Sunday, February 12, 2017

Reasonable Questions File

(No, Snowflakes, this isn't war. If it were war, you'd have been dead in wholesale lots, and the Right would have been grinning from ear to ear from their sniper perches hundreds of yards away, and would have laughed out loud as designated mop-up teams waded in and shot your wounded in the face. That's how WAR is played. You could look it up. This was an infantile tantrum where you shit your own crib. -A.)

From comments at this thread over on WRSA, comes this reply from the bloghost, Concerned American:
What is the military spec from 25 years ago on taking boot camp intakes to rifle competence, both USA and USMC?
Short answer, seven weeks for the USMC, somewhat less for Big Green.
(Which accounts for the overall difference in the respective products received.)

Longer answer:
It takes a metric shit-ton of difference between basic recruits, and the rabble that calls itself Antifa.

It takes:
People willing to volunteer not just to commit violence, but doing so with a mature appreciation that they may very well be called upon to die in the effort, rather than hide behind a bandana and run like little girls if there's any chance of even getting arrested.
Edge: military recruits. From ever.

People willing to undergo weeks of draconian authoritarian discipline, follow commands to the smallest detail, down to how they shave, cut their hair, tie their boots, and wipe their ass, and create pools of sweat to meet the most minimum standards for every single thing, or failing to.
Edge: military recruits.

A trained cadre of experienced warfighters, intensively trained to break down those recruits, and then build them back up into what is needed, sufficient to kick the asses of every major power for two centuries.
Edge: military recruits.

A training ethic that knows the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.
Edge: military recruits.

Long days of training during longer weeks, just to get every person imbued with a sense of discipline at the individual and unit level, in order to accomplish the greater objectives.
Edge: military recruits.

The institutional mindset to shitcan the lazy, the stupid, the belligerently malingering, the psychotic, and the permanently weak, rather than pass along a cat's breakfast of two-legged abortions to later units.
Edge: military recruits.

Years of intense study to find, refine, and instill the techniques of shooting at the individual level, and fighting cohesively at the small unit level, to enable further training progress, and ultimate combat success.
Edge: military recruits.

A dedicated recruitment, training, supply, and support establishment to guarantee an unending pipeline of first-rate personnel, doctrine, training materials, and common equipment, thus insuring reinforcement of basic principles of warfighting and winning.
Edge: military recruits.

In point of fact, the Antifa is such an obvious display of libidinous monkeys trying to fornicate with a football, they wouldn't even register if there were side-by-side graphs next to each of these points comparing them to the training programs of the Army or Marines.

They can't be shake-and-baked into anything but a pack of armed baboons in seven (or seventy) weeks' time, from the starting point of being a pack of unarmed baboons (their default setting on their best day).

Someone like John Mosby, Max Velocity, etc. could take maybe twenty such raw recruits and turn them into a couple of barely competent squads. In seven long weeks. Because 20:1 is about the ratio at MCRD for Marine boot camp or in the Army for BIT/AIT for drill instructors/drill sergeants vs. raw recruits.

And to make them barely competent light infantry, the .mil allocates even more time and resources. With a vast cadre of experienced trainers, luxurious training establishments, and a gargantuan budget, just to, six months later, burp their products out the back end as minimally-competent basic infantry, ready to spend months and years learning and refining their arts, and marginally able to pour piss out of a boot, if given instructions stamped on the heel, and the tender loving supervision of sergeants who educate by profanity the way Michelangelo worked in marble.

Antifa could, with dedication, get to being perhaps almost half-assed, after the helpful application of six months' direct combat. Which would cull the bottom 95% of their number, either from casualties, or desertions, which both amount to the same thing.

The left going violent will be the VC launching Tet in 1968: a quick, glorious, spastic orgy of self-destruction, and permanent non-existence and political irrelevance after the bodies are counted.

And the Left has no Walter Crankhate to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat afterwards (though no shortage of those willing to try), and paint the stacks of protesters piled like cordwood - as they would be - as inarguable proof of their inevitable victory.
It would mainly end the Left as a political option, for the next century, and open season on them wherever and whenever found, until several generations post-blood-letting have passed.

By which point, being long dead myself, I will assuredly give no more fucks than I give about their pet causes now, while I'm very much alive.

The left is dangerous, but if they seek to win by force what they couldn't win by reason or peacefully voting into power, they will be the de facto Redcoats in the re-enactment of Lexington Common and Concord Bridge, and fare about as well as their spiritual forefathers did on that day in history.

And they would learn at that point, with alacrity and dismay, why it's always a bad idea (in a Darwin Award-winning sort of fashion) to bring a half-assed rabble to a guerrilla war. And don't ever pick a fight with rednecks that they can drive to in their pickup trucks, unless you like eating a sandwich for lunch made of your own ass, which they'll promptly hand you.

The little black-clad Bitch Posse feels brave when pepper-spraying women who thought they were going to a lecture, and ganging up 40-to-1 on unarmed middle-aged guys.
They will, by contrast, squirt their shorts full the first time they start catching facefuls of .30 caliber incoming, in a manner that will trigger the activation of their organ donation cards, and all their chicken-shit posturing has done is get a sizable cross-section of the right to salivating on the prospect of the smackdown we're inching closer to, with each one of these infantile street tantrums.

The pendulum swinging their way is a wrecking ball, with spikes on it. And even money, after the first casualties, some generous souls will then go after the fallen agitators' families, just to make a point. (In this case, the point being that the outcome of the Third Punic War is considered a reasonable victory line upon which the Right will settle.)

That isn't over-confidence, bluster, or braggadocio talking. It's the cold, hard, bloody truth, calling out down through the ages:

                   Beware the wrath of patient men.


Cederq said...

You are dead right. I have rumors that some leftard ex-military has been teaching light infantry tactics to the antfa, but not having the weeks and months of hard discipline tortured into their weak bodies still doesn't amount to spit, they will fold like a cheap Pinto in a rear end crash...

Anonymous said...

As a former teacher of the uneducated masses in military disciplines I can only say that someone unconsciously incompetent is still dangerous. I had a friend that spent literally 100's of thousands of rounds(courtesy of uncle sugar) to become an awesome shooter, only to have a terminal encounter with a chance shot from an Afghan farm boy.

Aesop said...

@ Anonymous
1) No one's saying they aren't dangerous, just that they'll be ineffective.
Rabid dogs are dangerous. The solution thus is to shoot them in the head from beyond biting range. 100% success rate there, at least until someone breeds a bulletproof dog.

2) The awesomeness of one's shooting abilities only counts if you're shooting, rather than presenting a target. You're comparing apples to pineapples.

3) As shooters seldom leave curriculum vitae afterwards, no one has any idea who shot your friend, but the fact the someone put a bullet into him suggests the shooter was neither relying on random chance, nor some mere farm boy.

In fact, the Afghanis have been shooting at people (mostly each other) pretty much non-stop since they first acquired riles and gunpowder, and could teach Sparta lessons on preparing youth for battle from the earliest age.

Someone at a party who won't change his mind, and can't change the subject, is a bore.
Someone at war who won't change his mind, and can't change the subject, is the reason poison gas and artillery were invented.
Which later is probably the only way to permanently pacify the Afghan populace, and the only solution worth trying in about 90% of reported encounters.
Trying to bootstrap them from the 2nd Century BC to the current century has been a miserable failure, every time it's been tried since the 1800s, if not Alexander the Great.
And all such attempts have mainly only taught their uneducated masses in military disciplines, which they never win, but are too stubborn to give up at, as noted above.

If the Left in this country emulates the Afghan model of warfare, civil society will reinstate Sherman's March, this time through their individual living rooms, after stomping a mud hole in their chests, until there aren't any more of them.

The alternative would be Beirut, or Sarajevo, endlessly. People in third world Trashcanistans accommodate that; civilized people here tend to favor all-or-nothing solutions. Emphasis on all for them, and nothing for their enemies.

The current feral children will not fare as well in this as they did in Road Warrior, and they won't be seen as nearly as cute.
I suspect they are about to get lessons in that directly, and in short order.
Hot stoves and hot lead are usually the quickest teachers.

Anonymous said...

Not arguing effectiveness, just saying, as someone who's fought against and alongside those of lesser caliber, that chance is a motherfucker and there's no guarantee the best man wins.
My buddy was doing both, shooting and providing a target, it happens in the assault, its what makes the job hazardous. And whether or not the guy who got him was a farmer or a professional Talib makes no diff. Its just not logistically possible anyone on the other side of the engagement had his level of training. In the end it didnt matter, throw enough lead into the air and sometimes it hits. The whole quantity is a quality thing.
As far as Afghani subjugation goes, only the Mongols did it right, and thats the only way it'll ever work anywhere(mountain of heads).
Not quite sure that that's all that's needed for America's libs though. It would be funny if them getting close to guns fundamentally changed them at the ideological level. If not, as soon as they've served their purpose, or, as soon as enough changes happen at the Agency directing/funding them, they'll be deactivated(aka lose funding, trainers, political/legal cover). I console patience.
As you stated before, most conservatives respect and know the law or are at least respectful of its power. Those useful idiots making noise right now have no clue. They're not so dangerous as they are annoying. Perhaps getting the more independent among us to step outside the social contract is their whole purpose. Initially its what they made me want to do.

Anonymous said...

Back when Occupy Wall Street was a thing in NYC I was on my way home one fine afternoon, going to the train station which used to be in the basement of the World Trade Center and at that time was mostly covered by a tin roof. A bunch of Occupiers took a break from crapping on cop cars and fornicating to block the sidewalk, intent (or not) on impeding the commuters who just wanted to get home from their jobs (the important point here being that they HAD jobs).

Well, they joined arms across the sidewalk and informed everyone that they were not going to be allowed to pass. Until they saw a grouchy looking middle aged man who is, let's say, on the larger side of the average in size (that would be me) and decided that they ought to let me by. I didn't pause, I didn't make eye contact, I didn't swerve, I just kept walking straight ahead as if they weren't there and they parted in a manner that would have made Moses proud at the Red Sea.

You might catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but that's only a good thing if you're a frog. You can get more beef with a pole-axe and a good set of knives than with either honey or vinegar.

All also note that the "spontaneous" protests of Occupy Wall Street all seemed to be accompanied by pre-printed signs and t-shirts.

Aesop said...

I wouldn't counsel anyone to go out and shoot the bastards, and I get the role of blind chance in 2-way shooting exercises. But fortune favors the prepared, and these @$$clowns are anything but that.
These are not random grassroots protests, they're professional agitators ginned up to bring out even more useful idiots.
But the minute, probably the second, they begin to achieve the slightest shred of anything like effectiveness, they'll start to become a target in a military planning briefing sort of way, and become targets of opportunity to a host of people with neither the time nor patience to educate them in less violent ways, and who aren't impressed with their state-of-art 1917 technology of political action.

Nothing says "Knock that silly $#!^ off, right quick!" better than a third eye in the center of your forehead, and nothing makes the entire problem set dissolve quite as loudly as your fellow miscreants all randomly disappearing, without a trace, and/or suffering the most freakish series of fatal accidents.

A yawning grave is a poor welcome mat, and the only thing this nonsense ultimately offers the participants by way of trophies.

Anonymous said...

A new third eye is an awful extreme way to settle an argument when a little 2x4 across the snout would work just as well. So far no organized, counter-protestors have shown up to do just that. Conservatives mostly have jobs, are busy during the day, live far from the scene of these protests, don't have the equivalent of a Soros to provide funding, or are not actually organized as mobs of fascists enough to settle this in the streets. These college kids and their academic fellow travelers are mostly just naive and idealistic. You don't have to grow up in the university bubble and the thought that real life might actually intrude into that has them as freaked out as anything. These aren't rock worshiping death culters in a shattered country with nothing to lose but 20 year olds acting like teenagers rebelling against mom and dad. Mostly I want to just spank them, knock a little "real life" into their over educated, underdeveloped little noggins and put them back out into the real world a little bruised but wiser(and politer).
It really wouldn't take the po-po long to shut this motley little band of so called radicals down, but you have to think about the unseen hand holding their leash. Cops don't like looking ineffective any more than we like them being that way. Might give the real bad guys ideas.

Aesop said...

" awful extreme way to settle an argument..."

Pour encourager les autres.

Anonymous said...


Wrench said...

A kid playing with matches can burn a city block down or a thousand acres...

Anonymous said...

"A dedicated recruitment, training, supply, and support establishment to guarantee an unending pipeline of first-rate personnel, doctrine, training materials, and common equipment, thus insuring reinforcement of basic principles of warfighting and winning."
I was with you (advantage: military recruits) up to here, because the previous steps involved committed individuals. This step is political, and cultural, and now you're back on their turf. You can yell & scream to each other in the echo chamber, but the commanding heights are still held by the Left. The solution to this, too, is obvious.
PS: stop supporting your destroyers.

Aesop said...

No, it isn't political, and no, you're not on their turf.
If you can't tell the difference between the military's infrastructure to self-sustain, and the rioter's bunch of useful idiots with nothing to do on a Saturday night, I can't help you any further.
You simply don't know what you don't know.
The Left is a vast ocean of assholes a mile wide, with commitment a centimeter deep.
Which describes nothing as much as a swamp, and certainly not a force of nature.
They are children playing at protest games with no consequences, not foot soldiers joining an army, and come the hard times, they'll melt away like snow on a hot day.
This is what comes of things when your side's one guiding principle is being crybabies with megaphones.

Stretch said...

Was eating at local restaurant next to table of telephone linemen. Big guys. One had USMC tattoo. To my right were 4 SJWs. One male (he was not a man) kept fingering his folding pocket knife and talking about "taking down the man" and "ending fascism."
Tattoo guy stood up, walked to the SJWs and, very softly, asked "Can you envision 800 yards?"
"Do you know how far 800 yards is?"
"Cause that's how far I can put a bullet into your guts. Now put up that knife, eat your food, and leave."
The SJWs were VERY quiet, ate quickly, and left.
The linemen refused my offer of a pitcher of beer but all look forward to Open Season.

Aesop said...

Dulce et decorum est...

Anonymous said...

"Nothing says "Knock that silly $#!^ off, right quick!" better than a third eye in the center of your forehead. "

You can be a good example, or a horrible reminder. Please pick the first before the second is chosen for you.

Strelnikov said...

"A kid playing with matches can burn a city block down or a thousand acres..."

True, but if I'm standing next to him and hit him with a stick, he'll stop playing with matches before he burns anything.

JJGrey said...

Rednecks are only marginally more military trained than minority gangbangers (many of whom are being encouraged by there higher ups in the gangs to put in a stint in the military for the past decade or two) Mind you, most of the gangs are NOT the dumb protesting liberals - they join with the dumb protesting liberals for the loot for now, but as soon as they see the profit to loss ratio has decreased enough they will jump off the liberal bandwagon and be ducking and covering better than any REMF during a mortar and sniper barrage, which is exactly what will end the extremist liberal protests and civil war performance better than any other.
It is only if the US military and government back the liberal riots that they have a prayer of civil insurrection (highly unlikely).