Friday, October 7, 2016

Special Snowflake Alert

h/t to WRSA

Apparently, the submission bar to get published in The Hill has been lowered to include those who flunked out of grade school (which, for most liberal rags, probably puts them in the top 10% of their own bell curve).

But you don't have to take my word for it. Go check out this frightful piece, from one Jeremy Streich (my suspicion is that is was supposed to be Jeremy St. Reich, purely based on the editorial point of view espoused, but I digress) wherein the author supposes that we can collapse the Second Amendment with some clever legerdemain, and all will be right and happy in Wonkland again.

The theme is flatly ridiculous, and I would happily fisk the piece on its demerits, like the wee fact that even repealing the Second Amendment would do nothing to revoke the natural right it assumes as a given since the dawn of history, thus doing nothing to advance his asinine quest to de-weaponize society, but it doesn't even get far enough intellectually to even deserve that.

Little Jeremy is clearly a Special Snowflake, whose mommie hung his dirty diapers on the refrigerator and told everyone they were art, but clearly he can’t even pass a Common Core math class. One salient excerpt of the wit and wisdom on parade:
“Here’s a harrowing fact: a recent poll unveiled that the
citizen to firearm ratio in the United States has reached
nearly 1:1. What’s worse? These weapons fall within the
grasp of merely one-tenth of the population – that is roughly
30 weapons per owner.”

Uh, no, lumpkin. That would be roughly 10 weapons per owner. That’s what the clever mathematical fraction “one-tenth” multiplied by a 1:1 ratio means. Maybe you were sick that year in math school, but trust me, that’s how it works.

The facts are that somewhere around half of all households in the US have a firearm (assuming, generously, that the other half didn’t lie when surveyed), the ratio is vastly beyond 1:1, and some of us are unbelievable over-achievers with regards to firearms ownership from what is probably more like a 20:1 or 50:1 actual numerical ratio of guns:citizens.

If that’s the best argument the f*cktards editing The Hill can grunt out, maybe they should firstly, wipe themselves up behind, and secondly, change their masthead to The Litterbox. And then promptly scrape some sand over this particular nugget, before the smell gets noticed.

And then send the author to bed in his footie jammies, with no hot cocoa. At least until he can pass a fifth grade math lesson.

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