Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flick Pick: Goldeneye

(MGM/UA, 1995)

I'm skipping to this one because the interim movie wasn't worth the trouble. After a six-year hiatus for legal wrangles, Timothy Dalton left the series, Pierce Brosnan - no longer hamstrung by NBC - was in, and the Soviet Union had collapsed of its own weight. Critics who thought the Bond franchise should go the same way didn't reckon on this movie, or the response to it. It was an absolute box-office monster. The stunts were turned up to 11, Brosnan was superb, and the phenomenal Judi Dench became 'M' without batting an eye, and absolutely owned the role. And, God bless him, Desmond Llewellyn as 'Q' still cranked out gadgets to help 007 save the world. For a movie where the only connection to Ian Fleming was using the name of his Jamaican estate as the title, not bad at all.

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