Friday, February 9, 2024

No Word On Anyone Unlatching Yet...

 h/t Althouse

Nobody since Stalin has tried the "Poland was asking for it" defense.
Until this "hero of Western traditional values".
But it explains why he figured "Ukraine was asking for it" would fly 80 years later.

And no, Tucker shouldn't have "pushed back" on this. At least, not if he didn't want to accidentally fall out of his 9th floor hotel window.
His job was to document, not advocate.
As usual, Putin is his own worst enemy. This is no exception.

Maybe some folks (not pointing any fingers here) should disconnect from Putin's junk, instead of drinking from it.

If the shoe fits, wear it.


Pat H. said...

So, you're okay with Poland murdering Germans in Danzig?

And the secret defense treaty that "peace in our time" signed with Poland?

Aesop said...

So, you're okay with dressing German prisoners up in Polish uniforms, and ginning up the fake provocation that triggered WWII? And the secret partition treaty that gave the Soviets permission to take the other half of Poland as a prize for their silence?

We can play non-sequitur games all day long if that's what you want.

Hitler delusionally convinced himself he was justified in starting WW II.
Putin's using the same rationale for starting WW III.
They are spiritual father and son, Sith lord and apprentice.

Mental illness ill becomes a leader.

Landroll said...

If you grow up learning the history of 'The Great Patriotic War' from the approved sources and pedagogues of the Soviet Union you very well could honestly believe that the Germans were soley responsible for the war. Perhaps if the Soviet Union had not allowed the German Army to train in tank warfare in Kazan in the thirties tyhe Germans may have been a liitle less sure of themselves. Perhaps if the Molotov - Ribbentrop Agreement had not come to pass Things would have been different.

commoncents said...

Dems lose ground with Black and Hispanic voters - actually hemorrhaging support w/ with minorities (Video)

ps. Could you please add CC to your blogroll? thanks!

Aesop said...

I added CC to the blogroll last time you asked. Scroll the whole list.

Anonymous said...

Stalin and Mother Russia were perfectly innocent about starting WW2. / sarcasm!!!

It isn't like Russia invaded and annexed Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Or annexing about a third of Finland.

They also invaded Poland on September 17, 1939, and split Poland down the middle with their Nazi German buddies.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit more concerning that Schumer said "We could lose the war." Was unaware we declared war on Russia.

Aesop said...

It's disconcerting to me that Schumer isn't a private citizen. NYFS owes the country an apology for that 30-year abortion on legs.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

There’s a a reason humanity has made fun of the pollocks since ‘39