Saturday, February 6, 2021

To Whom It May Concern...


Defensive Training Group blog is back on its feet, at least for the time being.

And it should be something you've already done, but you should be making copies of anything on the intarwebz you think may be useful, as it may not be a forever thing.

E.g., any 200 or so US military manuals free for the asking, other than bandwidth.

The savvy will also put them on thumb drives, then hie thenceward to a copy shop and make hard copies.

The really savvy have already done so, and are now putting the whole library on thumb drives to hand out to others who may find them useful. And fear nothing about copyrights; you paid for them with your tax dollars, and they're yours and everyones', by right and by law. People charging more than the cost of printing and shipping are simply living on the margin best described by P.T. Barnum, relating to "one born every minute".

If you haven't done any of this, it's a good time to get busy.


DTG said...

Thanks, Aesop! Much appreciated!

Divemedic said...

Anyone who is worried about having their blog shut down can talk to me about sharing my server. I have secured server space in another country with a company who has assured me that they will not respond to takedown demands.

I am currently sharing the excess space on that server for $25 a month. I am also looking at hosting an online library of Military manuals and other publications on that same server. Anyone looking can contact me at

Michael said...

Aesop could you or someone else mention a good site to down load military manuals?

Asking for a Friend :-)

Also the thumb drive to print shop seems *interesting* as I've asked Office Supply locally to print me out a small B&W farming pamphlet and they made it sound like an *Expensive Job*.

Suggestions welcome.

BTW I DO Suggest folks get serious about the FM's on Field Sanitation. Between the safe water, human waste disposal and securing-growing food most of my peers are sadly lacking. Not as Cool as Guns I suppose. Try treating dysentery with an AR guys. Look it up a very preventable way to die in misery.

Aesop said...


Help is on its way.
You just gave me my post for Monday.
Thanks, and watch this space.

Unknown said...

Print at home, then take to your local self-serve copy shop for 3 whole drilling and binding.
A B/W laser printer, the prints duplex (both sides), is fantastically cheap these days. Ad a ream of paper and you are off to the races. I recommend Brother for the small laser printers.

When you print publicly, you are exposed in many ways. Frankly, this effort (analog paper knowledge) might warrant buying a home binding machine.

Divemedic said...

I am putting together something right now.

Unknown # 4B, Jr. said...

Store documents as PDFs - universally readable, exportable to kindle, etc. - Open Office Text Writer creator has an "export as PDF" option so you can save it as a PDF, FoxitReader (and other PDF readers) will also convert to PDF. DVDs are more EMP-proof than thumb drives. For printing hard copies, go to a print shop, not an "office supply place that also prints", it'll be cheaper, but not by much. It's cheaper to buy a <$100 laser printer and some extra cartridges and plan on wearing it out than paying $.15-.20/page to a print place, and using your own printer doesn't compromise OPSEC - remember that modern copiers and "convenience printers" all store everything they print on an internal hard drive. Be careful how you title the documents - indexing the documents properly to make them easier to search for is key. If you search your collection of 1,000 multi-page documents on a 128GB thumb drive for "treating gastritis" you don't want to return 38 six-page docs to wade through and you don't want to miss the document that has the most pertinent information. There's some value to cross-referencing, as in "also see 'diarrhia causes' and 'dysentery symptoms' etc. at the top of the document. YOU are trained and know what you're looking for, Joe or Jane in your group may not.

Miguel GFZ said...

Have fun, take what you want.

Nick Flandrey said...

WRT printing, there is evidence that inkjets and some lasers print serial numbers in your output that can be recovered. If you're going to do something that might get you a hard look, keep that in mind.

For lots of printing done a bit more anonymously, every big city has surplus auctions. I bought a pallet of laser printers from our school district for $15. I'm still using them up. Most of them worked fine. If one runs out of toner, or stops feeding paper properly, I use another.

Craigslist, bankruptcy sales, and thrift stores are other places to look for a printer that doesn't have your name attached to it.

Too paranoid? Is there such a thing these days?