Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Absolutely Fabulist

“I’m not a military planner,” Hillary confesses, “but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is because Gaza is pretty small and it's densely populated.”

Note to the former First Wench: weapons' storage in and launch from schools, religious buildings, and hospitals, and using children to dig tunnels for attacks as well as having explosives strapped to themselves for deployment as "not-so-smart-bombs" are all international war crimes.
Generally, someone with an IQ over 80 and a law degree (which are not necessarily co-requisites), let alone anyone who's served as a US Senator and as a US Secretary of State is supposed to know these facts without needing recourse to a three-day refresher briefing, crib notes during commercial breaks, or a hammer upside the head by way of reminder.

This is not a person seriously running for president, unless it's under the banner of the Ringling Brothers Party, and whose limousine will be a Volkswagen with 27 other clowns.
Evidently, like Gaza, her head is pretty small and dense as well, and with a similar level of common sense: i.e. none.

{Note for the terminally stupid, including the subject of this post:
A cursory 2-minute search of no more than Wikipedia and GoogleEarth, at minimum, would reveal that the Gaza Strip is over 139 square miles, replete with copious amounts of uninhabited fields and open spaces for storing weapons, as opposed to bunkering them in and under mosques, schoolrooms, and hospitals, or among any civilian populace whatsoever. Thus we note that when one lies reflexively, and as effortlessly and unconsciously as drawing breath, it becomes a difficult habit to break.}

h/t to DailySurge

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