Thursday, October 6, 2016

This is Obama's Pentagon

First up, SecNav Ray Mabus.

Accomplishments: Eliminating naval ratings that have been traditional since before 1775.
First naval dependent born onboard a deployed aircraft carrier, by crewmember of same.
Pushing "alternate" transports like the HSV-2:
Ignoring the problems with type-classifying a ship with the abbreviation for a genital disease (which is about what you could expect from an absolutely fabulous service secretary), here's what this "alternative transport" looks like a couple of days after some ragtag ragheads light one up with an anti-ship missile:
Bravo Zulu thinking there, Ray.

Then there's SecDef himself Ash Carter:
Smallest Navy since 1916. Army on course for 1938 status, if not 1838 status.
Military morale, readiness, and veteran retention and re-enlistment at all-time lows.

Gays, transgenders, and 56 assorted different genders now (you'll pardon the double entendre) forced down the military's throat - or shoved up somewhere else.
All jobs, including combat arms, opened to women, and all performance standards lowered to accommodate this demand.
Riding the demand for a single-service attack aircraft, the F-35, all the way into the ground, while watching it effortlessly destroy the budgets of the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps more effectively than an alpha strike of inbound Russian ICBMs.

Fortunately, this level of leadership comes at a peaceful time for the US, when we're only seeing developments like the Chinese developing a blue water navy, and laying military claim to half the western Pacific, backed by new military bases there:

while the Russians, under Putin's direction, are busy assiduously re-assembling the entire Soviet Empire, first in Georgia

then in Ukraine
and next...? As well as standing toe to toe with us in Syria, and declaring that "WWIII has already begun", while bombing our nominal allies under the guise of bombing ISIS
Fortunately, the rest of the world is entirely peaceful, except for North Korea testing ICBMs and SLBMs now that they have nuclear weapons, the Iranians getting massive cash payoffs without halting their nuclear arms race, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS all continuing to thrive as we retreat, putting thousands of lives and millions of dollars over a decade-plus of SWAsia war there to utter and absolute waste, while our ability to do anything about anything, anywhere, anytime, has reached the lowest nadirs of military readiness since the 1930s.

Meanwhile both we and Europe are busily importing jihadis by the gross like there was a shortage of them or something, despite the fact that 99.9998% of them are neither Syrians, nor refugees, but merely financial opportunists seeking to suck the benefits from sucker countries while burning them down and blowing up their inhabitants from within.

None of this is news to anybody but the so-called commander-in chief, who can't seem to link the words "Muslim" and "terrorist" in the same time zone any day in 7 1/2 years.
It's just the way it's been, non-stop, for the last 8 years, and no end in sight.
And historically, that portends poorly for us, based purely on the evidence of history going back 100 years and more.

If this had happened on a Republican president's watch, they would have skipped calls for impeachment, and gone straight to public hangings.
In any one of 150 other countries, there'd have been a military coup by now.

As it is, we're not far short of third-world Trashcanistan levels of function already, in ways beyond counting.

And the police are worse than worthless, as the only time they don't roll up in tanks and start shooting everyone in sight are the very times they most should, while the times they aren't being threatened are the ones they get all tacced up, to the point of asininity
while shredding the last identifiable scraps of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to molecules, and doing about the same thing to what public support they can still lay claim.

Just saying.
Does any of this look right to anybody?
Beuller? Beuller? Ferris Beuller...?

Do what you like. I'm cleaning out my disposable income, and investing it on a few more things at the Fun Show this weekend.

Because whoever you are, you don't have enough ammo for whatever is coming next.


Windy Wilson said...

This is the first time I saw a picture of Ash Carter and his simpering mug. I'm not that wrong in thinking of Ashton Kutcher and HIS simpering mug (same intellectual level, too).

Able said...

OK, as a Brit, having 30+ years military service (E Sqdrn - Not by strength), rolling deployments for almost the last five+ years (all of them East of home, and quite a few North-East wink-wink), ..., what do I think of your most recent post?

Professionally speaking? I can only say:


(especially your last sentence!)