Friday, July 18, 2014

Flick Pick: The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights
(MGM/UA, 1987)

After twelve years and seven films with Roger Moore, finally some new blood in this installment of the Bond saga, with a new Moneypenny, and second-choice Timothy Dalton as Bond was simply excellent in all respects. The flagging story of the last flick was nowhere to be seen either, this time giving way to a tight and coherent plot, with Bond returning to espionage and action much more in tune with the traditional 007 style.. It helped that former model Maryam d'Abo was absolutely stunning, and that Dalton wasn't older than her mother.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I've always thought Dalton was a great Bond, and much close to Fleming's "Neanderthal in a dinner jacket" than either Moore or Brosnan. The Living Daylights has been among my favorites for all the reasons you cite, and for the undeniably 80's sound of a-Ha's theme song. Comes the morning and the headlights fade away...