Thursday, August 31, 2017

Because Common Sense, Isn't

You would think that someone would learn after the first grab at the hot stove bare-handed.

In some extremely rare but unfortunate incidents, you might find a person with two burnt hands, rare as that would be.

But in a triumph of hope over the wisdom of experience usually only found in people with multiple serial marriages, there are still some Baby Ducks nominally on the Right, who still want to hold a RALLY, so they can press their faces on the griddle.

God alone knows.

Once more, for the Special Ed short-bus wannabe "leaders".

1) If you're announcing this on the Internet, to God and everybody, months in advance,
You're doing it wrong.
2) If you're letting in anyone who shows up,
You're doing it wrong.
3) If there's so much as one Nazi flag,
You're doing it wrong.
4) If there's so much as one neo-Nazi flag,
You're doing it wrong.
5) If anyone, anywhere, even one time, gives a stiff-arm Nazi salute, or goosesteps,
You're doing it wrong.
6) If there's so much as one Confederate flag,
You're doing it wrong.
7) If anyone shows up in a Klan Klown robe, hood, etc.,
You're doing it wrong.
8) If there's almost any flag at all besides Old Glory,
You're doing it wrong.
9) If anyone is carrying any signs with "N-----" on them,
You're doing it wrong.
10) If anyone is carrying anything profane, sacrilegious, or generally assholish,
You're doing it wrong.
11) If they're wearing camo, fatigues, uniforms, or anything that even vaguely looks it,
You're doing it wrong.
12) If any of your ralliers are chanting any slogans from the above dickhead groups,
You're doing it wrong.
13) If anyone is making any gestures, hand signs, etc., from the above dickhead groups,
You're doing it wrong.
14) If anyone has any of the previous crap on shields, banners, or anything else visible,
including patches, armbands, slogan buttons, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, or tattoos,
You're doing it wrong.
15) If you don't look like a bunch of polo-shirted weekend picnickers, or better yet, people wearing suits, ties, and dresses, on your way home from church, temple, or court,
You're doing it wrong.
16) If anyone in your rally has blue, purple, pink, or any color hair they or someone in the world was not born with, or any face, neck, or other visible tattoos that cannot be covered up, because the message of your rally is more important than their personal self-expression,
You're doing it wrong.
17) If you're doing this in a blue city, county, or state,
You're doing it wrong.
18) If you don't, and tell everyone else in attendance to, ruthlessly throw out anyone doing 1-17 above, and hand them over to the local Antifatheads on the spot,
You're doing it wrong.

If you swim in the toilet bowl, you will be treated like a turd.

If you have a short memory, write that on your palm with a laundry pen.

I'm not wasting the bandwidth to post the detailed clowncarnucopia of photographic fail examples of all that asshattery, but quite simply,

EVERY mother-effing thing you do, say, wear, carry, wave, shout, gesture, ad infinitum, will be photographed, videoed, recorded, blown up in HD pixelated glory, and rebroadcast, examined, nit-picked to death, and danced around after the bonfires are lit at your feet.

It only takes about 2 seconds of digging and mouse-clicking to document this.

Anybody ever posted to embassy or liason duty, Panmunjon from 1953-present, the Berlin Wall, or along the East German Border from 1946-1990, anywhere in the Guantanamo Naval Base, or who ever visited a foreign city on liberty ever, in uniform or civvies, knows all these rules by heart.
You other FNGs, listen the EFF up.

And that's just the bare minimum ante on personnel inspections before you step off on your march's first step, even on so-called "friendly" territory, because the media are not your friends, and seldom are TPTB, including the police, ever, when you're holding a march/rally/public show-yer-ass-festival.

To date, I have seen exactly ZERO marches that could even pull that off, going back to the 1960s, let alone the copious other preparations you should - indeed must - be making prior to, during, and after any such public displays, everywhere, in all 50 states. And after the above 18 notes, it only gets harder, as I've only noted again and again going back 18 months.

When you're banging your heads against a wall, it feels so good to stop.

So stop.

(Unless you're an actual Nazi sympathizer, in which case, please, ignore the above, and go into Berzerkeley, Frisco, Detroitistan, Bahstun, DC, Philly, Chicongo, etc., and get your heads broken, and your asses handed to you on platters. Please. Over and over again. Because I never get tired of watching you maimed and bloodied.)

Let Antifa garner all the ridicule, scorn, derision, laughter, etc. even from their own finally-embarrassed side, and stop pining to be rolling in the same shit-wallow they inhabit, as if you were a whiny jealous little brother playing "Me too!"

Now, if you want to announce phantom rallies, that no one's coming to, in places you'd never show up in a million years, to draw out the Antifatheads, embarrass them, wear them out, and give them the opportunity to show their asses by rioting, arson, and their usual jackassery, by all means, do that.

Think of it as buying a drum set for the kids of those cousins you really don't like.

The Well Regulated Militia

h/t The Smallest Minority

I poked some fun at the Big Navy, now let's take another look at one with about ten times as many craft, a helluva lot fewer admirals, and notably better competency at basic seamanship.

It seems even the lamestream Lefty mediatards at WaPo have finally found something nice to say about bible-clinging, gun-toting redneck southerners:
At a time such as this, you want the guys who can still thread a line when their hands are wet and cold. They’re descending on Houston in their fleets of flat-bottomed aluminum boats, the sport fishermen and duck hunters outnumbering the government rescuers by the hundreds, their skiffs sitting low in the floodwaters with their human catch in the back, clutching plastic-wrapped possessions. 
The country is suddenly grateful for this “Cajun Navy,” for their know-how, for the fact that they can read a submerged log in the water, and haul their boats over tree stumps and levees and launch them from freeway junctions. There are no regulators to check their fishing licenses or whether they have a fire extinguisher and life preservers on board, which they don’t. They’re used to maneuvering through the cypress of Caddo Lake or the hydrilla and coontail of the Atchafalaya, where the water might be four feet or it might rise to 18, and the stinking bog is called “coffee grinds” because of the way boots sink in it. Spending hours in monsoon rains doesn’t bother them, because they know ducks don’t just show up on a plate, and they’ve learned what most of us haven’t, that dry comfort is not the only thing worth seeking. 
“They can handle their boats better than the average fireman, who handles a boat once a year during annual training,” says Lt. General (ret.) Russel Honore, who estimates outdoorsmen saved 10,000 from floodwaters in New Orleans while he was in command there after Hurricane Katrina. “They use their boats all the time and know their waters, and know their capacity. It’s an old professional pride. It’s like good food: Some people didn’t go to the Cordon Bleu, but they can cook like hell. That’s these fishermen and their boats.”
Um, no, Sally Hourslatetotheparty, the country isn't suddenly grateful for them (though residents of the 50,000 square miles flooded around Houston are suddenly happy they're on-scene), the country has cheered them on for years, a decade even. It's you and your bubble-dwelling holier-than-thou Liberal idiot jackass fellow media spokesholes who've suddenly discovered that Antifa isn't salt-of-the-earth folks saving the country, but that the vast majority of Trump-voting flyover residents are. Like they do, without so much as a "thank you" or "by your leave" from the likes of your ilk.

But hey, thanks for finally noticing you and your paper have probably been F.O.S. for twenty years or so, even if crossing that chasm of obviousness is too far for you to leap in one try.
They speak an oddly poetic language, of spinnerbait and jigs, chatterbait and Texas rigs, of palomar knots and turls. They have suspended their pursuit of bass and black crappies, blue gills and redfish, crawfish and panfish, to motor through subdivisions, shirtless in the rain. You can’t help but be struck by just how much they know how to do — and how much your citified self doesn’t. Trim a rocking boat, tie a secure knot, navigate the corduroying displaced water, and interpret the faint dull colors in the mist-heavy clouds.
Buster Stoker, 21, is a heavy equipment operator for R&R Construction in Sulphur, La., and spends the rest of his time in his 17-foot aluminum Pro Drive marsh boat, fishing for alligator-gar in the heat of summer and chasing fowl through water-thickets in the winter. 
“The best day on the water is every day on the water,” he said. 
He and several other construction colleagues met in the company parking lot Monday morning at 5 a.m., loaded up with gas and supplies, and headed toward Houston. They launched their little fleet of 14 craft from the intersection of Highway 90 and 526, and over the next several hours they pulled hundreds of people out of their flooded homes in subdivisions, hauling them aboard like gasping bass.
Hmmmmm. online Yellow Pages shows this listing:
R&R Construction
510 E Highway 108
Sulphur, LA 70665
(337) 558-7362
Somebody who checked this out, probably wouldn't hurt the feelings of Buster and his buddies any if they sent them a case of adult beverages, gift cards for Bass Pro Shops or the local gas station, or something equally suitable. It's a free country; y'all do what you like. Just saying.
Stoker’s shallow boat could carry no more than seven people and sometimes he took on water, but he estimates he ferried more than 100 people over countless half-mile trips, getting them to bigger boats and buses that carried them to shelters. He’s used to steering his boat in water full of obstacles.  
“There were a lot of submerged cars, and street signs,” he said by phone, sitting in his truck on a Houston highway after a long day in the flood. “And there were currents getting in and out of the neighborhoods.”  
But it wasn’t much different from navigating around cypress knees and thick mat-like vegetation of the marshes. He spent Monday night on a cot with a blanket at the Celebration of Life Church. He figured he and his friends would stay in Houston for a couple of more days but were worried about the weather moving into the Lake Charles, La., area. 
“We might have to turn around and do it again back home,” he said.
They might maybe already be at it today or tomorrow.
This Cajun Navy is a nebulous, informal thing. It has no real corps or officers. It’s “an intensely informal and unorganized operation,” says Academy Award-winning filmmaker Allan Durand, a Lafayette, La., native., who did a documentary on the “Cajun Navy” volunteer-boats following Katrina.
Local author-editors Trent Angers and Jefferson Hennessy have come closest to pinpointing the origin of the movement: It seems to have begun in the Lafayette-Abbeville area during Katrina, when a local state legislator named Nick Gautreaux organized a group of sportsmen to go to the aid of imperiled friends in St. Bernard Parish. Meanwhile, R&R Construction organized a similar flotilla out of the Lake Charles area. In both places, about 75 percent of the residents are avid fishermen who own some sort of craft. During the impromptu rescue effort, someone wrote “Cajun Navy” on a large white ice chest. 
The same groups have by now acquired deep experience in storm-aid and are growing thanks to social media. They were critical in helping Baton Rouge residents during historic flooding there a year ago, when federal help wasn’t forthcoming. It’s a movement basically founded on the realization that large government agencies aren’t quick-moving. 
According to Honore, they have become utterly essential.  
“The first-responders aren’t big enough to do this,” he said. “You might have a police force of 3,000, and maybe 200 know how to handle a boat.”
And as was pointed out at The Smallest Minority, that's right there is a well-regulated citizen's militia.

You might remember 70 y.o. LA native Lt. Gen.(ret.) Russel Honore'; he was the Army

general put charge of Katrina federal relief operations after the civilians under Mayor Ray "Empty" Nagin (D - Chocolate City)(currently doing 10 years in Club Fed for bribery and fraud) and Kathleen "What Hurricane?" Blanco f****d up the state and local response to Katrina. Lt. Gen. Honore' was the one who famously told the idiot media carping at him then "Don't get stuck on stupid."
(Honore' is also the one who wrote, concerning half-assed "disaster drills" in MS and LA that had not forseen the loss and lack of landline telephone service, nor planned alternate and contingency communication efforts, "You all didn't plan for a disaster, you just planned for an inconvenience", a line I have stolen ruthlessly from him on many occasions since.)
“The Cajun Navy is just a branding mechanism for volunteers that come to help their fellow citizens,” Honore says. “In every single one of these storms, most of the people saved were saved by neighbors saving neighbors. You see them in sports boats and even kayaks saving lives — and it’s a beautiful thing to see.”
It sure is, general.

It even made the Usual Gang Of Idiots at the WaPo sit up and take notice.
(But they had to call in a sportswriter, who at least nominally gets teamwork, courage, discipline, and sacrifice. Nobody at the news desk could've handled any bit of that.)
And for once the Post, instead of making bird-cage liner, did "not get stuck on stupid."

History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.
And sometimes, the second verse is better than the first one.

US Navy Announces New Diversity-class Destroyers

After more ship collisions in the past year than in the previous twenty, the US Navy is having a problem.

Current and past US Navy crews, driving agile, high-speed Burke-class destroyers like McCain and Fitzgerald, which can accelerate rapidly and turn in short radii

are being told to beware of the dangers of plodding sea cows like Alnic MC,

a slow medium tanker that plods along at 1/3 the destroyers’ max speed, needs several miles to turn, and is normally only a hazard to becalmed sailboats and injured pelicans.

Dunce caps, dark glasses, and white-tipped canes for the Navy crew in these safety briefings is optional.

But clearly, the Seventh Fleet has recruited blind people for radar operators and watch-standing bridge lookouts, and retarded kids to staff the CIC for some time.
Navy sources declined comment, because all their line officers were at mandatory diversity and sensitivity awareness training lectures.

Commissioning the Diversity-class destroyers USS Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Jose Feliciano would seem to be the obvious next step.

The planned new class of ships (sorry, no artwork available yet) will carry no radar, guns or weaponry, but will include onboard childcare, hot tubs, a 50% female crew, and mandatory differently-abled and LGBTEIEIO crew staffing.
Also no  portholes on the bridge, but an extra-wide ramp in the stern for taking on gender-fluid seamen.

Next week, the Navy Department will be commissioning another sequel to McHale's Navy.

Doubtless as a training film.
For the record, both GM1 Ermes Borgnino, pictured above, and the Princess Cruise Lines ship Pacific Princess have hit fewer ships and killed less of their own sailors, lifetime, than the US Navy's Seventh Fleet has accomplished in just this calendar year.

Way to go, flag commanders!
216 admirals for 239 commissioned ships (including one Nork-captured Liberty Banner nee Camano*-class spy ship at anchor in Pyongyang - the USS Pueblo; and the USS Constitution on permanent dockyard museum status) is clearly the staffing level the military needs.

And some of you thought Admiral Peter Peachfuzz was just a cartoon character.
The US Navy has been slashed by 40-50% since the high-water mark of the Reagan years.
So just for the helluvit, let's fire 70-100 admirals from grades O-7 to O-10, and see if that helps things out any.

Assigning them in permanent reserve status to unnofficial state militia fleets like the Cajun Navy wouldn't be a bad thing either. Provided those admirals were willing to start at the bottom, and work their way up from cutting bait.

*see Comments

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Antifa: Night Of The Long Knives

     An extra from the remake of Road Warrior, the Cowardly Lion,
     and Skinhead O'Connor's little sister will be staying in
     Berzerkeley soon, as guests of the county, for a little longer
     than they had originally planned.

The Party's over. Antifa has been volunteered for some front-axle seats under the DNC bus. They're currently about one step ahead of the posse, and like all iterations of socialism's useful idiot street thugs, they always take it in the neck once they've outlived their usefulness. Which, apparently, was early Tuesday morning.

Item 1:
Berkeley Mayor Calls for Antifa to be Classified as Crime Gang After Clashes at Weekend Protest
Item 2
 Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement denouncing the violent protests carried out this weekend in Berkeley, California:“Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts.  The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted."
Similar denouncements have followed from the Sacramento Bee, the Chicago Tribune, and New York Magazine. In what must surely be the most profound coincidence in media history, all these denunciations and repudiations came on nearly the same day, in five different cities across the country, and just a couple of weeks after the Leftards cat-called and howled because President Trump pointed out that the violence in Charlottesville earlier this month was perpetrated by thugs on both sides, and to no small degree by the Antifa thugs disrupting a permitted rally with an unsanctioned and unacknowledged (by Leftards, and their media whores, but I repeat myself) violent riot.

So it looks as though, yet again, the media and the DNC is eating yet another shitburger after trying to tar the entire right-wing half of the country as a bunch of racists, and pin the Klan Klowns on Trump.

No word yet on when similar denouncements might be expected from any of Antifa's Republican admirers, like Speaker Quisling Ryan, or GOP senators Bitch McConjob, Braintumor McCrazy, Ted WTF Cruz, Lindsay Grahmnesty, or his sidekick Marco Polo Rubio. One can perhaps forgive some debauched Roman emperor for wanting to appoint his horse to the Senate; the animal would have the virtue of being the only horse's ass in such a body with a biological excuse.

For those on the right fringe who were agitating to totally go full retard

in the wake of Charlottesville, here's reason eleventy-nineteen why they need to STFU, go home, and spend some quality time in the porcelain thinking room prying their heads out, because the blockage is constipating them at both ends.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a strategic blunder. - Everyone with a three-digit IQ

Oh, and one more thing:

Religion Of Peace, Example #10,000,027

(Formerly Great) Britain transmogrifies into Britistan more and more every day. 
Labour MP and key Corbyn ally shares Twitter message telling Rotherham sex abuse victims to ‘shut their mouths for the good of diversity’
Yes, she really said that. Exactly that.

Time was, the authorities would have hauled her in as an accessory after the fact for that. If they could find any of her identifiable body parts the next day to haul in.
But that was back when men in the UK had spines and balls. Decades and decades ago.

Labour Party leftard? Check.
Diversity bean? Check.
Last name Shah? Check.
Apologist for child abuse and pedophilia? Check.

50/50 she's the Labour PM someday.

I was going to title this post "This Is Eurostan - Every Day, Forever."
And it will be, in short order, unless someone finds the inner motivation to assemble this bint to a light pole by the neck with a handy length of rope. And then tug hard on her legs.

If some victim's mom from Rotherham shanks her in the powder room instead, so much the better.

WWII in Europe is about an inch away from being an entirely wasted effort.
We ought to dig up every American serviceman's remains there, repatriate them, and tell Eurostan that from here on out, they're utterly on their own.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Breaking: President Trump Carries Texas in 2020

So much for the "Russian Right-wing Raaaaaaaaciiiissssssssssssssss!" meme...

If ABCNNBCBS ever figures out the harder they swing, the bigger they whiff, and just lays off, it could get harder for the White House.

Of course, they'd have to grow a brain first.
Artist's conception of that:

This Is America - Every Day, Forever

Nobody drafted them.
Nobody's paying them.
They make the time, even leaving paying jobs at their own expense.
Nobody bought them those boats, or paid for their gas, or stocked their coolers with water, food, blankets, life jackets, first aid kits, and what not.
They brought it from home.
They just show up.
Every. Single. Time.
And when the waters recede, they'll be the same folks who'll show up with their own chainsaws, trucks of every size, front-end loaders, shovels, strong backs and willing hands, to help clean up and get folks there back on their feet, and back in their homes.
(Somebody call HopeyDopey, and remind him "Hey, @$$hole, YOU didn't build THAT." )
President Trump, by contrast, will probably give them the only thing that matters to people like this: his thanks, and that of a grateful nation.
Nota bene there isn't a single Antifa thug, BLM douchebag, or miscellaneous gender-confused jammie-clad cocoa-sipping pussified social justice warrior anywhere to be found here helping out. They're all cringing in fear, scared shitless by century-old statues, too busy beating up bystanders, and trying to burn the country where these folks live and work to the ground. That's all they're ever good for. But you won't see that on Communist News Network with Don Lemon, or anywhere else on ABCNNBCBS either.

      In case you thought I was just using rhetorical hyperbole there.
They're all too busy running Fake News 24/7/365. Shrillary's going to win. Tranny bathrooms everywhere. Russian hacking. Right-wing racism. Blahbedy blah blah blah. Vomit. Puke. Crap on everything decent, normal, sane, and true.
        This kind of picture doesn't fit the media narrative either.

All you see here in the other images are just ordinary folks.  Pure-bred, corn-fed, meat-eating rednecks, to the last man, woman, and child. The kind of people real Americans would be proud to call neighbors.

Feel free to bookmark this video.
When the antics of The Usual Communists, whether on the streets, or in the corridors of political power, start to make you doubt the intrinsic resiliency or strength of this republic, wander back here, and take a good look again.

The Left on its scariest day can't wreak the destruction of a single hurricane, and the Cajun Navy, Coon-Ass Militia, and an army of by-God Texans spit in its face, kick its ass, and come back for seconds. Some idiots out there might want to think about that - long and hard.

I'll be back later. It's gotten awful dusty in here.


Art Imitates Life

Antifa Organizers Announce Plans To Disrupt Neo-Nazi Rally Or Whatever Is Going On That Day 
BERZERKELEY, CA—Vowing to derail whichever event it is by any means necessary, local Antifa organizers announced plans Monday to disrupt an upcoming neo-Nazi rally or whatever else is going on that day. “We will stop at nothing to prevent these vile fucking neo-Nazi hatemongers from gathering, or, if not them, someone else,” said Sarah Jackson, 26, adding that the only way to end the spread of fascism is to physically confront Nazis, peaceful right-wing protesters, or just random people going about their daily lives. “We need to tell these Hitler-loving fucks or whoever else is standing there, ‘Get out of our city!’ Remember, we’re talking about white supremacist terrorists, people running errands on their lunch breaks, or a group of tourists, so if we have to throw a punch or two, then so fucking be it.” At press time, black-clad Antifa demonstrators screaming “Fascists, go home!” had swarmed a Scandinavian street festival.
Spread the news far and wide, boys and girls:
When acclaimed satire site The Onion satirizes what you do by simply and factually describing exactly what you do, you're over, except as a punchline.

If folks would just stay the fuck out of Antifa's way and let them hang themselves, you'd not only get to sit back and laugh about it, it would come to a grinding halt far more quickly, and the crescendo would be the rubber bullets of the police doing the work.

        Phoenix rioter in viral video arrested.

So yet again, Stop. Playing. In. The. Street.
Because: Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a strategic blunder.

I hadn't seen anything that funny since this trip down memory lane:

Monday, August 28, 2017

Basic First Aid Text

Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide To Wilderness Emergency Care

Picked this up last week, and flipped through it over the last few days.
Fairly complete, well-explained, and designed for laymen, not medical practitioners.
It's not perfect, but it's a great first aid text to start out with, coming from nothing.
Overall, I give it a solid B to B+.

Short of my recommendation: take a full basic EMT course - which would be a requirement to graduate high school or start college, if I were emperor for a day - this book will get you off on the right foot.

Skip the Red Cross abortion that passes for basic first aid (tl;dr version: "It's an emergency! Dial 9-1-1!), and instead invest $12-17, and the time it takes to read the book. Then assemble the basic kit, and practice the skills. Lather, rinse, repeat.

A Handy Leftist Guide To Your Beliefs

Just keeping you all up to speed.

Say, how about that fake Russian collusion narrative...?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Go Have A Day

Turn off the computer.
Leave your phone at home.
Let the world worry about itself.
Go recharge your batteries.

Regular posting will resume late tonight/early tomorrow.
A beautiful Sunday in August is too fine a thing to waste by spending it inside.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I'm Shocked! Shocked, I Say! C-ville Games Coming Apart?

h/t Kenny

At least one law enforcement officer in Charlottesville, VA has come forward to clear his conscience and reveal the truth — or at least his version of it — that what went down in the city was not only condoned by city governance but was intentional, orchestrated and may have been planned as long ago as May.
The as-yet unidentified police officer has said that the Charlottesville P.D. were specifically instructed to bring the radical left and right wing groups together to instigate violence and then to told to “stand down” once violence ensued in a deliberate effort to ignite a race riot. Hear his words:

The story is being told on and other sources:
“A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his anger at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protestors. He also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to further the agenda of the elites.
“We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away.“
“The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork.”
Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, ordered police to stand down during the most chaotic and destructive period of the protests – despite police protests against the orders.
“We wanted to do our job and keep the peace. But these mother******s in charge really want to destroy America.”
This revelation is huge and if true may implicate Mayor Signer and possibly other city officials in the death of a citizen.
“Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was on the scene in Charlottesville and he backs up the police officer’s claims.
I can say, having been in Emancipation Park from early on that morning, that what I saw with my own two eyes confirms what this law enforcement source told us. At least from all visible appearances. We saw people coming out of that park who had head wounds, who were bleeding from the head, people walking into that park with bats, with sticks — you saw what they were wearing — helmets, body armor, they had come — and this pertains to both sides — they had come to do damage.. you cannot help but notice from that video that police had been more pro-active, they could have potentially calmed this thing down to some degree.”
But wait, there's MORE!
In the 38-second video below cops are plainly visible as Fields drives his battered Chrysler away from the carnage. Officers can clearly be seen looking directly at the suspect and his torn up car yet they casually observe the man who’d just mowed down dozens of people. They allow him to motor on by as if on a Sunday drive. They make NO effort to stop the car which is a mere yard or two away with its torn up windshield and front end traveling at a very low rate of speed leaving a trail of smoke:

Does this seem like a normal reaction by law enforcement in such a situation?

It goes on to run down the IDs on the cast of clowns on all sides. The smell of fish on this whole affair is stench-worthy, and getting more so by the day.

Wheels coming off the wagon, one person dead? Heads are gonna roll on this one.

Time to stock up on popcorn, chips, and pretzels.
                 "This deal is getting worse all the time!"

Friday, August 25, 2017

Thoughts And Prayers, Folks...

Best wishes to those in Harvey's impact zone.
One song keeps popping up in my mind.

So, You Wanna Play Ball, Scarecrows?

h/t Bayou Renaissance Man

Apparently some SJWs feel oppressed by having military veterans in college with them.
Their solution, in the inaugural screed of the U CO/Colorado Springs Social Justice Collective Weekly is to ban them from the university altogether. Bravo, Comrades! Well-played.

Peter describes his reaction as a RCOB moment. I'm a bit more even-tempered, but no less pissed. Here's the screed in question:

                             (Pic embiggens.)

Easily solved.

Cut off all federal funding (that would be all student loans in toto) to any institution which discriminates in any way against military veterans. The responsible PTBs there will shut that rag down in a NY minute when their paychecks are the ante for being a public jackass.

And refer that screed to the EEOC and federal agents for investigation of a federal civil rights violation. Somebody wrote it, and somebody else distributed it, which fulfills the evidentiary point for a criminal conspiracy.

Answering charges of conspiracy to deny civil rights to someone in federal court will be a lot less funny during opening arguments than it was when someone was typing it and taking weed hits off of a potato bong. Doubly so if any official funds were used to produce it.

That'd be the last of that noise you heard for a generation or two, minimum, and somebody (Terry Steinawitz, call your office...) will be finishing the semester at the local JC, mark my words. And they won't get the cleat-holes out of their junk for some months, once the bleeding stops.

A letter to the White House, CC'ed to the AG, Dept. of Education, their congressperson and senators, their state's governor, reps., and senators, the EEOC, and FBI should get the ball rolling, esp. if you also send copies to local and national media, and a few talk radio pundits you could think of in about two seconds.

Any veteran at the school who "feels discriminated against by the hostile environment" has standing to do it, and then it's a full-on BBQ.

I'll get the popcorn.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings any if the local veterans on or off campus, the ROTC, and some visitors from another institution of higher learning also located in Colorado Springs dropped by to let campus officials, and Dipshit Steinawitz, know of their personal heartburn and displeasure at this sort of silly $#!^.

But if you'd like to register an opinion with them directly, their handy contact e-mail is

Essay Du Jour: America's Post Charlottesville Breakdown Was Deliberately Induced


Money excerpt:
When minds become captive to the propagandist’s boogeymen, our survival mechanisms go into effect and we feel we must slay monsters, whether real or imaginary. This is especially true when a mob of supposedly like-minded folks come together to face off against their common enemy. Like in Charlottesville or any other place where a governor might abuse his power to promote riots by making sure there is no law enforcement present to maintain order. That was always the real point of promoting the riots in Charlottesville and so many other places by getting the police to stand down. The purpose of the media collusion is to get their movie running 24/7 in as many heads as possible.
Unless we quickly become more vigilant to this ruse, it’ll be too late when we realize we’ve been manipulated by Stalinists all along. 
None of this is new. The archetypal agitation expert Saul Alinsky considered resentment an absolutely essential tool for replacing freedom with totalitarianism. All in the name of freedom, of course. If you study history, you’ll note how all tyrants project their own intentions onto their perceived opponents. It’s a well-documented pattern in all genocides. Fascism can only come to power in America, for example, through an echo chamber repetitiously promoted as “anti-fascism.” 
Free speech is an essential antidote to any form of slavery. 
Consider these choice quotes from Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals,” which serves as a guidebook on the art of cultivating hatred in people: “The organizer must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression . . . an organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent; provide a channel into which people can angrily pour their frustrations . . . your function – to agitate to the point of conflict."  
Here’s another choice quote from that piece of work: “The one thing that all oppressed people want to do to their oppressors is sh-t on them.” The trick is to get people to conjure up the illusion of white hoods behind every bush, and redefine the word “hate” so it applies to anybody who thinks a thought independent of elitist groups like the SPLC. 
Alinsky knew that a few power-hungry elites like himself couldn’t simply undermine a free nation on their own. He needed drones to do his bidding—mob mobilization papered over with the euphemism “community organizing.” This is why totalitarians—from Marx to Lenin to Stalin to Mao to Castro and so on—always depend upon agitating and mobilizing masses via the abuse of mass media. Real debate is anathema to that goal, which is why free speech is always such an enemy of tyrants. Free speech is an essential antidote to any form of slavery.
Take the time: RTWT.

This essay should be condensed and posted as an op-ed in the WSJ, and headlined by folks like Breitbart and Hannity.

And tell me again why you'd want to help this game along, by providing the opposition to give TV producers the visuals they need to sell their bassackwards narrative.

Recall only a few months ago, when it was only the Leftards wetting themselves in public, even their own people told them to STFU and stop crybabying.

They only started getting traction when jackholes on the fringe right started giving them the exact boogeymen they'd fantasized about in their heads.
Well-played, Team Fucktard. Now knock that shit off, and let them go back to wetting themselves. The cops - when they aren't castrated by TPTB - generally do better when they only have one group to gas and thump on. Either way, leave this to the Shitbaggers, and let them own the fucktardery, 100%.

And BTW, it'd sure be a real shame if somehow the busses that brought them to the riot all spontaneously caught fire while the Shitbaggers were busy rioting downtown.

Just saying.

Anecdotal Data Point: Leesburg VA

h/t Old NFO

Just a little tidbit for folks to play with, mentally:

"From this last weekend, in Leesburg,VA there was supposed to be yet another protest -

For those unfamiliar with the Leesburg Confederate statue that has people upset sits on the grounds of the loudon County Court house which, in turn, sits in the NE quadrant of King St. (Route 15) and Market St. (Route 7).

Across King St. from the statue is The Downtown bar, known for its clientele who favor 2-wheel transportation. Bar window sports a sign "Better here than across the street." My information came from a friend who had "ring-side seats".

Sometime in the morning a van passed north on King and a cellphone was held out the front passenger window. Photo recon? Who knows?

At any rate the customers in the bar and the deputies on OT rolled out. Bikers on the sidewalk, deputies on courthouse grounds.

About 10 minutes later same van followed by another were waiting at King/market intersection. they made the turn on northbound King...slowed van slid open its side door...and quickly shut it. Both vans picked up speed. As they passed Cornwall St. a troop of fell in behind them. Lead bikes were LCSO officers. Vans were followed to Point Of Rocks Bridge and the MD state line.  
Thus ended the Day Of Action in Leesburg.
Van plates were run: rentals.
Note the last line, above... 
Where does it end? Personally, I think it is liable to end much like some of the European countries, where either law enforcement, or locals take care of the problem themselves. And antifa disappears from that area for a generation..."

Pity somebody didn't follow then to their terminus, and get all the data and pics they wanted.
Something for people to think about.

And allies are where you find them.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

This Is How you Punch Back

h/t The Last Tradition

NY Post reports a group of students and parents in Alabama is calling for the removal of arainbow "pride" flag from a high school classroom — arguing that it can be compared to displaying a Confederate flag.
“We strongly feel that it creates a hostile and provocative learning environment for students not comfortable to openly supporting the LGBTQ+ community in a public school where students come from diverse political and religious backgrounds," their petition reads about the flag in Auburn.
More than 800 people have signed the petition demanding the flag on display just outside a classroom at Auburn High School be taken down.
Good for them.
Last I looked, no one else in high school is flying a sexual identity flag, so there shouldn't be any special dispensation for some fringe minority. It's got no business being displayed in a public institution of learning.

Run with that. Make the lunatards defend every bit of nonsense, and throw back every beachhead they try to establish. If a Confederate flag, let alone the American flag, is "too controversial", then the LGBTLMNOP flag is certainly in the same prohibited category.

Punch back twice as hard as they do, and don't give them a square inch of safe space, anywhere, anytime. Make them wish they'd kept their mouths shut, and if they came to argue about it, make 'em pack a lunch.

You want a pretty garden, you've gotta keep a weed whacker by the door, and get after it every chance you get.

Couch potatoes need not apply.

The Tide Moves In Both Directions, Comrade

The left has upped the stakes in its guerilla operations against Republicans, as deep-pocketed groups fund protesters to show up to the offices and even houses of congressmen to protest their lack of "town hall" meetings.
Earlier this month, protesters targeted the home of Rep. Jason Lewis, a newly elected Republican in Minnesota's 2nd District. The protests on his doorstep grew big enough that one of his neighbors called the police.
Protesters also have shown up at the homes of other Republican lawmakers in swing districts such as Rep. John Faso, R-N.Y., and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. Some 200 protesters showed up at Issa's home to blast him for not holding town hall meetings, leading his spokesman to say: “Dragging the congressman’s wife and family into this goes beyond the pale.”
Local chapters of a left-wing group called “Indivisible” helped organize and lead those two protests. The targets say the whole operation is part of a one-two punch orchestrated from the top, in which left-wing groups throw their first punch by rounding up activists and training them to be as disruptive as possible during representatives’ town halls.
Then, when lawmakers stop holding those events, the groups throw their second punch by protesting at their homes. 
“This is a well-oiled, very much activist plan to disrupt the democratic process,” Lewis said.
It started with the group Indivisible, which created a popular guide for making members of Congress look bad at town halls. The group says the guide is now used by "over 5,800 local groups" and has at least two groups in every congressional district.
The guide tells activists how to work as a team to hector a representative. It says after one activist asks a question at a town hall, "Other group members around the room should amplify by either booing the MoC [Member of Congress] or applauding you."                                            
The guide also advises activists to go further and refuse to give up the microphone after their question. It gives them a script to follow: "If [Congressional staffers] object, then say politely but loudly: ‘I’m not finished. The MoC is dodging my question. Why are you trying to stop me from following up?’”
The guide, published in December 2016 with the goal to “stop a petty tyrant named Trump,” spells out ways to make the representative look bad in detail.
"Record everything," the guide advises. "Unfavorable exchanges caught on video can be devastating for MoCs."
Lawmakers say town halls used to be places where they could have meaningful interaction with constituents but don’t work when the place is packed with activists trying to cause a scene.
ROWYBS, Leftards. Take that crap to people's houses, and see where you end up.
Some people don't dial 9-1-1.

At least, not until the only thing they need is someone to come collect the bodies.

So bring the riots to people's homes.
Push things a little farther.
Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
And keep telling yourself that 4chan didn't dox your whole side, and we don't have lists of lists, and we'll never find you.

That'll turn out well.

Harvey Inbound

Harvey is now a hurricane, predicted to be Cat III when it hits the Gulf Coast of Texas around 1AM Saturday morning, the first hurricane to hit Texas since 2008.

So much for global warming models.

OTOH, someone in the impact zone could get in a car now, and be in Wyoming by the time Harvey makes landfall in about 36 hours. Assuming they had the foresight.

The bigger issue is Texas offshore production platforms and refineries.

The price of gasoline is going to skyrocket any minute, nationwide, just ahead of the Labor Day Weekend. (How convenient.)

Stock up, kids, as much as you can do so.

And you Texans, hunker down or GTFO, as appropriate, and take care of yourselves.
We want you around afterwards.

League of the South AAR of Charlottesville Fustercluck

h/t WRSA

They report. Tragi-Comedy ensues.
My additions in bold italics.

23 August 2017

The League of the South went to Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, 12 August 2017, for two main reason: to spread our nearly quarter-century old message of Southern nationalism and independence and to stand with our allies on the right in defense of the memory of one of our heroes: General Robert E. Lee. It was to Lee Park (renamed Emancipation Park by the city’s leftist government) we went to protest the removal of Lee’s statue.

So, how did that turn out for y'all? Statue is now MORE likely to be removed, or LESS??

I received an invitation to speak at this event and for The League to be one of the participating organizations from the man who organized what was called the Unite the Right! Rally, Jason Kessler of Charlottesville. Kessler, as organizer, had secured a permit from the city to have the event at Lee Park.

And other than filing the permit, he was known to you and his bona fides, exactly?

For several months we helped publicize the event on our website and social media. We also encouraged our members to attend what was shaping up to be a large gathering of right-wing groups in a show of solidarity in defense of our Southern inheritance.

How'd that "solidarity" thing work out?

Knowing the violent history of Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) and Black Lives Matter (BLM), both who promised to be there to oppose us, we encouraged our members and supporters to come with defensive gear such as riot shields (a dozen of which we provided), helmets, sturdy footwear, eye protection, etc. We also provided information regarding Virginia’s gun and knife laws, and allowed our members to make up their own minds if they would arm themselves or not. In the end, we discouraged both long guns and knives, leaving open the option of concealed (with valid permit) or open carry of handguns. Most of our members chose not to bring any firearms or knives, having only legal pepper spray and flag poles (with flags attached) as potential “weapons.” Our people carried with them NO objects that were intended to be thrown at the leftist protestors. Thus, we came ready to defend ourselves and our property but not to carry out any aggressive/offensive actions. We would respond but not initiate.

So you expected to a near certainty that this would devolve to violence long before it occurred? Noted.

About a week before the event itself, we issued a formal statement on our website and social media outlets entitled “A Statement on Legal Matters regarding The League of the South’s Participation in the Unite the Right Rally” (see 7 August 2017 for text). In this publication we laid out our expectations of how our members should behave at the event.

Linked. So, is there ANYTHING MORE you wish you'd included in that short list?

Only a few days before the Unite the Right rally was to be held, the Charlottesville’s city council decided to withdraw Mr. Kessler’s permit for Lee (Emancipation) Park and instead give him one for McIntire Park, a few miles away from the focus of our event: the statue of General Lee. Kessler refused to be moved, and a suit was filed to reinstate the original permit. Only about 24 hours before the rally a federal judge sided with Kessler and reinstated the original permit. The way to Lee Park was legally open to us.

Paraphrasing Stalin, "How many divisions does the federal court have?"

We did not participate in any of the “torchlight” activities on the Friday evening before the actual rally. Rather, on Friday we scouted out the park and the area in which we planned to park our vehicles. When we had decided to participate as an organization in the rally, I then appointed one of our members to plan for our safe entry and exit from Lee Park.

Which "plan" consisted of...what, exactly?

I asked him to establish contact with the Charlottesville Police Department and the Virginia State Police, which he did. Through him, we let it be known to law enforcement that we would be arriving in the downtown area around 10 a.m. Saturday at one of two parking garages: East Market Street or Water Street. On Friday, we decided that the East Market Street garage was the one we would use since it was immediately adjacent to the city police headquarters (vehicle safety was a concern because we had heard that Antifa has slashed tires on Friday night).

So, other than hearsay, you had no one in the locale on the ground before the event? Where you were encouraging your members to attend? Where you virtually KNEW that violent confrontation would break out? I see. Go on.

As we made our plans for the rally, we conferred with other right-wing groups, especially the ones in the newly formed loose alliance known as the Nationalist Front. They liked our plan for entry, a walking route to the park, and exit; also there was safety in numbers. Thus they agreed to meet us at a pre-planned location and caravan downtown to the East Market Street garage on Saturday morning.

And what security did you/they establish for this location beforehand, besides "I hope no one notices us unloading here"?

We arrived at the East Market Street garage somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 am. on Saturday. Once there, we organized by groups and gave final instructions for proceeding in good order the three blocks to Lee Park via East Market Street. The mood during the march was upbeat. All our women and children were stationed well inside the marching column in places of safety. The League of the South contingent led the way.

Your site recon element was...what? Where? Communicating with you how?
Oh, non-existent...
Half a league, half a league, half a league onwards...

Once we were within sight of Lee Park it became apparent to us that there was no law enforcement presence between us and our destination. What we did see was a huge crowd of Antifa, BLM, and allies barring our way into Lee Park. This group was armed with various chemical sprays and gels, sticks, bottles filled with various liquids ranging from urine to caustic materials such as hydrochloric acid, rocks, and a surprise or two in store for us.

So you'd also cleverly inserted no bystanders amongst the certain-as-death-and-taxes protesters, and had no idea that the police were leaving you to twist in the wind either?
Brilliant preparation. Tell me more.

We stopped our column about within about thirty feet of the protestors’ front line in order to determine their intentions.

You hadn't planned for that contingency either? Well-played, sir.

We were on a public thoroughfare (which was barred at the time to vehicular traffic) headed to a public park for which our group had a federal court-mandated permit to assemble and give speeches, beginning at noon. The leftist protesters signaled their intentions by locking arms and taunting us about coming through them to get to our destination. In response, our leaders called for our shield bearers to come forward and to push our way through the hostile crowd, up the steps off East Market Street, and into Lee Park. And we did so.

So, having made the decision that rather than reporting this breach of the peace to authorities, you decided to escalate to physical violence on your own hook to exercise your rights.
And did the enemy flee the field at your steadfast determination?
No...? How...curious.

After a few minutes of physical confrontation, we managed to secure a reasonably safe route into Lee Park for the greater part of our column, held on the edges by our shield bearers, who did excellent work in warding off Antifa and BLM physical assaults. Once everyone in our group was safely in the park, our front line men took a position on the park steps and stayed there for the duration of our time at the abortive rally.

If it was abortive, why didn't "your leaders" ABORT IT?!?

Perhaps the most important thing we did once in the park is to have rescued individuals and small groups of late-comers to the rally who were under heavy assault by Antifa and BLM. Several times we dispatched our shield bearers and others into a hostile crowd to accomplish these missions.

Misery loves company, I suppose.

We had not been in Lee Park for more than a few minutes when the leftist protesters began throwing objects at us. At least two of our men suffered burns from what our medical staff determined was hydrochloric acid. Others were doused with various chemical agents (mainly pepper gel diluted with water) delivered in plastic bottles with loosened caps. Neither League members nor members of any other group with us initiated any throwing of objects at the leftist protesters; our people picked up objects thrown at them and, when possible, threw them back at the protestors. Again, we brought no objects into the park that were designed to be used as missiles or projectiles against those who opposed us.

Noted. You were taken by surprise, the assaults not only increased in intent, but in scope, and you stood there like deer in headlights, having no other plan at that point.

Lee Park had been cordoned off by police barricades in such a way that one-half of the area was limited only to law enforcement. The other half, running along East Market Street, was left for rally attendees. That half was further divided into two “pens.” The pen farthest to the west was full when we arrived, the attendees having been escorted in after their roughly two mile trek from their staging point at McIntire Park. Most law enforcement assets were stationed from the middle of the park back to the west, thus giving the most protection to the western-most pen. The pen we moved in to on the southeastern quadrant of the park was mostly devoid of law enforcement. Moreover, the entry passage up the steps there was an open gap we had to constantly guard against incursion by the leftists. The League’s shield bearers were stationed here for the duration.

So, after making your way to the railroad station, you moved into the boxcars without further ado, and locked yourselves inside for the ride to the camps.

In the northern half of Lee Park, unknown to us at the time, there were stationed squads of heavily-armed riot police. We would soon find out the meaning of their presence.

So the presence of riot police, at what you clearly expected for months beforehand would devolve to a riot, surprised and perplexed you, and you had no intel in the moment and on the day at the scene of the fustercluck, and no one whose job it was to relay police preps and capabilities to you before cleverly ensconcing yourselves, near-defenseless, in the maw of the assembled mob, already teasing, testing, and assaulting you non-stop without let or hindrance from those self-same police. And for an hour and forty minutes, you did nothing. NOTHING. Noted.

From the time we arrived at Lee Park around 10 a.m. until about 11:40 a.m., there were sporadic confrontations around the steps we occupied and desultory “missile fire” back and forth. One large black protester was caught on film with a primitive “flamethrower”—an aerosol can and a lighter—shooting flames toward a man holding a Confederate battle flag. But at around 11:40, someone in the leftist crowd on East Market Street introduced a surprise weapon: tear gas canisters. Tear gas, though used by law enforcement agencies in the US and elsewhere, was outlawed as a weapon of war in 1993. Within five minutes, we counted three tear gas canisters that were thrown into our area. The question is: how did the leftist protestors get their hands on tear gas? It is not something readily available on the civilian open market. That leaves two reasonable options: 1) it was stolen from some official store; or 2) it was given to the leftist protestors by some official agency.
Though the wind dispersed the tear gas fairly rapidly, it was at that time that the law enforcement oversight officials made the call that they had a “riot” on their hands and thus an “illegal assembly.” This was only minutes before the speakers—including two League of the South members—were to take the podium. How convenient that the tear gas just happened to be in the hands of the leftist protestors.

Tear gas is difficult to obtain, but not that uncommon. As anyone in the .mil for five minutes can relate to you. But kudos on building up the suspense by not beginning the speeches much earlier.

Not only had local officials now determined that our gathering at Lee Park was an illegal assembly, but Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe had declared an official “State of Emergency” in Charlottesville, making even small groups of people in public illegal. In response, riot police began sweeping across the park, driving all our people from both “pens” out onto East Market Street and into the crowd of Antifa and BLM that they had decided not to disperse. This made in necessary to fight our way out of the park in both directions (east to the parking garage and much farther westward to McIntire Park).

And again, when a planned riot became an actual one, no one had any plans for that contingency, even though for months beforehand you knew the likelihood to a metaphysical certainty.

By such actions, the riot squads had forced our members to divide into small groups and make their way to safety as best they could. There is graphic video footage of running skirmishes as our people tried to get back to their vehicles while being hounded by Antifa and a growing presence from hostile young black males armed with bats and clubs. Video clearly shows that the main goal of our members was to get out of the danger zone as quickly as possible. At no point along the escape routes did our people initiate physical contact with those following and harassing us. All confrontations, according to the available video evidence, were initiated by leftist protestors against our people. Our response was, when necessary, to fight back with enough force to stop the threat.

How, exactly, did THEY make it impossible for your group, or the whole bunch, to retreat as a whole, the same way you'd come in?
Or was it rather that everyone lost their collective shit, and decided "F*** y'all, I'm hightailin' it outta Dodge!", and devil take the hindmost? And everyone took off in different directions? That's a rout, not a retreat.

With our people so widely dispersed and some cell service out, it became necessary to send out rescue vehicles to track them down and give them rides back to the parking garage and other parking areas near Lee Park.

"Some" cell service? Not all? What about radio service? CB, GMRS, Ham? Or Sat-phones?
Was there a riot in space, too? Good comms plan.
No egress contingencies either.

Our drivers and their guards did a tremendous job amid a very dangerous situation (i.e. Antifa and BLM were in the streets impeding the flow of traffic for several blocks around Lee Park). By mid-afternoon, all our members were accounted for and we headed back to our base camp.

So you never planned on any sort of QRF for this from the outset? Noted.
Maps to hospitals? Rally points? ANYTHING...?

It soon became clear to us that everything had been a set up.

"Soon"? Two-plus hours and constant assaults is anything but "soon". This was blind pigs and acorns. And walloped with a 2x4 to get your attention. And still...2+ hours???

The local and State authorities had obviously ordered law enforcement to “stand down,” thus allowing the violent protestors to start a riot and shut us down before the actual rally ever got underway. By doing so, they created an extremely dangerous situation for people who had come to attend a legal gathering in a public venue.

Given their cancellation of your original permit? And their numerous official statements beforehand, this came as news to you? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say.

The elite media response was predictable: blame everything on “neo-Nazis and the KKK.” The only problem with this narrative is that it was not true; among the hundreds of people there in support of keeping the Lee statue up there were very few visible Klansmen or neo-Nazis.

"Very few" does not equal "None". Call your colleagues in the Math Department.
Neo-Nazis and the KKK are like preganacy: there's no such thing, at a rally, of "just a little bit".

Most rather were members of various nationalist groups (we, of course, represented the Southern nationalist element) and members of the nebulous Alt-Right.

Um, members of the exact nebulous "gathering of Right Wing groups" you'd been expecting were who showed up. So you had no conversations on what they were bringing to the party, the dress code, the flag code, the stiff-arm salutes, etc.? So, d'ya wish you might have had those conversations in hindsight? And what about the news that a certain number may have been paid plants, salted amongst you for just that reason BY THE LEFT, because y'all were too clueless and desperate for "numbers" to exclude such @$$holes on sight?

Again, speaking solely for The League of the South, we were there to promote Southern nationalism and to defend the Lee statue at a legally-recognized rally in a public park. We approached that venue on a public thoroughfare that was open to foot traffic and were denied entrance into the public park by a hostile group that refused to allow us free passage. Upon seeing their intentions, we forced our way through and into the park. Upon being summarily dismissed from the park a short time later, we did the same on the return journey to our automobiles. We were not the cause of the disturbance. We merely defended ourselves from attack. All in all, we acquitted ourselves like men and let the opposition know they we would firmly exert our right to free assembly and free speech on the lands bequeathed us by our noble forebears.

And then one of your monkeys, from your circus (even if it wasn't your particular ring) lost his shit, and murdered a lady, and ran down twenty others, in video footage that has reached stratospheric levels of viral. And tagged, not just the South, but the ENTIRE POLITICAL RIGHT OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY, including the President of the United States, with the "murderous Nazi racist" badge, courtesy of the torch march, Klan Klown hoods, Nazi flags, Nazi salutes, etc.
So yet again, "How'd that all work out for ya?"

I have never been prouder of our members than when I witnessed the courage, determination, and love for our cause and for each other that they displayed on that day. I was proud to stand with them. They are the bravest of the brave and a credit to their ancestors’ blood coursing through their veins. Victory is won by men and women such as these. May God indeed grant us that victory, and may Charlottesville be the first step towards our liberation from the new Red Terror that is sweeping our land.

And defeat is earned by people that still think Pickett's Charge was a good idea.
The apples, clearly, haven't fallen very far from the tree.

Michael Hill, President, The League of the South

Prof. Hill, I doubt not your veracity nor sincerity in relating those events. Maybe take another couple of weeks, and try to muster up some honesty and self-introspection. Take responsibility for the myriad shortcomings of forethought, planning (Ha! I use the term loosely), reconnaissance, intelligence, adaptability, situational awareness, execution, and outright foolishness it took to come up with and execute such an unnecessary, pointless, harmful, toxic, and ultimately lethal fustercluck as the event that Saturday a couple of weeks past.

It is difficult to recall in recent months anything so pig-headedly asinine as the entire affair, or destructive of the entire side of the political map as what you and your merry band of fuck-ups wrought in one Saturday at the park.

It was truly a group effort, and I pray we don't see another such in my lifetime.
But if anyone, including your group, does this again, with the same careless, thoughtless, needless pig-headed stupidity, I hope they get what it merits, good and hard. A bright bunch wouldn't let that happen again; but then again, a bright bunch wouldn't have done the FIRST one, either.
Because more important than what DID happen in Charlottesville, was what DIDN'T happen.