Tuesday, February 7, 2017


John Mosby, AKA Mountain Guerrilla, generally knows his stuff. As if he or anyone needed me to say so.

But when it comes to analysis of the Left, and things in general in his latest post, IMHO, he's leaving out a few salient details.

Other rants, from the grievously unhinged, were partly why I posted Get A F***ing Grip a couple of days ago.

So let's dig in to this one, and see if any chips fly.

John writes,
#1) I can train a fucking monkey to run an AR or an AK in three days. Give me ten days, and I can bring a complete novice to a near-expert level of proficiency with the gun. That’s fucking easy. The hard part? Convincing somebody to actually use it. Convincing someone that they actually need to overcome the culturally conditioned aversion to interpersonal violence that Americans have been spoonfed for the last sixty years, is far more challenging than teaching someone the mechanics of gunfighting. Guess which side has already overcome that cultural conditioning? I’ll give you two hints: first, it’s not the guys typing away on FB about how they’re gonna “slaughter” Leftists, as soon as they get permission from their Mommy. Second, it’s the people that are already cracking complete strangers in the head with bricks, then putting the boots to the unconscious victims, before throwing a Molotov Cocktail through their car window.

Yes, John, you can, as one would expect given your former SOF MOS, and countless sincere AARs of your classes would well attest.

But the million dollar question is, do any of the fuckwits like we saw at Berkeley have anyone remotely of your caliber doing their training?
Nothing from that or any other recent clown show would indicate anything like that.

Second, the monkey would have to have an AK or AR, wouldn't he?
There is, to date, zero evidence of wide-scale (or even narrow-scale) up-arming by today's Che wannabees.
By contrast, as noted by others, the Right in this country buys enough small arms every three months to completely outfit the current Russian and Chinese militaries.

Third, those monkeys would have to invest three to ten days into that training (as if they could defer their vente lattes and iTunes long enough to afford such).
There is zero evidence that any of them have invested that much time even learning to use spell check, let alone training, hard, with guns, under expert tutelage, and investing any sweat equity into anything. That would be too much like a j-o-b.
Whereas a notable percentage of the Right already did boot camp once upon a time, and many if not most regularly practice and train with weapons, from paper-punching to Three-gun. To the point a whole industry exists to cater just to that itch.
(Maybe not as much or as realistic as you or I would like, but it's orders of magnitude more than the Leftists in this country have ever done, from 1917 to present.)

Fourth, what culturally conditioned aversion to interpersonal violence?
That's the same nonsense Dave Grossman has been burping out for a decade or more, with about as much evidence. Americans whack people and beat the ever-loving shit out of each other at a prodigious rate, both in the ghetto, and in suburbia, as any homicide detective or beat cop will tell you. As Casey Stengel said, "You could look it up." And Grossman's pet bugaboo that in his fevered mind indicates we're becoming a nation of hardened killers is First Person Shooter games, which sales have skyrocketed since his silly hypothesis was first spawned. The murder rate, high by first-world standards, has mainly decreased. So we're neither over-conditioned to avoid violence, nor averse to actually using it when it is called for.

What intelligent Americans do have (which lets out about 99.8% of the criminal class), is an aversion to jail and prison. They'll still happily cap bad guys at 3 to 10 times the rate the trained and authorized cops do (and with better marksmanship and a higher kill rate), but it's in self-defense. That's not "permission from Mommy", John, and you know better, but you're letting your mouth run away with you before engaging your brain. Dial back the snark, turn up the brightness, and take another whack at it. Please.

The people cracking other folks in the head with bricks, putting the boots to them, and throwing Molotovs, are doing so only and entirely because there is a chance approaching ZERO that they'll be stopped, investigated, pursued, or prosecuted for doing so. And just in case, they're doing it wearing masks, because why risk TPTB having a change of heart later on?
Calculating? Certainly. Dedication or bravery? Not so much. Chickenshit? Five-starred.

NO ONE in Berkeley or anywhere else was getting cracked in the head with batons or taking LTL beanbags, which is precisely why that shit went on unabated. And everyone, then and there, here and now, and coast to coast, damned well knows it.

And they'll stop this nonsense the minute they start catching lead in the face, which was exactly what stopped an entire city from rioting during Rodney King. I was there, and I saw it happen. I also watched the ineffectual Ole` Policing (watch them go by with an armload of Nike shoes or color TVs) fuel the first three days of that like throwing jet fuel on it. 
#2) The Left has won far more dirty civil wars and insurgent conflicts than the Right has won. There are a host of reasons for this, but most notable is the aversion, on the Right, to give up the security of law-and-order. As long as there is a politician telling them, “Now, now, let’s all keep calm. Let the authorities sort this out,” the Right is content to sit at home and bitch about those juvenile delinquents. The Left? They’re all, “FUCK THE MAN! LET’S MAKE IT BURN!” As long as there is a police officer in uniform…even if he is, like so many are currently, telling people, “Hey, we’re probably gonna be busy with other catastrophes when your personal catastrophe happens, so you’re on your own….” as long as he is on the job, the Right is going to say, “Meh, we’ll let the police do their job.” The Left? They’re going, “FUCK THE MAN! KILL THE PIGS!”
A) Not in this country, it hasn't. Not anywhere, not ever in our history. That masthead pic is the Class of '73, one of the few to even make a serious effort, and most of them went down in the same blaze of glory that saw the LAPD invent the idea of S.W.A.T. Leftist Winning!
B) The Left is really good about talking trash, but the minute they try it, they end up in short order on the "Most Wanted List", and that's usually the last you hear from them before they're seen pleading that "it was all a mistake!" just before they're dragged off hogtied to do 30 years in the pen. See A, above.
#3) The government isn’t going to save you. The government isn’t going to save your neighborhood, your city, or your state. The government MAY try and save itself. Those piranhas in the Beltway, on both sides of the aisle? They don’t give two shits about Mayberry RFD, until Mayberry RFD isn’t paying it’s taxes anymore, and by then? It’ll be too late for Sheriff Andy, Deputy Barney, Aunt Bea, Opie, and all their friends and neighbors. You want to be saved, you’d better be looking around and building what SF once upon a time called “CIDG,” or “Civilian Irregular Defense Groups,” among your neighbors and friends and families….you know…your tribe: the people in your local community that share your values and traditions. There’s a couple of really good books available that tell you exactly how to go about selecting those people, and training them. Let me see if I can recall what they are, and where you can fucking buy them……
Just about everyone who's been paying attention gets that, and has for years, which is why you've got book sales and classes and a website and writing articles as a gig, instead of doing something mundane like stacking hay, or whatever. And I hope you prosper and keep on doing it as long as you feel like doing it.
Mayberry, OTOH, will pretty much settle down to taking care of itself, with or without either your guidance or Washington D.C.'s help, just like they have since someone hacked it out of the wilderness anywhere between the Cumberland Gap and the Golden Gate.
While I hope they'll pony up for some of your wisdom and training, I doubt you'll find many waiting for a handout from the Beltway, or expecting any of that. This ain't 1932, and no one sees the president as FDR, outside of the vote ghettoes of the inner city.

So where does that leave us?
The Left tore up Berkeley, with official permission, or at least the concerted efforts of TPTB to look the other way. So fucking what??
That would be the same Berkeley that told Marine Corps recruiters they weren't welcome in that city, at the height of the recent SWAsian War Games? Fuckin' A, I hope the whole piece of shit leftist town burns to the ground, and I'll send 'em my Chevron gas card if they need more gasoline to git 'er done.

That's a far cry from coming to my town, and I'm already right here in Califrutopia.
They'd get about 50 yards down the street if they tried it hereabouts, and if the cops let them continue unmolested, the rounds flying in from outside their perimeter would be no respecter of badges or uniforms, at that point. Given the choice between being in the middle, or cracking heads, I have little doubt where the cops' natural sympathies would lead most of them.
That riot would end in about ten minutes, either way. Getting shot in the face, or a sucking chest wound, tends to take the wind out of rioters' sails, and lungs, with equal rapidity.
We can ask Rooftop Koreans if I'm F.O.S., or spot-on with that assessment.

There's plenty of room for preparing for a host of problems, not least of them the non-human disasters that will always be with us. But there's no room nor reason for getting anyone's underpants in a twist over the antics or imaginary capabilities of the Free Shit Army.

I'm all for getting ready for the day that changes, but right now there's more reason for concern over the Sweet Meteor Of Death wreaking havoc than there is over the trust-fund kids who lack the courage to ship out for Whale Wars, let alone pose and front that they really want to go toe to toe with The Man.

And have even less inclination to mess with their Old Man, or his buddies from the Water Buffalo or Leopard Lodges.

That's why they stay off his lawn, and hang out at the campus instead.

The brighter ones (and there's damned few of those) know if they tried it, they'd have picked the wrong damned rec room.

You can have fun with that, John, and you can mock it all you want; it's easy pickings.

But even Hollywood didn't pull those memes out of its ass, they got them from a few thousand examples of people who behave exactly like that, and have in this land, since shortly after settlers debarked in Virginia in 1607. Despite the lack of knowing how to be tactically operating operators, they seem to have done okay, albeit granting that anybody could always use a few pointers from professionals. Especially from quieter professionals.

Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Almost like a laser pointer and a cat.
"Look Liberals behaving badly. Do something. Rise up and show your conservative colors."
When "they" want you to do something, its time to ignore the triggers and sit back and watch.
First anarchist riot happens in Butte MT, I'll be worried.

Joe Katzman said...

Good points, and I appreciate the reasoned and thoughtful counter-argument.

After listening to you both, I'd say you are both right. The Left has invested a LOT in hate. And there is in fact considerable history of violence in America that didn't exactly go nowhere. Within a population that was less favorably disposed toward their causes, and with far less official support:


Likewise, there are no small number of people on the other side of the aisle who are also royally pissed, and take the LEft's threats at face value.

That environment is not a stable environment. And things could spiral in pretty unpredictable ways. Mayberry MAY protect itself if that goes down, but (a) not everyone lives in Mayberry; and (b) that protection will depend on local networks of people who know each other, and do the right thing both with and without guns.

Exactly what Mr. Mosby says is job #1.

There is a more than casual chance that you are right, and crackdowns/RICOs will take a very big bite out of Leftist violence and its financing. With that said, the smart thing to do in a volatile situation that could go in directions none of us anticipate is to take Mr. Mosby's Job #1 advice if they haven't done so yet.

And hope we end up thanking ourselves for it because it pays off during some flood or natural disaster, rather than the scenario Mosby describes.

Anonymous said...


Spot on, as usual. Allow me a humble hypothesis. The reason why the left has gotten so confident in smashing Starbucks windows, setting garbage cans on fire, and swatting pain-in-the-ass innocent bystanders in the skull with clubs with flags on the end is that they have cover from the government since a long time ago with a big ramp up since 2008 specifically. The DOJ and FLEA populations are infected with communists all over the place. Your fine state, of which I am a former resident, elected Kamala Harris as AG, a Red dolt of a magnitude of cluelessness, arrogance, and ornery stupidity not seen since Angela Davis. She's worse than Holder and orders of magnitude dumber, yet controlled a mass bureaucracy that can really spoil a Tea Partier's picnic. Becerra is even more fucked in the head because he has the mestizo chauvinism and a payback mentality that guarantees that the full weight of the state will come down hard on anyone resisting the romantic advances of the brownskin Red contingent out to help the Gringo see the error of his ways.

As you point out, Whitey McCracker has an aversion to prison and legal trouble. He sees the outcomes of George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson in defending themselves against The Ferals, and mulls over any action. To that end, I 100% agree that when the hordes attack Mayberry or the Inland Wilds of Kern County and related, local LE won't be sympathetic, but the mad dogs in Sacramento, and by default, DC will.

A purge is needed in DC. The Red effluvia embedded in the cloaca called DOJ and FLEA need expelling like yesterday, and I hope the TrupenFurher and Deputy TrumpenFuhrer Sessions make that happen. When the weaponized bureaucracy gets rejiggered to hunt Reds, then things will start to change. Becerra et al., will make the responses of the Berkeley mayor, police chief, and police the statewide standard. The Reds have their people on the inside, unlike the 60's and 70's. It ain't Darryl Gates' police force no more. So Whitey McCracker is going to lay low unless his local Sheriff sets a cordon to intercept the CHiPs, big city police, and whomever else unless Herr Trump sends US Marshals and FBI teams to arrest the Becerras and ilk on RICO and civil rights charges for failing to equally apply the law to all citizens.

If the Reds start attacking BofA, Wells Fargo, police stations, city halls, state capitals, Google Central, Faceborg Central, Twitter Town, and the rotten Apple, I suspect then they've broken from the commissars in the government, because they're hitting the main campaign contributors and power centers of the elitist left. Until then, the Antifas and Reds are the undocumented skull crackers doing the job that Becerra et al., are not quite ready to blatantly do.

I hope this didn't come across as shitting on your post. Your thinking is most sound on this issue. I ask that you consider the 50+ years of infiltration of Red agitators into executive, administrative, legislative, and judicial branches of government, as well as academy and the culture machine since the 60s. I am 100% with you on the point that when they burn Ferguson, Baltimore, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and other garbage scows of cities, the field in which I grow my fucks is barren, and I am happy to run guns, ammo, and drugs to the bastards to fuel the fire. I just think the Reds on the inside must be neutralized and purged. Cheers.

Aesop said...

I don't disagree with any of that, and it's a pretty good analysis of how things would go here, if people tried to do a stand-up fight with them.

I am far more of the mindset suggested by Matt Bracken, that bad things will start to happen to Leftists, both in the state .gov, and the extra-legal players, onesey-twosey, at random times and places, and a notable number of them will suddenly disappear, never to be seen nor heard from again.

And that it will a) work beyond anyone's wildest expectations, and b) be copycatted from Oregon to the Mexican border, if not nationwide, and at the speed of rumor in the internet age.

"When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable." - JFK

Anonymous said...

By the time they get to the edge of the lawn in Mayberry, it's an unrecoverable situation.

Successfully engaging violent protestors is also a non-starter. It's always easier for authority to punish those fighting the guilty, than it is to punish the guilty parties (and more productive, they'd say). Ask any person in a grade school.

So, what instead? That, is the real question.

Leaving people to be beaten into the hospital or morgue is not the answer, any more than being jailed for stopping that from happening.

We all need an answer, since the police can't be sued for inaction.

Historically, two known examples of curing a mob's violence involved encountering another group en masse who couldn't be intimidated by protestors or reasoned with by authorities, and had force available to them.

Immediate minimal application of said force ended each conflict, for their category, for an entire era.

One event is entirely unknown, the other is not spoken of. Neither could happen again, since we don't live in that country any longer.

What can we get today, that will work in today's broken dynamic? God help US find it, if the authorities won't work to end the nation's need of it.

Aesop said...

If the authorities won't end it, nature abhors a vacuum.

One side or the other will fill in where they decline, and TPTB know this.

At that point, IMO, either the Left's "leaders" start getting shot in the face 24/7/365, or their rioters do, every time they show up.

And the police trying to punish those who oppose the guilty is picking a side.
Grade-schoolers can't enforce that, but grown-ups with weapons can, and will.
In short order, the cops get lumped in with the protesters for protecting them, and they start taking casualties they can't afford, then or the long-term.

Which is unlikely, as their natural sympathies among rank-and-file are not with the Antifa, and never will be.

They may have to be goaded into doing their job, but cops don't get sued for inaction, they will eventually end up getting shot, or worse, by the people tired of them cherry-picking justice. As they currently have a collective rating among the population somewhere above used-car salesman, they can ill-afford to make the choice to stand down, outside a few hard red locations, unless they're going for full-on jackboot whaleshit ratings across the board.

When jerkwater Sheriff Will Teasdale spoke the ironic line in First Blood, he spoke to the ages:
"People go fucking around with the law, and all hell breaks loose."

Anonymous said...

"I am far more of the mindset suggested by Matt Bracken, that bad things will start to happen to Leftists, both in the state .gov, and the extra-legal players, onesey-twosey, at random times and places, and a notable number of them will suddenly disappear, never to be seen nor heard from again."

Think Munich Olympics and the Israeli Mossad. They will shit themselves every load noise.

Anonymous said...

I think you are forgetting that it actually requires almost ZERO training to kill people and about 30 seconds worth to get someone pointing and yanking. Point is, they don't need anyone doing any training. Those boys in chicago seem to drop a lot of bodies with little more than 10mins of OJT and some bong hits.

I don't especially agree with the cultural conditioning bit, but he nails the marxist radical mindset. While I didn't agree with most of his post, I didn't agree with most of yours either, but I must say that I viewed his point as the marxists are already to the point that you could toss them a bag of guns and they would roll out. Committed, indoctrinated, radicalized whatever and that underestimating that resolve is a mistake. Not that your hickory stick solution for bedwetters isn't equally valid.

I'm also not a fan of the Rah-rah our team is better than your team bring it to my neighborhood and find out how we roll bullshit unless it involves how the USMC is OBVIOUSLY better than the Army.


Aesop said...

Untrained people killing people works until you roll out on someone who is trained, and after that your lifespan as an active shooter is measured in minutes.
We only have a few decades of direct experience with that in this country.

Google the North Hollywood Bank Robbery, and get back to me.
The final body count, despite hundreds of rounds fired, was zero dead cops or civilians, and two dead dickheads despite possession of body armor and full-auto modified AKs.

If Team Commie rolls out strapped, they'll be lucky to see the next sunrise, based purely on every last bit of anecdotal data extant. And once they open firs, they'll have lost the element of surprise, or the presumption of innocence, and it'll be open season on them wherever and whenever found.

Giving guns to a pack of baboons doesn't bootstrap them to being a formidable force, just an armed pack of baboons.

Anonymous said...

Roger that. Rah-Rah arrogant. Rah-Rah baboons. Rah-Rah surprise. Rah-Rah no constitution. Rah-Rah formidable. Some bullshit about google.

Anyone with the balls to show the fuck up and try to kill me demands my respect and the minute I blow off that capacity I'M THE ONE WHO IS DEAD. I highly recommend you get your head next to that idea if you like the way it fits on your shoulders. Complacency kills.

Your argument with john is 9mm vs. .45 rah rah internet posturing. All I'm saying is that the world is a dangerous place.

Years ago I was teaching a TCCC class and I gave a fill in the blank pre-test. In response to the question "What are the top three preventable causes of on the battlefield?" A Navy helo pilot answered #1. RUNNING OUT OF LUCK.

Take that to heart.


Anonymous said...

death, causes of death.

Aesop said...

They demand no respect. They are infants playing at a game for men, that isn't a game.

Dangerous? Absolutely.
They deserve the same consideration you'd give a pack of rabid dogs.

They will be dispatched in exactly the same way.

And luck is the entirety of their "battle plan", because they don't even know what they don't even know.

When you find even a third-rate military unit whose training plan is to recruit frothing mad children, and hand out weapons, because reasons, give a holler.
And note well their total lack of success, except at dying in hordes.
Apparently you are either too young to remember, or else wholly ignorant of, both the Falklands War, and the Iran-Iraq War, both in the early 1980s.

Those are both paradigms for what untrained conscripts and armed children can accomplish (hint: mass death, on their own side), all handily from an age when video cameras were in no short supply.

When you start talking armed conflict, stupid does hurt.
And what Team Commie brings, in wholesale quantities, is industrial-strength stupid.

It's why in any sort of stand-to I expect they'll either be whacked unawares one-on-one between events, or shot from distance on the day. Both of which will cause their recruiting pitch to lose about 99% of its current allure, which is "no consequences for tantrums", and concurrently take out 99% of their presumed strength, at somewhere around the sustained rate of aimed fire.

Criminals show the fuck up and try to kill you - unawares. They are not combatants. Rather anything but. The last thing they want is a toe-to-toe parity conflict.
You (and the infantile rioters) casually conflate sneak-thieves and cutthroats with wannabe combatants in a way that suggests you either don't know the difference between the two, or else simply don't care to.

My argument with John Mosby is that he's about 9 levels beyond the reality on the ground. That may change over time, but at this point, it's simply way too much heat, based on way too little light.

And BTW, running out of luck isn't a preventable cause. By definition, you have no influence over luck, other than not expecting any from the outset.
Conversely, running out of stupid, by ruthlessly beating it out of yourself, is the preferred method of survival for at least some seven millennia of recorded history.

Take that to heart.