only thing jackassical may have been not advertising this as
"Security provided by the Second Amendment, and Bring Your Own Rifle LLC".

It was also alleged that staging stunts to prove your bravery and love of the first amendment, while counting on someone else to protect your hide is childish - to say the least.

As noted, that point is non-operative, so repeating it doesn't win any points.
Unless one is suggesting that it was Pam Geller's job, personally and single-handedly, to patrol the entire event perimeter, and/or the borders of Texas itself, outfitted like Paul Blart, tactical-tommy Mall Cop. Best wishes in making that argument.
We currently have 10,000 newspapers and magazines, 400M blogs, 357 cable channels, a few thousand TV and radio stations, and upwards of 300M citizens using everything from flyers and  handouts to bad breath, who are staging similar "stunts" every day from 1776-now, inclusive.
One who suggests that this event was a "stunt" take a looooooong healthy look at their position, shoot a back azimuth, and try that sentence again.
This was America. And it was (predictably) attacked by adherents of the Religion Of Peace(tm).
Once again, JDAMs, I say.
"Millions for JDAMs, and not one cent for dhimmitude" should in fact be one of the winning presidential campaign slogans this - or any - season. The sooner people stop finger-banging themselves in ignorance of that fact, things will get better for us, and worse for them, and things will approach rightness for the world to the exact degree we live this out.

Lastly, it was elsewhere noted that if this had been orchestated by anything other than two fucktards, it could have been much worse... and probably not at the actual venue where armed men were lying-in-wait; perhaps instead at a school or church a few days later.

Which rather argues for killing the bastards, both fucktards and professionals, root and branch down to the last semen stain in their underpants on seven seas and continents a-purpose and aforethought, on general principles, rather than staying home, cancelling an event, and shitting in one's pants lest some offense be found in their dhimmitude. Which is the gist of the "she was asking to be raped, walking down the street like that" argument at this point.
Which, it should be noted, is their argument for raping infidels since about 700 AD, which then requires a helpful stoning afterwards under the Religion Of Peace(tm), for being an infidel strumpet.

Thus a general rethink of any such twaddle is heartily suggested, coupled with some actual applied logic in consequential outcomes, and a healthy dose of "How the Constitution works in a free republic, e.g Texas".
So if anyone opining otherwise notices their dick bleeding afterwards, I have some band-aids. But housecalls are rare, and cost extra.

Someone noting, for example, that "the Pope wears a dress and a funny hat", or that "If God had not wanted us to eat pigs, he wouldn't have made them out of bacon" is not a sufficient provocation to anyone's religious beliefs to justify jihad and attempted mass murder, amongst civilized people.
Even if we note for the record that one's religion was founded by a mass-murdering pederast with delusions of grandeur, and is stuck in the backwards tribalism of illiterate pre-technological 6th century assholery to the extreme. Or put that on billboards.
Uncivilized people who miss this critical point are there primarily to provide target practice for the rest of us, pretty much since people learned how to write on clay tablets. (cf. Philistines, visigoths, and any number of natives on the African and both American continents, etc.).

If anyone wants to run around in a loincloth waving a spear, their so-called civilization is "quaint".
But when they roast peaceful missionaries for lunch, slaughter settlers on the frontier, or come to the town square and attempt to practice their curious cultural customs, like jihad, here, they have broken the social contract of tolerance for their peculiarities, and they need to be removed forcibly from the gene pool.
Probably in batch lots of several hundred thousand at a time, merely to politely drive the point home to their toothless bongo-playing kinfolk.
How much that improves the targeting skills of our military personnel, or how much fun and entertainment that provides to the rest of us, is merely a happy serendipity.

This event was nothing more than one Texan well-schooled in common sense, of the sort one used to routinely find at the grade-school level, applying logic to that exact situation, one magazine-full at a time.
Had he used lit molotovs instead of a semi-auto pistol, it could have been no more eloquently put.
But had he chosen the former weapons, as observed by that noted tactician Col. Kilgore, it would have smelled like victory.