Saturday, April 30, 2022

VAERS Finger-counting


VAERS is the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

They just released new numbers for all adverse events related to the COVID Vaxx injections, from Dec 2020 to April of this year.

1) They report, among other outcomes, a total of 12,672 U.S deaths alleged to be causally related to the vaccine.

2) Reports are not necessarily correct, as allegation does not equal causation, but the trend generally supports that conclusion, which is why we have a VAERS in the first place.

3) For historical reference, VAERS generally only gets reports filed on about 1% of actual incidents.

You would then be justified, based on that ratio, in extrapolating that the COVID vaxx has probably caused 1,267,200 deaths in the US in 2 years. U.S. Covid deaths are reported, per the Johns-Hopkins ARCGIS site, to be 993,588 since the outbreak began.

(And with milder strains and far better outcomes than the initial outbreak, the CFR of COVID has fallen now to 1.2% of the 81M cases, about 12 times worse than annual flu, but less than half of the initial CFR running near 3% with the initial strain.)

How much overlap there may be between the numbers dead from COVID vs. dead from COVID Vaxx, God alone knows.

Even assuming no overlap, it's safe to say that the cure was literally worse than the disease.

Like nearly 30% worse.

Which even hard-core vaxxholes are starting to mutter about, sotto voce.

This doesn't even get into the permanent disabilities reported, which are four times as frequently reported as are actual deaths. That's over 5M people with permanent disabilities from that poison. (E.g., if you think Bruce Willis' sudden "aphasia" was spontaneous, rather than a likely vaxx-caused stroke, I have a Nakatomi Tower to sell you, cheap.)

For historical comparison, when they rush-released a vaccine for Swine Flu in 1976, it was pulled from further use after a mere 32 deaths, and 500 cases of Giullain-Barre Syndrome.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

One to many fingers.

Robin Datta said...

In the Third Reich, when they hanged senior persons from their own hierarchy, they used piano wire, not ordinary rope. We may need both.

Jess said...

And it's not over. That is what those promoting the madness don't even consider.

Charlie said...

My fear is having some sort of horrible accident, and getting vac tainted blood.

Greg said...

There are no numbers that I give more than 50% possibility of being correct. But when my "Primary Care Provider (MD.)" drops dead, in his own clinic, from "Natural Causes" at the ripe old age of 48, I figured I'd never know if he was "vaxed" or not. But this being a small town in the middle of nowhere, our local grapevine is sometimes amazing. Hot rumor has it that he was 3 days post "booster". But hey, it's only "anecdotal" evidence.

Anonymous said...

The "two finger salute" tgat Churchill is showing dates to the time of Henry V, after the battle of Crecy, when the French King ordered that the first two fingers be cut off of any captured archer.
In subsequent battles, archers saluted that way, saying "come and take them."
John in Indy

Pat H. said...

I agree completely with Aesop regarding the so-called Covid-vaxx. None of the three major chemicals the corporations are calling vaccines are vaccines. They're experimental chemicals and are, in fact, killing thousands of people.

Legally, because the chemical injection companies are NOT compliant with VAERS requirements, they're not sheltered from liability suits. Unless you have very deep pockets, you're unlikely to succeed in suing them.

I'm very unlikely to get vaxxed.

Pat Hines, BSN, RN

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Sincerely and Honestly.
Not because it fits my…beliefs, Political View, etc.
Because, thats writing from Civilized stand point which I always caught glimpes of here.

Grandma always said, ya catch more bee’s with honey.

Anonymous said...

I wish to echo the thanks. God almighty, the lies, unnecessary deaths & injuries... not to mention the heartbreaks associated. Anyone who doesn't believe in the EVIL associated with this, is blind and ignorant beyond redemption. They're going full tilt while they have the window. Y'all make SURE you have obscene amounts of food stuffed in your closets, under your beds (dry & canned) and water figured out, so you can stay home and watch the next chapter unfold. NO SECOND CHANCES on this.
Still having a rough time wrapping my head around how America has degenerated to the point that the statements above are even relevant, let alone necessary.

Kulafarmer said...

Or do they?

Anonymous said...

Giullain-Barre Syndrome is awful in many cases. it reduced a happy, healthy 60 year old friend to a wheelchair with speech difficulties. No more art, no more photography. She died within a few years.

Awful disease.

Ruth said...

The Pfizer shot is apparently causing necrotic vulva ulcers in a small percentage of women. Including at least one 5yr old girl. I cringed so hard at the description. The pain was apparently so bad she was unable to urinate or walk. Due to an ulcer inside her private parts.

John Wilder said...

Glad to be a pureblood, as is most of the fam. Very much an exercise in "who will do what the government says?"

pyrrhus said...

Excess US deaths in 2020, when there were no vaccines, were only about 100k, so the rest of the "covid deaths" were people dying of something else..Whereas in 2021, as the insurance executives stated before they were silenced, deaths in the 18-64 segment were up 40%, few of whom have died of covid...That is a huge number, clearly due to the jabs...

Anonymous said...

Churchill picture. The British version of "pluck you".