Saturday, October 12, 2019

This Penny Is Going To Drop For You. Get Busy.

h/t Fran Porretto

Don't wait until the last minute to get busy. It might be too late.

This word of wisdom from Ned Ryun at American Greatness:
"So if you’re wondering how all of this stops, how we return to normal, I will tell you what a friend  told me: 'There is no normal. There is only Clausewitz.' There is only absolute and total political war on this axis we face until we beat them into an unconditional surrender. The Left wants it that way because they think they can win. They want no holds barred total political war. Since we can’t escape it, I say we give it to them measure for measure."

For the Common Core grads out there, what is referred to is von Clausewitz' classical maxim:

"War is the continuation of politics, by other means."
We note in passing that though von Clausewitz never said so, the reverse is also true:
Politics is the continuation of war, by other means.
The left has been waging war on this presidency since 11/9/2016.
It doesn't matter that they've been firing blanks for going on 3 years, what matters is that they keep reloading and shooting.
We're getting to the point where that's going to have to be answered decisively, and not just with mere ridicule, or a strongly worded rebuke.
Politics is war, and they want to throw out any rules, and go for victory by any means necessary. (In their own innate twisted moral calculus.)
That always leads to real war.
Every. Single. Time.
The Left is continually playing in the streets. (Where, nota bene, you oughtn't play.)
Let them. Nothing happens there of note or import, by and large.
But as has been noted times without counting at WRSA and other sites, if they don't stop their nonsense (and they show no signs of any outbreak of common sense, and in fact are more unhinged now than three years ago, if such is possible) the day is going to come when you're going to have to Rooftop Korean.

Not metaphorically.
Not rhetorically.
As Churchill wryly observed, people who won't change their minds, and won't change the subject, are fanatics.
They suffer from deranged lunacy. It progresses to violence, inevitably, and already has.
Every time they've moved to seize power, in every country, for a hundred years and more.
And if they oppose your vote in the polling booth with their votes on the street, you're going to have to vote from the rooftops, and deal with rabid dogs in the time-honored way.
Wrap your head around that. You may be in for the long haul, or you may be One Shot Paddy, but the day is going to come.
Save Oklahoma, there isn't a single state in the republic that was all red in 2016. There are probably no precincts that are, anywhere, from coast to coast. You're not fighting NYFC, Hollyweird, or the DC swamp, nor will you be. They're just logistics and air support. Jam their signal and monkeywrench their efforts, and they no longer get any vote.
The people you're going to have to sort out, down and dirty, all live within five to twenty miles of where you're sitting, reading this, right now. Bobby O'Rourke, and the witches on The Spew won't be knocking on your door to take your guns, coerce your support, or haul you to the boxcars, come the day. The people who will are already in place nearby, whether you or they know it now. So you may as well face that fact.
Nobody landed at Normandy or Iwo Jima tasked with conquering everyone on the other side. They were simply told to take their 10 ft² of beachhead. And then move forward, and take another 10 ft². All the way to Berlin and Tokyo.
Your mission will be to locate, close with and destroy the enemy by maneuver, fire, and close combat. Just like everyone in every infantry back to bands of hominids fighting turf battles thousands of years before anyone thought to write it down.
They want the fight that's coming, because they can't out-argue it, they couldn't out-vote it (God Bless You, James Madison et al) and they think they're entitled to rule. Worse, they think they're going to win, by divine right, among other reasons, even if their only deity is their bellies, and whatever hive consciousness passes for their minds.
We've beaten fanatics like that, in living memory, but generally, you have to get their attention first.
Beware the wrath of patient men.

And then make them understand that the alternative to adopting a new worldview is a few facefuls of dirt. Dealer's choice.
Nothing less seems to do the trick.
If you're not buying a case of canned goods at the market and the sporting goods store every paycheck, you're doing this wrong.

And don't forget to spend the time to learn how to use them.
Tools without training are toys.
You don't need hobbies, you need habits.
Get busy.


Anonymous said...

Great advice. Keep those mags loaded.
But, I just wonder at what point does Joe Regular drop his six pack, get off the couch and grab his rifle. Because until that happens, nothing will change.
Even the Conservatives in this country are waist deep in Socialist programs, as dependent on the government as any welfare case. Medicare, Social Security, Public Pensions. How do you convince those people to take part, or even support, an uprising that would essentially take all that away from them?

McChuck said...

"The left has been waging war on this presidency since 11/9/2016.
It doesn't matter that they've been firing blanks for going on 3 years, what matters is that they keep reloading and shooting."

They're not shooting blanks. They're firing live rounds. They're just missing.

McChuck said...

The Leftist/Democrat/Socialist/whatever war against America has been going on since at least 1933. We're just now starting to fight back. Our parents and grandparents gave up the fight, because they wanted to remain "civil".

Screw civil. Bring on civil war. The sooner it starts, the better for our side. Every single day, thousands of new enemies enter our country, one way or another. We Americans are getting older, and not having enough children. And we're handing our children over to our enemies to indoctrinate. This has to stop, or our civilization will perish.

James M Dakin said...

Ned2-the economic collapse will take it all away. The commies will double down on that, to retain resources for themselves. Then you'll see a little activism. Only fracking oil kept us going after 2008, and that sector is showing obvious signs of implosion itself. Without energy the economy finally goes. It will not take long for the lazy to rouse themselves, when they want to eat.

RandyGC said...

The Leftist/Democrat/Socialist/whatever war against America has been going on since at least 1933.

Try 1913

beau said...

RandyGC - absolutely correct - 1913 formation of the current Fed and income tax. a double hit that has destroyed the money and economy of this nation.

Anonymous said...

James M, you're correct. That was my point though; we'll be broke and living under full blown Marxism before anyone does anything. And by then it's too late.

Wendy (KekistanTrans) said...

Maybe things will keep on going in a downward spiral until we are all living under full blown Marxism. And maybe I'll be dead this time next year due to an auto accident, heart attack, stroke or just the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and being unable to do anything about it.

The point is to do what we can do at our level. That is, to take whatever steps one can do to improve ones health and preparedness and to avoid being in any foreseeable bad situations.

Helps to talk to others whenever you get the chance. Pointing out mob attacks on ordinary citizens and riots by ghetto trash, leftists and other groups of bad people (there are many examples of this) and asking what if the police were unable to respond (power goes down for a while re: recent CA PG&E shut-off, other possible long term power outages that could happen at any time with the power grid) what would you do to protect yourself and others in the face of armed pairs or larger groups of bad guys taking advantage of the situation.

Also Pointing out to fellow gun owners who are ok with banning assault rifles because they are "weapons of war" that bolt action rifles are also "weapons of war" (sniper weapons) and if civil war does come to America the so called assault rifles (along with a whole bunch of high capacity 9mm handguns) will be what people will be using. People who have a pistol for self-defense will get this more easily than someone who only has a shotgun or deer rifle that is locked up in a safe outside of hunting season.

Lots of reasons to be frustrated but that should only spur one on to work towards the goal of being the best version of yourself you can be. Maybe things will stay the same only getting worse over time. Maybe something suddenly happens. Who knows. Best to be prepared.

Robehr Orinsky said...

Uncle Gale was not really my uncle . He was just another cop like all the other cops but with a special place in my heart . I was only 9 years old when he woke me up that Saturday morning at the FOP lodge. His hand clamped strongly over my mouth to prevent me screaming he whispered , we're going shooting Bobby William . You wanna' go ? I was dressed in like 5 seconds . Me and Uncle Gale climbed over the board fence and ran across the sand to the range . I couldn't keep up and he had to stand there grinning with that big flashy gold tooth shining in the sun as I caught up to him . He was a big cop but he could run like an Antelope back in the day .
I had begged him and Dad to let me shoot but they had always refused . Something told me this time would be different . We got to the range and Dad had already put the targets up . I had been practicing for over a year since I got my first Daisy BB gun . But this was real gun powder and lead .
The old man had his High Standard 10 inch barrel out and I could hardly keep from peeing myself I was so excited . Uncle Gale sat me down and took me through the safety briefing just as many times before . What's the 1st rule Bobby William asked Gale ? There is no such thing as an unloaded gun Uncle Gale I said . He smiled big . After a few more questions and correct answers Dad put the High Standard in front of me with two empty clips and a box of Federal copper 22 long rifles . Load it up . I think I freaked them both out . I had both clips loaded in less than a minute .

I sat down and used my sights for the first clip . Dad walked out and marked all 9 of them with masking tape while smiling approvingly . Now try the Point & Shoot Gale Said . I popped the new clip in and then turned my back to the target . Turning quickly I shot off three rounds and waited for confirmation . Sheeit said Uncle Gale . The boy got closer than sighting Ed ! I ran up and found three new holes closer to the bulls eye than all of the carefully sighted shots . I ran the other 6 through the warm High Standard and was getting better with each try .
Uncle Gale suggested we take a break and they let me take the golf cart out for a ride . Something was up when the old guys got together and talked all while I was burning the batteries up on the old Harley .
The next day Dad and Gale practiced and they wouldn't let me go . I didn't find out for years it was because at 9 years old I had made lifelong target shooters ashamed of their shooting . I was a Savant Dad said ! A total idiot with one exceptional gifting . I had to think about that and I decided that practice was the way to success in this world and I started daily practice with the old Daisy . The alternative was a total idiot . I didn't like the sounds of that . Uncle Gale sat me down and went through the basics of sighting the rest of the week and I steadily got better but my Point & Shoot stayed far ahead of my sight ability . I had found my game ! I loved the smell of gunpowder and Hoppes . And I could out shoot both Dad and Gale . Next time I'll tell you about Uncle Gales .38 Special and the Ned Buntline Special . Names have been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent .

James M Dakin said...

Ned2-I think you are overly concerned. The entire system is so degraded now, that incompetence has won the day. It may look hopeless, but the idiots will just keep making things worse and hasten the collapse. It is my contention that the big money players ( RedShield ) are done looting and are pulling back, leaving the former meat puppets actually in charge ( like the British leaving Africa and letting their local guy actually run the gov. Hilarity ensues ). Who cannot run a baked goods fund raiser, let alone a Marxist gov. Much to fear, but more to cheer for. Spicy Times are already here and the Darwin gene pool cleansing isn't too far behind.

Roy said...

Took a ten year old cousin out shooting on the farm a few years ago. We were shooting a couple of AR-15's using iron sights.

Our targets were a little unique. We had a basket full of old chicken eggs. We were out by a pond so I cut the top off of a water bottle, stuck it to the top of a cattail and slipped one egg into it. The weight of the egg on top of the cattail stalk made it sway in the breeze. Greg, the boys father, barely got one egg in an entire 20 round mag. I got none. Dang, that was hard.

The boy? He popped one on his very first shot, and then proceeded to show us how it was done. We soon ran out of eggs.

It was more fun watching him and his excitement than it was shooting.

Did I mention that it was the first time he had ever shot an AR?

Good times.

The Gray Man said...

There is a fine line between patience and inaction. If we miss our moment, we’re dead.

MTNBOY said...

Politics is warfare without bloodshed. Warfare is Politics with bloodshed. - Mao

lineman said...

Brother you can't even get Joe to get up off the couch to make preparations for what's coming so for him to grab a rifle is fantasy...

lineman said...

We could be doing what we need to that we could be prepared for what's coming but everyone is still to comfortable...

The Freeholder said...

We have a local group of Resistance Wannabes. They have a Facebook page.

Three guesses what I've been doing and the first two don't count.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a question of " comfort" , Brother. I think "our side" is very hesitant to go kinetic; I know I am. Pandora's Box, genie out of the bottle, all those considerations. Mixing analogies and metaphors, I know, but the left WILL march on Concord and Lexington.
Meantime I'll take every day until then to train myself and others; work on my area studies ( thanks, Sam Culper!) and network with such as yourself.
Bide your time, keep your hatchet sharp
Boat Guy

A.B. Prosper said...

Boat Guy. Another important thing to consider is goal setting. The "Actual Right." in all its diverse factions deplorable, militia , .alt, dissident, palecons and others lacks much in the way of ideology or any real goals.

Even if the Clown World government were to vanish tomorrow , none of the problems, migration, economics , technological or moral wouldn't go away. They's still be there and while CW amplifies many of them it also keeps a lid on others.

If it goes kinetic, you now also have all the ruin to fix. You break it. You own it.

Let me give you an example of the work ahead .

If the actual right were to get power, your guys are going to have to weigh whether livestock antibiotics should be permitted. There is a mountain of evidence that big agro's constant use of these things for cheaper meat and convenience mean that people risk dying of simple infections.

If you want say penicillin to work, you have to control its usage. Are you up to the tradeoffs and the fact that this means State.

To many of the more liberty minded people seem to assume that people and corporations have morals they do not have, that a high complexity high tech order is self organizing and that somehow by magic we can go back to 1950 or hell 1780 or something.

It's not possible. You get power. You use it til things work right or you are done.

And note a European Dissident party, The Norwegian People's Party IIR the name correctly just learned this lesson the hard way . They won an election, had enough votes to form a government and promptly cucked refusing the resposibility to even form a parliament.

The result, they were routed, careers over and the clown, including a few who took a bit if the less immigrants platform won it all . The deserved it. Do you job or be done.

This means you and your guys will have a few decades or ruling, not leading, ruling till things calm down and become more orderly.

if you fail in this task, remnants of clown world, Neo Nazis, Globalists or anyone who else who wants power will take it from you and you'll be up against the wall. Probably literally.

Do not cuck, don't run off to Monticello and don't try to run the US the way people from 1776 a time with more in common with the Middle Ages than modernity did

Do a good job, keep your people hopeful and healthy or you will have suffered for nothing.

Anonymous said...

All of those examples of not to turn the wolf loose unless you must. WE do not intend to "break it"; it is far too broken as it is already. Bovine Growth Hormones will be the least of problems for generations to come.
As far as "lacking ideology and goals", I and like-minded have ours; not coincidentally the documents of the Founders. The most important of those documents is the one that I and many others have sworn numerous oaths to. Only those discharged under other-than-honorable conditions have been released from those oaths.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Yeah there will be hard work to do just staying alive much less healthy but we at least have an example to start from.
I rather doubt any of us will be stood against any walls. We may be shot, but it won't be that way.

A.B. Prosper said...

I here you boat guy

IMO here the old Constitution is unsuitable to the current people , it was mostly rendered unsuitable with the railroad and the European immigration wave

It's a constitution aimed at a homogeneous low tech Anglo Saxon Christian population without a corresponding population or tech base

You certainly can try and remove dissident elements but in war the other side gets a vote too.

Muh Constitution is well intended but its a "run away" solution and as such won't work. You must govern and for an interregnum rule men well or someone else will and they'll bury to to do it.

Anonymous said...

You all can denigrate the Constitution all you want (though not in my physical presence) but you don't get the idea if you think Big Guv and not the marketplace should be dealing with agriculture for example.
I'm sorry the "current people" you know are "unsuited" to the Constitution and the Framers documents. I wish you well with them
Boat Guy

A.B. Prosper said...

Boat Guy

Here is my math. Only citizens included. Correct it if you like.

35% of the population are leftists or have vile habits or lack morality entirely thus unsuited to Liberty.

15% are Latino of which maybe 2/3 or less are unsuited. So that is another 5% suited.

About 6-7% are Asian, of which 80% of those are unsuited so lets say another 1.5%

13% are Black and maybe 10% or so of them are interested in and suited to Liberty, round up a tad to 1.5%

Of the remainder 45% are White and moderate to Conservative and of good character or reformable

About half those people are of the Anglo Saxon Ordered Liberty model . It is probably far less than that but hey I'm generous

So of your population, US citizens all races at most 28% are liberty minded

A little back of the napkin calculation leaves us about 1 in 4 capable of handling a society with the original Constitution spread through 50 states

Given this lot isn't energized and also tends to be older if it goes hot you will either have to forcefully homogenize your AO to like minded sorts or live with a compromise with whoever has remaining strength.

This is nothing new and the entire Constitution was essentially a compromise document.

You'll have one too and you'll have compromises and a State that does a great many thing you won't like.

You'll still have a far better place to have a family and raise kids though and a solid foundation of freedom which is enough.

Tucanae Services said...


Double your numbers. The species female has an unusual tendency to 'no be available' when things go hot. That represents half of the population that in current day is and does favor socialist. Once it is perceived that threats abound they revert to a more tribal posture of 'let the males sort it out' mindset. You can see that in any uprising -- when things cool down, they too are out in the street.

Realization: Any post-CW republic to maintain its status quo must eliminate the female vote and their representation in political structures.

A.B. Prosper said...

Tucanea, I was only counting men. Women enforce whatever social norms that are in power or vogue for their society.

On those grounds is no way in hell 70% of the population is Liberty minded , this would be every single White and a chunk of everyone else.

Now it wouldn't be unreasonable to toss in the Aimee Interrupter and Ann Coulter sorts who flow naturally to ordered liberty I know a few so add another 2% shield maidens upfront to 30% total which is not bad

If the Actual Right wins and forms a compromise State the women will go along anyway as they won't have a choice if they want a decent life. That's callous to be sure but history rhymes as always.

Anonymous said...

Re: A. B. Prosper calculations,
After a mass depopulation removes 90% of the Fellow Travellers, and somewhat fewer of the not urban Americans, who wins the fight for what remains?


B_Rad said...

Most Penal Codes from state to state are identical. Different numbers, but the same content. People need to educate themselves. What made Korea Town legal in California was, and is, Penal Code 187.5 which briefly states if law Enforcement cannot protect you in a time of civil unrest you have the God Given right to take what ever action necessary to protect you and your family. Like outside a Trump rally. Shit needs to happen.

Aesop said...

Hot tip:

True, but irrelevant.
That wasn't "Korea Town" during the L.A. Riots.
It was strip malls all over town.

Submariner said...

Mao may have said it better than von Clauswitz, "Politics is warfare without bloodshed while warfare is politics with bloodshed."