Saturday, May 18, 2019

What Is Best In Life?

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Stolen shamelessly. Great work to whoever did it.

And, and from earlier/further down in his blog (which should be a daily visit) yesterday, in 2016 when the Trumpinator took office, Rs were outnumbered on the federal Ninth Circus Court (most overturned bastion of liberal jurisprudential stupidity in the entire country) by Ds at a worse than 3:1 ratio,  by an actual 19:6.
It is now 16:11, and about to be 16:13.

That means if 2 more Democrat Communist judges retire or die on the 9th Circus before Trump leaves office, we flip that sumbitch for the next 20 years. With about half a dozen lawsuits regarding Califrutopia's asinine firearms laws on the pending docket. (At current trajectory and speed, the Ninth Circus will become where stupid gun laws go to die.) Oh, and once the majority flips, those jackasses in robes in Hawaii issuing injunctions against common sense will be en banc slapped silly, and told to STFU, in about a New York minute.

BTW, the Ninth Circus has jurisdiction over AK, HI, and seven Western states: CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, NV, and AZ.  So this affects the BLM grabs the Bundy clowncar was about, the nonsense at Malheur, and everything else west of the Rockies all the way to Micronesia.

The NeverTrumpTards out there can shove that and a pound of C-4 up your tailpipes and self-detonate.


Jim Scrummy said...

The question everybody seems to be ignoring... Where's RBG? Two other SCOTUS justices (Breyer and Thomas), according to rumor (again rumor), want to retire within the next 2-3 years. So a 6-3 SCOTUS, would be nice, once RBG retires. Roberts ain't a Constitutionalist, cannot be trusted, ever, since he broke his promise to not legislate from the bench, when he re-wrote zerocare. He's a POS.

Beans said...

Past Micronesia, all the way to Guam, baby. Well, as long as it doesn't tip over from all the military there...

Crew said...

On other topics, things don't add up:

Since August the organisation has conducted more than 5,000 burials of confirmed and suspected Ebola victims.

Pat H. said...

Conan said:

Jonathan H said...

Remember that most cases are decided by a random (maybe not really, but we won't go there now...) group of 3 judges; very few are heard en banc by a larger group. We are already seeing some changes - for example, the temporary lifting of the CA magazine ban. I am hopeful that we will start to see more sense out of that part of the country.

It would still be a good idea to split up the 9th Circuit; it covers so many people over such a large territory that it has an ENORMOUS case load and a huge backlog that helps nobody...

Monsoon Matriarch said...

While he’s at it... what does it take to realign the geography of the court? When the 9th was established in 1891, it likely had the same population as the other circuits. Now,not so. Perhaps a few states from the 9th should be realigned, such as ID, MT, AZ and NV with the 10th Circuit.

The Gray Man said...

To me, the entire US economy, political system and culture are a huge jumbled up pigsty of a mess, and our side, whatever we call ourselves this week, is not making any amount of decent progress in securing our liberties and righting the disaster we have become.

Aesop said...

We didn't get here in 2 years. Or even 8.
Where we are is at the tail end (so far) of a minimum 50-year slide towards oblivion.
So we won't dig our way out any faster either.
Aircraft carriers don't turn by doing a sliding hairpin 180.
Civilizations are even slower than that.

The people on both sides with the short attention spans are most of the problem.
And "securing" our liberties is a process not unlike painting the Golden Gate Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Conan, what is best in life?

Anonymous said...

Three best things in real barbarian life are:
1. Crush your woman.
2. See her driven out your home.
3. Hear the exhortations of your parole officer.