Sunday, February 26, 2017

Way Too Early: RIP Bill Paxton

We note with sadness the far too early departure of actor Bill Paxton, yesterday from complications of heart surgery, at the age of only 61.

Well, fuck. One more face to add to tonight's Oscar tribute of those we lost this year.

Paxton was fun to watch, and we can't recall him ever shooting his mouth off about things outside his ken as an actor. We first noticed him in the before-its-time cult classic Streets Of Fire, and he absolutely nailed every terminal lance corporal we've ever seen with his portrayal of Pvt. Hudson in Aliens ("Man, I'm too short for this over man, game over!").

He was clearly a favorite of James Cameron, which is why we kept seeing him in everything, and making him that top-tier 2%: a regularly working featured actor, and he deserved it every time, paying it off to the audience in every scene.

Loved him in Navy Seals, he made a great Earp brother in Tombstone, he made Twister worth watching, and was rock-solid in Apollo 13, Titanic, and U-571.

What a helluva run, and over way too soon.
Sincere condolences to his family at a loss to them, and everyone who enjoys a good flick.


RandyGC said...

Damn! RIP

Also played the ultimate sleazeball used car salesman (redundancy alert) Simon in True Lies.

Christopher said...

Aliens was my favorite movie for many years. Paid to see it in theater three times. May you rest in peace William, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Amen and Amen.