Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Flag On The Play...

h/t Cold Fury

Let's take a look again at the instant replay:
America’s armed forces are the finest that have ever existed. The young Americans who populate it, regardless of their individual reasons for taking the oath, are the very best of us.
Look, I'd like to be able to agree with Fran on that, truly I would. But tragically, it just ain't so. And like mutual fund prospectus warnings, "past performance is no guarantee of future returns". You could not measure my sadness and disgust at what I'm about to say even using the seismographs at the Nevada Nuclear Testing Facility.

It's pure codswallop, born of ignorance. They're hordes of freaks and geeks, socially promoted like the retards in Common Core to grease the retirement skids of a pack of careerist Courtney Massengales not fit nor capable to pour piss out of their own boots even with the instructions stamped on the heel.

Else we wouldn't have Rangerettes who can't climb a short wall, Navy officers who can't conn a ship without hitting everything afloat,  as they dredge up parts from museum pieces to keep their current aircraft flying, Air Force generals pimping for a white elephant plane that cannot fly, missile officers cheating on their proficiency tests, Marine recruits in combat arms who can't throw a grenade without killing themselves, or "combat leaders" who couldn't pass a ruck march, West Point "leaders" who condone open communism from faculty and students, and promote a pack of Affirmative Action cadets who couldn't pass a PRT or meet basic weight and appearance standards, while flashing Black Power signs in uniform. We wouldn't be doing gender reassignment surgeries instead of physical therapy for combat wounded, we wouldn't be spending more money on gender sensitivity counseling than on marksmanship training, and we wouldn't be wavering the insane and drug-addicted into the military in record numbers, just to appease a pack of blue- and pink-haired SJWs.

The US military is broken.

Hugely so. Nearly hopelessly so.

Nostalgia for a time long past when it was otherwise won't paper over the reality that right now we're as weak as kittens, with a military that's going to have its own ass handed to it on a platter, and body bags filled by the gross, because it's so hamstrung with PC that it cannot accomplish the most fundamental missions assigned to it, eight days out of seven.

It took over a decade of ceaseless effort and dump truck loads of money to fix the hollow military of the post-VN era, when we had the will and resources to try.

Now, we have neither.

It's time to stop lipsticking that pig, come to Jesus, and face that fact.

Until we do, we're just whistling past the graveyard of the inevitable failures and casualties we will suffer, and quite possibly the demise of the entire nation.

This isn't just "the Corps was tougher in my day" American Legion bar bullshitting.
It's a dispassionate assessment of factual realities.

You cannot fix a problem until you acknowledge that you have one.

We reached peak military in 1991.
Everything since then has been diminishing returns, turning into full rout.

And if we don't drastically and fundamentally alter where it's headed, that's going to be the de facto state of the American military, until such time as it, and we, cease to exist.

Sooner, rather than later.

Because Nature abhors a vacuum.


Anonymous said...

The only 'upside' I can think of off hand is that 'this' is the military that the far left is depending on to 'conquer' us deplorables when they start the shooting part of Civil War II.

crew said...

Will Latrina or Shitavious be willing to operate the equipment that might save their ship or will they be hiding and hoping that an ASCM will not hit their ship?

Shrugger said...

Aesop crushes it again

Anonymous said...

Warren AFB Wyoming a couple months ago the boys on base get busted cracking a few pbr's. Cause nothing bad ever happens when someone says, "here, hold my beer!". Not like last year when people were tripping on LSD! What could possibly go wrong when you're on cid and in charge of minuteman3 nukes!

Mike Doyle said...

I got out in 1993. I hope you're mistaken. I truly want to believe that you're mistaken, given the sterling performance of my Corps in Fallujah and elsewhere. But I don't have the direct evidence to rebut anything you're saying.

Praying to God you're exaggerating, but I'm afraid that you might not be...

Anonymous said...

I guess all those people that asserted that the US Military will never fire on fellow Americans are rethinking that assertion.

Unknown said...

I am glad for this. It isn't because I hate the military, it isn't because it will make it easier for the #wesistence. It is because hard times make hard men.

They've kicked this can down the road now let the consequence come full on. No quarter given.

BTW: I shouldn't have to remind anyone here that the USA's military has been weak before. When war came, we hardened up. We'll do it again. You know why? Because for every multi-colored hair fat body trans-whatever loud mouth and every asshole uni perfesser preaching their socialism, there is the spirit which is awake and resides in countless others. That metric is not measured in the number of bodies as much as that which lies in the heart. The franchise doesn't belong to fedgov even if it is .milgov

For those who haven't acquired your targets by now, you are woefully behind.


Matt Bracken said...


Anonymous said...

Here endeth the lesson.

James M Dakin said...

I wasn't too impressed with the Army when I was in beginning in the early 80's. All corporate culture, politically correct, gender difference blindness, OtherColor quotas, rigged wargames, laughable standards of training, moronic leadership. And that was when I was dumb and didn't know much. I'd hate to see what is was a decade on either side.

The Gray Man said...

I have a long list of reasons that my 8 years in the Army was only 8 and not 20 or even 30. This sums up a few of them, for sure.

The Gray Man said...

This article requires some additional explanation for the plebeians to understand the “why” of why it matters and how it happened. If I make it back to a computer with a screen bigger than my phone in the next couple of days, I’ll put it up on my site and give my input. Spoiler, I agree with what you’ve said. The US military has some great advantages over our possible conventional opponents, but there are some disadvantages that we have heaped onto ourselves that could be absolutely crippling, i.e. our idiotic obsession with foregoing merit based promotion and recruiting in favor of the “divershitty is our strength” mantra.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I read Fran's post and CF in a previous morning. A link from there or another page took me to a twatter feed where U.S. Army asked how they were ranked and it was heartbreakingly true mostly about the care of our veterans. I bet whoever posted the question got a ripe a$$chewin. I am thankful for all who have served and are serving but in the last few years I have grown tired of an honored people being chewed up and spit out. As usual if the suits or their sons and daughters had to serve/and or deploy we know what would happen. If it ever gets to the sporty point of the spear I am sure those responsible will be on the top of a few veterans or Dad's list. May God Bless and Keep those honored people always.

Pat H. said...

You appear to not yet accept this, Aesop, but we southern nationalists applaud this deterioration of the full time military. The full time millitary shouldn't exist, the authors of the US Constitution attempted to prohibit it, unsuccessfully.

Several years ago, the USMA chapel was used to marry two Sodomites. That's was the most symbolic of the collapse of the US military, and I applauded that.

We know that the US military will be used against state nationalism at some point, Kennedy did it in Mississippi, so we want it weak.

George True said...

I saw the photo of the 34 West Point black females who were just commissioned as officers in the US Army. Dear God, there are so many things wrong with it that words fail me. As others have noted, at least half of them are borderline obese. And all of them have that 'I hate Whitey' look on their faces.

Can you imagine your 20 year old son or grandson getting one of these as his platoon commander? Can you imagine one of these female black racists lording it over your sons? Can you imagine how our military will have its ass handed to it in the next conflict with such as these in command?

Here in Arizona we have Luke AFB on the Western outskirts of Phoenix. The last time I was there some years ago, I saw numerous OBESE female and black female E-5's, E-6's, and E-7's all over the place. I realized then that our military as I knew it was finished. And today, even the combat arms of the Army and Marine Corps are riddled with such as these.

Anonymous said...

I read the original article and the hubris there was so thick it could've been cut with a knife.

Anderson said...

I never 'served', so my opinion maybe shouldn't count for much, but something that I can't keep from noticing: of the dozen or so non-officer 20 year guys (who will collect a Gov paycheck for the rest of their lives), most of them are amongst the stupidest motherfuckers I've ever met in my life.

Anderson said...

"...of the dozen or so non-officer guys WHO I AM ACQUAINTED WITH..."

Talk about stupid. Serves me right.

Anonymous said...

@ Aesop

Congratulations, sir, on penning a stingingly accurate assessment of the present-day U.S. military. The truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow it we must if things are to be fixed at some undetermined point in the future. Assuming that is, that our nation survives whatever comes between now and that time.

Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe our would-be adversaries in the PRC, North Korea and other places have a sense of humor. Maybe they'll laugh themselves to death over just how ridiculous things have become in today's U.S. armed forces.

Re: "We reached peak military in 1991."

The rot of PC had already thoroughly infected the U.S. military by the time of Gulf War One; in order to predate the pernicious influence of Cultural Marxism (PC writ large)upon the armed forces, you have to go back before the advent of the much-vaunted but somewhat overrated "all-volunteer force" (AFV) during the mid-1970s.

The uncomfortable, inconvenient truth for those who think the current AVF structure is ideal, is that it has a very mixed record when it comes to winning wars. Moreover, the AVF has never been tested in combat against a peer opponent. Given the difficulty our military/defense establishment has had fighting two "small wars" (quotes because to someone killed or wounded in one, there is "small" or "limited" about them) over the decade and a half, what are its prospects against a committed, well-trained peer or near-peer opponent?

Complacency gets people killed and battles and wars are lost because of it - and our armed forces & defense establishment haven't been this complacent since before Pearl Harbor.

Truth of the matter is, the conscript-era "draft" military served this country well for nearly a century, and some of the finest hours of our armed forces - some of its greatest triumphs and victories - were won during this time. World War One, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, and numerous smaller wars too numerous to count, from 1898 up to the end of conscription in the 1970s.

You don't fix what isn't broken, yet that's precisely what the corruptocrats and perfumed princes in D.C. have done. They ruined what was at one time, the finest military on earth, bar none. Undeniably, there was defects and problems to be addressed in the wake of Vietnam, but the "cure" given to the patient ended up being worse than the disease.

Aesop said...

a follower said...

If we were to "Come to Jesus" Truly
we would know that the Truth is somewhere in the middle.
Why would our military not also reflect the dysfunction of the family and the government from whence it came?

John Henry Eden said...

"Can you imagine your 20 year old son or grandson getting one of these as his platoon commander? Can you imagine one of these female black racists lording it over your sons? Can you imagine how our military will have its ass handed to it in the next conflict with such as these in command? "

I recall that the grunts in Viet Nam had a way of dealing with incompetent officers. Something to do with a grenade.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the Botswana Mamas Brigade more likely to go into Diversity Oversight, or recruiting more Pan Urbanus, etc. than Combat Arms? Are they actually so cognitively deficient to think that any troops who would be so betrayed wouldn't deal with such Depraved Ineptitude in a combat scenario with extreme prejudice just as a matter of survival, if not patriotism?

Onkel Totenkopf

Anonymous said...

I remain hopeful that no matter how effed up it gets, my beloved Corps can get its shit in one sock and be Marines when they have to be. As for "AFV" - all volunteer force - I was actually thinking "America's Funniest Videos". Quite frankly, it could be the same thing... - Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I have to say that this is truest thing written about the organizational collapse of the US military. Currently we are moving forward only because what was done in the past with systems that are at best passed their prime, with soldiers, Sailors and Marines that are shadow of those that came before them.
Racial, religious and political considerations are not a daily concern. What were are seeing is a military that is blind stubbling towards its destruction. ,