Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Bloglist Update

We've followed TPopp on his YouTube Redonkulas channel for literal years. Apparently he's added a blogsite version/link.


Retired SF MSG/Team Daddy. Good Popp is informative. Bad Popp is funny as f**k. He's also right about 95% of the time about anything in his wheelhouse. And it's a biiiiig wheelhouse.

Go. Watch. Learn. Obligatory Beverage Alert: Not responsible for coffee or carbonated beverage burn to your nostrils if you disregard this warning.

And if you want to enter a timehole, go back to his earliest videos on YouTube, and work your way forward through the ones that interest you.

FYI: It doesn't update. Drop in from time to time, and see what he's added.


carolina TURTLE said...

what does it mean when he mumbles "space ghost" at the end of a snarky comment???

Aesop said...

When he started making videos, when someone he was on-screen mocking was either saying something obviously recockulous, or Popp had done a mic drop after squashing their stupidity, he'd say, "I'm gonna go watch Space Ghost"...and the screen would cut to a still pic of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, later morphed into a Cartoon Network talk show host.
Now Popp just does the shorthand.