Sunday, July 27, 2014

Flick Pick: Support Your Local Sheriff

Support Your Local Sheriff
(United Artists, 1969)

The best comedy western ever made, bar none, and one of James Garner's best movie appearances. Solid light-hearted fun, and combines romantic comedy with a wry take on the traditional genre. Garner isn't quite a straight man in this movie, it's just that his wit is as dry as toast, while his co-stars, from Harry Morgan, Walter Brennan, and Jack Elam, to Bruce Dern and Joan Hackett each take their turn in the spotlight drawing the broad laughs. The movie satisfies the audience, ribs westerns without torturing them, and entertains from beginning to end.

We noted on this blog the passing of James Garner last Saturday. This film was selected and placed in this slot last October, and we only wish we'd picked a spot for it a week before rather than a week after (so much for being clairvoyant), but note again the long life and wonderful career of Mr. Garner, and hope you take the opportunity to view this piece of it, and remember a true Hollywood legend and good man so recently departed with a piece of his work that did nothing but bring a smile and leave the audience a little happier after the curtain rung down, both on the work and the man. With some people, 86 minutes is too long to tolerate them. With Garner, 86 years was barely enough.

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