Friday, October 11, 2019

Hear, Hear!

h/t Liberty's Torch

Everything goes to sh*t. Literally.

Linda, posting on Fran Porretto's website, linked to an excellent interview of City Journal's Heather MacDonald, talking about the root causes of homelessness.
"On homelessness my argument is simple: You just don’t allow this behavior. That’s the starting point. It’s not compatible with the long-term life of cities. Once you establish that — something that was uncontroversial 50 years ago when the police would move people along, and there was unanimity that if you were in public you would have to meet basic norms of public behavior — then you don’t let people colonize the sidewalks. 
Why is any given city where someone ends up on the street morally obligated to provide housing to that person? Nobody’s ever explained why that is. Say somebody comes from Seattle or Iowa to be homeless in San Francisco. When did San Francisco taxpayers become obligated to provide housing for him?"



I'm not a sociologist, anthropologist, or field reporter. I've only taken care of homeless douchebags (and, to be fair, that insults the other 0.5%, to whom I offer my apologies) for a quarter of a century, and my take is identical, and in stronger terms.

People aren't homeless because there aren't homes for them.
Not even in Top Three Most Expensive Cities to live in the U.S. San Franshitco (the other two are NYFC and the District of Corruption, if you were wondering).

People are homeless for several reasons, most of them intertwined like the trunk of a braided ficus tree.

What are those reasons?

1) They're batshit crazy, in ways that, until the mid- to late-1960s, would have seen them happily locked up for life in appropriate facilities in perpetuity. No small number for violent behavior and poor impulse control.

2) The don't take their psych meds for that, because those drugs make them feel "weird". (Normal people call that feeling "sanity", by no coincidence.)

3) They self-medicate with alcohol and drugs, because
   a) it feels great! and
   b) it gets the voices in their head too drunk or stoned to be intelligible for the people with too many personalities in their head already. Genius, right there.

4) Homeless shelters have rules, chiefest among them being no booze or dope, and if the batshit crazy alcohol/drug addicts who are most homeless forever could follow rules, quit alcohol and dope, and act civilized, they could hold down jobs and pay rent or mortgages like everyone not on the streets does since pretty much forever. But they can't, don't, and won't.

5) We've built them a hammock (not a safety net) as wide as the entire state of California to sleep in. Which last world-class stupidity is why they're overwhelmingly here: they drift westward until they hit the Pacific Ocean, and they can't go any farther, coupled with being mollycoddled here for fifty years by jackass do-gooder idiots, and an amenable climate, and voila. A gazillion homeless bums, and stacks of feces and needles as far as the eye can see.

6) Laws preventing this stopped being enforced, due to soft-hearted do-gooders in power, and soft-headed judges ruling that it must be so.

So you'll never solve the homelessness problem by subsidizing them, feeding them, and building them shelter, any more than you'll put out a fire by throwing on more gasoline.

Solving the problem is easy:

I) First offense for vagrancy: six months in a chain gang. In the summer, they'll spread asphalt and fill potholes in the desert. In the winter, they shovel snow on mountain passes. And when it rains, they're out in it picking up trash, filling sandbags, and shoveling mud, 24/7 until the sun comes out. Throw in green bologna sandwiches, MREs, and pink underwear, deny any time off for good behavior, so they do the full 180 days, and you're done.
Second offence: 364 days.
Third offense: Felony, and five years.

It's not funny once, and after twice, they'll leave for good, or stop getting picked up.
And we'll have the smoothest roads and the cleanest streets in the country.

II) Stop feeding them. Unless they work for it. From sunup to sundown. 30-minute breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but not until they've earned each meal. And no money for anything.

III) Anyone too disabled or decrepit to work does drug tests the entire time they're on public assistance. One drunk or drug positive, and they lose benefits for a month. Two times, and they lose a year. Three times, banned from assistance for life. Vagrant as a result? See #I.
If they can't shovel asphalt, they can mix concrete, or serve the meals. Medical exams to document ability or disability. No disability? Pick up a shovel, or starve. Dealer's choice.

IV) Any do-gooder agency or non-profit, religious or not, is free to do whatever they like in terms of food or shelter: on their own premises. Your circus, your monkeys. You feed homeless people, who become a blight on society, and the citizens and municipalities can sue for damages. Everything from public health to crime comes out of your wallet. Just like feeding stray cats that crap in your neighbors' open car.

For an easy and egregious example: There's a bunch of @$$hole simpletons at the nearby Catholic church, who've allowed a dozen homeless to encamp on church property. And have now drawn 200 more to the sidewalks surrounding. Right across the street from families with kids, in homes with a median price of well north of $500K. The city should bill them per person per day for maintaining a nuisance, and when the bill exceeds the property value of the church, the church should be seized and closed, and sold at auction to the highest bidder. 
They should also be liable for damages to homeowners across the street. When you have to pick up after your dog's mess, how can we demand less of do-gooders letting people shit on the streets across from someone else's homes?
Notably, I have yet to see a priest or nun out there shoveling up the shit, or cleaning the sidewalk. Doing it in chains will be good for their souls, I assure you.
Otherwise, like day following night, I predict someone's parents are going to do some high-octane redecorating in the parish one of these days, and the church will deserve it.
Neither priest nor parish want to take those douchebags into their own homes (which would be actually bearing the burden up for which they signed), but they're happy to let their little gaggle of human debris shit and drop dirty drug needles on their church neighbors' lawns week in and week out. Jesus had a thing or two to say about that sort of hypocrisy, and the religious leaders who were the target of that truth crucified him for it.

V) Three times on a psych hold, and you get removed from society in perpetuity.
One violent offense, where any injuries occur, same deal.
Off to Shutter Island, for life.
If someone is too crazy to live peaceably, they're too crazy to be in society.
This isn't hard to understand.
(Califrutopia has a number of suitable large offshore islands inhabited only by goats.) They're too far to swim from, the water temp would kill any attempt, and there are no trees to make rafts or canoes. Once they get dropped there, they stay there. In perpetuity. No rules. They can run around naked, chase butterflies, weave baskets, jump off the cliffs, or drown: IDGAF. Fly over and kick out crates of meals once a week or once a month. Do a health clinic monthly. No limits on charity and supply shipments in. But the days of meth-head batshit crazy people running in traffic, attacking people, shooting up drugs, and shitting everywhere, while decent folks are locked behind barred windows, are over. Families are free to care for relatives themselves, or they can be put back into mental hospitals until they get better (which, in  every case, is never). But three times when you've gone so barking mad that it becomes an issue for the authorities, and your free-to-roam-in-society privilege is revoked for life. No more bullshit. Gone.

VI) And any doctor or judge, or both, opining or ruling a formerly insane person is now sane, is automatically obligated to take in such person in their own home, for a year each, before they are set at liberty in society.
Skin in the game, bitches. If they're not sane enough to sleep down the hall from you, they're not sane enough to set loose in my neighborhood either, are they??

VII) Any judge at any level ruling against this in any respect gets a homeless shelter erected next door to his/her house, by law, and 100 homeless residents, and billed for all the blowback that follows. (That's assuming they survive the tar-and-featherings - or worse - that will inevitably follow, courtesy of their friends and immediate neighbors. The natural check and balance on a rogue judiciary was always meant to be The People, and not just in the jury box. The black-robed assholes who think they're immune to the consequences of their rulings are going to find out what that looks like, good and hard, if they don't wise up pretty damned quick.)

The cost of all this? A literal fraction of what we squander annually mollycoddling illegal aliens, the violent insane, drug addicts, drunks, and various other wastes of skin from 49 other states, 7 territories, and 191 other countries. Any country that bitches whines or moans about this treatment gets ALL of their native fuckups back, in one lump shipment. At bayonet-point, if necessary. Starting with Mexico. And y'all can have your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk the same way. Freight trains run both ways, and it's past time you got your relatives back and owned up to your responsibilities.

None of that will ever happen here under the current lunatics running the asylum, so it's likelier that when the common working-class people have finally had enough, there'll be a renaissance of Committees of Vigilance, and a Purge.

I'm okay with that too, but I'd rather do this non-violently, and lawfully.

One way or another, though, it's going to happen, because Califrutopia is so far past broke we can't even see it in the rear-view mirror with a telescope, and what cannot continue, will not. People foolishly think cities will shrivel up and die when that happens, contrary to all evidence from written history.

No, it won't be like that, but the stacks of corpses of the lumpenproletariat who'll stoke the bonfires will be visible for miles, come the day. And any "homeless advocates" are likely to end up on the same pyre, without a second thought.

And the Grapes of Wrath is going to take on a whole new meaning when the vintage comes ripe for bottling. Mark my words.


Termite said...

I'm wondering how long before what you predict will happen, actually happens.

Glen Filthie said...

Me too. It’s exactly as you say, Nancy Pelosi can signal her virtue by flooding the nation with 3rd world vermin - while she lives in an estate surrounded by walls and security personnel. Until she has skin in the game... on it goes. I have no sympathy for California, this is just a case of people getting what they vote for, good and hard.

Anonymous said...

If you're homeless it's because you want to live the lifestyle or you're batshit crazy. There are people and organizations falling over each other willing to help you. Laying around all day with no responsibilities, getting high, having sex and having people feed and support your lifestyle has undeniable and understandable appeal to many. If you want the behavior to stop you have to discontinue the incentives.

I've been "homeless" through my own poor decision making and unforeseen circumstances aka a really shitty run of luck. Lived out of my vehicle and a tent for a period of time. No one would've known. I was clean, sober, worked multiple jobs, used proper sanitation and looked and acted like a normal functioning member of society. Just lacked adequate cash flow and didn't have a physical address for a time. There's always a place to use the toilet. There is always a way to keep clean and take care of your personal hygiene. It isn't hard to do.

If you don't want to unfuck your life on your own, as I said before, there are a horde of people eager help you be un-homeless in very short order. If you just want to live the lifestyle it's off to the poor farm with you. Decent people have had enough of your sidewalk shitting panhandling library ruining ways.

Jess said...

Most rural cities don't allow such behavior. They know the problems, the politicians are accessible, and the citizens generally despise individuals that abuse drugs, adopt the life of a vagrant, and ignore decent behavior.

The solution is for those with the largest tax burden to refuse to pay their taxes, until the problem is solved. It works every time, and there isn't a city in the country that can afford to pay the legal fees in the attempt to force their taxpayers.

Jar(egg)head said...

The longer a situation remains untenable, the more violent the correction. If you live in California (or anywhere else, for that matter) buy ammo. You'll need it sooner than you think.

JWM said...

Just thought I'd share this from our local Next Door site. Here's what we're dealing with in my little corner of So Cal.:

We discovered a new encampment behind Goodwill and Harbor Freight on Whittier Boulevard. The drug-addicted vagrant there is deranged and dangerous. He has been feeding off the carcasses of dead possums, littering the area with human waste and syringes. He’d also set up a portable, medical-type, commode, defecating in the alleyway. When approached, he became aggressive, threating me with a crowbar – But I kept my distance and called WPD. Upon hearing the call, he quickly fled the area, leaving behind over a dozen syringes and several, half-eaten marsupials, piled together by his blanket. Everything but the “toilet” was collected and properly disposed of. Animal control was called to remove the rotting carcasses. His camp also included a pair of Head skis. Strange find but quite possibly stolen from a garage. I want to thank one of our neighbors who reported this to me -- Happy to get this cleared out.

The locals here are fed up. The cops have their hands tied because of the Boise ruling. Two SJW's on the city council are doing their level best to thwart any clean-up effort. The anger is growing like a tumbleweed.


Anonymous said...

Let me share some random thoughts.
1) Until more long term solutions such as those proposed can be implemented 2A is an immediate measure in the short term. Assaults against the innocent and the productive by the crazy, the vicious, and "work shy" who love the lifestyle can now the dealt with as violent crime. Raving bat-shit crazy derelicts "acting out" are a threat and stopping a threat is a valid SD situation.
2) We live about 35 mi North of the Peoples' Republik of Seattle and I see it turning into the DPRK. It bleeds over into the nearby communities. The Dems create the problem that they then have to solve. With our money.
3) Phuque them. Buy ammo.

Anonymous said...

Love the suggestion of the Channel Islands (except San Clemente, we train there) as a drop off.
Boat Guy

lineman said...

Might be time to vacate the area Brother...

James M Dakin said...

The Papists Inc. seems to have been an organization hellbent on disrupting and subverting society ever since their empire was disbanded by force. Hey, I love the people at the bottom of the organization. I went to Catholic School for Junior High. The people at the top, however, seem slightly evil. Like being PC. With their Ebola Underground Railroad, not to mention ongoing pedophilia, you have to wonder about the organization as a whole. Seem to be part of every problem

Anonymous said...

No amount of money will fix this vagrancy problem.
It would be interesting to measure the results of shooting them, maybe for just a few weeks.

Robin Datta said...

👏👍🏼👌🙏 Strong prescription, but that's what's needed: order versus ordure. One of the synonyms for "fire" in Sanskrit is "never satisfied" (the standard word is "agni", cognate through Aryan roots with words such as ignite). And fire is indeed insatiable.

MTHead said...

Love your solutions, but. I think we should add more personal responsibility. We catch you on the street batshit crazy. Up on the public rack, 3 swats of the cane. Third time we catch you its off to Liberia. One way trip. We catch you back in USA. We hang you. We catch you with a pound of illegal drugs. You get hung, publicly. Shitting yourself and all. German style.(they just put a cable around your neck. Pick you up and hang your feet about a foot off the ground.)
We need to think more along the lines of setting an example, (biblical), not rehab.. Which was proven long ago a failed theory.
Just my .02. Thanks for all the work!

Anonymous said...

Don't disagree with any of what your saying here but, I would advise Californians to be circumspect broadcasting their opinions. The above law is tailor made to make "Bad Think" targetable and actionable.

John Wilder said...

We have one - exactly one - homeless person in Modern Mayberry - a ratio of 10,000 to 1. This particular homeless person looks exactly like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, without the chainsaw and leather mask. He's non-violent, but should probably be institutionalized - but that went off the table 40 years ago . . .

Robin Datta said...

@John Wilder: Seems to be a deserving person. It is rather sad that even with a community that has the wherewithal, the avenues for support and assistance no longer exist.

Hornswoggler said...

I forsee a mid-range eventuality before the grapes are harvested and are stomped into a bloody vintage. If/when the dems win/cheat their way back into the White House there will be a lot of flashy "take your guns and tax your religion" bills to keep judges busy and Congress "outraged" and hitting us up for donations. But, ever so quietly, our "smarter than you rubes" masters will arrange a federal bailout for the big cities in general and all of CA in particular. Those reliable donkey voters must be rewarded no? When word gets out we will be calmly assured by "conservatives" that this is the right, Christian thing to do and to oppose it would be (gasp) racist. Besides, the argument will go, they'll get it right this time, they've learned from their mistakes and no one could possibly screw up with this much money. And so the can will get kicked down the road and the inevitable crash will be exponentially worse...just delayed a little longer and subsidized by you and me, happily underwritten by our overseas long-term enemies.

Unknown said...

Read Ned2's comment a different way; 'No amount of money will fix this vagrancy problem." He's exactly correct but not as he thinks; no money will fix the problem. Take the money out of the equation and the 'homeless' will square themselves tout de suite.

When the city of San Luis Obispo proposed building a homeless shelter, the hue and cry that such facility will attract persons of questionable repute as moths to a flame. The shelter was built and sure enough, the drug-addled and bat crazy came out of the woodwork in droves. Of course the city council, as magnanimous and steller as they are, decided to expand the shelter as they said they had no idea the severity of the problem.

Likewise, the city of Ukiah went the same route. Gee, where ever did they all come from? Instead of considering that the cities had created the problem, they decided that they hadn't realized the depth of the problem.

The actual problem is the tolerance of and catering to, even creating a special class of people, the lazy ne'er-do-wells. They neither want or search for professional help when needed. Their only desire is the next high and where they can fulfill their needs and wants for the least expenditure of energy.

I have worked directly with the homeless for nigh on a decade. I do not anymore for, to a person, none expressed a desire for longterm stability. They sneered at honest work (in the case of shelters which have RULES such as rotating duties light duty to maintain the facility, they work only to the minimum required). They refused to participate - or, again when required, only begrudgingly - in bettering themselves and others. Then there was the bad attitudes by which they act very rudely or threaten violence, usually retaliation for some perceived wrong. When those who are the object of your every effort to give aid see you as the problem, it is time to stop and remove yourself from their sphere.

The trouble is when, because they are seemingly members of a protected class, their sphere of influence continues to expand, even encouraged by the professional do gooders, you decide to stand your ground and take back the territory. Nowadays if I should converse with any 'homeless' person, it is succinct; 'you should be ashamed, you have lowered yourself to an animal to beg. Get off your ass and make something of yourself'.

Sometimes I'll listen to their story of woe (they always have a story, often quite complex). One guy, maybe in his mid-30s said he was a 'Nam vet with PTSD. Another said his car 'blew up'. Yes, actually blew up, shrapnel everywhere as he, his wife, and four children where traveling to grandma's for Christmas. They're always good for a laugh.


Anonymous said...

A little something I wrote a while ago.

I have a solution:
Long but worth it.
It is called bumtown ,
( 1) there are barely inhabited islands off the coast of Seattle,and Los angles , buy out the current owners and upgrade the ferries.
(2)build infrastructure * detailed below.
(3)tell all the bums that the ONLY place their welfare cards will work is now on bumtown island.
No purchase of any kind will work anywhere but bum town
There are NO services except on Bumtown island.
It will now be a crime to provide any assistance to the “homeless”
If you really insist on helping them you may donate to “bumtown” or even volunteer on the island.

Want money?want food 3 times a day? Want a place to sleep? Want to be educated? Need medicine or healthcare?
Go to Bumtown Island.
(4) setup food , clothing and tent stores,hospital and 12 step programs.all in the windows of the wall.
( 5)set up training courses and a dangerous persons section of the island (walled off from the others but still open)
* remember, it is free to enter or leave at any time BUT , NO government support will be given ANYWHERE but the island.
This will accomplish a number of things..
One, the lazy and stupid will take advantage of the training courses to get off the island and make a living.
Two the junkies could get clean , the card are ONLY usable on the island and cannot be converted to cash, making it hard for pushers to get paid. (Unless the gov is corrupt)all the usual supports will be provided.
Three, it cleans up the streets,and protects your tax paying livestock.
Four it concentrates the resources into a manageable area. Concentrated resources are far cheaper.
Five it will move the insane to a place where help is actually available.
Six, those who do not want to take advantage of this service are free to move along or die or go to prison.

*the entire plan is completly voluntary *

*The design of the island would be like Kong island. The ferry arrives at side “a”, the customers are off loaded and given provisions if the so desire and are lead to an airlock style door.
A huge wall runs across one end of the island, in it are windows where the residents can be fed, clothing will be handed out, medicine dispensed.
All in complete safety for the staff.
On the “b” side there will be thousands of small square concrete houses each has a window(unbreakable) and a door , . You are completly free to use one or not. The electric heater is built into the concrete and cannot be accessed by the customers.
Communal showers and toilet facilities will be provided with automatic high pressure cleaning processes high up in the ceilings .
Concrete tables with benches will be provided outside the food windows. A huge staff on the inside of the wall will provide food through out the day and night.
Entertainment/ education will be built into the wall.
The door to enter and exit is NEVER locked, but they can only interact with the staff through the windows. (Safety first)
The ferry ride is free.
NOTE: anyone is free to leave at any time but no government assistance will be given anywhere but the Island.
All payments to your card, all moneys accrued are convertible to actuall cash IF you leave the Island BUT you may not return for one (1) calendar year. That way you may save for a down payment on housing for when you leave. But you can’t just leave to buy drugs and come back .
Meanwhile, a larger island called “welfare island” should be set up with schools and daycare and training courses for any job you want offered.
Same plan.
Your pal

Aesop said...

Good effort, but...

Too much work, and no one would want to work there.

Use the same islands, and just drop them off there for the insane.
Put the shiftless criminals to work here, and let them self-deport to functional. Or not.

Entire infrastructure is already in place for both.

Instead, the gravy train's gonna derail, and they'll get shank's mare for consideration, and likely a rope for misbehavior.
Lifeboat ethics.

They're a luxury in a prosperous society, and that'll be the first thing to go in truly hard times.

lineman said...

The Dems create the problem that they then have to solve. With our money...
Why do we as conservatives continue to give it to them that is the question?

soapweed said...

Hold on..... "buy out the current owners"... what happens if you come to buy me out and I am not a willing seller? There are plenty of existing wasted government reservations to use for your solution. Now you are suggesting trampling on private property on some cases and destroying primo ground in all the cases, for those who would just shit to death such islands. What would be wrong with using a de- activated military base?

Aesop said...

Eminent domain and access.

De-activated military bases aren't inaccessible from the mainland, and would require an ongoing guard presence, inwards and outwards, forever.
Their use would be a foolish boondoggle, and merely perpetuate the current problem.

Islands thirty miles and more off the coast have none of those drawbacks, and they're almost all currently federal territory already.

mike said...

What do you all put in the Kalifuqistan water that makes you all so bat guano crazy. I thought the liberals in your state nucking futs but chain gang for being homeless have you all lost your damn minds. The beginnings of a dictatorship in the República Popular de California. Don't worry if you find a way around the eighth amendment and kill and imprison the poor someone will come and do the same to you.

Aesop said...

So, clearly you're completely unfamiliar with the laws concerning vagrancy, dating back to medieval times and before, let alone standard precepts from Plymouth Rock onwards in this country, which demonstrate that nothing suggested was either cruel nor unusual.

Ignorance of your entire history is no excuse for promulgating such twaddle, but such is the general fund of ignorance these days.

People aren't "homeless" because they somehow misplaced their house.
They're homeless because they refuse to provide for their own sustenance, nor comply with medical treatment and/or wish to wander through life drunk, high, or both, and demand the largesse of the rest of society to forbear and support their life choices and provide their daily sustenance.


The gravy train is going to end.
Far better that it do so on my terms than what's coming.

But if you wish to adopt some number of homeless personally, rather than coming here merely to virtue signal your imaginary moral superiority without any skin in the game, go ahead on, and post photographic evidence. Until then, like the mounds of human waste and used drug needles left by the homeless hereabouts within a short walk, your opinions are simply another unwanted pile of fecal detritus.

You should wipe yourself, and button your trousers.