Thursday, July 17, 2014

How Stands The Union?

In the course of some forum debates on the nature of things, and what our choices are:

What do I think about government?
Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
Wait, no, that was George Washington, after the Revolution.
That government governs best which governs least.
Oh, sorry, that was Thomas Jefferson.
Power always thinks that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws.
The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.
Oh, sorry again, that was John Adams.

So I share the sentiments of the first three presidents on what government is, and I would love to live under a constitutional republic. Someday, I hope to.
Its absence and lack since long before I was born has been keenly felt in this country, and want of it is killing us. And by no means only metaphorically.
The time to start slitting throats is being forced upon us, but we're not there yet.

I inherently and immediately suspect anybody that argues for going there until all other options have been exhausted.
So until that day, the order of the day should be to so harry, harass, hinder, delay, and obstruct the machinations of the current metastasized abortion that they wonder what hornet's nest they've kicked over every waking moment of their lives, and those who would subject us to the very slavery our forefathers shrugged off at perilous cost drop the reins of government as though it were a red hot iron in their hands, repent of the vines and weeds they've sown around the nation's liberty as we hack them down and uproot them, and that they would flee with all haste to some more agreeable climate, physically if necessary.

To paraphrase another president, this nation cannot long endure a situation where half the country wants to be let alone, and the other half wants to direct every last detail of our daily lives, down to the minutes and seconds, and would decree that they have a rightful claim on every penny in our pockets, every drop of sweat on our brow, and every drop of blood in our veins to the very last one.
Our side's terminal handicap as those who wish to be let alone is that we are perpetually loathe to engage in any struggle if we can go about our business.
We just want to be left cheerfully to exercise our liberty. But the vanishing corner of moth-eaten liberties we are being left to is grown so excrutiatingly small and so increasingly intolerable, that we must either resolve to do everything in our power short of war to overturn and reverse it, or we shall reach the inevitable point that the only option at all is an open and all-out war to the death for one side or the other.

Some seem to be under the impression that we have an abbreviated continuum between a constitutional republic and anarchy.
In fact, we are on a ponderably large continuum, and can scarcely see constitutional republic off in the misty distance we've travelled since the over 200 years ago when we achieved it from where we sit, it is so far away and so long gone from any living memory. And we have descended so deeply into slavery, that even anarchy may seem a pleasant respite and a short step.

This isn't, for me, a left-right thing. It's more like travelling the seas.
Anarchy is sitting alone in a raft amidst a hurricane: as Hobbes noted, such a life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.
A constitutional republic is sailing on a luxury liner as masters of our own destiny.
And our current situation: Let's just agree that for fuck's sake, it's long past time to be arguing about the relative comfort of the different brands of chains they've put around our ankles, or trying to come to agreement on whether some smaller and lighter version is somehow more acceptable.
We've been measured and fitted to them for several generations, and had them placed on for longer and longer periods, to the point that now life without them is hard to recall, like horses broken to saddle, bridle, or collar.

I propose instead that we stop pulling on the oars until the chains come off and we're free to walk about or leave the ship if we chose, have a full say in whither it proceeds, and that the fellows with the whips are to be hung from the yardarms in haste.
While reserving the right to resolve to rise up and strangle the guy at the stern beating the drum with all possible dispatch the minute the opportunity presents itself if the response is more whip.

Do everything legally and humanly possible to starve the beast to the size of the Chihuahua our founders intended.
Dial it back from its current 12 on the dial, to a 1.
Hack, slash, burn, and starve it back to a size where we needn't live in daily fear of its predations.
And let's please, once and for all time, stop being "reasonable" about it.
When a man with a machete proposes to cut off my legs, the reasonable response is not to compromise, and agree to sacrifice only one leg, and say "It was the best deal I could get".

We should instead be the most frothingly unreasonable sons of bitches at the slightest predation on the public purse or our personal liberty that you'd expect from Genghis Khan's hordes hung-over, saddle-sore, and with blood dripping from their swords.
Getting anything from us, past us, or over us, should be as pleasant as trying to take a bone from a hungry Bengal tiger, or meeting a grizzly bear with a toothache.
On our best and most sweetly-disposed mothereffing day.

The other side should present the slightest suggestion of same with rivers of fecal material running down their legs, as their knees knock together, after having signed a will and settled their affairs, and should expect that the only thing that would be returned of such a delegation should arrive in separate small baskets.

Hint: This is not a job for the likes of John Boehner or Mitch McConnell.

{Update: Greetings to anyone from WRSA etc. who landed here from their link or similar, and my thanks to C.A. for the referral, and the subsequent rocket launch of views.}


Sgt 73rd Regt said...

As a long time supporter of the United States I wish you luck and success in your endeavour. I saw an interesting article recently that was arguing that USA was no longer a functioning Republic, rather it was a Presidential Monarchy.

Cheers from the land of the Southern Cross.

Aesop said...

Thanks for the fond wishes!

"Presidential Monarchy"...I think I'm stealing that.

ron8072 said...

Aesop, You have voiced so well what me and a lot of friends have been fuming about for the last 7 years or so. Thanks!

Reasonable? Are the governmental minions reasonable when they deal with us? Case in point, the EPA deciding to begin acting as judge, jury, and collection agency on Sept 2, if there is not enough outcry. The EPA said the rule was not subject to review because it was not a "significant regulatory action." WTF? Anytime an agency makes decisions based on its own august and supreme knowledge it is significant.

Our formerly Constitutional Representative Republic just dropped over the horizon and we don't know what the conditions are there. Most Americans are so brain dead they don't realize the government many times each day pisses on them and then tells them it was warm rain. Kicker is they continue to believe the answer! How else did they re-elect The Tyrrant who is strangling the life out of American ideals? An argument can be made that we are deeply into being a Banana Republic.

Watch your backs and gather your significant friends to watch it also while you watch theirs. It will come to that. Hell, it already has but most don't realize it.

Anonymous said...

Aesop well done . A talent for writing is a gift from God . Voting with my feet and will be traveling into the American Redoubt next week to gather intelligence on places to live . America is Balkanizing right before our eyes. Just a matter of a little time when this Federal Reserve monstrosity will explode.

Anonymous said... A case in point here. If you have a chance, take a read and take note where the cop says "That one went right to unreasonable" Yep, right to it , right out the gate. No fuse there, just a primer. Not one inch easy, ever. You want it? Force them to take it.

Unknown said...

I think you misjudge anarchy. It could be as you say or it could be an extremely efficient and self correcting system.

More over it is the only moral system in that taxes are theft and I do not consent to many laws.

I don't think a functioning voluntary-ist society is going to bloom overnight, and likely we will have to grow up enough as a society to restore, maintain, and appreciate a functional republic before we can respect each other enough to quit taxing and prohibiting each other's behavior.

But if you march towards liberty, you are an ally. Hopefully we see it again and pass it on for posterity.

Anonymous said...

"Presidential Monarchy" sounds nice, but I think the proper designation would be "Democratic Monarchy" to better captures the idea of 'the tyranny of numbers'.

Hans ... in the NC woods

BradyBunch said...

A manifesto for me to read every morn before work. Thank You , Sir

B-Dog said...

Your suggestions, though eloquent and waxing poetic, are lacking the reality of the situation.

When 97 of the 100 oarsmen refuse to stop rowing - 32% want to continue rowing, 32% want to stop rowing, but are afraid of the consequences, and the last 32% are going to simply go with the majority - the three of you who simply stopped rowing because you thought it would accomplish something are in for a shit ton of hurt.

Either you stop rowing and immediately cut off the head to gain the support of the 64%, or you suffer the consequences of not taking the appropriate action.

Maybe I am suspect in your mind, but that does not take away the reality.

Lt. Greyman, NVA said...

I agree that a Rebellion should not be done for weak and petty causes. A tainted election, a incidence of bribery, a singular avoidable tragedy.

However, this border mess is (or should be) the spark that lights the powder. Government is using foreign nationals to replace the indigenous population with the help of the capitalists who want lower wage (looking at you Tyson chicken) and Marxists Liberals who want low I.Q. voters. It is one thing to break the law, but demographic replacement of the population can never be repaired, fills the land with crime and broken lives.

We are long past the time our forefathers would have rebelled.

Must we be starving, on our knees, looking into the mass grave with a pistol to our head before we cry enough? How many must die of TB, Gorma worms or Leprosy before we say, "Gee Barack, this will not stand" with the force of Arms?

The latest news is that 111 cases of TB were reported in a High School summer camp from one illegal with TB. How many of our children will die when school starts in earnest in the fall? Are we REALLY going to sacrifice our kids to deadly diseases because we want to be "law abiding"?

If so, you do so with my utter contempt.

teresa said...

American citizens should begin homeschooling their children en masse.
There is more than one way to skin a cat. Starve the beast. Each child not in the system robs it of matching "federal" dollars. Keep them safe at home and teach them your own values. Take them hunting and fishing - that can be school too - how cool is that! Teach them history from real books and original documents, not pre-digested PC pablum. Homeschooling is a revolutionary act. Not as dramatic as an armed standoff, perhaps, but with a lasting effect down the generations. Want to have a profound effect on this country? First homeschool your kids.

Unknown said...

I am rather sanguine about it all. I know we are past the ability to peacefully 'dial it back' or to 'starve' the bloated FedGov back to what it should be. I explain it, and my opinion, here:
It's a long read but well worth the time as I lay out the confines of "Just Cause" and "Just War" for all based on legal and moral perspectives.

Paul L
III Chaplain Corps

Aesop said...

@ B-Dog:
If your honest estimate is that we have only 3% support, there are three choices: give up, get lost, or get busy. Which you choose is determined buy whether you think it's way too early to save the country, or way too late.

Even the Founders didn't kick off the ball until they had a historically guesstimated 30%, and the leadership was all inside that demographic. Unlike our current RINOs and quislings.

So we've got our work cut out for us. I'm not a big fan of anyone saying "We can't win." I get enough of that crap from the other side.

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never. In nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” - Churchill

@ Lt. Greyman,
Seriously man, where would you get that I support total inaction leading to the deaths of children from "be the most frothingly unreasonable sons of bitches at the slightest predation on the public purse or our personal liberty"...? So think about what being an unreasonable son-of-a-bitch about the border situation looks like short of open armed revolution.

I've been working on the border for ten years, actually catching people, and working with a small group that's actually gotten a lot done, and I still haven't seen very much of that level of commitment from many people. There's a lot of room for legal operations between the extremes of either PR photo-ops with old fat guys by their Winnebagos and flying Old Glory, and planting claymores.
It certainly doesn't include sitting around and watching your kids get infected with a new wave of pestilence.
Find a lever and pry like hell on the issue.

"Agitate, agitate, agitate." - Frederic Douglas