Thursday, February 29, 2024

More Border Boob Bait For The Bubbas

Emperor Poopypants is going to the border.

Why, no one knows, since he's assured us repeatedly that the literal millions of illegal aliens that have crossed at his direct behest, unvetted, unscreened, and mostly unknown, aren't a problem.

I mean, it's not like Mexico and the rest of Shitholia and Trashcanistania are sending us hundreds of thousands of terrorists, criminals, murderers, and rapists, exactly like Trump said.

Nota bene, reality is between 33 and 100 times worse than officially reported, because CBP, on its best day, catches maybe 3% of crossers, and most days, it's closer to 1%.
So adjust those numbers of criminals who succeeded in getting here upwards, commensurately.

Which leads to an inarguable truth concerning the real reason for Poopypants' sudden attention to the disaster he's created, the existence of which catastrophe he's repeatedly denied:

We told you this one was coming back.
We expect to get a lot of mileage out of it.


1chota said...

Trump and/or Biden should have gone to Douglas, Az. and San Diego, Ca. That is where the surge is now.

John Wilder said...

He has no idea where he went, or what he did there.

lol no said...

He must have gotten the memo that there are un-chaperoned prepubescent girls in the hordes...

Tucanae Services said...


You may have to update your meme 'cuz we have a runner up in the immigration stupidity contest --

Amazing what a college education can do to a person.